Today, our eyes are exposed to a lot of factors that result in stress and pain. In fact, most of us spend a lot of time working with phones and computers, which can leave you exhausted and fatigued to the point that you find yourself requiring some relaxation to treat eye strain, headache, and temple pressure. While you can opt to sleep, take medication, or break from some of your duties to get relief from such problems, I would recommend using an eye massager. Eye massagers are innovative machines that let you massage the eyes to improve blood circulation and eyesight. To help you buy the best massager, below are the best electric eye massagers availed for you to buy. Have a look as you aim to get an excellent way to improve your eyesight and skin.

Eye Massagers

Table of the Best Eye Massagers Reviews

10. RENPHO Rechargeable Eye Massager with Heat for Relieve Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eye Improve Sleep

Relieve eye strain as you look forward to improving your sleep with Renpho Eye Massager. It delivers a powerful heating massage enabling it to relieve eye strain. Moreover, the massager delivers a trigger point therapy, rhythmic percussion massage, kneading, and oscillating pressure. The result is the ability to deliver a complete massage experience to help relieve eye strain and eye puffiness. The massager includes built-in heating pads. The pads can provide a comfortable temperature between 40℃-42℃. Hence, you can expect it to help solve a range of problems including sinus pressure, eye strain, headaches, and dry eyes.

Another plus is the built-in speakers. The speakers can play the pre-recorded nature sounds or connect to your playlists via Bluetooth to enhance relaxation. Also, the massager features an adjustable head belt. Hence, you can customize the sizing making it suitable for use by teenagers and adults. Because of the foldable design, you can get this product when looking for a portable eye massager. Better, the product can massage your Jingming acupoints, Quanzhou, Chengqi, Sizhukong, and temple which makes it a perfect sleep helper.

Special features

  • Power button lets you turn it on or off and change the massage mode.
  • An elastic headband strap makes it suitable for use with different head shapes and sizes.
  • A heat button lets you change the volume of heat.
  • Air compression button allows for easy customization of the air compression and Bluetooth status.
  • Rechargeable large capacity lithium battery takes 2-3 hours to charge fully.
  • Ergonomic nose pad ensures a snug and comfortable fit on your nose.

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9. Breo iSee4 Portable Eye Massager with Heating Air Pressure Music Vibration for Dry Eye Eyestrain Fatigue Relief

Designed to provide relief from eye fatigue and eyestrain, this is a portable eye massager with infrared heat. It delivers gentle heat ranging from 35℃-42℃. The result is the ability to promote healthy blood circulation, reduce fatigue, soothe the ocular muscles, and reduce muscular discomfort. Hence, you can get this massager with an assurance that it will bring relaxation to the eyes and combat dry eyes. Another plus of the eye massager is the multiple massage options. It can knead, deliver an oscillating pressure, provide a trigger-point therapy, and rhythmic percussion massage. Hence, you can expect it to relieve sinus pressure, eye puffiness, eye strain, and headache.

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Breo iSee4 Electric Eye Massager features high-quality construction. It is made using ultra-soft hypoallergenic cover fabric to ensure ultimate comfort and easy care. Also, the eye massager can fold in a compact size. Hence, you can buy it with an assurance of convenient packing and storage. The eye massager can fit men and women because of the adjustable head strap. Asides that, it can aid in relaxation to induce sleep. The reason is the included series of nature sounds that simulate the natural surroundings. The rechargeable lithium battery can support a 90minutes usage time after charging for 2-3hours. Besides, the eye massager offers three modes including MED, sleep, and Hard enabling it to meet different needs.

Special features

  • Wireless design enhances portability.
  • Three programs can offer a massage for 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
  • Heat setting helps to relieve headache, stress, and eyestrain fatigue.
  • Cupping rhythm helps to refresh and renew the ocular area.
  • Precisely-placed magnets stimulate circulation and balance the autonomic nervous system.

8. KOMBELLA Electric Eye Massagers with Heat – aa Wireless Eye and Temple Massager for Relieving Dry Eyes

Get an eye massage anywhere and anytime with the help of KOMBELLA Electric Eye Massager. The massager features a unique 180° foldable design. Because of this, you can pack it in your bag allowing for a quick massage anywhere. Better, the massager includes a built-in 850mAh rechargeable lithium battery. The battery can last 60 to 90 minutes after a full charge making it a great travelling companion. Because of the intelligent air pressure function, you can expect it to provide moderate air compression to relieve eye fatigue, improve blood circulation, and minimize the headache.

