For motorcyclists, helmets are the most important gear to wear. The helmets have come a long way, and there are helmets available that can connect the motorcyclists riding together in different bikes. This is possible through Bluetooth technology, and the motorcyclists can communicate as they ride. Not just that, the motorcyclists can take up calls hands-free and drive safely without any distraction. One can also listen to music when he is on a long ride. Check out the top best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to choose from.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Table of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

10. ILM Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets for Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom

This matte black full-face motorcycle helmet comes with a Bluetooth and intercom technology. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides you with a generous talk-time of hours and 110 hours of standby. The one-touch control of the Bluetooth enables you to control calling, rejecting incoming calls, as well as redialing.

It is also equipped with an incoming call overriding system which will override the current intercom, GPS navigation, music and FM. Furthermore, the intercom connectivity can is detectable until 1000 feet of distance between another helmet connected to yours by Bluetooth. The adjustable air vents and the fully washable microfiber liner also make it quite the perfect companion for long rides on the motorcycle.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Adjustable vents for improving the airflow.
  • Easy controls and washable liner.
  • Intercom range of 1000 feet.

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9. FreedConn Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets – Built-in Integrated Intercom Communication System

This helmet comes with dual visors and integrated intercom communication along with a built-in Bluetooth system. The Bluetooth supports a maximum intercom range of about 1640 feet between two riders. The helmet meets and exceeds all safety certifications like DOT and ECE. The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also allows you to enjoy music and listen to GPS navigation while you are driving.

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The advanced DSP echo cancelling technology combined with the high-quality noise suppression technology provides clear music and crystal-clear intercom voice even at high speed. Moreover, the long battery life of the Bluetooth makes sure that you don’t run out of battery during your long trips.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Echo cancellation for superior sound.
  • Easy to use with one-button control.
  • Powerful battery for extended use.

8. Torc T14B Blinc Loaded Flag Mako Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Blutooth

The Bluetooth system is factory-installed so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of installation. The lock drop-down visor system protects your face from dust as well as accidents. The custom laser tailored microfiber liner has a shape to fit your head as comfortable as possible.

The helmet is ECE and DOT certified to ensure the highest quality of safety. The in-built Bluetooth system allows you to play music as well as receive incoming calls while driving. Furthermore, the noise cancellation technology allows you to hear the intercom even at high speed. The removable inner liner also makes it possible to machine-wash it for better hygiene.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Smooth visor system for user advantage.
  • ECE certification and high performance.
  • Better comfort with laser contoured liner.

7. MOPHOTO Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet – Modular Bike Motorcross Helmets Intercom Helmet

This anti-glare full-face helmet comes with an integrated Bluetooth and dual visors. The helmet allows you to keep in touch with a connected biker for over 20 hours. Furthermore, 800mAh battery is capable of keeping the Bluetooth on standby for 7 days at a go.

The helmet uses ABS lightweight shell and has an advanced ventilation system. The high definition anti-fog lenses enable you to drive in rain or fog. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The removable inner liner and lining pads allow you to wash them separately in the washing machine. The Bluetooth and intercom technology also helps you to connect to incoming calls and respond to them while riding the motorcycle.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multiple colours availability and professional design.
  • Powerful battery and maximum connectivity.
  • Anti-fog lens for user safety.

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6. FreedConn Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

This helmet has a full-duplex Bluetooth intercom installed in it. It can support 3 riders pairing and 2 riders’ communication. Its communication range is 1640 feet. Furthermore, the Bluetooth can be on standby for 300 hours and provides a talk time of 8 hours. The automatic call receives or declines function makes it really handy while driving.

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Bluetooth also enables you to listen to music or GPS navigation while driving. The supported formats are- A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP/ICP. The helmet is approved by the CE/UL/BQB and DOT, thereby ensuring high-quality safety standards. The built-in speaker also enables you to communicate properly, and the noise cancellation technology allows you to listen to even at high speed.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Maximum coverage and attractive design.
  • Noise control feature for clear sound.
  • Adjustable vents and washable microfiber liner.

5. FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Speakers Integrated Modular Full Face Built-in Bluetooth

The helmet uses ABS lightweight shell and comes with an advanced ventilation system and cheek pads and liners for extra comfort. The universal Bluetooth 3.0 that comes installed with the helmet allows you to play music and respond to calls hands-free while driving.

The Bluetooth-intercom connectivity ranges up to 500 meters. The active noise cancellation and anti-echoing technology enable you to respond to your teammates without any inconvenience. The anti-fog lenses make the visor immune to both- water and fog. Moreover, the helmet comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to further assure its quality. It also meets the DOT standard protocols of quality where safety is concerned.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Universal compatibility and lightweight shell.
  • Removable liner for easy cleaning.
  • Allows connecting with two intercoms.

4. Torc T14B Full Face Bluetooth Helmet with Flag Graphic

This full-face dual visor helmet is perfect or your synchronized bike ride shenanigans. It uses an advanced thermo-polymer alloy which effectively protects you against the elements of nature. The helmet has received the highest quality certifications from DOT and ECE. Thus, your safety is in perfectly good hands!

The helmet comes integrated with an integrated Bluetooth and intercom feature. The range of the Bluetooth connectivity ranges till 500 meters. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology enables you to connect it to almost all devices. You can listen to GPS prompts, music as well as FM radio while on the go. Moreover, the one-touch feature of the Bluetooth also enables you to pick-up or reject calls easily.

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3. FreedConn Bluetooth Helmet with Wireless Intercom Headsets for Men & Women

This ABS lightweight shelled helmet has a state-of-the-art duple Bluetooth 3.0 system. The Bluetooth intercom connectivity stays good till 500 meters which makes communication with fellow riders easier. Furthermore, the hands-free calling and listening to music make it safer for you to ride a bike.

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The one-touch system of the Bluetooth enables you to easily accept or reject calls as well as play or pause the music. The active noise cancellation technology gives you crystal-clear clarity even while driving at a high speed. The removable inner liners allow you to wash the microfiber without damaging the helmet. The helmet also comes with DOT certifications as an added proof of its quality.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Medium size and easy to use.
  • Duplex benefits and safe to use.
  • Multiple features for user advantage.

2. AHR Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular Helmet with Wireless Headset Hands-Free Intercom

The helmet comes equipped with a handy Bluetooth technology which allows you to receive as well as reject incoming calls without stopping the vehicle. Moreover, this helmet also comes with a built-in FM radio for entertainment and GPS for navigation prompts.

The helmet comes heavily cushioned to provide safety and comfort to your head. It uses a lightweight ABS shell so as not to become too heavy to handle. The cheek pads are removable for easier cleaning purposes. You can also pair the intercom with 3 riders at a time for synchronized communication. It also comes with the highest quality DOT certification.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Powerful features and auto connectivity.
  • Hassle-free operation and safe to use.
  • Advanced ventilation and lightweight design.

1. AHR Full Face Helmet Motorbike Helmet with Wireless Headset Intercom

The modular helmet by AHR comes equipped with a Bluetooth headset with a connectivity range of 1000 meters. The one-touch response system of the Bluetooth allows you to accept or reject calls on the go. You can pair the intercom with up to 3 riders at a time. The noise cancellation technology allows you to have crystal-clear clarity in sound while driving.

The advanced ventilation system makes sure that the helmet has proper aeration. Furthermore, the removable cheek pads ensure easy cleaning of the liners. The helmet is also heavily cushioned to protect you against accidents as well to provide you added comfort. The motorcycle is DOT-approved that certifies its safety quality.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Lightweight construction for user comfort.
  • Cushioned design and improved visibility.
  • DOT approval and hands-free communication.

Conclusion –

When you are going through the Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, there are a few buying parameters you need to opt for.  The Bluetooth version should be compatible, and you should check the range up to which the connection will stay stable. Apart from that, the battery life, comfort factor, sound quality, and other features like GPS navigation, FM and all need to be looked at as per your requirements.