Water is essential for our lives but where can we get the clean water from? We normally drink tap water but is it really healthy for us? To strengthen our health and drink better quality water, we will need the best water filters but what is the best choice for us? Here are some of the best quality water filers you should try out:

List of the Best Water Filters in 2021

10. Large Pitcher Water Filters by Brita

Brita has the capability to hold 10 cups with the advanced filter technology that could increase the taste of the water while reducing the bad odor of the water.

It lasts for 2 months or about 40 gallons of water. It also includes the function which you would be notified when it’s time to change the filter.
The design is sleek and has a comfortable grip to hold. If you choose to use the filter, you could reduce the plastic bottle wastes.

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09. AquaBliss 10-Cup Pitcher Water Filters for Clean Tasting Water

The product is authentic from the USA which is gluten-free and 100% recyclable. It could produce 150 gallons of water each time with a long-lasting use filter. There are 5 stages included which other brands missed to include. You also receive a great customer service if there is any broken product, they will replace one for you immediately.

This Aquabliss home water pitcher delivering fresh, clean, delicious drinking water without all the yucky stuff; ODORS, chlorine, Mercury, Copper, Cadmium, Zinc, Sediment, and other unhealthy impurities. The XL filter cartridge last up to 4 months, making it the BEST VALUE water filter pitcher for protecting your health.

08. 10-Cup Pitcher with 1 Long last Filter by Brita

With the new advanced technology, Brita has come up with the new 6 months long filter. It has changed from 40 gallons of water per filter to 140 gallons.

You would still experience the odor reduction and the taste improvement with the indicator for the time you need to change the filter. The long-life filter can replace 900 standards of 16.9 ounces of water bottles.

07. Stream Water Pitcher by Brita

If you compare the Brita steamer to the market, this product could produce water faster than competing products 10 times. You can just pull the water in the filter then pour to drink immediately because when you pour the water through the filter, it reduces the nasty taste and brings more flavor to the water.

There is no waiting time you can just drink it after you fill the filter. It can also be stored in the refrigerator and there will be no effect on the filer. It is recyclable and is recommended to change the filter every 40 gallons or 2 months of use.

06. Powered Water Filter Dispenser by Aquasana

This is an electronic type of filter that can produce 320 gallons of water more than a normal filter. With a highly developed technology, it comes with Bluetooth which tells you when is the right time to change the filer. Their purpose is to create cleaner water and reduce plastic waste.

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You will also a longer lifetime of its filter which can last to 3 months. It is made to retain the healthy minerals while offering ultra-delicious water.

05. Max Flow Under Sink Water Filters by Aquasana

This one has increased the capability and the ability to produce faster clean water. It is safe for cooking and chemical-free for your pet. The system can produce half a gallon of water in a minute. Now each filter lasts to 800 gallons of water or 6 months.

They also add a switch off and on for better control when you need to use or stop using the product. It is also user-friendly since you can DIY the installation part by yourself at home without all the complicated systems.

04. 0 Cup Water Filter Pitcher by ZeroWater

ZeroWater has its special feature which allows you to test if the water is in good quality or not. This feature is attached to the products to measure the quality of your water before and after using the filter. There are 3 options for you to choose from the filter which are portable cup filter, normal pitcher or bottle filtration system.

All of the options include 5 stages of filtration that mean you will get 99% of the unwanted chemical in the water out more than most of the other filters.

03. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher by Seychelle

This product was tested and manufactured in the USA. They have spent 20 years developing this particular alkaline filter which can increase the pH indefinitely and not just for temporary use. It is an 8-cup pitcher with a slim and fridge-friend concept that allows you to put it in the fridge easily.

It was said to be the life-changing health issue due to its increase in pH in the water. The increased pH in the water helps restore younger skin, enhance energy and improve health conditions. The filter offers 100 gallons of water that are a longer life than any alkaline filter out there.

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02. 10 Cup Large Water Purifier with Electronic Filter Indicator by Levoit

This is also one of the filters which provide 5 layers of filtration. Their features also help reduce harmful chemicals and improve water quality. But they introduce a better lid function which could clean itself and fill the water without open the whole lit.

There are also adjustable switches for you if you want a faster production or a thorough production for your water. They also include a 2 years insurance and a lifetime customer service with a 90-day money-back policy.

01. Pure Water Filters Pitcher by Epic Water Filer

Each of the epic water filters produces 760 liters of water which is a lot more compared to that of a normal filter. It is vegan-free and recyclable. It is tasted in 16 different countries which certify that can remove 200+ harmful chemical in the water. It also guarantees a lifetime customer support with 24hrs phone and e-mail support.

There also is a digital reminder which tells you the time life of your filer. It is designed to fit neatly in your fridge and can hold enough water for a family of 5.

Buying Guide for Best Water Filters:

Above are all the top 10 best water filers in We pick them out due to their high capacity, long-lasting application and unique feature. Now it is time for some interesting tips for you when you need one of them for you or your family.


There will be one that can hold more water than the other ones. You also need to decide if you need it for a big household or a small one.


You will have to think about the lifetime of your product. If you do not have a lot to spend on the product, you might need the one that can last you a long time.


If you are a busy person, you might want to have various features of the application. There are the ones with Bluetooth connectivity, a reminder for filer exchange or an easy-to-install option for your home.