Winter is approaching but you haven’t got yourself protection against the cold yet? Now it is the best time to find out what the best weighted blankets that can keep you warm and comfortable throughout this cold weather. Owning a good blanket means you have a good and healthy lifestyle.

Here are the Best Weighted Blankets that you can find

10. The Weighted Blanket For Sleep by Gravity

If you have difficulty sleeping, you will need one of these Gravity blankets. It is said to reduce anxiety and stress for you and improve your sleeping habits. It is light-weighted and soft. It attached with a machine washable cover but the internal blanket is hand wash.

Their duvet covers are constructed with a micro-fleece, in addition, their inner layers are made of fine glass beads with soft cotton. You can also choose different sizes and weights depend on your liking. It is manufactured with microfibers which made the blanket feel softer to touch.

09. Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover by Quility

This lovely blanket is constructed with extra two polyester layers to improve the blanket experience for you. Their material is high-quality products which can give you the experience you have never got before.

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It also helps you to sleep faster and better than normal blankets. It brings you a comfortable, cozy, and clam feeling whenever you use it. There are multiple options available for you to choose from whether it is for your children or adults.

You can choose between two types of cover which are soft cotton and soft Minky, they also include various color selection as well. They also offer a full refund if you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied when using the product.

08. Weighted Blanket for Adult by Snuggle Pro

Feeling fresh and rested on your new day is their product goal. What sets their blanket apart from others is their natural non-toxic fabric and skin-friendly cotton.

It is produced to help relax the nervous system and improve your mood for a full restful sleep. If you purchase the product, there is a gift included those are an organic bamboo pillow and a storage or travel bag. It also has a noise cancellation layer which prevents any noise from going in and out of the blanket.

There are optional types you can choose to fit your style or preference. They also provide you a year warranty with a 30 days refund if you ever feel uncomfortable within those 30 days of using.

07. Weighted Blankets for Adults and Kids by Bare Home

This product is very durable since it is machine washable both the cover and inner layer. If you are looking for a high standard blanket then this is the option for you.

This one is a blanket which can protect you from harmful chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. It is made of environment-friendly, natural, nontoxic elements. It is also a 100% handmade product. It can help smooths your breathing and brings you a healthy sleep.

There is a 30-days refund guarantee if you are not comfortable after using the product. They only give four colors selection but each of them gives off a sense of relaxation.

06. 100% Soft Cotton Weighted Blanket by RELAX EDEN

There are many types of blanket you can choose from this brand whether it is the size or feature. You can use it during the winter or summer since it has an attachable layer where you can remove when you want to feel lighter and cooler during the summer or put on the extra layer to feel warm and comfy in the winter.

It is included with customer service and a refund for your dissatisfaction. You will not need to return the product after you got a refund.

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05. Cooling Weighted Blankets by BlanQuil

This has a unique function where it is automatically cool the blanket for you when it senses high temperature for your body. It is recommended for the hot sleeper.

Their fabric gives off a feeling of being hugged. It also makes you comfortable and relaxed to the point where you will not want to leave your bed.

Their feature is to absorb your body heat into the fabric so the fabric converts the heat into a cooling sensation that puts you in a deep and full sleep.

04. Weighted Blanket with 2 Duvet Covers by Degrees of Comfort

This product is made differently compare to the other brand. It is made with a nano-ceramic bead instead of your typical glass bead. The blanket gives us a better feeling and more comfortable since the nano-ceramic bead is finer, denser, and lighter than the normal bead. It also has a longer lifetime than the original weighted blanket.

They also included 2 duvet covers which adjustable to your temperature whether it is cold or hot. It is considered as a medication for those who are lacking sleep, short-tempered and have anxiety. You would also get a 365-days refund.

03. Cooling Weighted Blankets Adult Summer by ZonLi

The normal weighted blanket is only usable for 2 seasons but for this brand, you can use it in all seasons. You can choose many designs and colors to your preference. It is easy to clean and has a long life span.

There is a 3-months refund with a lifetime customer service. But you have to be careful while using it against direct heat like sunray since it can damage the glass bead inside the blanket.

The blanket is machine washable but they would recommend you to use a cover since it is too heavy to wash the blanket in the machine. It is available for both adults and children.

02. Cozy Heavy Blanket by YnM

YnM is one of the most advanced sewing methods in blanket-making industries. This helps prevent the bead in the blanket to leak after you have used it for a long time. There are options for you in case you want a unique size and weight for your particular taste. You can choose to use the blanket with or without the cover. You can select your duvet from your typical cotton duvet to cooling bamboo duvet. It is designed with more beads and less fabric for comfortable sleep and better temperature control.

01. 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket for Adult by YEMYHOM

This top-rated product is skin-friendly, comfortable, and long-lasting. Their fabric is 100% breathable cotton. It is a light-weighted and silk-like blanket. It also has a layer for preventing noise from coming in and out. It is an all-season use.

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You can wash it in the machine or by hand. It has optional weight and size which varies from kid to adult. Their purpose is to provide you a healthy lifestyle with peaceful sleep.

Buying Guide for Best Weighted Blankets:

Above are the 10 best-weighted blankets in 2019. Since you have already seen the top 10 best-weighted blankets at the top, it is time for you to take a look at some buying tips that can help choose the best quality product that they have to offer. The tips are their features, materials, health care, and quality.


You can choose different types of blankets depending on your preference. If you can afford a high price for the product, you should look for a higher quality product with many different types of layers. But if you just need a normal type of blankets which can help you escape a cold night, then you can try the 3-5 layers weighted blanket. They are not the best but you can get away with the rough temperature.


There are various materials for you to select from each brand. Some are made with 100% cotton while some made from organic fabric which is skin-friendly. There are also different layers of elements which are glass bead, nano-ceramic bead or plastic bead. If you want a comfy and soft to touch blanket, I recommend nano-ceramic bead. But if you like a weighty and wholesome kind of a blanket, then the glass bead is a good option for you. You can also find a cute and unique design blanket that suits your kind of bedroom.


Some can be used for all seasons while others can only be used in the winter. So, you have to know which one suits you best. There is also a unique feature which it can convert heat to cooling air inside the blanket. There is also the one with soundproof in case you are sleeping with people who like to make noise. Some products come with their cover while the others sell separately.

Health cares

If you care about your health, you can prevent yourself from harmful chemicals while you are sleeping. Also, you want to have a deeper sleep and healthy sleeping habit. You might want to choose the one that favors your health issue. Not only that but you also can reduce your stress and anxiety if you use the blanket that can help you. Once you get used to it, your life will become healthier.