Removal of piles of snow may be very troublesome during the time of winter; when the snowfall is heavy. By choosing the right snow blower machine will definitely make the removal of the snow lesser tiring and faster. Most of the time, the market offers gas or electric-driven snow blowers. According to your needs and preference, you can simply choose a machine of your convenience. Some of the models have corded or cordless operation depending on their power sources. Check out the top 10 best snow blowers below.

Table of the Best Snow Blowers Reviews

10. TACKLIFE Electric Snow Blowers – Electric Snow Thrower

With the help of a 15-amp motor, this snow blower can generate up to 3000-RPM of motor speed. Therefore, the unit also can remove up to 800-lbs of snow just in a minute. Moreover, the dual-switch of this machine makes it safe and reliable. This electric snow blowing corded machine comes along with a long cord for smoother operation.

The 4-blade steel auger of this model also offers a maximum working width of 20-inch. Furthermore, the 180-degree adjustable chute helps you to control the throwing direction and distance up to 30-feet. The smooth and noiseless motor of this model efficiently discards the requirements of maintenance.


  • High-performance steel for long-lasting durability.
  • Advanced quality equipment for compatibility.
  • Easy manoeuvring system and weather friendly.

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9. Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower

This corded snow blower comes along with a 13-amp electric motor. Therefore, the model also offers consistent and rapid snow removal. Moreover, the motor conveniently works on 120-volt electric sources. This machine makes an ideal alternative to the gas-driven models. This unit comes with a maximum snow-throwing range of 20-feet.

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This machine also comes along with a pair of 7-inch wheels to offer easy manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the dual-LED lights of this system of this model allow users to remove snow even in low light conditions. The adjustable 180-degree chute helps you to direct the directions of snow throwing with ease.


  • Premium design with enhanced control.
  • Improved design for easy storage.
  • Multipower system for enhanced durability.

8. Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Snow Thrower

The sturdy snow blower comes with a maximum working width of 22-inch. Powered by a 208cc engine, this machine also produces high speed to make the removal of the snow faster and simpler. Moreover, with the help of a convenient handle, the machine supports the stress-free movement. The heavy-duty plastic chute with manual rotation helps users to control the snow-throwing easy.

The impactful motor of this device also allows you to use it in bad weather conditions. Furthermore, this space-saving model offers convenient storage as well as transportability. With the help of rubber-edged auger, the propel offers a simple forward motion of the model.


  • Highly advanced material for stability and durability.
  • Effortless controlling functions for better composure.
  • Enhanced path clearance design for added comfort.

7. WEN Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

Paired with 6-inch wheels, this snowblower machine makes movement hassle-free. The model also has a 13.5-amp motor to offer swift and easy snow removal. Moreover, this machine comes with a working width of 18-inch. Therefore, this blower is perfect for dumping snow from a small to medium-sized driveways or paths.

The highly-efficient gear is also able to throw snow up to the distance of 20-feet. Furthermore, you can use this blower for removing snow up to 490-lbs in a minute. With the help of rapid-adjusting 180-degree rotatable chute, the unit leads the path of snow. This machine has a cleaning depth of 7.8-inch.


  • Superior quality material for sturdiness and stability.
  • Unique dynamic design with enhanced clearance system.
  • Weightless design for better storage and manoeuvrability.

6. Snow Joe Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower

This corded snow blower comes with a really long power cord of 100-feet. The consistent model also serves the purpose of removing piles of snow from medium to large-sized walkways or driveways. Moreover, equipped with 4-blade heavy-duty steel auger, this unit is suitable for cleaning an 18-inch wide area. This machine offers a maximum working depth of 10-inch.

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With the assistance of a 15-amp motor, this powerful model also can remove up to 720-lbs of snow in a minute. Furthermore, you do not have to spend bucks on the maintenance of this blower. The chute of this unit effectively puts a stop to snow-built upon it. Even the machine throws the snow at a distance of 25-feet.


  • Finest grade material for improved durability.
  • Easy and effortless controlling functions for added comfort.
  • A high-quality mechanism for the added workload.

