Overhead garage racks are invented to widen your garage storage space. The rack helps with tidying things up, moving things out, or getting stuff off the floor. Every garage owner should at least one of two of these racks. That said, if you’re shopping for this rack as well, we’ve got your back on this. Below a curated round-up of the top 9 best overhead garage racks available for online purchase today.

List of the Best Overhead Garage Racks

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09. Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack by FLEXIMOUNTS

FLEXIMOUNTS is the best option for those who want a heavy-duty overhead garage rack. This overhead garage rack is made of heavy gauge steel that can withstand the weight over 400 lbs. All screws that have been installed on this overhead garage rack are all high quality. Furthermore, this product is safe to use as strict tests have been done on all of its hardware. There are two colors for you to choose from which are white and blue.

In addition, this overhead garage rack has Velcro that makes this product strong, stable, sturdy, and capable of stopping the bracket from bending or falling. Adding to that, this overhead garage rack is perfect to use for both solid concrete walls or wall studs.

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Plus, it does not need a lot of people to assemble, as it only requires one person and they would be able to install it by themselves. There is a template that includes in the package which makes it even easier to assemble all the hardware alone.

08. Overhead Garage Storage Rack by FLEXIMOUNTS

This is another well-reviewed overhead garage rack on the list that comes from FLEXIMOUNTS as well. This overhead garage rack is 96 inches’ height, 48 inches’ length, and 40 inches’ width and weight 65lbs. This overhead garage rack is made from metal, and its color is black. Using this product will help you protect your items from water damage.

Besides that, it is safe to use this product because there are two studs and six vertical posts that make this overhead garage rack stronger and more secure. Hence, you can put your trust in this product’s quality as all of the hardware and screws have strict tests done on it.

Furthermore, the construction of this product is designed with heavy-duty steel which is safe as it could stand up to 600lbs. Moreover, it also has a stronger, sturdy, and stable grid as well.

07. Ceiling Mount Garage Organization Rack by Hyloft

Up next, we have Hyloft. The material used to make this overhead garage rack is metal, and powder coating has been used to finish this product. There are two color options which are white and Hammertone. You can also adjust this product’s height from 17 inches to 28 inches.

Furthermore, this product could withstand the weight of about 250 lbs. It is resistant to scratches. Plus, you can add this overhead garage rack to garage, attic, closet, office, basement if you need a storage space to store larger items. If you purchase this product, the package will include hardware in its package.

06. Overhead Storage Rack by SafeRacks

SafeRacks is another outstanding overhead garage rack that you should not miss out. This product could store up to 45 cubic feet. There are two sizes of this product which are 24-45 and 18-Furthermore, this product is capable of holding up to 600 pounds. In addition, you can assemble this overhead garage rack by yourself as there is an instruction to help you.

SafeRacks also offers a lifetime warranty. If you have any problem with this product, contact SafeRacks, they will fix it for you until you are satisfied.

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05. Adjustable Ceiling Mounted Rack by MonsterRax

Check out this pick from MonsterRax if you want to find a replacement for your old overhead garage rack. This overhead garage rack’s weight is 80 lbs. Similar to SafeRack, MonsterRax also has two colors, white and hammertone as well. This product is a drop length ceiling which you can customize it.

Moreover, this overhead garage rack has three ranges which are 12-21, 18-33, or 24-45 that you can adjust it to your preference. Besides that, the ceiling brackets of this product are made of gauge steel which makes it even more rigid and safer.

To make it secure and safe that it will be attached to your ceiling worry-free, its lag bolts are designed with a grade 8 case-hardened. Plus, it is very easy, quick and safe to assemble.

04. Garage Storage Ceiling Rack by Bigbear iron

The most famous overhead garage rack would be Bigbear iron. This overhead garage rack is manufactured in Southern California. The dimension of this product is 54 inches’ height, 5 inches’ length, and 2 inches’ width. In addition, this overhead garage rack is made of heavy-duty.

It has six legs which are different from a regular overhead garage rack, and it could hold the weight up to 1000 lbs. Thus, not only you can adjust its height, but you can also change its length as well. You can adjust its length from 52 to 98 and its height from 24 to 36.

03. Shelf Kits for Garages by RhinoShelf

RhinoShelf is an excellent option for those who like overhead garage rack. This overhead garage rack is a hundred percent manufacture in the United States. This product is made of Aluminum. The color of this overhead garage rack is white and it is powder coated in white as well. The shelf of this product is 20 deep, and it could carry up to 650lbs.

Adding to that, you can use this overhead garage rack at different places such as barns, garages, warehouses, etc. Furthermore, it is very easy to install this overhead garage rack as one person is all there needs to assemble it, and there is a pictorial quickstart that has been included in the package too.

RinhinoShelf also gives a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this overhead garage rack, you can return the product, and RhinoShelf will give you a full refund.

02. Garage Wall Shelf by SafeRacks

You can check this overhead garage rack form SafeRack if you want to replace your old overhead garage rack with a high-performing one. There are two colors to this product which are Hammertone and white. Moreover, there are three different sizes which are 18 x 36, 18 x 48, 24 x 48. This product can hold weight 500lb and per shelf 250lb. In each package, there are white wall shelves, versatile deck hooks, and other hardware.

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In addition, they used grade 8 case-hardened to make the hardware of this product is totally different from other products on the market, in which they only use a grade 2 or below hardware. There are brackets and wire decks that help make this product sturdier and more secure.

01. Overhead Garage Racks by RhinoShelf.com

RhinoShelf is here again because they have another exceptional overhead garage rack that will not disappoint you. There are many different sizes of this overhead garage rack available for you to choose from. The material used to make this product is aluminum, and it is made in the United States. The shelf of this product is 33.5 deep, and its weight capacity is 650 lbs. Plus, you can use this product in garages, warehouses, barns, and more.

This product is designed with universal wall-mounting compatibility. Having one of these products to your interior storage will help add value to your house. Besides that, it only requires one person to install this product.

Pictorial installation and pre-assembled components will be included in the package as well. Thus, there is a satisfaction guarantee as you can get a full refund if you are not pleased with this overhead garage rack.

Buying Guide for Overhead Garage Racks

Below are 2 aspects you need to think about ahead of time before you go shopping for an overhead garage rack:

Durability & Weight Load:

The most common materials for an overhead garage rack are heavy gauge steel and aluminum. These materials offer good durability. For enhanced durability, do check if they are screws installed to the rack. Some brands even have strict tests done on their products as well. These all contribute to whether or not the rack will bend or fall. Plus, they determine how much weight load the rack can bear (600 lbs or 1000 lbs, etc).


Though the rack offers the weight load that meets your needs, do check if it comes in the size you prefer as well. Look at its height, width, length, and depth.