Proper lighting does not only make your interior look nice but it also enhances the decor. While you may have different lights in your household, the LED floor lamps are still necessary. These lamps brighten up your interior in a proper way. Plus, it helps you to read or do craftwork without any trouble. However, there are several types of options available in the market.

But how to know which one will be true to your expectations? The ranges of LED floor lamps that we have listed are one of a kind. So, study all the important factors by studying the references.

LED Floor Lamps

Table of the Best LED Floor Lamps Reviews

10. Brightech Lightsapn Bright LED Floor Lamps for Crafts and Reading

Even if your house seems well lit and the ceilings have quite a number of LED lights or bulbs, it may not be enough when you are reading or doing craftwork. For such activities, a high-intensity light on the exact point is the best option. Brightech’s natural LED floor lamp is one of a kind. It pinpoints the subject and focuses on it making it easier for you to eye out the minute details. Shining about 850-900 lumens at a time this product is perfect for all creative hobbies like sewing, puzzles, knitting etc.

It effectively distinguishes the colours so that you don’t make any mistakes. If you own a beauty salon and shine this light on your client’s face, you can deliver precise results every time. Also, due to its daylight colour, the light does not fall harshly on a person’s face. Finally, the LEDs remain cool when you touch it even after long use. This makes this lamp is ideal for your child’s room.

Key Features:

  • The adjustable gooseneck allows you to fix the lamp at any point you want. Whether you want it to point at your desk or hands when reading a book, it will do it all.
  • The base of the lamp is heavy and does not topple over that easily.
  • An attractive 3 year’s warranty is provided with the lamp.
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9. Kaulsoe LED Floor Reading Lamps – Standing Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck Reading

Proper lighting can change the face of an entire household. The Kaulsoe adjustable LED floor lamp is here to make the rooms of your abode as beautiful as ever. This lamp is unique since it has two light sources, one pointing up and the other one pointing downwards. The upper source provides enough light for illuminating a space.

However, the lower light is meant for activities like reading, writing, sewing etc. It provides light which makes the detail evident and generates precision work every time. You can change between light colours as this comes with 3 options- warm white, natural white and cool white. Also, the magnetic remote control makes the process all the more convenient.

Key Features:

  • You can adjust at the top and by the body as well. The top headlight is rotated 360-degrees. And the gooseneck properties of the bottom light allow you to adjust the reading light at all times.
  • The pole has a touch panel that allows you to control the brightness and colour of light.
  • The powerful LED lights can work for over 500,000 hours.

8. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – High Lumen Light for Living Rooms & Offices

Proper lighting can change the face of an entire household. Brightech Floor Lamp is here to make your house as beautiful as never before. Next, the lamp has 30 watt LED lights which are enough to make the entire room shine. The sleek body of the lamp gives it a contemporary and minimal look.

It can also fit into small corners of the room. This lamp is safe for any house as it does not wobble because of its heavy bottom plate. Also, it never overheats, so you do not burn yourself every time you touch it.

Key Features:

  • Brightech’s floor lamp can switch on and off with a simple button. The contemporary LED floor lamp can dim with a dimmer too, to set the mood.
  • The LEDs have a life cycle of 20 years as they do not take up energy like halogen and fluorescent bulbs. Hence you can save money and energy at the same time.
  • It can connect with Alexa and other smart appliances for automatic response.

7. JOOFO Modern Torchire Floor Lamp for Living Room & Bed Room

A chic accessory can make a lot of difference to your living room. JOOFO has just the right accessory to make-over your house. The modern LED floor lamp is slender and entirely black in colour. Its metal base is heavy and does not wobble or tip-over that easily. The LED can produce a romantic yet illuminated atmosphere. Whether you have a dinner planned or want to read, write or simply relax the lamp provides ample illumination without straining the eyes.

You will not be disappointed with this product as its slim body can fit into any corner of the house. Also, the 90 days money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty is quite attractive.

Key Features:

  • The headlight can rotate up to 350-degrees which makes it super easy for you to adjust the light to your delight.
  • It is of acrylic materials which prevent the body from heating up. Thus, provides bright light of 200W without any dangers attached to it.
  • Remote control provided with the lamp allows you to switch between three different colour temperatures.
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6. Miroco LED Floor Lamp – Dimmable Reading Standing Lamp

Generating 1815 lumens at all times, this 12W LED-powered lamp can illuminate any corner of your house. Also, the lamp is put in any teeny-tiny area of the house and will instantly brighten the entire room. The lamp is provisioned to provide up to 500,000 hours of lighting and can save electricity and reduce your bills by 75%.

