Trailer jacks are different from regular jacks courtesy of their power as well as ease of use. The amazing features, such as ease of use, bright lighting, notifications, height adjustment, and quality, set them above the rest. Infect, that’s why they have the popularity with trailer owners. In this review, we have the Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviews. We selected from a pool of jacks online so that your burden of searching for the best is eliminated. A good jack saves time due to improved efficiency. Let’s find out what each of the ten jacks has to offer you. After that, select the one that you believe will meet your requirements.

Electric Trailer Jacks

Table of the Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviews

10. RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jacks with Drop Leg

Let’s start with this RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX since it has an unmatched quality. It features a bright LED light so that you can use it at night comfortably. There is also a drop leg 7-1/2″ so that you can adjust it easily. If quality is your preference, then this jack comes from quality steel. The gears are perfect, and that’s why you will have the tool for ages. If you are worried about powerless, then this is one jack that has a manual crackle handle for continuous use. Additionally, the jack is set up for use with the 12volt battery and hence a better for a smooth flow when using the jack.

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  • Bright LED lights for night use
  • Made from steel for durability
  • Has a crank handle for manual use
  • Works on a powerful 12-volt battery

9. Uriah Products UC500010 5000 lb. 12V DC Electric Trailer Jacks

A powerful jack makes your work easier. We found this Uriah Products UC500010 jack with 5000lb capacity for seamless towing. You will love the switch used for lowering and raising the jack that makes everything flow smoothly. Other jacks allow water in, but this is a different case since it features a water-resistant motor as well as a plastic housing so that the inside section can remain in perfect condition.

Other than the normal stability, this jack comes with an oversized adjustable footpad so that you can get the stability you require for safety. Additionally, the ball screw design and the brake motor improve the jack efficiency by reducing friction.

Lastly, the jack features the quick plug-in 7-way connector so that you can set it and use it at your desired angle. This makes it multipurpose.


  • 5000lb allows it to lift heavy loads
  • The switch makes it easy to use
  • Features a quick plug-in 7-way connector

8. Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack

This Lippert 285318 3500LB jack works wonders with the push of a button. Its 3500lb rating means that you will find it easy to lift loads much faster. Besides, the textured case prevents cracks and chips from tampering with your jack. It will last you ages. Additionally, the 4 LED lights make it possible for you to use the jack at night. Also, there are helical cut gears that run smoothly, making the jack a low noise unit for you a stress-free use. This jerk saves time and energy since it works on the click of a button. You will love the efficiency that comes after since you wouldn’t crank your jack manually.


  • Works on a push button
  • Lifts a maximum load of 3500lbs
  • Has LEDs for night operation
  • Has a casing to prevent damage

7. LIBRA 3500lbs Trailer/RV Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack

The Libra 26042 jack withstands the weight of 3500lbs. It works on a push of a button, making it efficient for your load lifting. Its slim design is also an advantage for anyone who wants to save spaces. Besides, the white color makes it a lovely jack to use. The jack works on an 8″ 5-step adjustable drop leg with an oversized footplate measuring 5.5”. The model also features sections that collect and directs rainwater out of the jack to keep it water-free. This jack, unlike other models, comes with bright LED lights so that the night use becomes possible. Besides, the model is coated so that rusting and corrosion becomes a no issue to you.

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  • Has LED lights for night use
  • Carrying capacity of 3500lbs
  • Works on a button push
  • Well protected against corrosion
  • Space-saving design

6. Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

The harmer gray finish design is what sets this jack above the rest. Its smooth operations using an electric system allows for efficiency when using the jack. Possibly, your 4500lbs load will get lifted in a matter of seconds, making it a time-saving unit.

The types work on an 18-inch full stroke with a 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg, and this makes it lift the loads and loser them much faster. Besides, the type comes with a three-side LED lighting so that you can fix it on your load even at night and continue working.


  • Has a maximum carrying capacity of 4500
  • The lifting and lowering is fast and saves time
  • Comes from quality materials including steel for durability and rust-free
  • Has LED lights to save

5. Quick Products Black JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack

Another quality jack on the market with a carrying capacity of 360lbs is the Quick Products Black JQ-3500B. This model made it to our list because its water-resistant and perfect gear system makes the jack unmatched. Additionally, the 2.25″ post diameter means that you will install your jack easily to the mounting holes. Buyers like this jack since its push-button makes it easy to use. Besides, the jack and costs affordably. Above all, this is a durable jack designed to serve you for ages with amazing results seen.


  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • Has a carrying capacity of 3500lbs
  • It’s water-resistant and hence lasts longer
  • Has an LED lighting so that you can use it at night

4. F2C Adjustable Height Electric Power Jack

Here is the number one rated jack with a lifting capacity of 3500lbs. This F2C Adjustable Height electric power jack means that you can move it through different heights with ease. You will also like the removable footpad that works excellently when lifting your load. There is a switch that lifts the jack through to 18” which is enough for loads that require height lifting. Moreover, this quality is fantastic and will last you for ages. The powder coat finish means that your lift will resist rusting and last longer while serving you well.


  • Lifting capacity of 3500lbs makes it suitable for your daily load lifting
  • Operates on a switch for faster powering
  • Features a three-bolt mounting for ease of use

3. Goplus 3500 lb. Capacity Electric Power Tongue Jack

Goplus manufactures quality products, and that’s why this jack is on our list. This is a jack that meets your actual needs since it lifts around 3500lbs of your load. Besides, the jack is convenient to use since it adjusts through 8.5-inch to 26.5-inch. This model features dual LED lights on each aside so that you can use it at night and continue working on your loads. You will also like the sturdy and durable construction that makes your jack a long-lasting tool for your work.

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  • Weighs 21lbs hence easy to carry and store
  • Lifts load up to 3500lbs
  • Has LED lights for night use
  • Widely use since it’s sturdy and durable

2. HOTSYSTEM Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack

This is another height adjustable jack for all your load lifting use. It is sturdy and stable to carry a maximum load of 4000lbs. The height-adjustable feature means that you will use the unit for higher loads using the 12v direct current. This jack has Fit- 6 mounting holes so that you can use it on a variety of loads. Besides, the electrically operating system works by a push of a button making your work efficient. This saves you time and energy. Lastly, there is an LED so that your night functions become easy to use.


  • Has LED lights for night use
  • Stable and lifts 4000lbs
  • Works on a push-button hence save time
  • Height adjustable

1. Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack

We cannot complete this review without the bulldog 500187 Black A-frame Jack. This jack features a powered drive for efficiency. Besides, this model has a lifting capacity of 3500lbs so that you can use it on your various tasks. Additionally, the LED lights mean that you will still utilize the jack at night. Moreover, you also love the drop leg function that minimizes the height making it easy to use. The electric button present also makes the jerk fast to use. Finally, there is an emergency override crackle for you to use in case of loss of power. This keeps you in power.


  • Lifting capacity of 3500lbs
  • Has a crackle for emergency use
  • Comes with LED Lights for night use


Whether you own a trailer or trying to lift some heavy loads, you will agree that regular jacks are tasking and time-consuming. That’s why the electric trailer jacks are taking the market by storm due to their efficiency. Additionally, the jack costs inexpensively, making them affordable.

The 10 Best Electric Trailer Jacks means that you will have the best jacks at an affordable price. Pick one from the list and enjoy a stress-free load-lifting.