5. TACKLIFE Electric Snow Blower

This professional-style snowblower comes along with a pair of 7-inch flat-free wheels to offer easy manoeuvrability. The model also consists of a powerful steel auger and rubber blades. Therefore, you can use this machine to dump up to 800-lbs of snow in a minute. Moreover, along with 10-inch cleaning depth and 20-inch working width, this unit removes snow from patios, walkways, and driveways.

This machine also has a 180-degree swivel chute to control the snow-blowing with precision. Furthermore, the power-conserving model comes with a 15-amp motor to deliver 3000-RPM of speed. Therefore, this blower offers a maximum throwing distance of 25-feet.


  • Advanced safety features for better protection.
  • Sturdy material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Extra efficient power mechanism for a longer hold.

4. PowerSmart Electric Gas Snow Blower

With a wide cleaning area of 24-inch, this snow blower is suitable for cleaning a wide path at once. Therefore, you can also utilize this model for removing snow from your driveway and pathway. Moreover, the machine offers a maximum clearing depth of 20-inch. Along with a 212-cc engine, this highly-efficient machine makes the snow disposal very quick and consistent.

So, you can also make this machine very helpful for the area with heavy snowfall. Furthermore, you can achieve better snow-blowing control with the help of 180-degree chute rotation. Featured with a multifunctional drive system, this blower includes 2-backwards and 6-forward speed variations.


  • Highly rated material for extra potent life.
  • Advanced dynamic design with better clearing mechanism.
  • Improved hefty design for added task credibility.

3. Snapper Electric Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Equipped with a heavy-duty brushless motor, the snowblower offers both noiseless and reliable performance. With a cleaning depth of 10-inch, this cordless model also offers a 20-inch wide cleaning path. Moreover, with the help of a 20-feet snow-throwing distance, this machine makes the cleaning very much convenient. So, this blower is perfect for cleaning your pathway, driveway, yard, and lawn.

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Powered by 82-volt lithium-ion batteries, this model makes both cleaning and charging lesser time-consuming. Furthermore, this device consists of 2 powerful lights on the front side. Therefore, this unit makes snow removal lesser hectic, even in bad weather conditions. This model is perfect for cleaning medium snowfall.


  • Superior quality equipment with enhanced sturdiness.
  • Advanced design with further range capacity.
  • The improved quality mechanism for proficient performance.

2. PowerSmart Gas Snow Blower

The rust-resistant coating of this snow blower simply accepts the challenges of harsh weather conditions. This extremely durable model also offers a wide clearing width of 21-inch. Moreover, equipped with a 196cc engine, this device produces high-speed for quick removal of piles of snow. Therefore, you can keep your driveway or footpath free of clutter, even during heavy snowfall.

With the help of a 180-degree chute rotation, the machine also offers smooth snow-blowing operation. Furthermore, this blower is very much light in weight and has a foldable handle to offer stress-free storage. The smooth-rolling wheels help the user to move the machine in forward and backward without putting much effort.


  • Advanced weigh less design for extra comfort.
  • Unique portable structure with enhanced range.
  • High-quality material for long-lasting endurance.

1. EGO Single Stage Electric Snow Blowers

By withstanding several pressures, this commercial-grade snowblower makes clearing of snow lesser time-consuming. This cordless model also comes with a pair of easy-rolling wheels for convenient transportability. Moreover, with the blow distance of 35-feet, the machine helps you to keep your driveway free of snow. The model provides a clearing width of 21-inch.

Compatible with the batteries of this same company, the rechargeable unit also delivers unparalleled performance. Furthermore, the high-quality steel and composite structure of the machine makes it very much sturdy and resistant to all-weather. This model comes with LED lights for low-light conditions and an easily-foldable handle to offer convenient storage.


  • Highly advanced wireless design for added manoeuvrability.
  • Improved climate-friendly design for extra durability.
  • Advanced controlling system for a comfortable experience.


However, the purpose of purchase plays an important role while selecting the perfect snow blowers. Even the range of snowfall determines the engine power and length of the chutes you need for clearing the area. So, before you look for a blower, it is better to measure the width and length of the area for getting the right thrower for your cleaning purposes.