Are you a dog owner on a budget? In that case, the first thing that you would check in a dog crate is its basic features, usability, and its credibility in the long run. Even if you run a kennel or an adoption center for dogs, you need the best of the products to keep them comfortable. Even if staying in a confined place, they need to feel free as well. The heavy-duty dog crates are something that is spacious. And you can use it to carry your dogs as well to a specific location.

To give them the best of the experience, here are the heavy-duty dog crates manufacturers that truly care about the lovable beings. So, they presented the best of their brand to the market. Lets checkout!

Table of the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates Reviews

10. AINFOX Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate, Large Double Door Folding Strong Dog Pet Kennel Cage Tray

Ainfox matches all your demands and thereby brings forth to you a foldable heavy-duty dog crate that is very easy to install and has lockable wheels. Firstly, its grated bottom ensures waste-collection in a removable pan. In fact, it pan stays in place due to the internal latch. It is painted with an environment-friendly non-toxic chemical added to the hammerstone and rust-resistant finish.

The versatility of design comes from the ability to remove doors and pans accordingly. Moreover, it has a special durable construction with heavy-duty commercial quality steel and galvanized square tube to support.

Courtesy to its availability in 3-different sizes, this dog crate is sturdy and durable and matches as per your requirement.

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Key Features:

  • Pre-assembled crate with double front and top door designs enhancing convenience.
  • For security issues, it has a heavy-duty latch that is bolted on the side.
  • Inclusive of rolling casters, 4 of them in which 2 are lockable. Therefore, managing to lock your crate in a place.

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9. KELIXU Heavy Duty Dog Crates – Indoor Large Dog Kennels & Dog Cags

A complete steel Fort Knox, this dog crate is essentially for the bulky breeds. Therefore, keeping them safe and contained within this confined space. Having steel and having a rust-resistant finish, this heavy-duty dog crate for large dogs is in the black shade. Thus, it is high on safety with a triple locking system. Its metal frame provides consistent ventilation and airflow allowing complete comfort to your dog.

Next, its grated bottom comes with a removable plastic tray. It is truly worth noting given its capacity to deal with dogs within this confined space in a better manner. Leave the wheels as it is and move them around your home or lock them up in a specific place. Rest assured, your friend is in a safe den.

Key Features:

  • Available in 4-sizes ranging from 38/ 42/ 46/ 48 – inches respectively with close to 7 crate options.
  • Double door format for safety with a removable plastic tray.
  • Lockable casters that have a capacity to move 360-degrees for consistent comfort.

8. ProSelect Empire Large Dog Cage

Do you have a bulky dog at home? In that case, plastic crates or those of tissue-like wire are not what you need! In fact, having a construction of stainless steel of 20-gauge, this wheeled heavy-duty dog crate has safety features.

With a grated floor bottom that opens up into a set of removable trays, this also has removable casters. It allows movement within any domain and ensures complete stability of this crate. Next, it is lockable up as and when required. Available for both large and medium breeds, this is truly a catch that you cannot afford to miss! Additionally, this allows you to get in a bed for your doggo!

Key Features:

  • It comes with dual door latches and hammertone finish making it sleek.
  • Strong latches, stainless steel construction, and steel tubes make it up as one of the best.
  • This will not get rust and not make it difficult for your pet to live.

7. Impact Collapsible & Durable Aluminum Dog Crate for Sale

Though it is technically small in size none can overlook its range of features. Firstly, it has an aluminum construction that will endure your pet’s weight. It comes with a secured keyed entry that will let your dog stay in place. Next, it’s easy collapsing nature being some of the primary ones.

Non-toxic coating keeps them safe from getting sick. Moreover, extremely durable in nature, this is convenient in terms of access and has 4-ventilation sides. It ensures maximum airflow for your doggo and makes it extremely easy to manage ventilation levels.

Key Features:

  • Its spring-loaded handles and Slam Latch technique makes it a top contender in terms of the best crates.
  • Latches are of the marine-grade steel format and are known for their crush-proof corners.
  • This collapsible heavy-duty dog crate allows for quick cleaning. The heavy drain holes are a great option.
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6. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crates – Strong Metal Kennel and Crate for Large Dogs with Wheels

This cage is of squared steel bars with a rust-resistant coating ensuring longevity. Along with this starter, the lockable casters and heavy-duty construction of this crate ensure that your doggy remains protected. However, they also get ample space within it. Plus, it comes with dual doors added with a top door for easy movement of the pet. Plus, the double locks and safety buckle system becomes hard for your dog to open.

