A handheld massage gun goes by many names. Some call it a percussion massage gun while others refer to it as a percussion massager. Despite the numerous nicknames and varied designs, the benefits of a massage gun can’t be denied. It’s a lifesaver, especially for those that suffer from lower back paints. But at the same time, it’s versatile enough to target every muscle. The best part, it has different intensity levels. It can be gentle enough for pre-workout warmups or powerful enough for post-workout recovery. That said, what are the best massage guns on the market?

From the best budget massage gun to the all-powerful high-end models, there’s a multitude of options out there. But to save you the time as well as keep you from making the wrong choice, we’ve rounded up the best percussion massage guns to consider.

Table of the Best Massage Guns Reviews

10. WuBeFine Professional Handheld Massage Guns to Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

Though it runs as quiet as a refrigerator, this massage gun is powerful enough to provide deep compression massage. For the record, it has noise levels that range from 35 to 55dB. The durable brushless motor provides 3,300 strokes per minute, which is enough to wake up your muscles. Not to mention, it’s adjustable to 30 speeds. Most often, this is the maximum you can get from a massage gun. You can select lower speeds for warming up and muscle relaxation or higher speeds for deep tissue massage.

Moreover, it comes with 6 massage heads to target every part of your body. Depending on the speed, the battery can provide up to 5 hours of use. Furthermore, the package includes a carrying case, making it ideal for someone who likes to travel a lot.

Special Features

  • Silicone handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Durable brushless motor offers super-quiet operation (35 to 55dB)
  • 6 massage heads and 30 speeds target every part of the body
  • Carrying case for easy storage and transportation
  • Long-lasting battery provides up to 5 hours of use

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9. OPOVE M3 Pro Silver Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Guns – Handheld Electric Body Massager

The M3 Pro massage gun is easily the best-selling model on the market. It’s hard to find flaws in its design and performance. No wonder it gets full ratings from lots of users across the world. As far as durability goes, this massage gun almost indestructible. Take the anti-drop shell, for instance. It’s made of nylon and glass fiber, allowing it to withstand drops from 6.6 feet high. Not to mention, it’s entirely waterproof.

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Also, this massage gun has a high-torque brushless motor. It has 3 speeds of up to 3,200 strokes per minute. Hence, it provides deep tissue massage and wakes up your muscles in an instant. Though powerful, it’s super-quite, delivering a noise level of 35 to 55dB. As for the battery, it lasts up to 3 hours. Nonetheless, this massage gun shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of use to protect against injuries and conserve battery. For the record, this massage comes with a carrying case and 4 massage heads.

Special Features

  • Anti-drop shell is extremely durable as well as waterproof
  • Quiet (35 to 55dB) brushless motor provides a high-torque massage of up to 3,200 strokes per minute
  • 10-minute automatic shut off conserves battery as well as protects against injuries
  • A carrying case allows you to take the massage gun with you anywhere
  • Long-lasting battery provides up to 3 hours of deep tissue massage

8. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Guns – Deep Tissue Massager for Sore Muscle and Stiffness

With a noise level of 55 to 75dB, this massage gun isn’t the quietest out there. Nonetheless, it’s within a bearable range. The high-torque brushless motor provides up to 3,000 strokes per minute for deep tissue massage. However, you can adjust across 5 different speeds. Also, 5 interchangeable massage heads help you target all muscle groups and sore spots.

This massage gun has fingertip access. As such, it’s easier to adjust the speed. Based on the speed, the battery can provide 3 to 6 hours of use.

Special Features

  • The high-torque motor provides intense massage of up to 3,000 strokes per minute
  • 5 intensity levels (20 to 45Hz), and 5 massage heads target all muscle groups
  • The ergonomic handgrip and fingertip access make speed adjustments a lot easier
  • Long-lasting charge of 3 to 6 hours

7. MINILIFE Massage Gun Handheld Percussion Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Pain Relief

This massage gun has 30 speeds, ranging from 400 to 3,300 strokes per minute. Hence, you can use for routine massage as well as deep tissue professional massage. Thanks to the quiet glide technology, the motor runs quietly, delivering a noise level of 35 to 55dB. For the record, it almost sounds like the hum of a refrigerator, even at high speeds. Moreover, it has an excellent heat dissipation system. Thus, it can run for longer without overheating.

Like the MP3 Pro massage gun, it has a rugged anti-drop shell. Nylon and glass fiber enables it to withstand drops of up to 6.6 feet high. Furthermore, this massage gun has an LCD touchscreen. It displays speed and remaining charge as well as allow for easy speed adjustments. This massage gun comes with 6 massage heads and has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 6 hours.

Special Features

  • Anti-drop shell remains intact when dropping from 6.6 feet high
  • Excellent heat dissipation system avoids overheating
  • 30 speeds and 6 attachments provide precision massage
  • High-torque brushless motor runs quietly at 35 to 55dB
  • Long-lasting battery provides up to 6 hours of use
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6. Rechargeable Quiet Portable Massaging Gun for Athletes Pain Relief Therapy and Relaxation

Thanks to a superior noise reduction technology, this massage gun offers whisper-quiet operation. Based on the speed, it has a noise level of 35 to 50dB. Also, it has 20 speeds, adjustable to 3,500 strokes per minute. Hence, it can provide anything from routine massage to deep tissue massage. Again, it comes with 6 massage heads. Thus, it can target every sore spot and muscle group.

