If you are into gymnastics, you need to have all the different gears and accessories at home so that you can practice being perfect. One such accessory is gymnastics balance beams which are also the most important thing you should possess to be a gymnast. When you buy a gymnastics balance beam, you cannot compromise with the quality as it involves the person’s safety. Therefore, our team has done thorough research to spot the top 10 best gymnastics balance beams and listed them down below.

Gymnastics Balance Beams

Table of the Best Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

10. FBSPORT Balance Beam – Folding Floor Gymnastics Equipment for Kids Adults

This gymnastics balance beam has 3 levels of adjustable functionality. So, you can also simply extend the length of the base from 8, 9 to 10-feet. Moreover, with the help of a 4-inch wide base, this floor-standing beam allows beginners to practice balancing with safety. The beam comes with the construction of a lightweight yet durable wooden core. The EVA padded foam of the base offers a stable standing platform for the beginners.

This balance beam is also perfect for practising handspring, leap, jumps, cartwheel, walkover, and kicks. Furthermore, the convenient carry handles of the equipment help you to transport and store it with ease. The skid-resistant base of the beam keeps it stable and allows the gymnasts to practice balancing with no difficulty.


  • Adjustable design for custom operation.
  • Wide base and lightweight design.
  • Safe to use with a skid-resistant base.
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9. Alpha Mats Floor Medium-Density Foam Balance Beam

This gymnastics balance beam comes with a maximum length of 9-feet. The equipment is also suitable for people with different skill levels. Moreover, the anti-skid suede coating with padded foam layer helps everyone to practice balancing with ease. This stand is suitable for practising handstands, summersaults, jumping, and kicking. The floor-standing beam helps your kids to learn and practice gymnastics with safety.

The skid-resistant bottom of this beam also offers enough stability on any surface. Furthermore, the beam comes with the construction of a lightweight yet sturdy wooden core. The suede coating protects gymnasts from rolled ankles and slippage. This slip-resistant balance beam is the ideal gymnastics equipment for beginners.


  • Wide application and easy to use.
  • Improved stability with a skid-resistant base.
  • Lightweight construction with suede coating.

8. Milliard Adjustable Gymnastics Balance Beams for Training

The height-adjustable gymnastics balance beam is perfect for the gymnasts with different skill levels. Equipped with steel braces, the beam also allows you to adjust the height from 4 to 24-inch. Moreover, this beam is 8-feet long and 4-inch wide. This unit helps you to adjust the beam from low to high modes. However, you can incrementally increase the height accordingly up to 24-inch.

This beam also comes along with a competition-style training structure with steel legs. Furthermore, the rubber-coated feet of the braces protect your floor for scratching. The pull-n-click lock of the braces helps you to adjust the height of the beam accordingly. This equipment comes with a suede coating to offer a skid-resistant base.


  • Adjustable design for user advantage.
  • Rubber-coated feet to protect the floor.
  • Easy to use and safe design.

7. Best Choice Products Floor Balance Beam for Gymnastic and Tumbling

With the length of 9-feet, this gymnastics balance beam comes with foldable construction. Therefore, you can also simply carry this equipment to your classes from your home. Moreover, this lightweight beam comes with enough foam padding. So, everyone can comfortably stand and practice on this beam for hours. The 4-inch wide standing surface of this tool lets you practice handstand, cartwheel, walkover, and more.

The foldable beam with a carry handle also offers both transportability and easy storage. Furthermore, the vinyl outer layer helps you to maintain your balance with ease. This medium-density beam is suitable for expert gymnastics. The stackable design makes the equipment perfect for storing in a tight space.


  • Foam padding for user comfort.
  • Easy balancing due to vinyl exterior.
  • Easy storage with a stackable design.

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6. Matladin Gymnastics Balance Beams for Home

The pinewood core of this gymnastics balance beam feels lightweight yet sturdy. With the help of EVA foam padding and suede coating, the beam also offers a safe balancing spot for everyone. Moreover, this 7-feet long base provides a skid-resistant practice spot for both beginners and intermediates. The foldable hinge design and lightweight make this equipment very much compact and travel-friendly.

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The skid-resistant and cleanable flat side of the beam also help gymnasts to perform a slip-resistant handstand. Furthermore, the dotted bottom of the equipment offers better traction even during sweaty conditions. The rubber padding of this tool protects the floor from getting damaged. The convenient carry handle offers hassle-free portability.


