Spending time with your family and friends is important for everyone’s well being. Outdoor activities are perfect to bond and enjoy time together. Be it in your garden or backyard, relaxing on the patio or pool, or going more active into nature, time spent together is never wasted.

An essential part is always enjoying food together. Having a great barbecue or cooking outdoors together after a fishing trip or a scenic trek will make such experiences perfect. With the right wood burning stove, you can grill steaks, pork ribs, and chicken wings as well as fish and vegetables to perfection.

The matching stove is, of course, paramount for providing great food experience and it can be challenging to find the best suiting stove or grill with the abundance of options offered. Be it a small portable wood burning stove or a fire pit for the backyard with multiple functions, the choices can be overwhelming. The following featured the best wood burning stoves that shall provide a good overview of what is available in order to make the right choice for you.

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List of the Best Wood Burning Stoves For Picnic

10. Wood Burning Stoves for Picnic, Potable Camping Stove by Ohuhu

This lightweight and space-saving stove are great for outdoor trips including camping, trekking tours, or cooking a small meal along the way while traveling. Also, a backyard or garden outdoor adventure with your family at your home is an option with this little cooker.

Literally fueled by nature all it needs are dried twigs, leaves, or wood to get it going, which makes it also an environmentally friendly option to cook. The design of the cooker helps to distribute the heat evenly. With a weight of only 14.2 oz and the space-saving design including a foldable pot support system is easy to carry the stove in your backpack. The little stove comes also with a carrying case.

Product Features

  • Compact and lightweight for easy carrying and transporting without taking up much space.
  • Quality stainless steel for a reliable use also with high heat.
  • The 3-arm base support system makes the stove stable and safe, also in windy conditions or in uneven grounds.
  • Environmental friendly as no fuel canisters or alcohol needed – cooking without chemical emissions.

09. Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove by Solo Stove

There is always a good reason to look forward to a bonfire. Gathering family and friends in your backyard or garden for a party, roasting, and marshmallows and enjoying time outside. This wood burning stove is a perfect option for bonfires, as it burns nearly smoke free and is easy to handle.

The size and weight (only 20 lbs) of the stove allows also to take it along on trips. A carry case is included. No set up is required. The bonfire gets its power from logs. The stove is easy to clean, as only fine ash is left over. The stove’s airflow system supplies the fire steadily with plenty of oxygen.

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Product Features

  • The bonfire stand provides protection to heat-sensitive surfaces due to a double-wall fire pit
  • No assembling needed, just place the stand on a level surface and set the pit on top.
  • Designed for maximized airflow and a burning process that produces less smoke.
  • No gas or fuels required, start your fire with pellets or twigs.

08. Wood Burning BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl by KINGSO

A solid outdoor fire pit for all seasons. This square solid fire pit is constructed of heavy duty iron mesh and a stable frame for a safe standing on all surfaces. The pit is an ideal choice for heating and a classic bonfire and barbecue on your deck or patio, garden, and yard.

Enjoy the sounds and sights of a proper fire with family and friends in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The mesh lid prevents burning embers from blowing uncontrolled, but still allows for an open view of the fire. The pit comes also with poker to stoke the fire and to remove the mesh lid safely.

Product Features

  • Easy assembling due to a simple design. All tools and accessories are included
  • Safe and secure, with added heat resistance, lightweight enough to be carried around easily.
  • The heat-resistant basin is able to withstand temperatures of up to 930 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sturdy steel construction designed for years of safe use.

07. LEMY Outdoor BBQ Fire Pit, Patio Garden Stove Wood Burning

This fire pit is a true multi-task stove and suites activities in all seasons. It is a fire pit, a BBQ grill, and can even be used as an ice bucket.
The BBQ grill is safe for cooking and grilling food. Its deep pit can hold sufficient quantities of wood. The grill surface comes along with a safety mesh cover to prevent sparks or debris from flying. The equipment includes also a charcoal rack and a poker to stoke the fire and to remove the mesh lid safely, plus a solid rain cover. An attractive faux stone line design with a DIY splicing feature adds to the looks of the fire pit.

Product Features

  • The durable steel frame is powder coated to resist rust.
  • Square frame and 4 metal legs for a safe standing on various surfaces.
  • Multipurpose use with all equipment included.
  • Attractive optics for a rustic and authentic outdoor feeling.

