For any construction, cement is a must and to apply cement, you have to make a cement mixer. Therefore, a cement mixer is a must for any small construction or repairing work. There are portable cement mixers available that you can carry to any site of work with ease. They are also easy to operate, and you can set up everything easily without any technical knowledge as such. There are different features available in different cement mixer models. Check out the top 10 best portable cement mixers below.

Portable Cement Mixers

Table of the Best Portable Cement Mixers Reviews

10. Kushlan Products Portable Electric Cement Mixer

Cement is one of the most useful things in any home or office. You need to mix cement properly to apply on open holes in floors. If you want a smart cement mixer, this is the ideal choice. It contains rich quality polyethylene that does not rust or corrode. Besides that, it can hold about 180 lbs. of cement.

Further, this cement mixer comes with a strong frame of steel. It also includes heavy-duty flat-free tires. Apart from that, the powerful handles provide a nice grip in the hands. Additionally, this machine is easily movable with the help of handles. Furthermore, the robust electric motor gives 28 rotations in one minute.


  • Comes with pneumatic wheels.
  • Comes with high-speed RPM motor.
  • Suitable for different mixing jobs.

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9. Stark Portable Electric Concrete Mixer Machine with Wheels

This is one of the best cement mixers for construction and home use. It contains high-quality steel that is waterproof as well as rust-resistant. Apart from that, this mixer also includes on and off switch for easy operation. You can also mix mortar and stucco in this machine.

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The assembling of this cement mixer is very simple for anyone. It also comes with a powerful motor that can perform the speedy task of cement mixing. Besides that, this mixer has strong handles that simplify the task of taking it from one place to another. You can also clean this cement mixer with a dry brush or sponge.


  • Mixes the cement faster.
  • The drum supports faster cleaning.
  • Comes with an easy on-off switch.

8. Goplus Electric Cement Mixers – Portable Mixing Mortar Machine

Having eco-friendly materials, this tool is important for those who have a construction business. It contains rust-resistant and high-quality steel that extends its life. Apart from that, the stable wheels of the machine make your task easier to move this machine. It also contains ergonomic design and firm handles for painless operation.

In addition to that, this mixer includes a safety switch for perfect control. It also contains a strong motor accelerates the task of mixing stucco and mortar. Furthermore, the wheels of this cement mixer can roll on any kind of surface. It can be used in any type of weather. This machine does not rust or corrode in any climatic condition.


  • Comes with a powerful motor.
  • Suitable for the people with the construction business.
  • The wheels roll on different surfaces.

7. SUNCOO 4/5HP Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixers

Cement mixing will turn into a hassle-free task now. This is a heavy-duty cement mixer for mixing a large amount of cement and mortar. Apart from that, it also contains skin-friendly and eco-friendly material. This cement mixing machine is useful for construction sites, factories, and industrial use. It also contains shockproof material for safety.

Additionally, the tool comes with heavy wheels for smooth movement. The inner chamber of the mixer is thicker than ordinary cement mixtures. Furthermore, the machine comes with an instruction manual for quick use. The heavy wheels of this cement mixer can move on any kind of surface in an easy manner. It is also useful for industrial workers.


  • The wheels offer better manoeuvrability.
  • Comes with shock-absorbing material housing.
  • Suitable for different constructional sites.

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6. Stark 2-1/4 Cubic Electric Concrete Mixer

If you want to mix cement for some minor works, you can choose this cement mixer. It contains rust-resistant steel. This material does not corrode in any kind of weather. Apart from that, this machine can combine seeds, cement, and mortar in a perfect way. You can also use this cement mixer for small as well as large projects.

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Further, this machine comes with a safety lock for easy operation. It includes a triangular bracket for nice stability. In addition to that, the firm handles help you to place the drums where you need during work. It is also easy to operate this cement mixer without belts or pulleys.


  • Suitable for different garden tasks.
  • A triangular bracket for ultimate stability.
  • Comes with a safety lock operation.