  • The large size and safe to use.
  • Perfect for all level of users.
  • Compact design and easy to carry.

5. Giantex Folding Gymnastics Balance Beams for Kids

This foldable gymnastic balance beam offers convenient storage and transportability. The beam also helps your children to develop their hand-and-eye coordination and gymnastics skills. Moreover, this equipment is suitable for beginners to intermediate level practitioners. The skid-resistant feet of this base helps you to practice walking over, jumping, handstand and cartwheel. This heavy-duty base can take the load up to 400-lbs.

The suede-wrapped beam is also skid-resistant. Therefore, it is safe for athletes for professional training. Furthermore, the rubber-coated feet of the steel braces prevent the floor from scratches. The high-quality hinge keeps two sections properly connected for safety. This beam offers a 4-inch standing width.


  • Safe operation and wide base.
  • Hassle-free storage with a folding design.
  • Massive weight capacity of 400 pounds.

4. Nimble Sports 8 Ft Tan Balance Beam

Suitable for the gymnasts of different age groups, this gymnastics balance beam easily meets different skill levels. Derived from solid wooden material, the outer layer of this beam also comes with a coating of suede. Therefore, the suede fabric coating offers a skid-resistant platform for everyone. Moreover, you can simply learn and practice balancing on this base.

The wooden beam also comes with a maximum length of 8-feet. Furthermore, the steel braces offer enough stability on the floor. These rustproof braces come with height adjustable features. So, you can simply adjust the height of the beam from 14 to 22-inch. The foam padding of the beam helps everyone to stand comfortably on it.


  • Long-lasting use with durable construction.
  • Foam padding for superior comfort.
  • Adjustable height and skid-resistant platform.

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3. EZ GLAM Gymnastics Balance Beam Performance Home Training Gymnastics Equipment

This gymnastics balance beam offers 3 different skill levels practising platform for beginners to experts. The 8-feet long beam is also suitable for the beginners as well as intermediate level gymnasts. Moreover, the robust material construction of the beam offers a platform of 4-inch. The floor level beam is suitable for beginners to develop their balancing skills and gymnastics skills.

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The lockable adjustment of the balance beam also helps you to adjust the height of the base accordingly. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the beam from 4 to 23-inch. The hex key helps you to elevate the levels of the bar from the floor with ease. This bar has a pop-n-click pin for easy adjustment in high mode.


  • Allows adjusting the height for user convenience.
  • Wide application and durable construction.
  • Helps to develop gymnastic skills.

2. Giantex Folding Floor Balance Beam for Girls, Boys & Toddlers

This 8-feet foldable floor balance beam for beginners is suitable for practising gymnastic skills. You can also use this beam to perform jumps, leaps, handstands, donkey kicks, and more. Moreover, the gymnastics balance beam has a coating of synthetic suede material. The skid-resistant and professional-style suede coating help everyone to make perfect balance every time.

The rubber feet of the beam also prevent your floor from scratching. Furthermore, the compact gear offers convenient storage as well as transportability. The robust wooden construction comes along with detachable legs and rubber end caps. Therefore, this stable beam can hold up to 117-lbs of weight. This stand has 3 bases with a proper balancing system.


  • Better design and easy to use.
  • Rubber construction and detachable legs.
  • Suitable for different applications.

1. Springee 9ft Balance Beam – Extra Firm – Vinyl Folding Gymnastics Beam for Home

With the length of 9-feet, this gymnastics balance beam can hold up to 160-lbs of weight. This lightweight equipment also comes along with a very soft standing platform. Therefore, the gymnasts can practice and perform balancing with ease. Moreover, the vinyl top layer of this beam prevents the beginners from slipping or ankle rolling.

The 12000 slip-gripper dots on the base also protect gymnasts from slipping. Furthermore, the vinyl layer offers convenient cleaning. The beam comes with the construction of a lightweight hardwood core. With a 4-inch wide platform, this equipment provides enough space for a perfect landing. From beginners, children, intermediates to experts, this long balance beam is suitable for everyone.


  • Safe to use with anti-slip design.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Soft standing platform and high weight capacity.


When you buy a gymnastics balance beam, you first have to check the material construction and how sturdy the product is. The weight capacity of the gymnastics balance beam is the most important consideration, and there are different types of such balance beams available for people of different ages. Therefore, you should not hurry and take your time to go through all of them before buying one for you or your kid.