Also, eye massager includes a built-in heating pad. The pad delivers a moderate temperature ranging from 38℃-42℃ to help stimulate blood circulation and improve sleep quality. The built-in speakers are another plus of the model. These connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device so that you can play music from your phone for a better relaxation experience. The eye massager can fit both males and females, thanks to the adjustable elastic strap. That not all, but it offers three different modes including hot compress, air pressure, and two combine functions for a customized massage experience.

Special feature

  • The massager heats up within two seconds.
  • The Bluetooth connection stops after 15 minutes to save power.
  • USB charging design offers maximum portability.
  • Power button ensures easy control and operation.
  • The eye massager features a sleek and elegant shape.
  • Two adjustable intensities deliver a customizable massage experience.

7. Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massagers – Serenelife SLEYMSG40

A perfect tool for alleviating eye fatigue and stress is the Serenelife SLEYMSG40 Eye Massager. Designed with five preset massage modes, you can choose one mode to get a massage that suits individual needs and preferences. What’s more, the eye massager delivers an air pressure vibration and heating massage. As a result, you can expect it to relieve eye strain and prevent eye muscle pain to help achieve healthier eyes. Because of the small and foldable design, the eye massager is a perfect choice when looking for a portable model. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can carry it wherever you go.

Serenelife SLEYMSG40 is easy to handle because of the one-key operation design. Also, it is suitable for use by both men and women. The reason is the adjustable elastic band that adjusts to fit different head sizes. The massager is USB powered whereas it comes with a USB charging cable so that you can recharge it using a laptop’s USB port. Also, it features built-in speakers. The speakers can play any MP3 music to help you relax more. Because of soft airbags, the massager can deliver a massage that mimics gentle kneading and rolling acupressure techniques to increase oxygen around the eyes and relieve headache.

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Special features

  • Rechargeable battery lasts for hours.
  • Included carry case guarantees portability.
  • Included USB cable for easy transfer of the songs.
  • Air pressure vibration provides moderate air compression to prevent eye muscle strain.

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6. OYOCO Portable Eye Massagers with Heat Music

As one of the best eye massagers, Oyoco eye massager is a perfect choice for old and computer eyes. It combines intelligent modes to promote blood circulation and soothe ocular muscles to help relieve puffiness, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Additionally, the eye massager incorporates five modes. These include the dynamic mode, automatic mode, sleeping mode, clear mode, and beauty mode to assure you of picking a design that will suit your needs, Because of the air pressure vibration, the eye massager is a perfect choice for reducing eye stress. Also, the massager delivers a 42℃ hot compression with a built-in heating plate to help promote blood circulation and soothe the ocular muscles.

Special features

  • 15 minutes auto-off function promotes safety and longer battery life.
  • Soft music promotes relaxation.
  • 180° foldable and lightweight design promotes portability.
  • Rechargeable battery and USB charging cable provide maximum portability.
  • Elastic headband strap adjusts the size to ensure compatibility with a range of head sizes.

5. OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massagers with Heat for Fatigue Relief Improve Sleeping

This is a rechargeable eye massager that is suitable for travelling, home, and office use. The massager features built-in speakers. The speakers provide soothing music to guarantee perfect relaxation. Asides that, the eye massager delivers a tender vibrating power and gentle heat compression. The vibrating power protects the eye muscles from hurting while the gentle heat compression helps to increase blood circulation to offer relief from dry and tired eyes.

You can get this model when looking for a portable eye massager. The reason is the 180degree foldable design and rechargeable lithium battery. Also, eye massager is a perfect choice for one that is designed to fit a variety of head shapes. This is because of the elastic and adjustable headband that fits both men and women. The machine can offer a gentle temperature ranging from 37-43°C to increase blood circulation. What’s more, it can release pressure and air to reduce puffiness and relieve eye soreness and eye strain.

Special features

  • The eye massager connects to headphones so that you can listen to music privately.
  • It takes 3-5 minutes to heat up.
  • Music switch button allows for easy turning on/off of the music and customization of the volume.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery takes 3.5 hours to charge fully.
  • Soft and breathable PU lining guarantees comfort.