5. JAXPETY 2-1/5cuft Portable Electric Cement Mixer Machine

This is an amazing cement mixer for construction and industrial purpose. It is made from premium quality steel that does not rust or corrode. The sturdy construction makes this cement mixing tool durable for many years. Besides that, this tool contains heavy-duty wheels for smooth movement.

In addition to that, this machine does not rust due to sun rays, wind, and rainwater. Anybody can use this cement mixer easily without professional help or training. Apart from that, this machine is easy to clean and store in the corner of the building or construction site. Moreover, the on/off switch eases your task of mixing stucco and concrete and other materials like seeds.


  • Suitable for mixing different materials.
  • Derived from commercial-grade steel material.
  • Supports stress-free cleaning and maintenance.

4. SUNCOO 3/4HP Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

You can mix a big amount of cement in this mixer. It is the heavy-duty machine to mix various materials such as mortar, concrete, and stucco. Further, this mixer consists of rich quality steel that does not rust or corrode in any weather. Moreover, this mixer comes with a 4.2 cubic foot drum that combines cement perfectly.

In addition to that, this machine includes heavy wheels for simple movement. The safety switch will prevent you from shocks or short circuits. Furthermore, this cement mixer is easy to store in corner of backyards and construction sites. You can even keep this machine in offices, industries, and factories in an easy manner.


  • Comes with smooth-gliding wheels.
  • Comes with a safety switch.
  • Suitable for different workspaces.

3. Generic Wheel Cement Concrete Mixer

Mixing a large amount of cement is always a challenge for construction workers. If you want the smooth cement mixing process, you can choose this mixer. It contains a large 8 cubic feet drum to combine materials. Apart from that, this cement mixer runs on low electric power and brings down electricity bills as well.

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Additionally, the big wheels of the mixer make the movement easier and better. It also contains a powerful motor to speed up the work during major projects. Moreover, it rotates at a rate of 23 rotations per minute. You can use this small cement mixing tool in any type of weather. It does not rust due to UV rays or rainwater.


  • Comes with a large-sized drum.
  • Includes a super-strong motor.
  • It is a weather-resistant tool.

2. Kushlan Portable Concrete Mixer with 3.5 Cubic Foot Drum

This is the smart polyethylene cement mixer with a strong motor. It can mix about 80 lbs. of cement or other materials at one time. Further, this tool comes with a steel frame and nice handles. Your hands will not pain even after handling this machine for long hours. Moreover, it does not crack or rust in summer, monsoon or winter season.

In addition to that, this cement mixer is simple to use and store in any part of the building. Shockproof materials reduce the chances of short circuits or electric accidents. Furthermore, it is a perfect tool for industrial, factory and construction use. You can also clean it with a simple dry cloth.


  • Does not strain your hands after long-term use.
  • Comes with shock-absorbing material housing.
  • Eliminates harsh environmental element-produced damages.

1. Klutch  4.1 Cubic Ft. Drum Electric Cement Mixer

You can buy this small cement mixer for construction work or industrial use. It contains high-quality steel that does not rust in any type of weather. Besides that, it contains waterproof as well as shockproof materials. Moreover, you can use this medium-sized cement mixer anywhere.

Additionally, this machine comes with a single handle for a comfortable grip. It does not pain or hurt your hands. Furthermore, this machine operates at low power and cuts electricity bills. You can mix more than 246 lbs. of cement and other material in this machine. It is suitable for small and medium-sized projects. It is also easy to store this cement mixer on any side of the construction site.


  • Withstands any harsh weather conditions.
  • Suitable for personal or medium-duty projects.
  • Comes with energy-saving housing.


There are many factors to check while you buy a portable cement mixer. Most of them have dedicated tanks to mix the cement well enough. However, there are some handheld cement mixers also available to mix cement in a separate container. Therefore, you need to be clear about your needs and understand the features and specifications of each model before picking one to purchase.