Wall hugger recliners adopt the same design as any other recliner. However, it offers one primary benefit. It occupies the least amount of space when fully reclined. For the record, some models require as little as 3 inches of clearance. No wonder most refer to them as zero wall recliners. In as much as it’s both space-saving and comfortable, choosing the best wall hugger recliner can be quite challenging.

But now that you’re here worry no more. In this article, we narrow down your choice to 10 of the best models on the market. Also, we’ve included a variety, from standard wall hugger recliners to those with add-on features, such as massage function.

Table of the Best Wall Hugger Recliners Reviews

10. RecPro Charles Collection Zero Wall RV Recliner – Wall Hugger Recliner

This premium wall hugger recliner has an excellent back and soft seat padding that guarantees your ultimate comfort. It is space-saving as it only requires a 3-inch wall space to recline fully. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. In just 5 minutes, the seat is ready for use. Additionally, it has soft padded armrests for additional comfort. Thanks to an aesthetic appeal, this recliner blends seamlessly with most RV interiors. Also, it boasts high-quality materials to provide more years of use.

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This wall-recliner has an all-metal base that is exceptionally sturdy and can support plenty of weight. It comes in different styles; Mahogany, toffee, chestnuts, and putty. Hence, it gives more variety to match your interior decor.

Special Features

  • Faux leather upholstery is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Wall-hugging design fits narrows areas without a hassle
  • The scaled pattern gives a sleek, modern look

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9. Eshion Wall Hugger Microfiber Leather Recliner Chair for Living Room

Eshion wall recliner features an easy to clean microfiber material that is soft to touch. Also, it has side levers for an adjustable recline. Thanks to the full ottoman, you can stretch your legs for ultimate comfort. Moreover, the plush recliner fits the frame of your body, giving you unmatched comfort and support.

This recliner is fashioned from oak wood. Thus, it provides solid support, even for large users. Furthermore, it gives you more variety. Overall, it’s available in 3 shades to match your colour scheme. All in all, it’s a durable recliner that brings your cozy living room to life.

Special Features

  • Full Ottoman provides extra leg support
  • Soft and easy to clean microfiber fabric
  • Adjustable side levers for reclining

8. Unik Always Power Recliner with Extended USB

Excellent artistry is put in place to piece together this comfortable and high-quality home chair. It comes in high-quality, stain-resistant PU leather. It’s not only durable and easy to clean but also goes well with all styles of living rooms. Additionally, the backrest reclines 110 degrees and 145 degrees, giving you an exceptional relaxation experience.

It has a sturdy hardwood frame. Thus, it can support a pretty good amount of weight. Moreover, it has a perfect resting position that makes it easier for you to get in and out. The backrest, seat, and armrest have soft padding for additional comfort.

Special Features

  • Easy to clean stain-resistant PU leather
  • Adjustable recline angles (110 to 145 degrees) for ultimate comfort and support
  • Fully padded seat, back, and armrest for all-round comfort.

7. Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner Chair with Wheels

As the name suggests, this is more than a recliner. It comes with a vibrating function, making it ideal for massage sessions. For the record, it has 8 massage points. Hence it provides head to toe massage. Other than that, you can choose from 5 massage modes or interchange depending on your needs.

Moreover, there’s a built-in timer of 15, 30, or 60 minutes for complete customization. The recliner has a classy design and easy to clean soft leather. Again, it has thick, generous cushioning to provide all-day comfort. Two cup holders hold your drink as you relax. Not to mention, there’s a footrest to minimize fatigue. This wall hugger recliner comes with 4 storage pockets.

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Special Features

  • Integrated cup holders and storage pockets hold your favourite drinks and personal items
  • Built-in footrest for extra leg support
  • Customizable vibration massage targets all parts of your bod
  • Soft PU leather and generous padding for additional comfort

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6. RecPro Zero Wall RV Recliner – Wall Hugger Recliners

This set of 2 recliner seats have the best features for easy use. Notably, the recliners come in natural putty that makes them easy to blend with any interior colours. Moreover, the recliner needs just 3 inches to recline fully. This makes it space-saving.

