Childhood memories stay with you throughout your life. They are an integral part of who you are. And tree swings make those memories much more enriching for any kid. These swings provide your children with countless hours of fun and enjoyment with their friends as well as siblings. Unlike the traditional swings, the modern ones assure you about the complete safety of your kid. Most importantly, they boast a durable build that can sustain the weight of your children effectively.

After thorough research, we are enlisting the safest tree swings that will provide your kids with fun and comfort in the yard. So, take a look and make the right choice.

Table of the Best Tree Swings Reviews

10. SUPER DEAL Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set – Adjustable Hanging Ropes for Kids, Adults and Teen

Superdeal has a brilliant waterproof tree swing that will make the backyard much more fun for you and your kids. This swing boasts a higher quality compared to cheaply manufactured alternatives from most of the competition. The swing is of strong Oxford polyester with a thickness of 600D and has a frame made from rust-resistant steel. Due to these materials, the tree swing is exceptionally resilient to rough use and would last you for a really long time.

Moreover, it also has a massive load capacity of 440 pounds that is more than enough for tolerating the weight of two adults or a few kids.

Key features:

  • It comes with a detailed instruction manual for easily installing the swing in your backyard.
  • Can handle the onslaught of various elements of nature.
  • The large diameter of 40-inches has enough room for multiple kids.
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9. PACEARTH Outdoor Saucer Tree Swings with Hanging Straps

Pacearth doesn’t just provide you lip service when they say their saucer tree swing is strong and durable. This swing is in the form of a saucer that is constructed from 900D thick polyester fabric. A thickness that would beat even some tent fabrics. Next, the diameter of the saucer is a whopping 40 inches. So, your kids can relax or play while lying on the saucer with a few friends. Don’t worry about its strength either.

The braided ropes that support the swing can tolerate 660 pounds of weight. As a result, you can also relive your childhood with your kids on the swing without a worry. You also get a lot of flexibility when it comes to installation. Lastly, you can hang the swing from a tree branch or hook it up to a strong metal pole with metal rings.

Key features:

  • For changing the length of the swing make use of the S-shaped ring.
  • Providing extra stability, the swing comes with an 8MM eye bolt.
  • This is assembled quickly with minimal effort.

8. HAPPY PIE PLAY&ADVENTURE Nostalgic Wooden Hanging Swings

Happy Pie has brought to you an incredible adult tree swing that sticks to excellence instead of cutting corners. This tree swing has a seat from tough and all-natural wooden planks instead of polyester fabric. Since the seat is from pinewood it has a charming texture and a nice feel to it. The ropes that support the seat are from PE material and have multiple strands. As a result, you won’t need to bother about its strength.

The seat is also large with a length of over 7-inches and a breadth close to 9-inches. Your child gets ample room for sitting comfortably.

Key features:

  • You can change the height of the swing within the range of 46-inches to 70.8-inches.
  • This is certainly a product that both children, as well as adults, can enjoy.
  • Compatible with beam or tree branch with a height of 59-inches or more.

7. Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swings for Outdoor Playground

This disc tree swing has a lot of innovation to stand apart from the rest of the competition. It is in the form of a strong climbing rope that doesn’t hurt the delicate skin on your kid’s hand. The seat is strong and from a safe material that is light, yet sturdy. Your child can sit on it while grabbing on to the strong or even stand on the disc.

However, the swing isn’t just limited as a swing. Due to the climbing ropes and 4-inch discs that are present at certain intervals, your kids can also practice climbing and build up their core strength from an early age. At the bottom of the seat, you will find a plug. This comes in handy when you want to adjust the length of the swing. Depending on the height of the tree branch you can pull the rope from the plug. Now, tie a knot at the end for fixing its height.

Key features:

  • The textured seat has a diameter of 12-inches for comfortable seating.
  • Polyester tree strap allows you to quickly make a secure attachment to the tree branch.
  • For installing the swing you also get an e-book guide.
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6. PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat – Indoor & Outdoor Rope Wooden Swing Set for Children Adult Kids

Pellor offers you a fantastic wooden tree swing that will exceed all your expectations. The seat is from solid wood and arched slightly in the downward direction. Hence, you or your kid gets enough space. Unlike other swings, you aren’t restricted to a single height. You can adjust the length of the swing rope within the limit of 120cm and 180cm. Besides, you don’t need to worry about compatibility either. The swing can be installed effortlessly on a tree branch or a beam.

