Whether you are crafting crafts because it is your profession or because it is your hobby, you would need to invest in a wood lathe that is high quality or acceptable quality if you want the end product to look awesome. Searching for Best Wood Lathes can be challenging because there are so many things you need to familiarize yourself with to differentiate between good ones and bad ones.

Also, it can also be the first time for you to decide to invest in a wood lathe for your creation. As a way to help you decide which product to invest in, we bring to you some of the highest-rated wood lathes. Below are the top 9 best wood lathes of the year.

List of the Best Wood Lathes

09. Wood Lathe With Cast Iron Legs by Shop Fox

Shop Fox wood lathe is a heavy-duty product. The motor of this wood lathe is 2HP and the electricity of this product is 110V. Shop Fox wood lathe uses single-phase distribution, which means the distribution of shifting current electric power use a system in which all the voltages of the supply vary in unison. Furthermore, the iron bed and the iron legs of this wood lathe was molded using the turned ground to balance the machine and to reduce the vibration.

This machine also offers 10 different speeds between 600RPM and 2400RPM that you can adjust to. In addition, there is a quick lock release lever for the upper section and the spindle head. The spindle head of this machine is able to rotate 0o, 60o, 90o, 120o and 180o. Upon purchase, consumers will also be receiving a 6-Inch faceplate, Mt2 spur center, Mt2 live center and tool holder with swivel arm supporter.

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08. 1.3 Horsepower Benchtop Lathe by Shop Fox

The motor of Shop Fox W1704 is 1/3HP with 2 amperes. The electricity of this machine is 110 volts with a frequency of 60 hertz. The swing of the machine, which is the maximum diameter of a piece of work that can fit in the lathe, is 8-inch. There is a 12-inch distance in the middle.

Shop Fox W1704 was constructed using an iron mold. Furthermore, it has various speed settings that you can adjust to. Lastly, when purchasing Shop Fox W1704 wood lathe, Shop Fox W1704 also provides consumers with two additional tool supporters.

07. Variable Speed Midi Lathe by Delta

The motor of Delta wood lathe uses 1HP with 1,725RPM. Among its type, Delta wood lathes have the largest swing size with it being 12 ½ inches big. As for the spindle drive, it is 1 inch big with -8RH thread per inch.

Furthermore, its electronic speed drives with 3 pulley speed ranges offer the necessary speeds essential for rotating the project without altering the belt position. The forward and backward settings enable the lathe to produce a high-quality finished product. Polishing the turned section using grain is what makes the wood fibers lying down and what makes it rough in texture.

Lastly, it has a patented belt tensioner driver that makes adjusting speed simple and fast and always arrange the belt at the right tension for maximum control. This will also make the wood lathe last longer.

06. Industrial Wood Lathe by Grizzly

Grizzly wood lathe has a 1-inch spindle head with 8 thread per inch. It has ten-speed settings for adjusting. The speed settings are between 600 revolutions per minute and 2400 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, there is a 43-inch distance in the middle of the machine.

Grizzly wood lathe is a heavy-duty product with its iron bed and iron legs constructed using a turned ground to make sure the machine is stable and to minimize the vibration as much as possible. This wood lathe has a Mt 2 spindle head and an upper section’s tapper.

05. Mini Lathe by Rikon Power Tools

Rikon Power Tools wood lathe offers a spacious room for easy and quick speed adjustment. Furthermore, the upper section of this machine can automatically discharge on its own, so it is not necessary for users to use the knock-out bar to take the middle part off.
Rikon Power Tools wood lathe used a 1/2HP motor. This machine has an imprinted laser with 2 ½ inch travel. Lastly, this machine is capable of adding numerous additions.

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04. Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe by Wen

Wen wood lathe is great for creating small crafts such as pens and chess pieces. It has a speed that starts off slow and will graduate work its way.

Users can adjust the speed setting according to their craft between 750 RPM and 3200 RPM. When you purchase this machine, Wen will also provide you with an additional 5-inch cover plate for rotating the non-spindle crafts.

With this machine, it can hold up crafts that are up to 12 inches long, 8 inches wide and a diameter of 5 inches. The motor of this machine uses 2 amp of power. It also has a Mt 1 spindle head and an upper section tapper. Lastly, it offers two alternative tool supporters.

03. Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System by Nova

Nova has an adjustable speed between 250 RPM and 4000 RPM. Furthermore, it has forward and backward switches that are what make the machine flexible and that enable you to attain a high-quality product.

The maximum capacity of the swing over bed of this product is 12 inches and the maximum capacity between the middle section is 16.5 inches.

In addition, there is a bed enlargement accessory that is capable of enlarging the bed to 42 inches. Upon purchase, consumers will be provided with a 3 inches cover plate, 6 inches tool supporter, spur drive center, live upper section center, knockout bar, fastening device and a guide with breakdown sections.

02. Variable Speed Wood Lathes by Jet

What’s special about Jet is its unbeatable speed control. It has adjustable speed settings from 60 to 3600 RPM. It is designed to best utilize its variable speeds. Furthermore, its shift from forward to reverse is gentle and smooth. Moreover, Jet has an advanced ratchet designed belt-tightening device.

01. Wood Lathe Bench Top byMophorn

Mophorn has a swing overcapacity of 10 inches. The distance in the middle section is 18 inches, the tool supporter is 6 inches, and the cover plate is 3 inches. Furthermore, on the bottom of each leg, there is a rubber that stabilizes the machine and minimizes the vibration when working.

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In addition, with fine craftsmanship, all parts of the machine have been accurately grounded and left to solidify for long longevity and for quiet operation.

Buying Guide for Best Wood Lathes

Normally, whenever we are considering buying something online, we usually may consider otherwise because we are afraid of buying a defected product or a product that does not quite meet our expectations. We can minimize the risk of defects and disappointment by two great methods. First of all, it is to look at the rating and the review of the product.

Second is to take a close look at a number of factors to see whether or not they match with your expectations. Now, back to our focus of the day, wood lathe. The same as other products, to avoid the possibility of disappointment as much as possible, there are a number of factors that you should carefully examine.

Type of Crafts:

First things first, when you are looking for a wood lathe, you need to know what kind of crafts you are having in mine? What kind of crafts do you want to create using the purchased wood lathe? With a specific kind of crafts that you want to create, choosing a wood lathe will be much easier.

Available Space:

As mentioned before, you may be purchasing this to satisfy your hobby or for your profession. Especially if you are doing it as a hobby, you may not have a huge space such as professionals would, so to avoid the possibility of having no place to put the product, we highly suggest you know the exact available space for the wood lathe.

Wood Lathe Parts:

Yes, it can be a chore to learn all of the parts that a wood lathe has. However, the best possible way to minimize disappointment in a purchase is by knowing what you are looking at. The parts can be complicated and hard to understand, but you just need to have an idea about what you are looking for. Inwood lathe, there are parts such as tailstock, spindle head, etc.

Wood Lathe Motor and Drive:

Now, after learning the parts, one of the things that you take a careful look at in a wood lathe product is it’s motor and drive. It is recommended that even with mini ones, you should search for ones that have at least a 1/3 HP motor.


We hope that you have found both the product review and the buying guide helpful for your decision to purchase a wood lathe. If you have, we are glad to be of help. Hopefully, you have also found one that is to your liking. For further information regarding each of the product’s description, please check the links provided below. Be creative and enjoy crafting!