Greetings to all DIY lovers and assemblers out there. This article is the best one so far for you to read. Also, it is great for both beginners and professionals out there who love to do workpiece. I know that some of you are still using the traditional ways of cutting and trimming the wood.

Of course, the outcome doesn’t come perfectly even, since you guys are using those old styles in assembling and doing your workpiece. The wood may sometimes not fit perfectly or puzzle with each other. That’s the reason why machines have come into the market to solve all of your concerns.

Moreover, it also saves both of your energy and time by routing, hollowing, trimming, and cutting in a very limited time. Thus, this article is for those who have been seeking machines that work like magic in helping you doing your workpiece professionally.

We are introducing to you a product called a “Wood Router”. For those who don’t know what a wood router is, it is a kind of a machine that is used to cut a variety of woods into different shapes that you are desiring for.

Moreover, they are small enough for you to carry and move to different places and it is really useful for small workpieces such as the chairs’ legs, arms, etc. This article will go briefly to the top 10 wood routers based on their performances and features.

List of the Best Wood Routers

10. Bosch Router Tool

Coming off to the very first product of the review which is one of the most popular brands of all, Bosch. Yes, Bosch is here to solve all of your worries with its high-performances and nice design too. Moreover, it comes with various speeds for you to adjust between the range between 16,000-35,000rpm. On top of that, due to its durable and sturdy materials and design, this model allows the users to receive a stable, precise, and nice cut for your workpiece.

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Bosch PR20EVS is equipped with a powerful and fast cut for the users to move and trim their work easily and effortlessly. Not to mention that there are 2 bits changes for the users to easily switch based on their needs too. Talking about the size of cutting, this guy comes with the cut up to 3 5/8 inch from the edge and 1 5/16 in diameter as well.

09. DEWALT Router Variable Speed

DeWalt DWP611 is the right pick for you, if you’ve been seeking for a wood router that is built like a tank, not only its design and materials but also its functions too. It comes with a 1.25hp motor that could cut and trim any excess on various surfaces with no worries.

Moreover, the speeds are variable for you to select based on the toughness of the surface as well as an LED light to facilitate your way of cut and routing too.

On top of that, there are large and the low-pressure spindle lock button is provided for users. By choosing aluminum as the main made material for the motor, this guy allows this wood router to last long and still remain strong.

08. Makita Compact Router

This is the right choice for you if you are looking for the ones with various speeds for you to adjust, a lot more than the previous two. Makita provides variable speeds with the range between 10000 to 30000rpm, which is easy for the users to alternate based on their needs.

Moreover, this model consists of a tank design that is compact and strong up to the tough surface. Not to mention that there are depth adjustments functioned in this motor that runs smoothly in an ergonomic way as it is also a 1.25 hp running motor too.

07. Avid Power Compact Router with Fixed Base

Avid Power MW104 is the key to everyone’s heart with its powerful max horsepower of 1.25hp with the variable speed control between 10000 to 32000rpm. Moreover, the motor is made out of really high-quality aluminum that ensures a clean and precise cut on various surfaces. Thus, this results in a nice, and clean-cut with precise measurements too.

Not to mention, there is a carbon brush and a dust hook to clean automatically during the cutting or routing process. the best part about this wood router is that it comes in full set tools for you to get ready on the go.

06. Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit by DeWalt

If you’re seeking a powerful and tough design just like a tank, this model of DeWalt might the best pick for you. DeWalt DW618B3 provides you with everything you need, by all means, this model comes in a set. Moreover, it comes with variable speeds for you to adjust within the range between 8000 to 30000rpm which is insane for speed adjustments.

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On top of that, with its 2-1/4 max horsepower and 12amp, this gives the power to the users to trim, cut, and rout easily and effortlessly. Not to mention that there is also dust collect equipped in this motor too to facilitate your way of routing with mess-free as well. This ensures precise depth adjustments for the workpiece too.

05. Porter Cable Router, Fixed Base

We’re now in the middle part of the review and this is another wood router with another brand, which is Porter Cable. Unlike most of the designs that come with a handle on top of the motor, this guy comes with 2 handling grips for the users to easily used hold the motor and receive a more accurate cut.

