If you are a bike owner and you have a kid, you need to install a child bike seat externally. Almost none of the bikes come with a bike seat for the child, and therefore, there is a need for buying a child bike seat. There are different types of child bike seats available in terms of where you can install the seat such as the front frame, rear frame, and the rear rack. There are different sizes of child bike seats available to choose from depending on the age and body structure of your child. Check out the top 10 best child bike seats to choose from.

Table of the Best Child Bike Seats Reviews

10. Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier – Bike Seat for Children, Toddlers and Kids

This rear-mounting child bike seat comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 40-pounds. The seat also comes with the construction of high-quality yet lightweight polypropylene material. Moreover, the shock-absorbing framed design makes your every riding safe and comforting for your little ones. This child carrier is suitable for babies over 1-year.

The seat also has a 3-point safety harness to keep your babies in the proper place. Furthermore, the rear-mounted unit comes with a high-back design. So, your tots can have a peaceful nap without stressing their back. The headrest of this carrier is easily removable when not in use. The vented design easily turns down the effect of wind drag on your toddlers.

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  • Comes with innovative vented design.
  • Includes padded crossbar for additional safety.
  • Consists of adjustable footrests and removable headrest.

9. Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier Seat – Child Bike Seats

This lightweight and compact child bike seat keep your baby comfortable without compromising safety. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 50-lbs, the carrier also holds your babies conveniently. Therefore, you can simply ride on the uneven terrain safely with your little ones. The quick-release push-button offers easy mounting and removable in no time.

The wider seat along with convenient footrests and straps also keeps your babies comfortable. Furthermore, the carrier offers hassle-free installation against most of the round seat tubes from 25 to 46mm. You can effortlessly install this bike seat against over seat tubes within the diameter range of 30 to 60mm. This seat includes a parent-friendly buckle and a 3-point-safety harness.


  • Includes a safety buckle with easy operation.
  • Suitable for both round and oval seat tubes.
  • Comes with ultra-light frame construction.

8. Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Bike Seats

The custom-fit feature of this child carrier makes the installation process easier for most of the bike frames. You can also use this child bike seat for the bicycles within the frame diameter of 1.3 to 2.0-inch. Moreover, this carrier is suitable for babies up to 1-year old. The one-click installation system makes this seat extremely convenient for users.

With the weight-bearing capacity of 33-lbs, this bike seat also offers a cozy seat for the babies. Furthermore, the seat consists of a 3-point harness to ensure your tots’ ultimate safety. The 3-position adjustable footrests allow your little ones to adjust their feet positions accordingly. This carrier offers no-time attachment and detachment.


  • Comes with a safety 3-point harness.
  • Has height-adjustable footrests.
  • Provides simple installation and removal.

7. Hamax Caress Toddler and Child Bike Seat

With the help of shock-absorbing construction and padding, this child bike seat makes your riding convenient with tots. The reclining positions of the seat also help your babies to fall asleep while riding. Moreover, the reclining positions of this carrier are adjustable from zero to 20-degree. This rear-mounting bike seat is the perfect carrier for tots above 9-months.

The seat also comes with a single-handed operable and adjustment function for the user’s convenience. Furthermore, the shock-absorbing mounting system of this carrier allows you to easily mount it against the bike frames. The seat offers better installation within the frame diameters of 28 to 40mm. the versatile seat provides hassle-free mounting against the rack carriers from 120 to 180mm diameters.


  • Suitable for cargos or rack carriers.
  • Offers shock-resistant frame mounting.
  • Comes with several reclining positions.

6. iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat

The child bike seat with a T-frame design offers a comfortable grip for your toddlers while riding. The T-shaped frame also easily passes through the handrail of your bicycle. Moreover, the handrail of your bike transforms into a handrail of your baby’s carrier. The front-mounting design of this carrier helps you to monitor your tots’ activity every time while riding.

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The centre-mounted design of this seat also helps you to make a perfect balance with your little one while riding. Furthermore, the carrier with a harness and front-mounting design offer an obstruction-free view for babies. The 38-lbs of the maximum load-bearing capacity of the seat makes it suitable for the tots above 1-year old.


