The technology makes it easy to shoot photos anywhere as long as you have portable Photo Studios. This small studio suits professional photographers who want to take pictures similar to the ones in the studio. It’s great for marketers, advertisers, and hobbyists. The studio has all the requirements, including excellent lighting for amazing photos.

We understand the struggles that come with the need to take quality photos without a photo studio. We have therefore selected for you some of the top-rated and highly raked photo studios on the market. This will make your purchase much faster, as you will save research time. We guarantee you that the 10 Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews have all that you need in a photo studio. Find out from the list the type that wows you and decides to buy it and improve your marketing with quality products.

Portable Photo Studios

Table of the Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews

10. HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-60XD – Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting

This HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-60XD signs in as our first photo studio with amazing features. It measures 24″x24″x24″ and hence great for photographing items in that dimension. Unlike other models that need additional lighting, this one comes with Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting with a color temperature of 5500k so that you can use it without requiring extra light.

Besides, the luminous flux of 26,000 lumens and a color rendering index of 93+ allows you to take high-grade professional photos that meet e-commerce standards. Finally, this type is well designed for adaptability, and you will find it easy to assemble in less than 15 minutes and use.

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  • The size of measures 24″x24″x24″ suits all your small products
  • Has a fantastic design for your quality photos
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Assembles in fewer minutes
  • 240 special Dimmable SMD LED Photo lights to help produce vibrant photos

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9. AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studios with LED Light 

Amazon basics have always topped when it comes to producing quality products. One of their products is this AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box. It measures 25 x 30 x 25 inches so that your different types of products can fit with ease. Besides, the type comes in a collapsible format, so you will need less than a minute to set it up.

If you are taking photos with your phone, then this photo studio will work correctly for you. The High output built-in LED lights produce the amount of illumination, just like the one in the studio. The outcome is a quality photo that you will stare at and admire.

Lastly, the front 3-door system is another feature that reduces reflections by maximizing the shooting angle.


  • Measures 25 x 30 x 25 inches to fit different products
  • Enough LED lights or well-lit photos
  • Compatible with Amazon Seller app that makes it easy to edit and upload directly
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 3-door system to minimize reflections

8. Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studios – Light Box for Photos

Another shooting tent box is the Finnhomy Professional Portable Photo Studio. It’s a cube design with dimensions of 16” x 16” x 16”. This type is suitable for product photography since it comes with 5500K LED bars on the two metal strips, which you can adjust to give you the right lighting for terrific photos.

The 3-way opening also allows you to shoot at different angles so that you can have the product fully covered for your site. This lightweight Photo Studio is an excellent product if you are trying to get a similar quality as the studio one.

Finally, this tent is a space-saving design and can be used on top of the table or any location you prefer. Make sure you carry it carefully to prevent damage.


  • Dimensions of 16” x 16” x 16 to accommodate your small products
  • Stable courtesy of the cube design
  • Hass 3-way opening for quality photos
  • Comes with an adjustable LED lighting system

7. EMART 14″ x 16″ Photography Light Box – LED Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent

If you want professional lighting for during your photography, then get this 52 LED Portable Photo Studio Shooting Tent. It’s super bright and hence an excellent quality for attractive photos. It measures 14″ x 16″ so that your items can fit correctly when taking photos.

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This classy box adds up as a lightweight type with a 3way opening so that you can get a correct image from different angles. Additionally, the type comes with top loop handles so that you can carry it easily for your shooting. Finally, this bright box is a lightweight type with a space-saving design so that you can store it anywhere after your work.


  • Comes with 52 bright LEDs so that you can shoot quality images
  • Has loop handles for portability
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Bright and hence looks attractive

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6. ESDDI Photography Studio Light Box

Quality photos come when you get this ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box. It is a unique type with 120 LED lamps where you adjust the brightness to get the quality of light required for amazing photos. The Hook & Loop design, in addition to the lightweight nature, makes this unit a portable type. Carry it anywhere as you boost your e-commerce business.

This box comes with multiple openings so that you can choose your preferred shooting angle. It also has dimmer options so that you can adjust the light for better shots. Finally, this photo studio comes with the accessories, including the manual, to see you through the process.


  • Features 120LED lamps for quality pictures
  • Dimmable switch to get the right lighting
  • Measures 20″/50cm for your e-commerce shooting
  • Lightweight and easy to set up and use

5. SAMTIAN Photo Box – LED Light Photo Studio Shooting Tent

This photo light box measures 32x32x32 Inches and hence great for your small products. Besides, the type features 126 LED Light for amazing photographs. It also has four background papers with different colors to get you the best shooting background for different products.

Additionally, the type also features brightness dimmer so that you can control the amount of light feom10%-100%. Finally, this is a multiple shooting box which is less stressful to use.


  • Has 126LEDs and dimmable lighting to get you the correct illumination
  • Measures 32”x32”x32” for small and large photography
  • Has multi-angle shooting
  • Four shooting backgrounds to choose from

4. Amzdeal 20in Foldable Photo Studio Box – Portable Dimmable Photo Booth Box

You can pick this lightbox since it’s a portable type for your convenient photo shooting. The dimmable light option makes it suitable for all types of photos with correct lighting. Besides, the 4 light strips with 160 LED beads with an adjustable temperature of 3000K and 6500K guarantee you the best photos.

This model has 4 flexible shooting windows and simple formula of use. Surprisingly, the type is affordable and great for amazing services.

  • Adjustable lighting for quality photos
  • Has 126 LEDs for adequate lighting
  • Features four shooting angels
  • Lightweight and portable
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3. FOSITAN Portable Photo Studio Professional Light Box

This FOSITAN Photo Box is another best choice if you want to get your e-commerce business to a whole new level. This portable photo studio measures 24”x24”x24” hence suitable for all your small product photo shooting. The lighting is adequate as it features 126 LED lights with dimmable brightness.

The tent provides you with 6 high-quality professional PVC background boards to meet your multi-scene shooting needs. Therefore, your photos will look surprise you with a fantastic appearance.


  • Quality dimmable lighting with 126 LEDs
  • Measures 24”x24”x24” so your products can fit well
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Provides four shooting angles

2. Travor Photo Light Box Kit – Professional Shooting Tent with LED Lights

If you are tired with low-quality shooting boxes, ten this Travor Photo Light Box Kit will meet and exceed your expectations. It features a dimmable lighting system with quality LEDs so that you can set the lighting you want for the best images.

Additionally, you can switch the background to suit your color requirements courtesy of the 4 backdrops. Lastly, get the multi-angle shooting with the best 4 way varying position. Finally, the 32”X 32”X 32” means that you will have an easy time taking photos from the small-sized types to bigger ones.


  • 32”X 32”X 32” for small and large photos
  • 4 ways for different angle shooting
  • Well lit for amazing photos
  • Has multicolor backdrops for selecting the needed background

1. Neewer Photo Studio Light Box – Shooting Light Tent for Photography

We can call this a complete review when Neewer Photo Studio Light Box is part of the review. This studio light box features 120 LED Lights 4 Colors Backdrops with an adjustable lighting system so that you can customize the amount of light you need for shooting. The multi-angle shooting design also creates fantastic images for you.

This box is portable and convenient hence a great way to have your studio anywhere with you. You will get the fantastic photos courtesy of this low costing studio light box.


  • Has incredible illumination form the 120 LED Lights 4 Colors Backdrops
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Wide-angle shooting available
  • Adjustable lighting for bet photos


If you are looking for a portable photo studio for your e-commerce use or other functions, then these 10 Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews will meet your requirements. They have the best features so that you can take excellent photos similar to the ones taken in studios. Find one from the list at an affordable rate and enjoy the results.