Moreover, this comes with a brushed aluminum/metal color that makes it look sturdy and durable at the same time as well as the internal aluminum motor.

On top of that, Porter Cable 7518 allows the users to vary the speed between 10000 to 21000 rpm and there is an auto release-collet system for the users to easily remove any bits after the process. The best part about this is that it comes with a 5year warranty for higher maintenance.

04. Wood Router with Edge Guide by Avid Power

Looking for an ergonomic design wood router for your workpiece? Not to worry, another Avid Power model is here to solve all of your worries. Avid Power AERM144 consists of a powerful HP motor up to 2hp and 11amp that has high-performances for any surfaces and toughness and it is durable too.

Moreover, there is a quick-lock system provided for the users to lock the depth adjustments and soft molded grips for the users to hold their workpiece steadier too. On top of that, this model provides everything that you need in a box as well as a powerful aluminum motor too.

03. Tacklife Plunge and Fixed Base Router

If you are seeking for an ergonomic and fancy design wood routing, Tacklife is perfect for you. Just like its name, it is made to tackle every issue you are facing in trimming, cutting and routing your workpiece, and make your work turned out into perfection.

Moreover, this comes with a variety of speeds for you to select from 10000 to 30000rpm and 5amp copper as well as dust collector to clean up the mess after the process. On top of that, the handle for the users to have a better grip for both single-handed and both-handed too.

02. Ryobi Fixed Base Router by Amazon Renewed

Moving on to another product of the review, which is a wood router that is made by Ryobi. This model consists of both compact and modern design that captures everyone’s heart. Moreover, it is durable both internal and external materials, that the internal motor is made of aluminum so as the external plate base.

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On top of that, there are also, micro-adjustments switch for you to adjust your desired speeds and depths. The best part about this is that there is an LED light provided for the sight improving as well as the maximum speed of 25000rpm and1-1/2hp.

01. Bosch Wood Router Tool Kit

Coming off to the very last product of the review which is one the most popular brands in terms of tools and constructing machines and yes, it is Bosch. Bosch 1617EVS consists of a really compact and nice design with a mixture of blue and wooden grip on both sides to ensure stability during the usage. Moreover, it comes in a really powerful motor of 2-1/4hp and speed variations between 8000 to 25000rpm for a smoother and cleaner cut.

Additionally, it is built with an aluminum base plate to ensure the durability and toughness of this wood router. Not to mention that the depth adjustments are equipped in this model and the 12amp motor wraps everything up into a masterpiece.

Buying Guide

We have to be picky about purchasing any products, especially when it comes to machinery. Thus, this article is an essential guide to lead you in getting your desired wood router for your project based on a few bullet points:

Speed Variations:

It is a really good idea to find a wood router that allows you to adjust the speed within the range at least 10000 to 20000 rpm.

Plate Base:

This is essential for every wood router to have a plate base for more durable and tougher usage, in which the recommended material is aluminum.

Depth Adjustments and LED Light:

These 2 aspects are also necessary for each of the high-quality wood routers to have, depth adjustments ease the way in drilling, and cutting the workpiece and LED light is for sight improvements.

Horsepower and Motor:

It is a great idea to find at least 1-1/4hp and 5amps motor for a small and normal workpiece with the aluminum as the main made material of the motor.

Dust Collector:

In cutting and trimming woods, we, of course, don’t want to waste our time and energy cleaning up all the mess. Thus, you really need to find the one with a dust collector to help you with that.


when it comes to something machinery, we, of course, need a warranty to ensure higher maintenance.


We’ve finally reached an end of the article. To sum up, it is a really good idea for you guys to have a wood router in doing your work. Not only it helps alleviate your pressure in doing your workpiece, but it also saves you a lot of time and energy too. Moreover, these kinds of tools could guarantee that you receive the perfect workpiece that you’re desiring for. I’m sure that getting one of these won’t be a disappointment for you guys.