Wheels are the shoes of a car. As you take care of the look and feel of your shoes, tires and rims are important for your car too. Also, they can be quite expensive when made from aluminium or carbon. You want to make sure they are well maintained – and cleaned.

The average car wash uses hard plastic brushes which can easily leave scratches. A better way to clean wheels and tires is a proper car wheel brush. The variety is big, some use a water hose to let them spin carefully. Most models are for hand use with a grip in different lengths and shapes. The brush material varies as well, from regular PVC bristles to fluffy microfibers.

When looking for the best Wheel Cleaning Brush you need to take the purpose into consideration. When you don’t have a water hose nearby, those with a handle will fit. All of the reviewed brushes will do a good job, the price range is wide because of the number of items in the set and the material. Some companies even have a patent on their car wheel brushes.

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List of the Best Wheel Cleaning Brush, Car Wheel Brush

10. Multi-Purpose Rim Brush from Brush Hero with Two Car Brushs

When you buy expensive tires you want them to get cleaned with the best care. Some car washes use rough brushes and may leave scratches. The Brush Hero Cleaning Brush addresses this problem with two different brushes in one set. The white brush is for very dirty surfaces made from steel or aluminium. The other black brush cleans as good but is made for sensitive surfaces and materials.

Both brushes can be attached to a regular water hose. You can switch them instantly. The torque in the water gun lets the brush rotate at a constant and steady pace. You don’t want speed, but strength and this is what Brush Hero is best known for. You don’t need any cables, the water itself is the energy source for this handy cleaning tool. With this brush, you can do a better job at home cleaning your tires and save money as well.

09. TAKAVU Master 18 ‘’ Long Wheel Brush

Short brushes sometimes make it difficult to clean the back of the tires and the space within the rims. The TAKAVU Master comes with an 18-inch brush, strong enough to even clean mud from your recent outdoor trip. The length also ensures that you won’t hurt your knuckles when you try to reach further inside the wheel.

The simple device has the advantage of being stand alone. You don’t need a hose, a big bucket full of water is just enough. The plastic grip is comfortable to hold. Your hand won’t get tired even after cleaning all four wheels. The tip of the brush is protected with rubber to avoid scratches. The low price and easy handling are further advantages. You can actually carry this brush in your car all the time and clan whenever and wherever it’s suitable.

08. YISHARRY Car Cleaning Brush Kit

This set comes with a standard brush like the earlier mentioned TAKAVU but adds some smaller brushes. While the 17-inch long main brush is intended to get rid of the main dirt, the smaller brushes are for the tiny gaps between the tire and rim or round the pressure valve.

The 5 small brushes are made from premium natural boar hair and come in different sizes from 0.85’’ to 1.35’’. They are perfect to reach into the lug nuts and others. Both the main brush and the smaller brushes have plastic handles, ergonomically designed for long use. No water hose is necessary, you just need a bucket of water and some cleaning liquid or spray. The set can be kept in the car as well when you travel, so you always have clean and shiny wheels.

07. Liquid X Wheel Woolies 3 Brushes Kit

A different approach in design was made for those Liquid X brushes. You get three brushes in three different shapes with this set. The main brush is 18 inches long to ensure you get to every dirty place in your wheel. The 12” Caliper Spoke Brush helps you to clean parts of the wheel you can’t reach easily. This comes very handy when cleaning the back of the rim. The small 8″ brush is perfect to take oil and another residue away from log nuts and pressure valves.

All brushes are made from high performing plastic and completely metal free to avoid any scratches and your valuable wheels. You can choose to just use water from a bucket or special sprays and cleaning products to soak the oil and dirt. The material is long lasting and durable, even made for heavy duty cleaning.

06. AutoEC Car Wheel Cleaner 3 Brushes Pro Kit

Your car wash owner would be jealous when he or she sees this wheel cleaning brush set the first time. It contains three powerful brushes in different sizes and shapes. This kit is for those who need to free their cars regularly from lots of dirt and mud.

The high-quality brushing bristles are made from soft PVC for the handles and high-end steel wire flocking technology for the brush bristles.

The flocking wheel cleaning brush can be used for sensitive surfaces and materials, while the contoured scrub tire shine brush does a great job to tackle the outside of the wheel. For the wheel itself, you can use the rim wash brush to scrub away any remaining dirt. No water hose is needed to operate those brushes. It is also suitable for many other kinds of tires, from motorbikes to bicycles.

