No matter your strength levels need a quality weight lifting belt for safe weight lifting exercises. Weight lifting belts offer the much-needed efficiency to any weight lifting exercise. These belts are probably the missing link between your weight lifting and that six-pack. The belts ensure safe weight lifting without the weight digging into your hips. Moreover, the belts help stabilize the lower lumber for added safety. They are a great accessory to any safe and effective weight lifting.

However, choosing the best weight lifting belt is not easy. You obviously need a durable and sturdy belt but one that perfectly contours to the body. Moreover, the ideal belt must come with adjustable buckles for a great fit. This is where we come in and help you find the best weight lifting belts. Our reviews narrow down your search to only 10 leading belts. These are top-rated and proven weight lifting belts to buy with confidence right away. Below are the leading weight lifting belts to consider buying.

Weight Lifting Belts

Table of the Best Weight Lifting Belts Reviews

10. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

The Dark Iron is a leading weight lifting belt and a best-seller in the industry. It is a top-quality belt built to the highest standards. This is a belt built to last with strong leather that will not break or tear. The belt features a genuine buffalo hide which is soft and supple. Besides, it works without digging into the hips when lifting weight. This is a supportive and flexible belt that eliminates any pain when lifting. Moreover, the belt features a dead and squat lift of over 600 pounds. Overall, this is a well-designed belt with the right amount of width and thickness. It is a quality belt that comes with excellent customer satisfaction for confidence buying.

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  • Supports up to 600 pounds dead and squat lift without breaking
  • Eliminates pain since it is soft and supple
  • Strong and durable due to genuine buffalo hide
  • Great fit due to the right thickness and width

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9. RitFit Exercise Weight Lifting Belts –  Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support

This is a wide 6-inch weight lifting belt with a waterproof foam core. The belt also features a brushed tricot lining for added comfort. This is a top-design belt with softbound edges. Moreover, the belt adjusts to give a snug fit. It is an exceptional belt that helps reduce spinal flexion among other health benefits. Overall, this is an ideal weight lifting belt to improve your confidence and help you master your exercises. The belt is also versatile and a suitable choice for all forms of exercise. You can be sure of comfortable and firm lumbar support.


  • Adjusts with ease thus gives a snug fit
  • Versatile thus suitable for all forms of exercises
  • Help reduce spinal flexion
  • Comfortable due to soft foam lining

8. Ader Leather Powerlifting Weight Belt

This is another sleek design powerlifting belt to consider buying. It is a sleek leather belt that will serve you for long. The belt is sturdy and durable for long-lasting use. Moreover, this belt is pretty easy to use. It features a simple closure system with a roller buckle and double prongs. In addition, there is a single loop to help keep the belt in place. Overall, this is premium quality leather with a soft suede lining for added comfort.


  • Comfortable due to a soft suede lining
  • Durable due to strong leather construction
  • Simple closure system hence easy to use
  • Single loop for a secure fit

7. Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt – Squat and Deadlifting Workout Belt

This is another premium weight lifting belt with a self-locking buckle. It is a precise belt that adjusts with ease giving a snug fit. This is a unique belt designed to give a secure fit and remain in place. Besides, the belt features a contoured design for optimal comfort and support. It is a safety belt that prevents hyperflexion and hypertension injuries. Overall, this is a dependable veteran-owned belt with excellent reviews and recommendations. The belt has been serving weight lifters for over 5 years. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for confidence and worry-free buying.

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  • Optimal support and comfort due to contoured design
  • Precise buckle lock adjustability hence snug fit
  • Durable leather construction
  • Secure fit and will not unfasten

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6. HHR Power Lifting Belt – Leather Weightlifting Belt for Men & Women

This is another exciting design weight lifting belt with a lifetime warranty. It is a strong leather belt that will not bend or break. Besides, the belt features rounded edges for comfortable use. It is a premium belt 10mm thick for added durability. The belt is stiff, durable and built to last. Moreover, the belt features heavy-duty stitching for added durability. This is a strong belt that will stay in place without sliding. The belt is also easy to use due to double prongs.