06. Yaheetech Metal Square Firepit Wood Burning, Patio Garden Picnic Bonfire

A bonfire on the beach is a favorite activity for a unique evening with family and friends. This fire fit with its low weight of just 26.5 lbs will suit a beach party perfectly, in addition to cozy evenings on your patio or garden.

The stable square fire pit is available in an eye-catching design in matt chic color and stamped with a decorative rock pattern. The metal brazier serves perfectly for heating and barbecue during your gatherings. The fire pit is suitable for burning both logs and charcoal. Six holes on the bottom of the pit assure proper ventilation.

Product Features

  • High-quality metal mesh and frame.
  • The widened edge around the fire bowl provides ample space for holding plates, sauces, and other barbecue supplies.
  • Quick and easy assembling.
  • Heat resistant paint covered the fire pit to enhance rust and heat resistance.

05. Outdoor Kitchen Kit for Camping and Solo Stove Campfire

Camping with family and friends means that often a lot of hungry mouths will need to be fed at ideally the same time. This can be a challenge with a camping stove with a single flame.

But there is a great solution in the form of this handy little word burning camping stove that comes with two sets of pots. A 3 liter (101 fl.oz) pot and a smaller 1.5 liter (51 fl.oz) pot allows you to prepare different foods at the same time. Boiling water can be done in only 2-4 mins (34 fl oz water). This potent small camping stove is also a favorite of Discovery Channel’s survivalist Matt Graham.

Product Features

  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs, provides double fold-out handles, and a folding removable bail.
  • Burns wood, leaves and dry twigs nature friendly, cleanly and efficiently.
  • Designed with a double wall that provides unique airflow properties to make the stove extremely efficient.
  • The compact stove design makes its nest inside the 2 Pot Set, leaving more room in your pack.
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04. Portable Backyard Natural Wood Burning Firebowl by Hi-Flame

If you are looking for a fire pit with special and stylish exterior and a high flame, but with low smoke, then this bonfire stove will be the right choice for you. This HiFlame wood-burning fire pit will bring the perfect ambiance no matter if it is a romantic dinner for two on your patio or a big celebration with friends in your garden. It can be even taken along on your trip due to its moderate weight and size.

Featuring a unique pre-heated Tertiary Air System, the fire pit is kind to the environment and generates nearly no smoke. It is also highly efficient and economical to use, as well as easy to clean, as only fine ash will be leftover thanks to the efficient burn process.

Product Features

  • Singular construction, which completely removes the need for parts and assembly.
  • Double insulated walls that maximize airflow and the burning process.
  • The efficient burn means little to no smoke and also more half-burnt logs to deal with.
  • The Fire Pits are individually handmade and are long-lasting in a variety of environments.

03. Solo Stove Portable Firepit Wood Burning with Stand

Fancying an evening outside with your guitar to sing along your favorite songs with your family and friends? To get into the right mood nothing fits better than an ambient bonfire. The low smoke wood burning fire pit will provide a cozy atmosphere plus also allows you to toast your favorite marshmallows or sausages while enjoying your time outdoors.

Constructed to allow a more complete burn means little particles that would have been turned into smoke are burned up completely. On top of that, you also do not need to deal with half-burned logs anymore. The included Ranger Stand will help to protect your outdoor patio surface from burn marks.

Each and every Solo Stove Bonfire is precision made with state-of-the-art machinery, premium materials, and a touch of skilled craftsmanship. Bonfire is every bit functional as it is beautiful. Due to the Ranger’s unique construction, you won’t be changing seats to avoid smoke every time the wind shifts.

Product Features

  • The base plate provides a continuous supply of air to reach the fire.
  • The spent ash falls into the ash pan.
  • We ensure that no wood goes unburned.
  • Equal distribution of heat.
  • Built from skilled craftsmanship with premium materials.
  • Travel friendly can be taken everywhere thanks to the easy setup.

