Smoking food is a popular tradition in the preparation of certain dishes. There are various ways you can smoke food to get the perfect taste. In today’s world, electric smokers are the most convenient way of smoking food. The operation of such a machine is effortless, and they work as good as a gas or charcoal smoker. You can also smoke all the different types of food with ease, and there is no risk of catching fire. Check out the top 10 best electric smokers below to choose from.

Electric Smokers

Table of the Best Electric Smokers Reviews

10. Masterbuilt MB20070210 30″ Electric Smokers

This electric smoker comes along with an adjustable air-damper. Therefore, this model also lets you control the smoking function accordingly. Moreover, this unit includes 3 pieces of chrome-plated smoking racks. The smoker consists of a 1500-watt heating element to get perfectly cooked foods in lesser time. This unit has an inbuilt temperature gauge. So, you can monitor and control the temperature with ease.

The front-access grease tray also catches the grease to support convenient grease management every time. Furthermore, the removable water tray of this model retains the juiciness of the foods. So, you can enjoy smokey and perfectly moist foods. The chip tray is removable to offer easy disposal of the ash.


  • Adjustable air damper for user advantage.
  • Grease management with front-access tray.
  • Wide compatibility and removable design.

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9. Z GRILLS Wood Pellet BBW Grill & Smokers

This electric smoker consists of a 700-square inch of cooking surface. The versatile smoker also grills, sears, braises, bakes, roasts, charcoal grilling, and barbecuing. Moreover, this wood fire pellet grill comes along with a stainless-steel construction. Therefore, this model offers resistance against rusting. This unit comes with a pellet feeding control system to add perfectly smoky-flavoured dishes every time.

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With the help of a digital control panel, this upgraded unit also supports automatic ignition. Furthermore, this model has a wide range of temperature adjustment functions. So, this unit automatically controls the temperature of this smoker from 180 to 450-degree Fahrenheit. The lockable and smooth-rolling caster wheels offer both stability and easy manoeuvrability.


  • Large cooking surface and versatile design.
  • Durable housing for long-lasting use.
  • Easy mobility with smooth-rolling casters.

8. Char-Broil Electric Smokers

This analogue electric smoker comes with a compact size and heating element of 1000-watt. So, you can also prepare your food in lesser time. Moreover, the model offers a cooking surface of a 544-square inch. The durable and temperature-resistant chrome-plated cooking grates make this unit extremely long-lasting. This model comes with a doom-mounted temperature gauge. Therefore, you can simply monitor the temperature for individual items for perfect cooking.

This model also comes with dual-wall insulating construction. So, the unit retains the warmth for a very long time. Furthermore, this unit includes double latches to keep the interior air-sealed while dual exhaust ports balancing the air pressure. The model offers front-door access to the chip tray, water tray, and grease cup.


  • High performance and easy to use.
  • Durable construction and front door access.
  • Safe to use with temperature-resistant grates.

7. Americana Electric Water Smoker into a Lock ‘N Go Grill

This electric smoker comes along with a heating element of 1500-watt. With the cooking surface of a 351-square inch, this smoker also offers swift and uniform cooking. Moreover, the unit includes 2 pieces of chrome-plated cooking grids. The heat-resistant wooden side and top handles of this model prevent unwanted scalding. The chimney-style smoker comes with loose-fitting. With the help of tight-fitted doors and a vented lid, this unit provides perfectly smoked foods every time.

The inbuilt temperature gauge of this smoker also helps you to control the temperature with ease. Furthermore, the water pan of this model has a maximum filling capacity of 5.5-quarts. The large chip tray at the bottom of this smoker delivers accurate smoky flavour to every dish.


  • The heating ability of 1500 watts.
  • Temperature gauge for custom operation.
  • Top handle for user convenience.

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6. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smokers

This digital electric smoker comes along with easy to operate digital control panel. The fully-insulated interior of this model also efficiently retains the heat for a very long time. So, you can enjoy perfectly cooked foods without wasting excessive time. Moreover, the digital panel allows you to control the temperature of the heating element accordingly.

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This model also comes along with 2 pairs of chrome-coated wired smoking racks. Furthermore, the thermostat of this unit produces and delivers even heating throughout the chamber. The side wood chip tray of this unit helps you to add or reduce wood as per your requirements. Therefore, you do not have to open the main lid repeatedly for putting wood.


