Do you have a large yard with giant trees or you are considering re-designing your backyard? The yard could be a good place for reading, music listening, relaxing, and family gathering. Now, you are going to clear some woods; therefore, a quality wood chipper is in need.

Wood chipper has an ability to turn twigs, leaves, and branches of those giant trees into the mulch of quality nutrients. Here are the top ten best wood chippers along with the products’ buying guide.

List of the Best Wood Chippers in 2021

10. Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder by GreatCircleUSA

Great Circle USA is a powerful wood chipper. The machine comes with a number of qualities including the single Cylinder-OHV-gas engine (4 strokes and 7HP 212cc), 4 Y-hammers and 2 steel-chipping blades.

The gas engine allows Great Circle USA to handle pieces of wood of up to 3-inch diameter with ease (15:1 Ratio of Reduction) while branches could be demolished because of the Y-Hammers. The product’s oil tank capacity is 0.7 gallons in a maximum. It is required by the manufacturer nonetheless the gasoline must be 87+ unleaded.

Great Circle USA is designed for multiple functions including max-volume shredding of ½ inches, chipping of side chute for limb/branch max 3 inches as well as the vacuum kit for universal use. The wood chipper comes with a manual guide which the manufacturer requires users to follow through for safety purposes.

09. Wood Chipper Shredder by SuperHandy

Super Handy includes qualities such as the Single Cylinder-OHV Gas-powered engine of 212cc 7HP Horizontal and 4 strokes; therefore, the wood chipper itself is able to handle wood of up to 3-inch diameter.

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Super Handy comes with an oil tank of 0.7 gallons; the manufacturer suggests to never use gas with ethanol to fuel the machine. Furthermore, users could hook up Super Handy with your personal small tractor/lawnmower and ATV.

For operational safety, users are required to wear appropriate eye and hand protection while following all the details in Super Handy’s manual book. The product comes with a total weight of 121 pounds. Super Handy comes with a three-year warranty as a safety net for the deal.

08. Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder by Landworks

Landworks Super Heavy has 3 functions in a single machine. The wood chipper is able to chip and shred of ½ inches in maximum volume, side-chute for small limbs/branches of 3-inches maximum, and leaf loading with easy access to vacuum inlet at the back.

Landworks Super Heavy is operated by the gas-powered engine of 4 strokes and 212cc 7HP Horizontal. Like other abovementioned wood chippers, the manufacturer requires users not to use gas with ethanol.

The recommended type of gasoline is 87+ unleaded. While Landworks Super Heavy comes with an oil tank of 0.7 gallons, users are able to hook up the wood chipper to personal small tractor/lawnmower and ATV for convenient transportations. Landworks Super Heavy has a three-dimensional size of 29.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches with a total weight of 130 pounds.

07. 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper and Leaf Shredder by Patriot

Patriot Products is powered by electricity; the machine, as a result, is maintenance-free, smooth, and quiet with only a flip on the switch. The wood chipper is able to shred a large number of leaves by a simple sliding into the giant hopper on top of the product.

Branches of maximum 2.5-inch diameters are reduced to the chips of coin size because of Patriot Products. Users are able to de-assemble the wood chipper so that they could reduce all the component parts into only a collection bag.

The wood chipper comes with a three-dimensional size of 35 x 24 x 37 inches with a weight in total of 95 pounds. Patriot Products has a one-year warranty.

Nevertheless, the machine required a quality heavy-duty cord of extension (less than 100 feet) because the machine needs to consume 14amps of electricity to be functional. The product could be charged with users’ standard 110 voltage outlets.

06. 4 Cycle Viper Engine Wood Chippers by Earthquake

Earthquake TAZZ comes with a Viper engine of 212cc. The product is attached with wheels of 11 inches. Because Earthquake TAZZ has a compact size (29.9-inch length multiplied by 25.4-inch width), the product occupies a small space in your shed or garage only.

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Earthquake TAZZ’s accessories include rotor (largest in class) and a signature air gate. Some other component parts include bag connector of dock and lock as well as the zipper of bottom-out design.

It should be known the rugged-steel hopper has a height of only 34 inches; users, as a result, are able to drop the waste with minimal effort. Larger branches could be put and reduced at the limb chute. The three-dimensional size of Earthquake TAZZ is 25.4 x 29.9 x 51.9 inches with a weight of 121 pounds. The wood chipper has a five-year warranty.

