You can always make ice at home with a refrigerator. But what to do when you are not at home and you want to add some ice cubes to your beverages. You can buy an ice maker which has a portable design and you can get ice any time you want. You can carry it with you in your vehicle when you go out on a long trip or drive. They are easy to use and highly convenient and therefore, it is a must-have when you go camping. Check out the top 10 best ice makers to choose from with different types of specifications.

Ice Makers

Table of the Best Ice Makers Reviews

10. Vremi Countertop Ice Makers

Drinks and juices without ice taste dull and boring during summers. You can now add a cool touch in your slush drinks and juices. This is the small countertop ice making appliance for drinks’ lovers. It just takes 10 minutes to make chewable ice cubes for drinks and cocktails. Moreover, it can make 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours.

Further, this appliance is energy efficient and works on 120 watts. Besides that, it includes an ice bucket as well as a plastic scoop for a small party. The high-quality stainless steel does not rust with snow or water even after many years. Apart from that, it is a portable tool for picnics.


  • Comes with higher energy efficiency.
  • Makes chewable ice cubes.
  • Produces ice cubes within 24-hours.

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9. NewAir Portable Stainless Steel Tabletop Ice Makers – 50 lb. Daily

This is the compact ice maker for bars, homes, and offices. It comes in 3 elegant colours that suit the décor of your kitchen or other rooms. Besides that, this machine takes only 7 minutes to give you perfect ice cubes. You can make about 50 pounds of ice in this gadget. So now, you can enjoy a continuous flow of drinks and juices in the parties.

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In addition to that, this ice maker includes indicator lights that show you when to add the water. You can keep this ice-making machine in boats, pubs, kitchens, and patios. It is portable to carry from one place to another in cars or bikes.


  • Suitable for both home and workspace.
  • Indicator lights for adding water timely.
  • Comes in a portable size.

8. Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker

Do you want to enjoy the pool party the whole night? Then you must get this ice making machine for your full group. It is one of the best ice makers with a bright red coloured body. You can make nearly 26 lbs. of ice in this appliance. Apart from that, this tool can make perfect ice cubes for whiskeys, cocktails, juices, and scotch.

Further, this ice maker has a compact size. You don’t have to do the installation to make ice cubes in this tool. Moreover, it includes LED indicators to indicate full or empty water buckets. This ice maker does not consume more power and brings down electricity bills too.


  • LED light indicators for empty bucket signalling.
  • Consumes lesser energy for producing ice cubes.
  • Suitable for hard and soft drinks.

7. U-Line UBI95B00A Undercounter Ice Makers

This is the tiny ice making machine for juice and cocktail lovers. It is made from rust-resistant materials. Besides that, the dull black polish suits the interior of the bar or kitchen. You can place this ice-making machine in boats, offices, cars, backyards, and kitchen. It can make about 23 lbs. of ice in 24 hours.

Further, this gadget is waterproof as well as corrosion-resistant. It is a lightweight gadget to carry in the cars while going for picnics and family tours. Besides that, you can also take it while going to beaches or outdoor adventures. Moreover, it is easy to keep this ice maker on the table or any other surface.


  • Comes with waterproof material construction.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor parties.
  • Comes in a travel-friendly size.

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6. Aicok Portable Countertop Ice Machine – Stainless Steel Ice Making Machine

You can now purchase this trendy ice maker for homes or offices. It works speedily to make ice within 7 minutes. Besides that, it has a beautiful silver finishing that matches the kitchen interior. The large water tank can easily make about 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours. You can then enjoy the parties for a full day.

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In addition to that, this ice maker comes with automatic settings. It starts to work as soon as the water tank fills. Moreover, it comes with green indicators to show the full or half bucket. You can take this little ice-making machine while going for a boat ride, family picnics, or tours.


  • Produces ice cubes within a few minutes.
  • Comes with automatic settings.
  • Comes with a huge water reservoir.

5. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

Packed with modern technology, this ice making machine has an elegant silver finish. It produces the perfect ice cubes for drinks and juices. Further, this appliance can make ice cubes within only 6 to 7 minutes. Moreover, it can produce 26 lbs. of ice within 24 hours. It also includes an ice scoop and basket.

Additionally, this ice maker has a strong compressor and does not make noise during the ice-making process. It comes with a premium quality copper aluminium condenser that does not rust or corrode. Besides that, the indicators will clearly show you when the bucket gets empty. It is simple to use this ice maker with the help of the control panel.


  • Comes with a noiseless compressor.
  • Makes ice cubes within 24-hours.
  • Comes with a user-friendly control panel.

4. Manitowoc Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine

This is the small ice making cabinet for personal and office use. It is lightweight and portable to carry to any place. Further, this ice making machine contains rich quality stainless steel that does not rust in any weather. Apart from that, it is easy to clean this appliance with wet cloth or sponge.

In addition to that, this ice maker is energy efficient and reduces electricity bills. It comes with a simple door on the front to pour water. Moreover, it has buttons on the left side to control the settings. You can take this small ice maker during family trips, picnics, and outdoor adventures. It has a compact size as well.


  • The control panel with buttons.
  • The portable design for better transportability.
  • This model is resistant to rust.

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3. GE Countertop Nugget Ice Makers

You would love to make ice cubes every hour. This is the robust countertop ice maker with beautiful design. It contains high-quality stainless steel plastic that does not rust or corrode in any weather. Apart from that, you can use this ice maker in boats, kitchens, bars, and pubs. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Further, this ice maker needs no installation or water hookup. You just have to connect the plug into the socket and let it work. In addition to that, this ice making tool is easy to control with the app. You can control and change the settings of this ice maker with the help of your smartphone or tablet.


  • Does not require any installation.
  • Comes with rust and corrosion-resistant construction.
  • Suitable for different outdoor activities.

2. Euhomy Free-Standing Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This is the smart ice making machine with a unique design. It can be used in commercial as well as residential areas to produce ice cubes. Apart from that, this freestanding ice-making gadget does not consume much space in the homes or kitchens. It can produce nearly 100 lbs. of ice cubes within 24 hours.

Additionally, it makes crystal clear and non-sticky ice cubes for mocktails and juices. It also comes with ice shovel, drain pipe, and water supply pipe. Moreover, it consumes less power and cuts electricity bills. The premium quality stainless steel does not rust or corrode by water or snow. It is very easy to clean this ice-making machine.


  • Suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • Produces ultra-clear and non-sticky ice cubes.
  • Supports hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

1. Igloo Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Available in 3 amazing colours, this ice maker is convenient to carry to any place. You can keep it on any table in the kitchen. Besides that, you just need to take a few steps to produce some tasty ice cubes in this machine. All you need to do is to add water in the bucket and press the buttons. It will then make ice cubes within 7 to 8 minutes.

In addition to that, this ice making machine includes a big water tank. This means you can make about 33 pounds of ice in one day. Moreover, it has the capacity to store more than 2 pounds of ice for drinks and juices.


  • Delivers tasty and crystal-clear ice cubes.
  • Comes with a big water reservoir.
  • Produces ice cubes within a few minutes.


When you buy an ice maker, you have to check how fast the machine can make ice for you. You would want the machine to make ice faster as it is a dedicated ice maker. The second consideration has to be the size which means how much volume of ice you can make. Apart from that, the weight of the ice maker and the price are always on the cards for the buyer. As far as the quality goes, these are the best ones you can get online.