At 2 pounds, this massage gun is pretty light. Not to mention, it has a balanced ergonomic design. As such, it’s comfortable to operate. Moreover, it includes a carry case for transportation. The battery doesn’t disappoint either since it lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Special Features

  • 20 speeds and 6 attachments provide a customized massage experience
  • The high-torque motor provides a whisper-quiet operation of 35 to 50dB
  • Lightweight design and carrying case allow for easy transportation
  • Long working time of up to 6 hours

5. Lnchett Deep Tissue Percussion Massager for Pain Relief

This massage gun claims a battery life of 8 hours at low speeds. Hence, it holds charge the longest. Also, it has a high-torque motor that provides 20 speeds. You can adjust from as low as 500 to as high as 3,500 strokes per minute. As such, it can warm up the muscles as well as provide deep tissue massage. Not to mention, it has 6 massage heads to customize the performance.

Despite the incredible power, the motor runs quietly at 35 to 55dB. Also, this massage gun has an anti-drop shell, making it virtually indestructible. The same goes for the case. Instead of plastic, the case has aluminium parts for lasting durability.

Special Features

  • Anti-drop shell offers lifetime durability
  • 8-hour battery reduces the number of times you need to recharge
  • The high-torque motor delivers up to 3,500 strokes per minute but runs quietly at 35 to 55dB
  • The LED touchscreen allows you to monitor and control the speed with ease
  • 20 speeds and 6 massage heads provide a customized massage experience

4. Opove MP3 Pro Black Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Except for the color, this massage gun has a striking resemblance to the silver MP3 Pro massage gun. In fact, the difference in the ratings is most likely a result of color preferences. That aside, this massage gun has a quiet brushless motor with noise levels of 35 to 55dB. Hence, it allows you to enjoy your massage in comfort and even listen to music. Though quiet, it has speeds of up to 3,200 strokes per minute, making it ideal for deep tissue massage. Nonetheless, the speed is adjustable across 3 levels to match your needs.

Moreover, this massage gun ranks among the most durable. It has a waterproof anti-drop shell, making it less prone to damage. As for the battery, it provides 3 hours of use. The package includes a carrying case for easy transportation and 4 massage heads that target specific body parts.

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Special Features

  • 10-minute automatic shutdown protects you from injuries
  • A waterproof anti-drop shell provides lifetime durability
  • A whisper-quiet operation (35 to 55dB) allows you to enjoy your massage comfortably
  • 12mm stroke length and high-torque motor offer accurate percussion massage

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At 60 to 80dB, this might not be the best choice for a quiet massage gun. Nonetheless, it packs a powerful punch and has extra features you rarely get in other models. While most models manage a stroke length of up to 12mm, this massage gun has a stroke length of 16mm. Hence, it offers a much deeper massage that reaches every sore spot. Also, it has 6 speeds adjustable from 500 to 2,400 strokes per minute.

Another feature unique to this massage gun is the 90-degree rotating head. It provides multi-angle massage, allowing it to reach tough spots. Moreover, it has 3 massage heads for different muscle groups. Whereas other models come with one battery, this massage gun has two batteries. Hence, you can use one as you recharge the other. For the record, the batteries charge pretty fast in 1 hour and provide up to 2 hours of use.

Special Features

  • A 90-degree arm reaches tight spots
  • 6 speeds and 3 massage heads give you more control as well as target all muscle groups
  • 2 swappable batteries minimize downtime
  • The high-torque motor provides 60 pounds of force and 16mm stroke length for more penetrating pain relief

2. Accugun Quiet Pro Massage Gun

This massage gun adopts a lighter construction. At 1.8 pounds, it’s among the few models that weigh under 2 pounds. Though it’s half the weight of other massage guns, it’s just as powerful. The industrial-grade motor provides deep tissue massage, which is adjustable across 3 different speeds. Even at peak performance, this massage gun runs quietly at 45dB.

Moreover, you can choose from 6 massage heads, allowing you to target every muscle. Again, this massage gun runs longer on a single charge. For instance, it provides more than 4 hours of deep tissue massage.

Special Features

  • Ultra-light construction minimizes hand fatigue
  • 3 speeds and 6 multi-use massage heads offer a personalized massage experience
  • Whisper-quiet (45dB) brushless motor delivers powerful, deep tissue massage
  • Extra-long runtime of more than 4 hours

1. Bodybay Personal Percussion Massage Gun

One thing you’ll immediately notice about this massage gun is that it’s extremely powerful. It provides up to 3,200 strokes per minute, making it ideal for professional-grade massage. However, the intensity is adjustable to suit different needs. For the record, this massage gun has 20 speeds.

The power is not only in the strokes but also in the battery charge. Whereas most models have a battery capacity of up to 2500mAh, this massage gun has a more powerful 2700mAh battery. Once charged, it offers 6 hours of deep tissue massage. This massage gun comes with 6 attachments. Despite the high-torque output, it’s super silent, running at 39 to 55dB.

Special Features

  • Automatic heat dissipation enables the motor to run for longer
  • Powerful 2700mAh battery provides more than 6 hours of use
  • 3,200 strokes per minute offer powerful percussion massage
  • 20 speeds and 6 massage attachments give you more control
  • Super-silent operation of between 39 to 55dB