As a matter of fact, the seat has a slip-proof design so, one will not fall off it in the middle of swinging. Lastly, to hold the swing tightly, the carabineers do the job.

Key features:

  • Ridged design of the seat looks fabulous.
  • Beechwood construction makes the seat shock resistant.
  • The curved design helps to keep the balance.

5. HYCLAT Saucer Tree Swings – Spider Web Tree Swing – Net Swing – Platform Rope Round Swing 

Hyclat presents to you a saucer style swing that gives you and your family more fun at a budget. The swing is large enough with a diameter of 40-inches and can fit in all your kids without a problem. That kind of diameter even allows your child to lay on the swing as you gently push it.

It has a spider webbing pattern that is exquisitely hand-braided and creates an excellent bouncy seat for your kids. There shouldn’t be any concern about weight tolerance either since the swing can support around 600 pounds of load.

Key features:

  • Swing can go back and forth and also spin.
  • The ropes are of polypropylene so that it doesn’t tear and have immense strength.
  • Webbing is closely woven so that your child’s small hand doesn’t get stuck in it.

4. Yangbaga Hanging Tree Swings & Wood Swings Seat for Kids and Adults

Yangbaba allows your kid to feel the joy and fun of an authentic swing. The swing may hit your nostalgia pretty hard since it doesn’t have a polyester seat or steel frame like most other competing products. Instead, it has a minimal and simple seat made from good old heavy-duty wood. The wooden plank is polished and smoothed out to perfection and has an unmatchable elegance.

On either side of the wooden seat, you get a thick rope from natural and eco-friendly jute instead of a petrochemical alternative. You don’t need to worry about your child’s safety either since it is capable of withstanding around 200-kgs of weight. Push the swing and let the pleasant laughter of your child fill your ears without any worries. For adjustment, you also get tree straps that are strong and lets you achieve the perfect height for your swing.

Key features:

  • It comes with essential mounting accessories so that you don’t have to spend an extra dime.
  • Carabineers are from solid steel and won’t break easily.
  • Jute rope is also adjustable with the metal buckle.
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3. Aoneky Natural Wood Tree Swing for Backyard Outdoor – Wooden Swing Set

While most other manufacturers are busy copying each other, Aoneky strives to deliver you a premium quality product without any compromises. The swing has the shape that you are familiar with and is made from reliable hardwood. Next, the wooden seat has been polished to perfection to eliminate all sharp edges. Plus, it also prevents any scratches or accidents. On either side, there are two holes and the hemp rope goes through it.

With this design and the strong strength of the rope, you get an astonishing load capacity of 350 pounds. So, it is not just the kids who are going to have fun on this swing.

Key features:

  • Due to its lightweight design, you can carry it with you on your camping trip.
  • The 10-ft rope will easily hold heavyweights.
  • Resistant to elements of nature and will stay pretty beautiful.

2. Dooke 700 lb Saucer Tree Swing for Kids Adult

Dooke has an exciting new swing that will bring big beautiful smiles on your kid’s face. The round swing has a strong braided rope supporting it from four points. In fact, it creates a massive load capacity of 700 pounds. Due to that kind of weight capacity, it is safe for you to take a swing or let all your kids have fun on it. The seat is from a thick 900 Denier fabric that sits on the resilient steel frame. As a result, it creates a soft platform for you to sit on.

Besides, it has 4-stand 15 mm hanging ropes to beautifully carry the individuals without any chance of breaking. Finally, PE webbing of the ropes is not affected by the harmful UV rays.

Key features:

  • Thicker steel tubing makes it less prone to damage.
  • Fabric is resistant to fading and will stay new for a long time.
  • Assembly is easy since it ships with installation tools.

1. Royal Oak Giant 40-Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Royal Oak has created a mind-blowing swing that surprisingly doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket. The seat frame is from interconnecting steel tubing that is thick and can take a lot of pressure. Combine that with thick oxford fabric and braided rope with high tensile strength and you get 700-pounds of weight capacity. It is also waterproof and that means you don’t need to take down the swing when the weather forecast predicts a downpour.

Lastly, the 40-inches product is perfect for accommodating more than 1 kid at a time and without hurting anyone.

Key features:

  • Steel tubing is padded with EVA foam to prevent injuries.
  • To keep the trust of the users intact, it comes with a 1-year warranty period for a worry-free purchase.

Give them more than a reason to love their childhood. These hanging tree swings will help to distract them from the gadgets and let them enjoy out in nature.