Are dying to know the exact breed that makes your dog? Knowing your dog breed is the only way to give it the best care. This will enable you to know various hereditary diseases and take necessary preventive measures. Dog owners can easily know the various breeds that make up your dog’s family tree using a dog DNA test. They don’t have to guess their dog breed when they can easily perform the dog DNA tests from the comfort of your home.  One simply needs to take a small swab from your dog, put it in the provided container, and mail it. You will then receive your results in a few weeks.

However, the first step towards accurate dog DNA testing is choosing the right dog DNA test kit. And, this is where we come in to help. Our reviews look at the 7 best-rated dog DNA tests on the market this year. These are proven tests that give accurate results. Apart from the dog’s DNA, some companies can give a breakdown of risks of developing hereditary diseases. Below, we review the 10 leading tests on the market to consider buying.

Dog DNA Tests

Table of the Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews

7. Embark Dog DNA Test – Breed & Health Kit

This is our first dog DNA test and a great kit to start our list. It is a versatile kit that tests over 250 dog breeds. The test uses a research-grade genotype platform to give a breakdown of the breeds in the market. It is a proven test developed in Partnership with Cornell University College of veterinary. Also, the test performs health screening of over 170 genetic diseases. It also features tests for drug resistance and much more. Overall, this is a highly rated dog DNA test and one of the best-sellers on the market. You can get trusted results in a matter of 2-4 weeks after sending the samples.

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  • Fast results in 2-4 weeks
  • An accurate breakdown of dog breeds
  • Health screen of genetic diseases hence reliable
  • Proven research-grade genotype platform hence trusted results

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6. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

This is another simple dog DNA test kit to consider buying. The test kit is pretty easy to use with one required to take a cheek swab. The kit company helps you uncover DNA insights that give a better understanding of your dog. Apart from breed testing, the kit also tests MDR1 drug resistance. These are crucial results that help prevent the adverse effects of various drug reactions. Besides, the kit provides users with accurate adult weight range prediction. This is a great feature helping dog owners make healthy food choices.


  • Helps prevent adverse drug reactions since it tests MDR1 drug resistance
  • Give clear insights to your dog’s breed hence proper care
  • Excellent adult weight range prediction hence better diet choices
  • Better training programs since you have a clear breed insight

5. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

This is another detailed dog DNA test kit to give clear and precise dog breed results. It is a simple swab kit at home that analyzes up to 350 dog breeds. This kit is pretty easy to use in three simple steps. You just need to take a sample by swabbing the cheek, activate your kit online and send it to the lab. Once done, you will receive results in a matter of 2 weeks. The kit results feature the dog’s breed identification and ancestry. This is a versatile dog DNA test with a comprehensive report on your dog breed. You get the dog breeds by percentages, weight profile and drug sensitivity.

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  • Most comprehensive results due to the detection of more than 350 breeds
  • Life-saving since it tests drug sensitivity
  • Detailed breed information by percentage
  • Excellent weight profile hence good nutrition guidance

4. Embark Dog DNA Tests – Breed & Health Kit

This is another versatile dog DNA test for breed identification and health screening. It is a simple kit that only requires a swab and emailing the samples. The company makes the DNA test and sends results a few weeks. You get detailed results that show the dog breeds and family history. Moreover, the kit screen for a wide range of genetic diseases. This helps dog owners give their dogs the best care and prevent various hereditary diseases. The kit tests over 170 genetic diseases. It also tests for drug resistance ensuring you give your dog meds that will not cause any reaction.


  • Tests over 170 genetic diseases
  • Tests for MDR1 drug resistance
  • Excellent weight prediction thus good feeding habits
  • Versatile and detects over 250 dog breeds

3. Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test

This is a dog DNA test with a wide range of results. It is a top-rated dog DNA test kit that gives results for the dog breed, genetic health information, and ancestry. The kit offers excellent breed detection giving a family tree going back to over three generations. You also get intensive breed information so that you can give your dog the best care. It is a simple kit that works in three simple steps. The steps include taking a DNA swab, activating the kit online and emailing it to the lab. The DNA test results are then sent over after two weeks.


  • Fast results in as little as 2 weeks
  • Screens for over 150 health conditions
  • Excellent breed detection going back to 3 generations
  • Easy to use in three simple steps
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2. ORIVET Dog DNA Test kit

This is another exciting dog DNA test kit to truly know and understand your dog. It is a versatile kit that screens all dogs for a wide range of DNA diseases. The kit also screens for various dog traits giving dog owners accurate and precise information.  It is a premium kit that also comes with a personalized Life Plan to share with your veterinarian. Moreover, the result analysis from the kit shows your dog’s age ancestry, sex, lifestyle, and location. This helps give your dog the best care possible. It also classifies the health risks on impact showing the most relevant one.


  • Comes with a personalized care plan hence easy managing your pet
  • Screens for a wide range of genetic diseases
  • Gives excellent breed and ancestry information
  • Easy to use

1. Embark Dog DNA Test  Breed Identification Kit

This is our last best dog DNA test kit and a decent quality kit to consider buying. It is by far the most accurate kit detecting breed contribution to as low as 5%. The kit detects up to 250 dog breeds giving dog owners precise information on their dog’s ancestry and breed. Besides, the kit is pretty easy to use with everything provided. You just need to take the swab, email it and wait for results in 2-4 weeks.


  • Most accurate thus can detect breed contribution down to 5%
  • Detects up to 250 breeds hence versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Can screen up to 170+ genetic health conditions

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best dog DNA tests on the market to consider buying. They are simple dog DNA test kits to order with confidence. Go ahead and know the proper breed history of your dog and likely genetic diseases today. Choose one of these tests today and get accurate results. This is the only way to know your dog better and give it the best care.