Maintaining a garden is not an easy task as it involves a lot of activities. You need to remove frequently grass and weeds so that there can be a clean look. The best way to get rid of grass and weeds is by using a string trimmer. It is a powerful tool for every gardener and comes in a versatile design. It can be perfect for edging and trimming, and you don’t have to worry about bending. Check out the following list of the top 10 best string trimmers below.

Table of the Best String Trimmers Reviews

10. BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Battery String Trimmers & Edger

With the help of a 20-volt lithium battery system, this string trimmer runs for a really long time. The smart structure of this unit also simply turns into a wheeled edger. Moreover, this model does not require any bumping to offer perfect trimming. The telescopic pole allows the users to change the height of the model accordingly.

With the help of power-driven transmission, the model also delivers increased torque. Therefore, this unit offers additional cutting power. Furthermore, the 2-speed controllable switch supports easy speed adjustment. The micro-texture handle of this trimmer offers a comfortable grip for fatigue-free operation.


  • A multi-purpose multi-functional device with added cell life.
  • Re-arrangeable pole length with single switch control.
  • High-quality material for strength and durability.

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9. Craftman V60 Cordless Weedwacker String Trimmers

This cordless string trimmer comes along with a brushless motor. Therefore, the unit also offers smooth, consistent, and noiseless trimming. Moreover, the adjustable handle of this trimmer offers a soft and comfortable grip over the unit. The 2.5-Ah battery system of this model makes the unit for a very long time.

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With the help of a telescopic pole, the trimmer is also easily customizable as per the height of the individuals. Furthermore, the machine comes with a dual-speed adjustable switch for higher and lower modes. The quick-wind spool system of this unit offers complication-free line replacement. The brushless motor extends the runtime of the trimmer.


  • Easy thumb control with customizable shaft for comfort.
  • High-grade material for firmness and stability.
  • Highly advanced designed cell for longer power support.

8. Greenworks 4Amp String Trimmers with Trimmer Line

With the highest cutting path of 13-inch, this string trimmer makes the cleaning of a wide area faster and easier. This model also consists of an adjustable telescoping shaft. So, the unit easily matches the requirements of the users with different heights. Moreover, along with a 4-amp motor, this trimmer offers faster and consistent trimming.

The shaft of this model also rotates at any angle. Therefore, you can get précised edging and finely groomed gardens. Furthermore, with the help of a dual-line auto-feed .065-inch head, this model provides a simple and convenient cutting line. The telescoping pole offers convenient storage and transportability as well.


  • Superior quality material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Featherweight design with a reshapable pole.
  • Advanced comfortable design and multi-purposeful.

7. Tanaka Gas String Trimmer

This gas-powered string trimmer converts simply into a pole hedge trimmer, pole saw, mini-cultivator and stick-edger. With the help of padded front and rear grips, you can also use this model for a long time without any fatigue. Moreover, equipped with a 239cc engine, the trimmer offers faster and consistent trimming.

With the help of smart-start technology, this model also offers a pull-force reduced system for smooth starting. Furthermore, the inbuilt spindle lock of this model allows users to change the cutting attachment without any tool. The tank-guard protects the gas tank from getting damage. The lined steel drive shaft effectively reduces the vibration during operation.


  • Multipurpose design with easy setup technology.
  • Premium quality material for extra durability.
  • Advanced design for better comfort through long hours.

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6. EGO Power+ Cordless String Trimmer

With the clearance area of 15-inch, this string trimmer comes with a dual-feed twist line. So, the unit also offers a 0.095-inch diameter of spacing. Moreover, the extended aluminium shaft of this model comes with an in-line grip. Therefore, this unit provides a comfortable grip during operation. The set includes a 56-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charger.

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The heavy-duty brushless motor also makes the operation very smooth and almost noiseless. Furthermore, you do not need to waste excess money to maintain the model. The weatherproof material construction extends the lifespan of the model. With the help of a user-friendly trigger, the unit allows you to control the speed with ease.