Additionally, it has generously padded armrests with various comfortable resting positions. In just 5 minutes, you can assemble it, making this high-quality seat ready for use.

Special Features

  • Neutral putty colour blends with most decor
  • Super-fast assembly in under 5 minutes
  • Excellent padding with soft armrests

5. RecPro Charles 70-Inch Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliners

Just like most seats from this manufacturer, it’s of unmatched quality. It comes in high-quality leather that guarantees your durability. Moreover, it adopts a push-button reclining function. Once pressed, it reclines the seat slowly to your most preferred position. What’s more, it has a cup holder for your drinks. Built-in LED lights illuminate the cup holders, enabling you to locate your drink.

Thanks to padded armrests, this recliner reduces fatigue drastically. Furthermore, it has a built-in USB port for charging your phone and other smart devices.

Special Features

  • LED-lit cup holders make it easier to locate your drink in pitch darkness
  • Push-button recline function
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Hidden storage compartment for personal items

4. Handy Living Prolounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner

This recliner seat comes with a storage compartment and a cup holder on the side. It needs 4 inches from the wall to recline. Hence, it maximizes floor space. Thanks to the leather upholstery, it’s durable as well as easy to clean. Additionally, the cushions use high-density foam. Thus, they don’t deform or sag, providing years of hugging comfort.

A sturdy hardwood frame provides solid support and decades of use. Also, it has a built-in lever for setting the recline angle. The recliner has a full chaise pad for superior leg support.

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Special Features

  • Space-saving design requires only 4 inches between the wall and the chair
  • High-density cushions provide superior support
  • Built-in cup holder and hidden storage compartment for your drinks and personal item
  • Full chaise pad for leg support

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3. ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner

Thanks to a full chaise pad, this wall recliner provides excellent leg support. Though it needs only 4 inches of clearance, it lets you recline to multiple positions. Again, it uses a spring-assisted recline mechanism. It’s not only smooth and quiet but also effortless.

This wall recliner adopts a hardwood frame. It provides solid support as well as years of use. Further, this wall recliner uses high-density cushions and fully padded armrests for maximum comfort.

Special Features

  • High-density cushions and padded armrests maximize comfort
  • Full chaise pad for superior leg support
  • Smooth and effortless spring-assisted recline system

2. ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Biscuit Back Recliner

This wall recliner needs 4 inches of clearance, making it ideal for tight spaces. Apart from saving space, it offers exceptional comfort. For instance, it has high-density cushions that provide long-lasting padded support. Again, the tufted design keeps the foam padding from shifting.

Additionally, it has soft microfiber fabric. It’s durable as well as resistant to stains. Far from high-density foam, this wall recliner has coil springs for maximum body relaxation. It comes in crimson red, allowing it to stand out from the rest of your furniture.

Special Features

  • High-density foam and coil springs for maximum relaxation
  • Tufted backrest keeps the foam from shifting
  • Soft and breathable microfiber fabric

1. Portfolio Cream Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger

Its outstanding look matches its functionality. This is your perfect companion after a long day at work. Its comfy design comforts you from every direction. The soft cushion padding conforms to your body posture, entirely giving you a perfectly relaxing experience. You can set this wall hugger chair in a relatively small room since it requires 4 inches of clearance for maximum inclination.

The chair does more than recline. It also lifts with the push of a button. Renu leather makes it comfortable, sturdy, and durable. Hardwood frame and heavy-duty steel provide superior support. For the record, this wall recliner can support up to 300 pounds. Also, it comes with a full chaise pad for full leg support.

Special Features

  • Remote control lifts and reclines the chair with the push of a button
  • Polyester fiber and high-density foam provide ample cushioning
  • The heavy-duty frame supports 300 pounds