For example, if you are surfing the web while typing something in MS Word, you can click on your internet browser and take a screenshot of just that window . If you want to save your screenshot, you will have to open an application like Paint and paste the image there using the Ctrl + V keys. Windows 10 makes it easy to capture and save a picture of anything on your screen. Using keyboard shortcuts or the built-in Snipping Tool, you can quickly take a screenshot of your whole screen, a portion of your screen, or a specific window. Here are all the different ways to take a screenshot on a Winows 10 PC, and how to save your image on your computer.

On the plus side, with its own taskbar button, the new widgets are easy to find. Hit the button and a semi-transparent panel pops out from the left edge of the screen. It has, by default, widgets for weather, your Outlook calendar, photos you may have in OneDrive, a To Do list and a few others.

Specific requirements for certain features

This is a big change to the Taskbar, which has always been left-aligned. Windows 11 introduces new interfaces in almost every area of the desktop experience, and that includes the Start menu. Start has been a staple part of the Windows user experience for decades, so it’s always a big deal when it changes significantly, as it has on Windows 11. Now, this isn’t a “Windows 8-level” change, but it’s still going to take some getting used to. Windows 11 has a brand new out-of-box experience, which walks you through setup.

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You can also automate this process on a Weekly or Monthly basis by selecting Change settings. IntelliWrite reduces drastically the effects of Driversol fragmentation on any system running in the Windows Operating System by preventing the fragmentation before it happens. This will automatically represent an improvement in system speed, performance, reliability, stability and longevity. The improvement will be particularly significant for busy servers / virtual systems on which background/scheduled defragmentation has limited time slots in which to run.

  • Microsoft has just released a new version of Windows 11 on the Windows Insider Program BETA channel.
  • This is why it is awesome that there are third-party apps like the Auslogics Registry Defrag software designed to help you clean and defragment your registry.
  • Make a system restore point before you do it, just in case.

The only devices that will feature Windows 11 will be new devices launching in Q4. In October 2021, Microsoft officially released Windows 11, and users with a compatible laptop or PC can upgrade. How much does Windows 11 cost, and what are the system requirements? Here’s all you need to know about the new operating system.

What do developers need to know about Windows 11?

Click on the “Save Snip” button and give the file a name and select a place to save it. Click the “Mode” button to select the area you want to snip/capture—free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen. If instead of the entire screen, it is necessary to capture only a single window, click on the title bar of the required window. The PC saves the screenshot image in a folder named “Screenshots” within the “Pictures” folder under “This PC”. The PC also names the images of screenshots it saves with serially increasing numbers. On a desktop PC, the keyboard is the primary instrument for capturing screenshots.

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At that time, HDDs were the only type of drive available, and they are still the de facto standard in the industry. And they do need to be defragmented and optimized regularly. Have you ever tried to find a file in a disorganized filing cabinet?