Is your water well several hundreds of feet deep? If so, it’s time you started thinking in the lines of submersible well pumps. These pumps are designed for the deep. For the record, some provide a steady supply of water from up to 400 feet deep. Now, for such depths, it’s imperative to find a pump that’s reliable, efficient, and durable. This will ensure the pump doesn’t run into issues after a month or so of use. But, there is a multitude of options out there. So, how do you pick the best submersible well pump for the money?

Well, we understand how hard it can be, especially if it’s your first purchase. Hence, we’ve spent hours of in-depth research and real-time user experience to come up with the top 10 submersible pumps on the market. Also, we’ve considered trustworthy, time-tested brands you can rely on. After all, you want a pump that comes from experts in the pumping industry.

Table of the Best Submersible Well Pumps Reviews

10. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7 1 hp Stainless Steel Well Submersible Pump

This 7-stage pump is 4 inches. Hence, it fits wells with a 5-inch casing or larger. It’s an industrial-grade, heavy-duty pump. As such, it provides years of use. The shell and motor shaft use stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Again, the pump has high-quality sealed ball bearings. It not only keeps the noise to a minimum but also helps achieve excellent performance.

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Furthermore, the pump comes with an in-built control box. Thus, you do not need an external control box. The flow rate is an impressive 33 GPM. Well, that’s more than what most I HP pumps have to offer. For the record, this pump has a maximum head of 207 feet.

Special Features

  • Unique design reduces noise
  • Sealed motor and inbuilt capacitor provides a powerful start as well as longer service life
  • Thermal protection avoids overheating to prolong the pump’s lifespan
  • Sealed ball bearings ensure excellent performance

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9. Happybuy Well Pump 1/2 HP Submersible Well Pumps – Deep Well Pump for Industrial and Home Use

Happybuy well pump fits all 4-inch well casings. Not to mention, it fits all types of well and water pipes. For instance, you can use it in ash pipe wells, steel pipe wells, soil wells, among others. Instead of metal impellers, the pump uses heavy-duty thermoplastic impellers. They are extremely resistant to abrasion. Moreover, they don’t react with water to preserve its natural taste and colour.

Moreover, the pump has a stainless steel body and a built-in check valve. They prevent corrosion and prolong the pump’s life. This submersible pump has a flow rate of 25 GPM and a maximum head of 150 feet.

Special Features

  • Built-in check valve and stainless steel shell provide excellent resistance to corrosion
  • 6 heavy-duty impellers provide stable performance
  • Overheat protection allows the pump to run for longer
  • Universal application for all wells and water pipes

8. SCHRAIBERPUMP 4″ 1 HP Deep Well Submersible Pumps

This pump offers a steady supply of water from depths of up to 242 feet. It has a patented axial load design. Hence, it delivers water at a higher pressure, up to 105 PSI. The pump fits 4-inch casings or bigger and has a flow rate of 22 GPM. Also, it has 100% copper winding, making it more energy-efficient.

Thanks to a direct start mode, the pump doesn’t require a control box. An all-stainless steel shaft and casing give the pump a longer lifespan. Moreover, the pump has excellent thermal protection. For instance, it can work in temperatures of up to 95 degrees without overheating.

Special Features

  • 2-wire and 100% copper winding save energy
  • The thermally protected motor doesn’t overheat while in use
  • Stainless steel casing and shaft prevent corrosion
  • Axial load design improves the rate of flow and water pressure

7. Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7A Deep Well Submersible Pumps

This is another excellent submersible pump from Hallmark Industries. It’s a 4-inch pump for 5-inch casings or bigger. The pump has a built-in starter. Hence, there’s no need for an external control box. Also, it uses a hermetically sealed motor. It doesn’t overheat and uses less energy. That makes it highly efficient.

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The pump has a flow rate of 33 GPM. Not to mention, it pumps water from up to 207 feet deep. The stainless steel shaft and shell make it resistant to corrosion. Like most Hallmark pumps, it has a unique design that reduces noise.

Special Features

  • Powerful built-in starter eliminates the need for a control box
  • Inbuilt thermal protection regulates heat
  • Stainless steel material prevents corrosion
  • Uniquely designed for quiet operation

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6. Little Giant WE20G05P4-21 Submersible Water Pump

Despite the name, this pump dwarfs most 0.5 HP pumps. It has a flow rate of 20 GPM at pumps water from up to 150 feet deep. Also, it has a high-quality top bearing for maximum durability. So far, it’s the only pump with a removable yet built-in check valve. Hence, it gives you an easy time cleaning and getting rid of clogs.

