Having valuables comes with a security challenge. We do not want to lose what we have to burglars. Getting a wall safe is important when you have something valuable. It makes sure that you get the right kind of item. Consider the size of the wall and how far the safe can go in. there are some that allow you to put a portrait to cover the safe.

Buy an item that is efficient and gives you good security. It is easy to keep your valuables consistently safe with the right option. There are varieties to choose from this article. That is why we have come with the best of the best for you.

List of The Best Wall Safe:

10. Gardall Concealed Wall Safe

This is a product that weighs 27 pounds. It has safety guaranteed by its single key lock mechanism. The size is 4 inches by 14.5 inches by 13.8 inches. It is easily concealed to ensure security. The build is strong and will last a long time.

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It is an item that you can rely on to provide the kind of security needed. It comes in a tan color that is also easily concealable. There is also a bolt feature

9. Mesa Safe All Steel Adjustable

The body of this item is good quality steel. You can be sure of the safety level of the item with steel chrome plated locking bolts that are solid. The button is easy to push but there is also an electronic lock feature for extra safety.

You can also adjust the safe to give an outside depth of 6 inches. There are expandable shelves that have interior lighting. All you have to do is flip a switch

8. Southeastern Fire Resistant Wall Safe

The combination lock on this item is mechanical. It is extra safe with extra depth. The materials used to make it bring a good quality of fire resistance. This means that the contents of the safe will be protected in the event of a fire.

It is a great wall safe with high-quality materials. It comes with a hole filler that you can use to cover holes after installation. The weight is 60 pound with four bolts for installation

7. Stack-On IWC-22 in-Wall Cabinet

This item is designed to be a gun safe. Gun enthusiasts can comfortably and securely lock their guns using the item for safety there is versatility in the product which allows you to convert areas and create shelves. The shelves created can be used to store ammunition or other items.

You can also put in your documents besides other things. The locking system is 3 points with a key coded cylinder lock. There is added depth in case you need more space

6. BlumSafe Watch Winder Wall Safe

Quality is key with tis item. It has an advanced 500 DPI optical fingerprint system. There is also a four to eight digit code as well as a key opening system. There are sound alerts in the event that the door is left unlocked.

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A good quality LCD display is available with this product. There is a closable shelve that is also mounted on the door if you need to use the safe while open.

5. Stealth Heavy Duty Wall Safe

The product is protected by a hard plate and a relocker. With such a feature you can be sure there is good security. The shelf is not only carpeted but also removable.

The bottom part is also carpeted and there is a chrome handle attached to the safe. It goes deep in the wall to give stability. It has a thick steel plate door. The body is built of 12 guage steel that is highly reliable at all times

4. Viking Security Safe Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

This is an item that is made of steel that is laser cut. This means that it has no gaps after manufacture. There are warning sounds if the safe is left safe for more than a minute. Your information on the system is also retained if the battery is removed.

There is also an LCD panel that shows you the battery status and other displays. The item also has a time out period if there are ten incorrect fingerprint entries or five wrong PIN entries.

3. V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage

If you want something that is designed to stay between wall studs then this item will be ideal for you. You can hang a picture over the item for further concealment. Installation is easy and will not cause strain. It has a sturdy build that cannot be broken.

The locks are reinforced to give maximum protection. This is an item that has been made to meet quality standards. You will obviously be getting great value for your money.

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2. Protex Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

The digital electronic lock system in this item ensures that it is burglary safe. You can comfortably place your valuables without any worry. The door is automatically opened by a motorized locking bolt system. There are dual live motorized chrome bolts that keep everything in place.

There are also two shelves that are removable. With this item, you get approximately 44 cubic feet as your storage space. It is therefore ideal for most people.

1. Paragon Lock & Safe Electronic Wall Safe Hidden

You do not require multiple key copies if this item is your choice. This is because it uses digital entry. It is easy to operate and program. The space inside is large and it is generally a robust item.

The code can always be changed with the right credentials. It opens with a secret PIN that is entered accurately. The interior is powder coated. The door opens on the right to minimize space. The inside hinges have also tampered proof.


A lot of people wonder what kind of item to buy. With this article, you have accurate information on the products. It can act as your guide and help you make good decisions. You are able to make great buys that are worth your money. Some of the safes have exciting features like LCD displays and alarms. Consider the number of items that you want to keep in the safe.

Not everything that you will get in the market is always the right thing that you need, sometimes, you will get the wrong ones. you need some knowledgeable people to ensure that you are given the right advice. There are items here that you can adjust to create more space for your needs. With this article, you no longer have to worry about what is good in the market