A ladder, in most cases, is a must-have for accessing high areas. Whether you’re repairing the ceiling or cleaning the gutter, a ladder will help you accomplish the task. But as useful as they are, ladders can be awkward to store and transport. Luckily, telescoping ladders have come to the rescue. Not only are they a lot lighter, but they can also fold for compact storage. Above all, you can adjust the height as needed for different tasks. As essential as it is, finding the best telescoping ladder is no easy task.

Well, a decent telescopic ladder ought to meet specific standards. Not to mention, it should be safe to use. We considered all aspects and came up with a list of the best extension ladders to buy. Also, our list has a variety of options to meet every need and budget.

Table of the Best Telescoping Ladders Reviews

10. Xtend & Climb Pro Series 785P+ Telescoping Ladders

Aircraft-grade aluminium makes this ladder pretty light, weighing in at 36 pounds. Not to mention, it has a built-in heavy-duty handle. Hence, it’s easier to transport around the job site. At the same time, it’s extremely durable and sturdy. It holds up well in all weather conditions and can support up to 250 pounds.

Moreover, the ladder extends to 15.5 feet, providing a maximum reach of 19.5 feet. Nonetheless, it retracts to 36.5 inches for easy storage and transportation. Thanks to the angled thumb release, you can extend or retract the ladder without pinching your fingers. Furthermore, the ladder has over-moulded feet for additional durability. Not to mention, they provide a non-slip grip that keeps the ladder from sliding.

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Special Features

  • Durable over-moulded feet provide non-skid performance
  • Built-in carrying handle allows for easy transportation
  • Pinch-free angled thumb release keeps your fingers safe
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium provides all-weather performance

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9. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

This telescopic ladder provides rock-solid support. It’s sturdy enough to support 330 pounds. At the same time, it’s pretty easy to carry, thanks to the lightweight aluminium alloy material. It keeps the weight of the ladder to only 25 pounds. Also, the ladder has a one-button retraction system. Not only is it fast but also safe and effortless. For the record, the ladder folds down to a storage height of 35 inches to save space.

Again, the ladder has extra-wide steps and non-slip end caps. Thus, it ensures safe climbing. In fact, it meets European safety standards to give you peace of mind. Because it’s made of aluminium, the ladder is safe to use in all weather conditions.

Special Features

  • Sturdy aluminium construction supports 330 pounds
  • Non-slip end caps and extra-wide steps keep you and the ladder from sliding
  • Pinch-free Spring-loaded one-button retraction saves you the time and energy
  • Bonus carrying strap keeps the ladder closed for compact storage

8. OxGord Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Ladder 12.5 FT Extension Telescopic Ladders

As the above models, this telescopic ladder ranks high on the best-sellers list. It focuses on a user-friendly design as well as superior stability. Take the aluminium alloy material, for instance. It holds up well in all weather conditions. Not to mention, it’s sturdy enough to support 330 pounds. Above all, it’s light (24 pounds) enough to move around the job site.

Thanks to the one-button retraction, folding the ladder is less cumbersome as well as convenient. It uses a hydraulic system that collapses each step slowly. So safe is the folding process that there’s zero chance it will pinch your fingers. Also, the ladder retracts to 2.8 feet for compact storage. Furthermore, it has non-slip foot grips that keep you from sliding.

Special Features

  • A safe hydraulic mechanism locks the ladder without pinching your fingers
  • Non-slip foot grips and end caps to avoid slippage
  • Rugged aluminium construction supports 330 pounds

7. WolfWise 15.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder with Stabilizer, Telescopic Extension Ladder

Unlike the above models, this telescopic ladder comes with a stabilizer bar as well as a non-slip mat. So, in terms of stability, this is one ladder that goes the extra mile. It neither sway nor slides during use. Also, it adopts a one-button retraction system that uses air resistance. As such, it folds slowly, keeping your fingers safe. For the record, the ladder extends to 15.5 feet and folds to 1/4 of its size.

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Also, the ladder has crash-resistant joints. It not only extends its service life but also improves its weight capacity. It can support up to 330 pounds and has non-slip grips to avoid slippage.

Special Features

  • Aerospace aluminium is built tough, supporting up to 330 pounds
  • Clean-touch anodized finish makes the ladder extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Anti-pinch one-button retraction saves time
  • Non-slip mat and stabilizer bar maximize stability

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6. Handvoll Telescoping Ladder 15.5ft Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder

Of all ladders on our list, this is the only model that has roof hooks for enhanced security. Like the Wolfwise ladder, it has a support frame at the bottom, making it more stable. Whereas most models use 27mm aluminium tubes, this ladder uses 32mm tubes. The tubes are exceptionally sturdy, supporting up to 330 pounds. Nonetheless, they’re light enough for easy portability.