Moreover, the pump has an extra-large hex rubber bearing that keeps the shaft more stable. Not to mention, it provides multiple flow channels. As such, it keeps the bearing free of particles. Furthermore, the pump has a stainless steel up-thrust washer and thermoplastic impeller. That makes it more resistant to corrosion.

Special Features

  • Extra-large hex bearing for shaft stability
  • Non-corrosive thermoplastic impeller and motor brackets offer lasting durability
  • Removable built-in check valve for easy cleaning
  • Proven staging increases performance

5. Goulds 10HS05422C 1/2 HP Submersible Well Pumps

Goulds has a pretty good number of submersible well pumps in its arsenal. Well, this is one model that lives up to the brand’s good name. The pump has additional staging. Hence, it offers higher pressure and increased flow. For the record, it has a flow rate of 10 GPM and a maximum head of 150 feet. That makes it ideal for residential use.

The pump has a premium steel casing. Not to mention, a built-in stainless steel check valve. Thus, it’s more resistant to corrosion. Again, it has a re-designed impeller. It not only improves efficiency but also prevents overheating. Furthermore, this submersible pump is among the best for handling sand.

Special Features

  • Stainless steel shaft and casing inhibit corrosion
  • Composite impellers are more resistant to abrasion
  • Floating impeller offers superior sand handling

4. Famico Well Pump 0.5 HP 220V Deep Submersible Well Pump for Cities Farmland Irrigation and Home Use

This pump adopts high-grade 304 stainless steel. Hence, it’s rustproof and resistant to salty water. Multiple filtration mesh reduces the chances of clogging. Also, this pump offers a class-leading flow rate of 22.9 GPM. Not to mention, it draws water from up to 138 feet deep.

A high-precision rotor improves efficiency and keeps noise to a minimum. Moreover, the pump has 100% copper motor for lasting durability. Again, it comes with an extra-long power cable of 49.2 feet to provide more reach.

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Special Features

  • High-precision rotor for quiet operation
  • Multiple filtration mesh keeps out debris
  • Pure copper motor increases the lifespan of the pump
  • High-grade 304 stainless steel it rustproof and can handle saltwater applications

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3. Hallmark Industries MA0459X-14A Deep Well Pump

This is yet another exceptional pump from the Hallmark Industries that offers admirable services. It’s a 3-inch well pump that draws water from up to 270 feet deep. At the same time, it offers a flow rate of 13 GPM. Also, the pump claims industrial-grade, heavy-duty has a patented impeller and sealed motor design for extra-long life and great flow.

As with most Hallmark well pumps, it has a built-in starter. The shell and motor shaft are all stainless steel to resist corrosion. Furthermore, the pump is thermally protected to avoid overheating.

Special Features

  • Unique design to reduce noise.
  • Hermetically sealed motor consumes less energy
  • Stainless steel shell and motor shaft prevent corrosion.
  • Sealed ball bearings offer excellent performance

2. iMeshbean Deep Well Submersible Pump

In as much as it lacks on/off control buttons, this pump comes with an internal control box. This box not only helps in switching the pump on and off but also helps in thermal and overload protection. Also, it has an extra-long 33-foot power cord to provide more reach. Thanks to a high-precision rotor, the pump offers stable performance. Moreover, it uses high-quality ball bearings. They’re rustproof and resistant to wear.

The pump adopts a powerful motor. It pumps water up to 207 feet high and at a flow rate of 33 GPM. The stainless steel filter screen not only keeps out debris but also provides added protection from corrosion.

Special Features

  • Filter screen to prevent solid grain of specific size from entering
  • A stainless steel body guarantees high durability
  • Built-in thermal protection to reduce overheating
  • Extra-long power cord (33 feet) gives more reach

1. Sta-Rite 20DOM05121 STEP Plus D-Series Submersible Pump

This submersible pump draws 25% less power. Hence, it’s among the most energy-efficient. This 4-inch pump runs cooler and quieter at the same time. Thus, it saves you the need to purchase expensive flow-inducing sleeves.

Moreover, the pump uses a self-lubricated shaft. That makes it a lot more resistant to wear. Also, it has a precision-balanced impeller for ultra-smooth performance. The case and shaft come in 300 stainless steel for longer life. The pump has a flow rate of 20 GPM and a maximum head of 138 feet.

Special Features

  • The energy-efficient design draws 25% less energy
  • Self-lubricated shaft-bearing resists wear from abrasives
  • Precision-balanced impeller for ultra-smooth performance
  • Runs cooler and quieter, eliminating the need for expensive flow-inducing sleeves