The weighted base keeps the lamp from toppling over. However, it weighs only about 4.8 lbs that makes it easy to move the entire lamp around.

Key Features:

  • It can provide 15 different light colours for you to choose from. And also a provision for you to change the brightness from 3 options. This gives you the authority to light your house with any colour of any power.
  • Once you click the on/off button for 2 seconds the lamp will shift to night mode. It will naturally switch off by itself after an hour.
  • The lamp has a flexible head that is adjusted to tweak its height. Whether you want to use it as a floor lamp or a desk lamp, it can do it all.

5. TaoTronics Modern Standing LED Floor Lamp

Ceiling lights are efficient but they aren’t efficient enough. When you need the light to be focused on one particular thing then lamps come into play. TaoTronics has come up with a slender and beautiful dimmable LED floor lamp just for you. Powered fully with 10W LED lights, the lamp generates as much as 450 lumens.

The best part is that even after being used for hours; it does not heat up and does not cause any casual injuries in the process. A sturdy base caters to household safety as well. It keeps the lamp from getting knocked over that easily. You can choose between 4 colour temperatures that can be set based on the ambience you wish for. Finally, 3 different brightness levels provide you with more freedom to adjust the light to precision.

Key Features:

  • The colour of the light that the lamp produces is fully customizable.
  • The neck of the lamp is flexible so that you can direct the light to whichever corner you want to be illuminated.
  • A switch panel right on the backside of the light source makes operating the lamp really convenient.

4. Addlon LED Floor Lamp for Reading

Addlon’s lamp is the perfect addition to your house. Its sleek body and fit into any corner and the black body accents any décor you have in your house. The long-lasting LED bulbs have a 14 Watt power and can deliver the best light for as long as 20 years. You will barely ever need to replace any of the bulbs for the longest time. The lamps have a 5 feet cord and thus you can move it around in a room.

Also, assembling the product is a cakewalk, you will only require screws for the process. Moreover, since the lamp does not heat up it is completely safe for children and pets.

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Key Features:

  • The base of the lamp is weighted which does not allow the lamp to tip over.
  • This flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust the body and direct it to whichever point you want so that you can illuminate the exact place.
  • Super bright and soft light are the two brightness options that are programmed into the lamp. The bright light can illuminate the entire room whereas, the soft light can help with arts and crafts, reading, etc.

3. Verilux Smartlight Full Spectrum LED Floor Reading Lamp

Hoping to find the lamp that can provide light to illuminate your room while preventing any strain on your eyes? Then Verilux has the perfect product for you. The Optix lens of the lamp decreases glare, reducing any stress on the eyes. Thus you can work on your hobby for a long time with the help of this lamp without any problem. The LEDs produce natural daylight coloured light. And its long-lasting properties give you the opportunity to not have to change the bulbs for a long time.

Finally, the gooseneck allows you to pivot. Now, adjust the lamp head in whichever direction you want the light source to point.

Key Features:

  • You can choose from 5 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures.
  • The touch panel on the lamp body makes operation more convenient.

2. Gladle Tall Standing LED Torchiere Floor Lamps

With 30-Watt LED bulbs under its belt, it can produce 2200 lumens at once which can illuminate any room effectively. The lamp has a flicker-free technology. As a result, minimizes any strain on your eyes so that you can work in the light for a long time without facing any issues. Right after it is plugged in the lamp starts working. Its memory feature remembers the last light setting and lights up accordingly.

Moreover, you can tilt up to 30-degrees so that you can adjust it as you want. Therefore, enjoy light everywhere.

Key Features:

  • The lamp head is rotated up to 360-degrees.
  • Have 5-level dimming feature gives you options to choose from. Therefore, different brightness levels which you can command with a simple touch.
  • The weighted base provides stability for the lamp body, preventing it from getting knocked over.

1. SUNLIPPE Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamps for Living Room

The Sunlippe LED Lamp is absolutely environment-friendly as it consumes electricity at the minimum. It consists of two lamps of18W and 5W respectively. Therefore, you can work together brilliantly in illuminating any corner of the room. It has a long life-span of 50,000 hours and requires very little maintenance.

The lamp head is of acrylic whereas the body and base are of metal. As a result, making it safe and attractive at the same time.

Key Features:

  • The lamp heads are rotatable and fixed at any point. The gooseneck feature of the side lamp allows you to authorize the direction of the lighting.
  • The weighted base prevents the lamp from toppling.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided with the purchase of the lamp.

So, get a bright LED floor lamp and make your storytime nights more relaxing. Never feel a lack of light and enjoy!