Chemicals, paints and acids are dangerous and require a gas mask. The market has plenty of them so that you can pick the one that meets or even exceed your requirements. Some of the best features you can look for in a gas mask include ease of use, quality, comfort, size of lens and ease of use. These, among other features, are an assurance of a functional gas mask. We have saved you time and resources by these best Full Face Respirators Reviews. The types come from the hundreds of online, and we selected the best to give you an easy time when buying. Follow through to find out the type that meets your requirements and get it at an affordable rate.

Full Face Respirators

Table of the Best Full Face Respirators Reviews

10. Personal Protective 3M Full Face Respirators for Paint Vapors, Dust, Mold, Chemicals

This is one of the picks we found excellent as a respirator. It’s fast-selling out, and that’s why we recommend it to you before the stocks last. You will find it comfortable to wear and remove for your daily routines. Since it’s a medium-sized respirator, you will find it easy to breathe courtesy of the 3M Cool Flow Valve which provides calmness and comfort. Additionally, this full-face respirator is lightweight so that you can feel no pressure while it’s on your face. Carry it to your worksite with ease.

There is also the unique center adapter that directs air down words providing the needed comfort. Besides, this is an easy cleaning model with a large lens so that you can have a full view of the area you are accessing.

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  • combine with 3M particulate filters to filter even the tiniest particles
  • Large lens for easy viewing
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced comfort guaranteed

9. Complete Suit Trudsafe Painting Spraying Full Face Gas Mask Respirator

This mask comes with two types of connection, i.e. Bayonet connection and RD40 thread connection. This means that you can fit different connectors and use it for additional purposes. This model has the Organic Vapor Cartridge and the Particulate Cotton Filters so that it can filter down different particles. This makes it a widely used model for different types of tasks. You will love the way it fits perfectly on your head, preventing entry of particles. Lastly, this mask has quality since it has gone through a series of lab tests and therefore guarantees your safety.


  • Made with your safety in mind
  • Fits different types of filters
  • Offers proper tightness closer to your skin
  • Comes from quality materials for durability
  • Suitable for a variety of uses

8. 3M Personal Protective Equipment Reusable Medium 3M Respirator Kit

If you are working in an industrial setting, then you need this makes. It’s capable of preventing particles, dust and chemicals from getting to your eyes or face. The medium size respirator comes with four particulate filters for efficiency. You will also love the full face covering as well as the lightweight nature. Besides, the model is well balanced so that you can have the kind of consort you desires while on your tasks. The silicon face seal provides enhanced comfort as well as durability. The model has a large lens for you to view angled areas with ease. In addition to that, there is 3M Cool Flow Valve so that you can breathe with ease.


  • Fantastic 3m valve for enhanced breathing
  • Made from quality materials for durability and added safety
  • Large lens for easy viewing
  • Lightweight and very comfortable

7. 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator

If you want a well-fitting respirator with six straps, then consider this full face mask. It’s famous for its extensive use and the 3 M Cool Flow Valves which provides the needed comfort. Additionally, this mask has a soft silicone nose cup and face seal that offers you added comfort, ease of cleaning and durability. The lens features a paint and stain-resistant cover so that you can view your working surface comfortably. Besides, you can wipe off any substance in the lens with ease. There is also a passive speaking diaphragm so that you can experience clear communication with your colleagues at work. Apart from this clarity, this respirator is one of the easiest to use.

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  • 3M filters guarantee protection from harmful chemicals
  • Fits well on your face since it as the six straps
  • Soft silicone for comfort
  • Easy to use and clean

6. North 760008A Silicone Full-Facepiece Respirators 7600 Series

Hers is another safe respirator for your commercial and home use. It offers the best lens viewing degrees so that you can see your working area correctly. The model covers the face only and hence less cumbersome. This mask meets the ANSI requirements hence a safety option for you to use on your different projects. Additionally, the mask is a small size type with five straps; therefore fits correctly to your face. It also positions your face correctly for easy breathing with the well-designed downward view.


  • Meets the ANSI requirements
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Has excellent filters for multiuse
  • Great view from the available lens

5. Organic Vapor Respirator full face gas mask

If you want a respirator with a 100% protection, then choosing this Organic Vapor Respirator will be a good ideal. It’s one of the few types with a Double Activated Carbon Air Filter for guaranteed protection. Since it comes from nontoxic materials, you will find it the best deal for you to trust for safe use. The model has a head belt wear design so that it can fit correctly on your head and prevent the entry of foreign particles and as a result keeping you safe. Additionally, this mask is a versatile product that applies in different industries as well as home use. Surprisingly, the model is inexpensive while similar competitors in the same bracket break your bank.


  • Meets the ASTM E2952-14 standard and certified by NIOSH, LA
  • Versatile for your work
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price
  • Fits correctly on your head due to the best design

4. 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator

Another useful respirator with a reusable function is here for you. This mask comes from quality materials for durability. Apart from that, you will love the way it’s lightweight for portability. Since it features a comfortable interior with a wide viewing angle, it makes your work easier. Additionally, this product is a medium-sized type and fits almost 70 perfect of people. Moreover, the viewing angle and the lens work correctly so that you can see everything as you work. Enjoy cleaning the mask as the service turns out to be smooth.


  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • Fits most of the medium faces
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight for portability
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3. Yunge Full Face Respirator Gas Mask

This is another full face mask with a silicone face seal so that you can work with comfort. Other than the full face cover, this model is easy to use and fits correctly to your face. It prevents the entry of foreign substances. This keeps the face safe. Additionally, the mask comes from quality materials for durability. Most users found this mask a great type since it has a wide lens, well balanced and offers full face cover for all-day use. Besides, the selling price is affordable.


  • Has silicone face seal for comfort
  • Lightweight and balanced for ease of use
  • Comes as a complete kit ready to use
  • Multipurpose use

2. IVSUN Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Safety Mask

Another mask that will age with you is the IVSUN. This is mask comes from quality materials and hence durable. It features anti-fog, anti-scratch and non-corrosive source so that it can remain new even after several years of use. The dual filtration system on the mask makes it easy for you to breath hence improving your safety while working and also making it comfortable when in use. This mask, unlike other models, offers you an extensive use and hence an excellent choice for your day to day industrial tasks.


  • Made from quality materials that resist damage
  • Easy to use and fits correctly
  • Versatile for all your tasks
  • Selling price is affordable

1. SAS Safety 003-9901 Supplied Air Full-Face Respirator

Our last pick for you is this SAS Safety 003-9901 respirator. It comes with amazing features for your safety. The mask is easy to fit on your face and also remove after work. The face seal works perfectly so that foreign particles won’t interfere with your breathing, eyes and even face. This protective gear has amazing visibility courtesy of the clear and wide lens. It is also a lovely type with a belt to fit correctly to your face. Finally, the model comes from quality materials for durability.


  • High visibility for ease of use
  • Offers versatile use and unmatched comfort
  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • Lightweight for portability


If you want the outstanding protection from external chemicals, dust and other particles while working, then get a great quality respirator or mask. We have plenty on the market. However, not all will get you satisfactory results. Pick one from the 10 Best Full Face Respirators Reviews above and see the value for money work for you. We carefully selected them so that you can experience quality as well as functionality at an affordable price range.