The ladder extends and folds using buttons. It has a storage height of 3 feet but extends to 15.5 feet to provide more reach. Apart from the support frame, the ladder L-shaped rubber feet for added stability.

Special Features

  • Extra-wide base and L-shaped rubber feet provide superior stability
  • Removable hooks secure the ladder in position
  • Ridged steps avoid slippage
  • Thumb buttons make it easier and safe to fold the ladder

5. Lionladder 12.5FT EN131-6 Telescoping Ladder – Pro Aluminum Ladder

This ladder adopts a more advanced design. Aside from the one-button retraction system, it has indicators that show the locking status. Compared to traditional switches, it takes half the effort to unlock. Also, it has a descending speed of 1.5 seconds, which prevents your fingers from getting hurt.

Moreover, it provides superior stability. Take the base of the ladder, for instance. It has anti-skid stabilizers that rotate 360 degrees. Not to mention, the ladder has 6 non-slip points that increase friction with the floor. So, there’s zero chance it will slide during use. The ladder uses industrial-grade aluminium sturdy enough to support 330 pounds.

Special Features

  • 6 non-slip points and 360-degree stabilizers improve stability
  • Locking indicators provide added security
  • Upgraded aluminium and plastic parts improve the loading capacity
  • The patented slow-descending system keeps your hands safe

4. Good Life 15.5FT Professional Folding Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Extension Ladder

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this ladder will suit you. It uses durable aircraft aluminium, which holds up to 330 pounds. But then, it’s pretty light, weighing only 33 pounds. Hence, you can move it around the job site with ease.

The steps and the non-slip end caps provide excellent traction. So, there’s zero chance the ladder will slide during use. Again, it uses a spring-loaded mechanism, making the entire process effortless. After use, it folds down to 36.5 inches for compact storage. Furthermore, a carrying strap keeps the ladder folded for easy transportation.

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Special Features

  • Aircraft aluminium offers lifetime durability and supports up to 330 pounds
  • Non-slip end caps and textured steps to avoid slippage
  • Anti-pinch closure system keeps your fingers safe
  • Carrying handle allows for easy transportation

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3. Hausse 12.5 ft Aluminum Telescoping Ladders

Out of all the options on our list, this is the only one that comes with a carrying bag. Hence, you can take it with you anywhere. Push buttons lock the ladder for compact storage. Even then, it leaves a 2cm gap between the steps. Thus, there’s zero chance your fingers will get stuck. Again, the ladder has anti-slip treads and legs to avoid slippage.

Aluminium alloy makes the ladder rustproof as well as resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it’s safe to use in all environments and weather conditions. Once folded, the ladder measures 3 feet high.

Special Features

  • A free bag and heavy-duty straps allow for easy storage and transportation
  • All-weather aluminium supports 330 pounds
  • Anti-slip surfaces prevent slippage
  • 2cm finger safety gaps prevent injuries

2. GROWNEER Aluminum Telescoping Ladder for Industrial Household Daily or Emergency Use

At 8.5 feet, this ladder is a bit shorter than the other options on our list. Nonetheless, it has a maximum reach of 12 feet. So, it’s pretty sufficient for most applications. Like the other models, it uses a no-pinch closure system to prevent injuries. Also, it has safety locks for added security.

High-grade aluminium and heavy-duty nylon make the ladder exceptionally durable. It can withstand all weather conditions as well as support up to 330 pounds. Furthermore, the ladder adopts an anti-slip design. It stays firmly on the ground and keeps you from losing your grip.

Special Features

  • A compact design stores in tight spaces
  • Anti-slip design improves stability
  • Thumb buttons make it a breeze to fold or set up the ladder
  • Smart locking mechanism keeps your fingers safe

1. Soges 16.5 FT Telescoping Ladder Extension Ladder – A-Frame Folding Telescopic Ladder

This ladder adopts a more versatile design. You can use it as a straight ladder to provide more reach. Not to mention, it has hinges that enable you to fold into an A-frame design. Though it doesn’t provide as much reach, it’s a lot more stable to stand on its own. The A-frame design extends to 8.2 feet. As for the straight model, it extends to 16.4 feet.

Moreover, the ladder has a latch to lock or unlock the hinge. Also, it has push buttons that allow you to fold or adjust to the desired height. The ladder is made of aluminium and supports 330 pounds.

Special Features

  • Hinges allow you to convert from a straight ladder to an A-frame ladder
  • The A-frame design offers more stability and allows for stand-alone use
  • Independent locking sections make the ladder ideal for different tasks