02. BALI Outdoors Chimenea

A queen among the chiminea options. This round wooden fire pit is a true beauty and brings chic and style onto your patio or into your garden. The cast iron legs are sturdy to elevate the fireplace and ensure stability and secure placement also in rough weather.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of the fire bowl from every place. The chimney funnels the smoke straight up despite the wind direction, and away from your guests gathered around the chiminea. This avoids smoke-stung eyes or smelly clothes. The steel construction instead of clay represents a new design in this traditional unit. If you are looking for a fire pit with a stylish exterior and a high flame, then this wood burning stove is the right choice for you.

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • The sliding door and the ashtray enable you to add wood or remove ash easily.
  • Sturdy design and easy to load. All parts are strong and solid.
  • Warms up quickly and radiates the heat well.

01. Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

Enjoy a warm crackling fire with your family and friends around this classical elegant fire pit. Made from heavy-duty steel and coated with high-temperature paint finish the fire pit is equipped for long-lasting quality and resistance to rust. Its portable function and its weight of only 29 lbs allow the fire pit to be moved also outside your home.

The fire pit includes a full set of accessories: a metal spark screen for added safety from flying sparks, a waterproof and weather-resistant cover, a built-in wood-burning grate for better airflow, and a poker tool to easily control the flames. Its large size is perfect for big gatherings around your bonfire.

Product Features

  • Spark screen to contain embers within the fire pit.
  • Deep metal fire pit made from durable gauge steel and finished with black high-temperature paint.
  • Decorative cross-weave pattern.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
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How to choose the Top Wood Burning Stoves

The right choice depends of course on the interest you have for the use of a wood burning stove. Do you need a small and light model for your trekking / hiking / camping or fishing trips? Are you looking for a solid pit for bigger fires? Maybe your main purpose is to use the stove for barbecues and to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and environment. Or you like to spend time outside also in the colder periods of time on your patio or in your garden? Others might love gatherings outside in their backyard. If you plan to take the stove along with you for a beach party with your family and friends, those stoves are a good choice. The budget is to take into consideration as well to find the best option for your needs. The following information can tell you how to choose the top wood burning stove for you.

Handling and ease of use

Besides the weight and measures of the wood burning stoves, the ease to transport or carry it with you is an important factor for the choice of the right model as well.

And not to forget about the assembling of the larger wood burners and fire pits. This should be as easy as possible, without involving separate tools one might not have at hand at home. Ideally, the stoves and pits should be able to be assembled with the help of only one or two family members or friends. The featured stoves all come with assembling instructions to guide you through the process of setting up your new fire pit or wood burning stove.

Lighting the fires should be uncomplicated and safe. So should be the burning process including protection of surfaces of the stoves and fire pits will rest on. The ability to control flying embers, smoke development, and ease of cleaning stoves and pits are also important points. All the featured fire pits and wood burning stoves tick the boxes and are recommended products for safe and easy use.


When spending money on a wood burning stove, with some of them not coming that cheap to buy, the warranty might be an important part of the purchase. In general, the stoves have a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty time period is based on the producer of the wood burning stove.

For the pricier models the wood burning stoves you might want to opt for products with an extensive warranty to cover your investment. The cheaper models might come only with a right to return the product at a full refund before the wood burning stove was used. Once used the warranty or right to return is usually lost.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by the manufacturer will be also important for your buying decision. Most companies offer customer care services by phone, email, or live chat. Representatives can help with questions of all kinds, give remote support for assembling the wood burning stoves, or how to handle the stoves correctly.

Good customer service will help you solve any issues quickly. In case of need, they can also help to arrange to send back the stove and to receive a replacement fast.


Some wood burning stoves may come with accessories that can enhance the usage or add more functions. In some cases, the stoves may also have accessory options for purchasing separately. These tools may include anything from tripods and cooking pots for camping, barbecue grids for the bigger fire pits, or special lids and meshes to control embers and smoke better.

Accessories for your wood burning stove come often in matching designs. Most of the available extras require little to no installation so that you can use your stoves or fire pits immediately.

Final Verdict

Deciding on a wood burning stove which is the right one for you may include many factors to consider. While the price is an important reason, you will also want to think about size, weight, portability, and design. And of course the purpose you need the stove for and its functions need to be taken into consideration too.

You should also check the warranty and customer service that comes with the wood burning stoves. If something does not work properly, you will want to have a reliable warranty to cover all parts. With good customer service, you will also feel confident that you will have your wood burning stove repaired or replaced if needed.