05. WOOLLYWORMIT car wheel brush with lug nut cleaner

For those who cannot afford to spend too much time cleaning wheels, the Woollywormit brush might offer a suitable solution. While most brushes use hard plastic brush bristles, this model is all fluffy. But while the material may feel soft, it is hard to dirt and residue on your tires. Simply soak it in water or your favorite cleaning solution and start cleaning. The patented brush will bend through the gaps in the rims so you can reach the backside as well.

To make sure you don’t waste the lug nuts and cavities, just use the attachments for the tip of the brush. They will fit perfectly around the nuts like a Formula One pit stop gun. Each set comes with 2 nut cleaner sizes and 4 sponges. Once finished, you can wash the brush like laundry in the washing machine.

04. EZ Easy Big Brush

One of the more simple but still effective solutions is the EZ brush. It has a handle made from soft PVC so it lies comfortably in your hand. Not much grip strength needed. The brush itself is cone shaped. The smaller end fits into tiny gaps and spaces while the end close to your hand is best for the rims and tires.

To keep your knuckles safe it has a protective ring, which also keeps water from running down to your hand. This brush is a multipurpose tool and can be used for trucks, ATVs, bikes and even boats to be cleaned. Just dunk it into a bucket of water, apply some soap and start brushing without any attaching to a water hose. The chemical resistant bristles withstand even aggressive cleaning liquids.

03.Redline Finish Microfiber Car Wheel Brush Set

A bit of everything combines the redline wheel brush set. Both brushes use microfiber instead of plastic bristles. The fiber was developed especially for wheel cleaning purposes. Since it is a very soft material and the grip is also made from PVC you don’t have to worry about scratches. The thick knuckle guards keep your hands safe even when trying to get into narrow spaces. The grip design makes sure the brush will not slip off wet hands.

The larger brush is good for cleaning the wheel barrel, while the thinner brush is best used between the barrel and brake caliper. The special design fibers will get everywhere, even into small gaps. Bolts and pressure valves are not a problem for this brush set. You just need some water and start immediately. After work is done, the fiber can be cleaned with water and any kind of soap.

02. Adam’s Woolie Car Wheel Brush Stick

If you have some problems with your back or aching muscles, this car wheel brush gives you some assistance. The large version is a 19-inch brush stick, the small size 13 inches. The brush itself is set at a 45-degree angle, so you can reach easily between the wheel and axle and into narrow spaces. You will also reach behind the wheels with bending yourself too much.

The thick 100% Polypropylene fibers take everything with them, from dust to mud pieces and oil. Even residue from brakes will stick at the fibres. The material is chemical resistant and will last longer than regular bristles. The non-slip rubberized handle makes sure you keep the brush firm in your hand. Due to its length knuckle guards are not needed. Adam’s is an American company and manufactures its products in the US as well.

01. ABN Car Wheel Whoolies 3-Piece Set

This set is a good value for price choice since it contains 3 brushes in different sizes. A large brush lets you reach deep into the wheels of your vehicle, be it a car, truck, or an RV. The medium brush is intended to be used for small wheel gaps, air diffusers, or reachable break areas. The small brush will clean narrow spoke wheels easily.

ABN is an experienced family owned company from South Dakota. The fluffy brushes are designed to work with foam and water. The synthetic wool microfiber is metal free and will not leave any scratches on your rims. A great advantage of the material is that with final pure water cleaning all cleaner splatter will be removed with great precision. For cleaning after use just take some water and soap and shake the brushes dry. They can be used again within minutes.

How to choose the right car wheel brush?

Selecting the best wheel cleaning brush depends on your budget and the purpose. For expensive rims and shiny chrome plates wheels you want to ensure they are not damaged through cleaning. Therefore you may look for fabric or microfiber brushes. For heavy duty you better choose some PVC brushes with plastic bristles.

Also, take into consideration the kind of handle you want. The longer the brush is, the less need is for a knuckle protector. But long brushes also make it a bit difficult to reach tiny gaps and small spaces. In this case, some sets may be the best solution for you.

Final verdict for the best cleaning brush for your car

Most of the reviewed brushes are handy tools you can store anywhere. Even the brush sets are small size and may not take much space in your garage. If you don‘t have to clean your car wheels on a daily basis a microfiber brush might be a good choice. But for offroad drivers, a harder brush is a better suggestion. Heavy and middle duty vehicles usually don’t have expensive or shiny rims. So a tiny scratch from a brush more won’t do much harm as long as the mud and dirt are removed.

Smaller brushes are handy when it comes to clean nuts and gaps in the rims. You also can reach behind the wheel where usually dust from the brakes piles up without being visible. A brush with a bended grip is in this case a good solution.