  • Insulated interior for better performance.
  • Digital panel for easy operation.
  • Efficient performance and convenient thermostat.

5. Bradley Smoker Black Original Electric Smoker

Equipped with a 500-watt heating element, this electric smoker offers faster and uniform cooking every time. This model also comes along with a smoking element of 125-watt. Moreover, the heat-retaining stainless-steel interior space makes this smoker extremely efficient. This model includes 4 steel wired racks. Each rack comes with rack supports to prevent tipping.

The removable side panel of this smoker also offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the extra-large front feet of the unit provides additional safety against wobbling. The temperature controlling function of this model lets you control the heat and smoke intensities accordingly. This model works as a slow-roasting oven or a slow cooker. The powder-coated epoxy steel exterior makes this model exceptionally durable.


  • Even heating and safe to use.
  • Powder-coated construction for improved longevity.
  • Easy cleaning due to removable side panels.

4. Dyna-Glo Analog 30″ Electric Smoker

This analogue electric smoker comes along with a 1500-watt burner. Therefore, this high-power burner also helps you to cook without any disturbance even in colder climates. Moreover, the model comes with a cooking surface of a 505-square inch. Equipped with a manual temperature controlling knob, you can easily control the temperature freely. The unit has 3 adjustable chrome-coated steel cooking grates.

With the help of sturdy metal legs, the smoker also allows you to place it on any terrain without wobbling. Furthermore, the stainless-steel temperature gauge of this model lets you accurately monitor the temperature of the chamber. So, you can control the heat precisely for perfectly smoked foods every time.


  • Adjustable temperature for custom cooking.
  • Better stability with sturdy metal legs.
  • Temperature chamber and high performance.

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3. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Derived from high-quality stainless-steel material, this electric smoker offers remarkable heat retention. The flat top of this unit also instantly drips the juice back onto the grill items. Moreover, with the help of a heat thermostat, this model allows you to adjust the heat function accordingly. So, this unit is suitable for cooking different foods with various cooking times and styles.

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This model also comes with a separate chip tray. Therefore, you can simply bring the professional-style smoky flavour to your food. Furthermore, the chip tray is placed on the top of the heating element of this smoker. This model is multi-functional. So, you can cook a turkey, brisket, chicken, pork, and seafood with ease.


  • High heat retention for user advantage.
  • Multifunctional design and additional chip tray.
  • Adjustable thermostat for wide application.

2. Royal Gourmet Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

This electric smoker has double-wall construction to offer better thermal insulation and reduced heat loss. With the cooking surface of a 457.86-square inch, this unit also offers faster cooking for a group of people. Moreover, this model consists of 3 pieces of chrome-plated smoking racks. The latch system of this smoker, along with 2-side carry handles, offers convenient transportability.

With the help of 1500-watt heating power, the smoker also allows you to control the flame accordingly. Furthermore, the independent grease cup of this smoker helps you to have a better grease management system. This unit is versatile enough that you can use it for steaming, drying, firewood grilling, and smoked barbecue purposes.


  • Low heat loss with thermal insulation.
  • Versatile design and better grease management.
  • Latch system for easy carrying.

1. Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D 30″ Digital Bluetooth Electric Smoker

This electric smoker consists of 2 pairs of chrome-plated steel cooking grates. So, the smoker also offers a complete cooking surface of a 732-square inch. This outdoor cooking equipment also includes a detachable rib rack and sausage hooks. Therefore, you can use this smoker for different cooking purposes. The wirelessly-operated unit comes along with a 1000-watt burner to offer faster cooking even in colder areas.

The digital control panel, along with the digital thermostat, also makes the cooking process of this unit like a breeze. Furthermore, the unit lets you have quick access to water or smoke without disturbing the smoke flow. Without any heat loss, this smoker provides easy access to the bottom access drawer.


  • Fast cooking and wireless design.
  • Complete set and detachable rib rack.
  • Bottom drawer access to prevent heat loss.


There are a few things to consider when purchasing an electric smoker. You have to check the different features and functionalities the smoker is offering so that you can prepare various dishes effortlessly. The interior of the smoker, as well as the exterior, should fall under your consideration, and the size of the smoker is equally important. Therefore, take your time to inspect the products before buying the best one.