05. Mini Wood Chippers Shredder Mulcher Ultra Duty by SuperHandy

Because of the extra-large hopper featured in SuperHandy Mini, the product has a capacity to shred and chip limbs/branches of up to a 3-inch diameter with a reduction ratio of 15:Users are also able to hook up the wood chipper to personal small tractor/lawnmower and ATV for comfortable transportation.

SuperHandy Mini’s machine is of 4 strokes and 212cc 7HP Horizontal engine powered by Cylinder-OHV gas. Please note SuperHandy Mini does not allow gasoline with ethanol. The motor could be fueled with the gasoline of 87+ unleaded quality.

Eye and hand protection are needed to operate the machine with safety. At the same time, users are suggested to follow all the detailed directions from the manual book attached to the package. SuperHandy Mini has a three-dimensional size of 34.6 x 32.2 x 22.8 inches and a total weight of 87 pounds.

04. Electric Wood Shredder and Chipper by Snow Joe

CJ601E is powered by a 14-amp motor. With such a powerful and efficient motor, the wood chipper is able to shred and chip branches with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches.

The loading speed comes with 43000 rotations per minute. CJ601E, because of its special design, has an ability to decrease your waste of up to 1/16th of the original amount of the yard waste; those twigs and branches are turning out to become garden mulch of nutrient-rich. With wheels of 6 inches, the wood chipper is easily portable.

For safety operation, the wood chipper is equipped with a locking knob. CJ601E has a three-dimensional size of 37.5 x 17 x 19 inches with a weight of 25.4 pounds.

03. Rolling Electric Wood Shredder and Chipper by WEN

WEN 41121 has a capacity to shred branches and sticks with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches with ease. The wood chipper’s motor is 15-Amp; because of the powerful motor, the wood chipper is able to receive 8000 cut per single minute – an equivalence of 130 cutes per single second. The product’s safety mechanism is internal; as a result, the startup prevention functions automatically and avoids the hopper from operation while still opening.

WEN 41121 comes with components such as two wheels of 6-inch diameter, two cutting blades of 7-inch length, single push stick along with onboard storage, a collecting bag as well as a two-year warranty. The three-dimensional size of the product is 21 x 16.5 x 36 inches while the weight is 23.1 pounds.

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02. Portable Electric Wood Chippers Shredder Mulcher by SuperHandy

SuperHandy Electric has some signature designs and component parts for consideration of yours. The housing is made of durable Polypropylene; the material is not going to dent or rust while the assembly of the rotor is protected.

It should be noted the assembled rotor features two cutting blades with a powerful chipping capability. SuperHandy Electric comes with an instant-start switch while there is a protection switch for a safety purpose too.

Ush paddle of sturdy material and wheels of 6-inch diameter are also designed as attachments to the machine. The wood chipper is recognized by various standards and institutions including ISO: 14001 & 9001, RoHS, OSHA, IAF, SQC, EL, CSA, and so on.

01. Electric Silent Wood Chippers and Shredder by Sun Joe

Sun Joe is an excellent recommendation for reducing twigs, leaves, branches, and brush into the mulch of nutrient-rich. Sun Joe is powered by the 15-amp motor; the motor has an ability to shred and chip branches with a maximum diameter of 1.73 inches. The wood chipper features an electric motor; the motor is, as a result, able to be charged with 120v – 60Hz voltage standard.
With wheels of a 7-inch diameter, the product is designed for convenient mobility. Sun Joe’s three-dimensional size is 8 x 15 x 31 inches. The weight of the wood chipper is 38.6 pounds.

Buying Guide for Best Wood Chippers


The motor is important; only the powerful motor could turn branches and twigs of large thickness into mulch. There are two options for motors we recommend including the gas-powered motor and electric-based motor. More often than not, the electric-driven motor is not as powerful as the gasoline-powered motor.


Safety is mandatory in this type of job. You shall go through the details of each wood chipper so that it becomes clear to you the product comes to all features for safety purposes. Users are required to be serious with the manual guide offered in the package too.


Most of the wood chippers we offer in this review come with wheels of 6 inches; therefore, it is ideal for convenient portability of the machine. Nonetheless, if the machine is compact and you do not have a need to perform your tasks at other places besides your home’s yard, portability is not mandatory.


The wood chipper could be a sophisticated machine for averaged users. We, therefore, recommend you to talk to some mechanics in your town for further suggestions. Shall you have any opinions or suggestions for any new products, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.