  • Finest quality material for stability and strength.
  • State of the art technology with better pace control.
  • Universal hi-tech design for a comfortable experience.

5. Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer

Capable of attaching attachments, this string trimmer also easily fits with other click-on attachments. The gas-driven model comes along with a transparent fuel tank. So, you can keep a trail if you are running out of fuel or not. Moreover, with the help of the smart-start system, this model helps you to start the function trouble-freely.

The tap-n-go function also lets users quickly release the trimmer line during operation. Furthermore, the detachable shaft of this model helps you to store and transport the gear with no difficulty. This machine keeps your lawn, flower bed, and other tight spaces free of unwanted grasses and weed.


  • Weightless powerful design for extra stability.
  • Robust quality material for an added decent life.
  • Enhanced dynamic design for longer comfortable hours.

4. DEWALT String Trimmer

The cordless string trimmer comes along with a 20-volt battery system to deliver high-speed torque. So, the gear-driven transmission design also boosts the torque to increase the efficiency of this model. Moreover, this machine offers a 0.080-inch lining with a 13-cutting swath. The lightweight model helps users to use it with the utmost comfort.

The self-balanced design also helps users to have total control over the operation. Furthermore, with the help of a variable trigger, the machine allows you to control the speed of the motor conveniently. Even the model lets you keep track of the power and speed connectivity to extend the runtime.


  • Featherweight, efficient design for enhanced comfort.
  • Easy hand control with noise reduction technology.
  • Advanced wireless design with powerful cell support.

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3. WORX PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer

From trimming, mowing to edging, this multi-purpose string trimmer makes the maintenance of gardens hassle-free. Equipped with dual-position wheels, the unit also offers stress-free manoeuvrability for the gardeners. Moreover, the cordless and rechargeable unit comes with a 20-volt lithium battery. This trimmer takes only 3-hours until full-charge.

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You can also utilize this machine to clean an area up to ¼-acre with a single charge. Furthermore, with the help of a rapid-release lever, the device offers telescopic height customization. This lightweight and portable model can deliver a 12-inch trimming diameter with complete single-line automatic feeding. The dual-function sensibly offers flower spacer guard. So, there is no chance of harming the plantation while cutting.


  • Multifunctional multi-purpose gadget for efficient use.
  • High torque motors for improved power.
  • Changeable shaft length for enhanced comfort.

2. Shindaiwa by Echo Cordless String Trimmer

This string trimmer is very much light in weight and helps users to manoeuvre it without putting much effort. The portable model also comes along with a 56-volt brushless motor. Therefore, you do not have to waste a lot of bucks for the maintenance of this unit. Moreover, the mechanism runs with the help of the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The system also comes along with a battery and charger for users’ convenience. Furthermore, along with a bump-free cutting head, this machine supports super-fast feeding. With a 14-inch swath, this tool offers 22-minutes of continuous runtime. On the other hand, this device delivers 29-minutes of runtime with 12-inch swath.


  • High-quality material for strength and stability.
  • Lightweight wireless design for efficient use.
  • High-performance motors for effortless threading.

1. Ryobi Electric Cordless String Trimmer

Provided with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery system, this string trimmer runs without any speed compromise. The cordless model also helps users to use it without any critical movement. Moreover, the unit comes with 10 to 12 cutting swath. So, you can cover a large area all at once. With the help of a variable speed trigger, you can conveniently change the speed of the motor as per your requirements.

This outdoor power tool also offers almost 30-minutes of continuous runtime. Furthermore, this cordless unit is very much light in weight and makes the operation lesser hectic. The automatic feeding function of this tool comes along with twisted lining.


  • Multifunctional weightless design for effective use.
  • High brand material for longer stability and durability.
  • Advanced control system with added safety features.


You will always get a string trimmer that comes with better ergonomics so that you can use it comfortably. Look at the power source and see if it lets you have better flexibility. See the overall power that makes it deliver reliable performance. However, you must also see the safety factors before making your buy. It must give you a comfortable experience and must come in lightweight construction.