Being pre-assembled in nature, this dog crate requires minimal time to be set up. Lastly, the metal pipe and floor add up to its positives.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty frame with non-toxic coating covering it for maximum benefit.
  • Locking casters of 360-degrees allow independent movement and fixing at the right place.
  • The grated floor comes with a removable plastic tray for cleanliness.

5. Bestmart INC Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate – Metall Pet Kennel

Bestmart has always been one of the best names in the market and products from this brand define quality at its best. Hence, the dog crate from here has construction from all sturdy steel. Plus, it has a double door design for easing the access process. This heavy-duty dog cage crate has a maximum weight limit of 330-lbs. For serving food or cleaning it, you can easily slide the steel tray in and out.

Additionally, the dual latch system and durable frame make it strong and a safe place for the dogs. To allow proper ventilation, the bars have a 2-inches gap. As a result, it feels airy.

Key Features:

  • The front door will let you give water and food to your dog through that door.
  • Have 4 casters with double-locked ones for easy movement.
  • Proper welding is done to ensure unmatched strength.

4. PawHut Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate Kennel Pet Cage with Wheels

If you wish to have a dog crate where all the points tick, PawHut is the brand to check out! From easy accessibility to incredibly easy set-up, this crate is of stainless steel. Plus, the structure has complete security courtesy the double-side bolt latches. For ease of movement, it has 4 casters and a dual lock system for unintended movement.

Very easy to clean with a tray available, this is simple in terms of portability. As a matter of fact, it provides convenient access both to your dogs and you in case of an emergency.

Key Features:

  • For enhanced durability it has a steel-frame with gauged tubes construction.
  • Dual slide bolt latches are present on the front door and top hatch respectively.
  • Welded steel bars for utmost security and its grated floor is another winner.

3. Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel – Heavy Duty Double Door Pet Cage with Metal Tray Wheels Exercise Playpen

Haven’t you always heard of dogs’ paws and heads getting stuck in those cheap bars of the crates? Well, the time has come for a change and what better than Silverylake crate that is of stainless-steel is rock solid. Plus, for longevity, it has a corrosion-resistant coating. It even has as a double-door design for easy going in and out. Plus, the ventilation one at the top and other on the front will let air to pass.

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It is inclusive of 4-rolling casters and dual wheel lock systems providing complete safety and ease of movement. However, its steel tray is movable while the grated floor ensures complete accessibility. Having attractive design and commercial quality construction – this one is sure to rock amidst the crowd.

Key Features:

  • It is suitable for dogs of every breed irrespective of height and weight. From Siberian Husky to Doberman, it can keep it all.
  • Shades to be chosen from silver and brown will not get dirty easily.
  • Durable steel square bar and heavy-duty steel frame make immune to rough use.

2. Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Playpen – Large Strong Metal for Large Dogs & Cats

If you talk about the benefits of using this, well it comes with dual latch for firm locking and a heavy frame. Next, it fits all size, and here’s what Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny crate brings for you. Very easy to assemble with a singular door and locked caster design, this crate has pre-assembled locks. This ensures its competitiveness when compared to its alternatives.

It comes with safety buckles as well to maintain your dog’s safety. Moreover, the removable plastic tray carries extra food and excreta out. Finally, the wheels are lockable and you will face no obstruction in movement.

Key Features:

  • Singular door with specialized casting design, it has casters rotating 360-degrees.
  • The stainless-steel frame is heavy-duty with anti-rust as well as non-corrosive finish.

1. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate – Metal Pet Kennel Playpen – Large Dogs Cage with Wheels

With triple sizes to boast of, this dog crate has a patented lock system that is not easy to open. For keeping their den clean, it has a removable tray for cleaning the excreta and excess food. With a very strong team to care for any issues associated with this crate, SMONTER provides you with the best of crates and that too within a minimum rate.

It has a construction of sturdy steel and has a non-toxic finishing surface. Plus, it requires minimal time for installation. The metal frame is sturdy and promises optimum ventilation.  Lastly, the rotating wheels come with lockable casters and especially with 360-degree wheels for easy turnings.

Key Features: 

  • Specialized Y-pattern making it bite-proof for your doggy.
  • Quality problems sorted within a span of 3-years’ time period.
  • The upgraded anti-escape lock ensures complete safety for your dog.
  • Its large space has an especially thickened bottom plate for comfort.

Make sure that the pets stay safe even in a closed environment. Review on the heavy-duty dog crates build and get the perfect one according to the weight and strength.