  • Comes with T-shaped frame design.
  • Keeps babies close to the bike’s handrail.
  • Offers perfect balance for the riders.

5. Rear Mount Baby Carrier Seat Bike Carrier for Kids & Toddlers Handrail Racks

This rear-mounting bike seat has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 40-lbs. The child carrier also comes with all required mounting accessories for faster installation and removal. Moreover, the seat is perfect for babies from 9-months to 4-years old. You can simply mount this seat against the frame sizes of 26 to 29-inch hybrid road bikes with rack holds.

The USA safety-standard certified seat is also safe for your children. Furthermore, the high-back seat helps your children to maintain the body balance with ease. The footrests of this child carrier are easily adjustable as per your children’s height. The seat includes a safety harness to keep your children in a comfortable position.


  • Perfect fit for most of the bike frames.
  • Feels light in weight, offers simple installation.
  • Comes with a safety handrail and a harness.

4. WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

Compatible with most of the bike frames, this child carrier comes with a unique kangaroo-style pouch design. With the help of centre-mounted design, the child bike seat also offers the perfect front-row view. So, you can always monitor your child’s activity while riding. Moreover, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 33-pounds, this carrier is suitable for the toddlers above 1-year old.

The contemporary bike seat also holds your baby in a central position. Therefore, you can make perfect balance while riding your bike. The strategically-designed seat utilizes your kid’s weight to offer enhanced balance during riding on a bike. The seat has 5-point safety harness and adjustable footrests for optimal safety.


  • This seat looks distinctive and functional.
  • Consists of a 5-point safety harness for safety.
  • Suitable for toddlers up to 4-years old.

3. CyclingDeal Kids Bicycle Carrier Baby Seat

Works with most of the bike frame sizes, this child bike seat comes with easy installation and removal structure. You can also effortlessly install this carrier against round seat tubes within the diameter range of 27.5 to 29-inch. Moreover, the bike seat comes along with all necessary mounting accessories for simple installation and removal.

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This child carrier also comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 40-lbs. Furthermore, the safety harness helps your babies to sit tight. So, you can hassle-freely ride on the bumpy roads. The high-quality construction of this child carrier easily absorbs road shocks to keep your babies comfortable. The adjustable footrests simply grow with your toddlers.


  • Comes with a safety harness.
  • The seat offers a stress-free installation.
  • Consists of height-adjustable footrests.

2. Thule Children’s RideAlong Bike Seat for Child

Ideal for the tots from 9-months to 6-years old, this child carrier offers a safe ride with your little ones. With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 48.5-lbs, this child bike seat also comes along with a universal rapid-release bracket. Moreover, the carrier consists of a removable, waterproof and machine-washable padding. Even, the reversible design of the padding helps you to use it in 2 different ways.

The wings safeguard of this child carrier also keeps your tots’ hands safe from injuries while leaning bikes against walls. Furthermore, the seat easily fits on the bike frames from 27.2 to 40mm diameters. The dual-beam suspension system of this carrier provides resistance against road shocks.


  • Includes customizable footrests and straps.
  • Consists of reversible and washable padding.
  • Comes with wings safeguard for safety.

1. Baby Carrier Seat Bike by CyclingDeal

This front-mountable child bike seat includes all the required tools for simple installation and removal. Aided with USA Safety-standard certification, this seat for tots also helps your children stay safe and comfortable every time. Moreover, the frame of this seat consists of a universal quick-release bracket. So, the frame makes better compatibility with most of the bike frames from 27.2 to 38mm diameters.

This seat is also suitable for the kids from 9-months to 3-years old. Furthermore, the child seat includes a handrail, so your baby can have a safe grip while enjoying the ride. The seat can withstand the weight up to 33-lbs. This carrier only offers a perfect fit for the round seat tubes.


  • Offers easy front mounting.
  • Provides ideal fitting for the round seat tubes.
  • Includes a handrail for ultimate safety.


There are different types of child bike seats available in terms of designs and styles. There should be enough padding for the comfort of the child. Some of them have recline options, and some come with shoulder straps for safety. The safety part is quite essential as far as the child bike seats go. Considering these factors and much more, our team has chosen the best child bike seats for you to choose from.