  • Easy to fit due to double prongs
  • Comfortable use due to smooth rounded edges
  • Built to last due to strong leather construction
  • Added support due to suede lining

5. Iron Bull Strength Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women

This is a premium quality weight lifting belt with excellent back support. It is a perfect anatomical fit belt with a wide 6-inch front area. Moreover, the narrow sides of the belt offer increased support and comfort during movement. The belt is pretty easy to use and lock due to a fast auto-locking technology. The unique auto-lock design allows for a fast secure of the waist giving you confidence when working out. Overall, this is an ultra-lightweight weight lifting belt with a top layer mesh fabric and neoprene build. The belt is breathable hence extremely comfortable and cool.


  • Easy to fit due to a unique auto-lock design
  • Wide 6-inch front area for a great fit
  • Ultra-lightweight and breathable hence comfortable
  • Increased support and maximum comfort

4. Element Premium Weightlifting Belt for Serious Crossfit – Workout Belt for Lifting

This is another advanced design weight lifting belt with self-locking. The belt features premium quality buckles with self-locking technology. The belt does not wear or break down easily. It is a quality belt with 100% premium nylon for long-lasting use. Moreover, the belt features a pretty decent design that offers optimal support and comfort. It is a belt with a 4-inch profile which is proven to offer the most comfortable support. Overall, this is an approved weight lifting belt with excellent features for easy use. The belt is highly rated and comes with excellent features for easy use. You also get a lifetime warranty to order with confidence.


  • Easy to use due to self-locking technology
  • Premium quality buckles
  • 100% premium nylon hence long-lasting
  • Great fit due to the uniform 4-inch profile
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3. Steel Sweat Genuine Cowhide Leather Weight Lifting Belts

This is another universal design weight lifting belt to consider buying. It is a 4-inch wide belt with a strong and durable leather construction. The belt features 10mm thick leather for durability. Besides, this belt is pretty easy to use. It features a double prong buckle for a great fit. The belt components feature premium stainless steel construction for long-lasting use. In addition, the belt features heavy-duty stitching that prevents wear and tear. Overall, this is a supportive and comfortable belt to buy with confidence. It is a decent belt that will offer excellent value for your money.


  • Great support due to a uniform 4-inch width
  • Premium full-grain leather with 10mm thickness hence durable
  • Easy to use due to a double prong buckle system
  • Durable stainless steel components

2. DEFY POWER Lifting Belt Lever Buckle Genuine Leather

This is another top-quality weight lifting belt with an advance lever closure. The belt is pretty easy to put on and remove. Besides, the lever closure is pretty easy to loosen and tighten giving a great fit. This is a professional style weight lifting buckle to order right away. The belt is designed to withstand endurance. Moreover, the belt construction features the oil-tanned leather which is highly absorbent. It is thick 10mm leather for durability and long-lasting use. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee to buy with confidence.


  • Durable due to thick 10mm oil-tanned leather
  • Easy to fit and adjust due to a closure lever system
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Highly absorbent leather

1. Powerlifting Belt/Weight Lifting Belt – Power Back Support for Weightlifting

This is our final best weight lifting belt and a pretty decent selection. It is a premium leather belt with a 10mm thickness.  The belt offers the best support and flexibility to top athletes across the world. This is a quality belt with maximum support. Moreover, the belt is IPL & USPA approved for safe use. In addition, the belt features an adjustable double prong for a great fit. Overall, this is a great strength belt measuring 4 inches wide for a great fit.


  • 10mm leather thickness hence durable
  • Adjustable double prong hence easy to adjust and fit
  • Excellent core support
  • Approved for safe use

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best and top-rated weight lifting belts on the market right now. The belts are highly rated and come with excellent features for easy use. Make sure you check them out and carefully choose one that meets your training needs.