4. Fronnor Air Pressure Electric Portable Shiatsu Massager for Dry Eyes Eyestrain Temple Headaches

If you want to improve blood flow, reduce headache, improve the quality of your sleep, or alleviate chronic eye soreness, you can get Fronnor-Eye-Massager so that you can achieve that with a lot of ease. The unit includes built-in heating pads. The pads can provide a comfortable temperature ranging from 40℃-42℃ to promote blood circulation and soothe the ocular muscles. Adding to that, the massager is equipped with four modes. These comprise the relieve mode, relax mode, sleeping mode, and energy mode making it easy for you to choose a massage mode that suits your needs and preferences.

You can be sure to use this massager with a lot of ease. The reason is the on/off button that allows for easy adjustment of the massage modes. Also, the massager combines the hot compression, air pressure heating, and vibration functions to assure you of getting the best massage experience. Because of the 10-20 minutes timer, you can set the time of the massage based on your preference. Furthermore, the massager includes a headband that adjusts to fit different head sizes and shapes making it suitable for men and women.

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Special features

  • The massager is lightweight and foldable.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery offers maximum portability.
  • It delivers soft music for a relaxing experience.

3. ETTG Eye Massager, 3D Electric Eye Temple Massager

Designed to refresh you after a long day at work, the ETTG is a 3D Electric Eye Temple Massager that adopts an intelligent 3D simulation human massage technology. This technology delivers a multi-point massage to help relief dry eyelids and eliminate eye fatigue. What’s more, the massager offers five eye massage modes. These comprise a clear mode, automatic, sleep, vital, and dynamic modes allowing for easy customization based on your needs.

You can expect this model to provide relief from eye fatigue quickly and efficiently. The reason is that it combines various functions including warm heat, multi-frequency vibration, and air pressure functions. Also, eye massager aids in relaxation and better sleep. This is based on the ability to connect to music devices via Bluetooth so that you can listen to music during the massage. Because of the 180°foldable design, the eye massager is a great choice for a portable eye massager. And thanks to the long battery life, you can experience an eye massage anywhere and anytime.

Special features

  • High-quality and soft fabric guarantees comfort.
  • The adjustable band makes the eye massager suitable for different head shapes and sizes.
  • The massager combines heat, vibration, and air pressure functions.

2. Bromose Wireless Foldable Rechargeable Eye Massagers

An excellent helper when you want to alleviate eye fatigue and soreness is Bromose Wireless Eye Massager. Designed to deliver an experience similar to one of a massage spa, it integrates five massage modes including sleep mode, dynamic mode, clear mode, comfort mode, and integrated mode. Additionally, the massager offers air pressure and tender vibration. These work together with a gentle heating function to improve blood circulation and offer relief from various eye problems. The built-in speakers are another plus of the eye massager. These play the prerecorded nature sounds or sounds from Bluetooth devices to promote relaxation.

Special features

  • USB charging and rechargeable lithium battery enhance portability.
  • 180-degree foldable design makes the massager easy to carry.
  • 15-minutes automatic timing enhances safety.
  • One-key operation design guarantee ease of use.

1. HEZHENG Electric Portable Eye Massagers

HEZHENG Electric Eye Massager is a perfect choice for offering relief from headache and migraines. It includes double eye heating pads. The pads deliver gentle heat to stimulate blood flow and offer relief from dry eyes. In addition, the eye massager delivers a piece of soft music. You can even connect it to a Bluetooth-enabled device to listen to the music for a relaxing effect. Because of the flexible elastic bands, the eye massager is a perfect choice when looking for an eye massager that will fit well on different head sizes. Also, the massager features a 180-degree foldable design. As a result, you can get it when looking for a portable eye massager.

Special features

  • Ultra-soft cover guarantees user comfort.
  • On/off button makes it easy to use.
  • The massager delivers a comfortable vibration to provide relief from eye dark circles.


Eye massagers can relieve you from stress, dry eyes, eye puffiness and headaches. Moreover, these machines offer a perfect way by which you can relax and improve the quality of your sleep resulting in your wellbeing. So, if you have been straining a lot and want to help your eyes relax, get one of the reviewed products and rest assured to go about your daily life with much ease and comfort.