Protecting your mail from intruders is very important. Some will be mischievous and want to take all your messages and information away from you. There is always a way that you can use to protect the mails that you are sent, using a wall mounted mailbox. It is powerful and strong enough to withstand any person that has no authority to collect mails from it. It is therefore wise to get products that you can lock and keep your things safe.

You will also need something that will not give the post workers a hard time. The deposit section should be large enough to ensure your letters and parcels are accommodated. Going for an item with an ergonomic design is also a good idea. This gives you a chance to have a lot of mail instead of constantly clearing out your mailbox. Get something that is strong. You do not want to spend money on items that are not durable. Have a look at some of the best products available.

List of The Best Wall Mounted Mailbox:

Preview Product Price
Locking Mailbox Wall Mounted Vertical– Jssmst Mail Boxes... Locking Mailbox Wall Mounted Vertical– Jssmst Mail Boxes...#
Amagabeli Black Wall Mounted Mailbox Large 18' Vertical... Amagabeli Black Wall Mounted Mailbox Large 18" Vertical...#
Architectural Mailboxes 2689RZ Wayland Wall Mount Mailbox,... Architectural Mailboxes 2689RZ Wayland Wall Mount Mailbox,...# $50.00 $42.49
Wall Mounted Mailbox Size: Large, Label: Stainless Steel,... Wall Mounted Mailbox Size: Large, Label: Stainless Steel,...# $139.00
Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black,... Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black,...# $69.27
KYODOLED Locking Wall Mount Mailbox,Mail Boxes Outdoor with... KYODOLED Locking Wall Mount Mailbox,Mail Boxes Outdoor with...# $22.99
ARCHITECTURAL MAILBOXES 2541RZ-10 Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall... ARCHITECTURAL MAILBOXES 2541RZ-10 Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall...# $90.00 $57.69
Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 Designer locking mailbox,... Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 Designer locking mailbox,...# $45.88 $25.85
Woodlands Wall-Mount Mailbox, Medium Horizontal, Black Steel... Woodlands Wall-Mount Mailbox, Medium Horizontal, Black Steel...# $50.00 $27.34
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10. ALXLX Outdoor Wall-Mounted Weatherproof Mailbox

People who want something that will give out a good impression in their homes can benefit from this product. It has a classy design that makes it attractive. This product also gives the post workers an easy time.

Inserting letters and parcels is a simple task with the product as a choice. It has an ergonomic make that ensures there is enough space to fit in parcels and letters. The lock comes with two keys

9. Jssmst Locking Mailbox Wall Mounted Vertical

If you do not want to constantly clear your mail then this is a great option for you. It is large enough to accommodate magazines and large envelopes for days at a time. You get two keys so there is no need to make an extra copy.

The lock is efficient to keep people away from your privacy. It has a strength that comes from galvanized steel. The powder coating gives this item admirable durability and protection against weather

8. AMAGABELI Black Wall Mounted Mailbox

The design of this item is perfect for residential and commercial areas. It has a modern look that is sure to add flair to your area. There is a lid that hangs over the item to ensure the contents of the mail do not pour out of the box.

The cover is galvanized steel and magnetic to provide great security. It has two keys that you can use at all times. The drop slot is wide enough to allow letters of different sizes in

7. Architectural Mailboxes 2689RZ Wayland Wall Mount Mailbox

This product has amazing features that make it a choice for most people. The roof lifts open in a simple way to allow the retrieval of mail effortlessly. You are guaranteed to have easy installation. There are four pre-drilled holes as well as for instructions and mounting hardware.

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It comes with screws and plastic anchors that can be used for brick as well as other masonry installations. There are three square panels in front

6. ECCO Wall Mounted Mailbox

The dimensions on this item are 11.25 inches in width. The height is 14.5 inches while the depth is 4.5 comes in a satin black finish that is classy. It can only be mounted on the wall. The product comes in a large size that is sure to accommodate all your mail needs.

The material used to manufacture this item is of high quality. It is an item that is durable and can stand any type of weather.

5. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe

If you are looking for an item that is heavy duty then you are in luck. This product is constructed using heavy duty aluminum. The plastic materials attached to it are of good quality. It easily installs on the home’s exterior.

This comes in a medium size that can still accommodate your needs. Its capacity is 840 cubic inches. The door is of premium duty and has a cam lock that has two locks.

4. Kyodoled Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

The stylish design on this item is sure to blow away your mind. It is made of strong metal with three digital combination lock. The combination lock has over possible 1000 combination code making this product more secure than most.

With the right combination you get fast and immediate access. You can also reset the lock to your own combination. The instructions have only three steps that are simple to follow. It is resistant to rust and scratches to give you good usage.

3. ARCHITECTURAL MAILBOXES Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mailbox

This is one of the most durable products you can find in the market. It is powder-coated not only on the outside but also on the interior part. This ensures that there is no rust that can corrode it. It is also impossible to find scratches on the item.

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The hinge pins are made of stainless steel which gives absolute long-lasting qualities. Easy installation is made possible by the four pre-drilled holes.

2. Gilbraltar Wall-Mount Mailbox

A product such as this one usually comes with great strength. It is designed to last long and give you value for your money. The outer part is powder-coated . the finish comes off as an elegant Venetian bronze.

With a finish like this one, you can be sure that the weather will not affect this item. It is durable to serve you for a long time. It has medium capacity that holds mail well.

1. Gibraltar Gibraltar Mailboxes Woodlands

Outside elements are not able to damage this product. The textured black powder coating paint ensures that there is added protection from wear and tear. It has a clean appearance that adds a great look to your home.

There is a cutout template that is included in the construction to make installation simple. It comes fully assembled so as not to give you extra work. The vacant space on the item accommodates numbers or letters.


This article is meant to guide you as you set out to shop for the perfect wall mounted mailbox. Most of the items have a perfect design that ensure the look in your home is left great. The items also have a sturdy build which is necessary. They do not rust and some do not scratch. The products are a sure way to keep your mail safe. Go for something that will give you maximum security.