Unicycling is rapidly becoming a prevalent sporting activity that is entirely fun and stylish in its unique manner. A unicycle refers to a vehicle that stands and is controlled on a single wheel. Cycling a unicycle forms a perfect method of improving strength, stability, and coordination as well as concentration.

Since there are no handles to hold onto, you use your legs and core muscles very differently on a unicycle than you do when riding a bicycle. It facilitates a low impact workout that entirely helps your joints. On top of that, it is an enjoyable way to get your cardio.

Well, if you are interested in riding a unicycle but you do not know which one is the right one for you, then lucky you if landed on this page. We do understand that the market is awash with tons of brands or models of these units, each claiming to be distinctive. While it is true some are great, others are downright awful. For that reason, we took it upon ourselves to research and come up with a comprehensive list of ten best unicycles you can find in the market today. We do not stop there though; we are going to make your shopping a lot easier taking advantage of our well-explained buying guide. Keep reading this page then to unearth what we have hidden in this article!

List of the 10 Best Unicycles in 2021:

10. Sun Unicycle Flat Top

The Sun Unicycle Flat Top starts our review as one of the best and recommendable unicycles on the market. It possesses a unique look and feel that most riders enjoy. It has a foothold for riders to stand on to have an enjoyable ride comfortably. Besides, it is designed to repel flexion while performing freestyle maneuvers.

Its wheels are made of lightweight aluminium alloy for easy control. Being availed in 20 or 24-inch options, the Sun Unicycle Flat Top is meant to suit riders having moderate heights. The saddle has a classic unicycle shape featuring scuff guards on the front and back to prevent it from getting damaged in the event of a fall.

Special Features:

  • Highly tensile frame with brown, green color plus black accents offer both durability and elegance
  • Lightweight anodized alloy wheel for swift riding
  • Long-lasting sealed bearing hub makes it reliable
  • Classic unicycle saddle with front and rear scuff guards enhances comfort and safety
  • Secure single bolt seat post clamp improves convenient use

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09. Fun 16-Inch Wheel Unicycle

Are you a first-time unicyclist or a casual rider looking for your match? The Fun 16-inch Wheel Unicycle is the best choice for you. It is a fun and creative way of exercising, whether indoor or outdoor. Besides, this unicycle will challenge not only your coordination but also your balance.

The Fun Unicycle is availed in three-color options as well as 16, 20, and 24-inch sizes from which you can select the one you desire. It has a quick-release clamp that allows you to adjust the saddle quite easily to fit your height. This unicycle is designed to last for long without cracking or wearing out.

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Special Features:

  • Comes in 16, 20, and 24-inch sizes plus multiple colors for selecting your match
  • Its simple design makes it suitable for beginner or casual unicyclist
  • The seat has a quick-release post clamp plus it can be adjusted for a comfortable use
  • It has an excellent quality Kenda tire and aluminium rim for durability and swift cycling

08. AW 16-Inch Wheel Unicycle

This is yet another wonderful and elegant unicycle featuring a 16-inch wheel plus a 2.125-inch tire that makes your ride smooth and stress-free. Its unique tire design incorporates an excellent skid-proof mountain outer tire and a leakage-proof butyl inner tire. As a result, you will ride for a longer time without having to replace the tires now and then.

The rational design of the AW 16-Inch Wheel Unicycle is entirely according to the somatology and movement features. The blue color makes it very attractive to the eye and gives it a stylish and modern look. With a quick-release seat post clamp, you can effectively adjust the saddle to suit your height.

Special Features:

  • Frame constructed with manganese steel is durable
  • Heavy manganese steel mute bearings for smooth riding
  • Heavy density and thick tires with two layers are durable and puncture-free
  • Extra thick alloy aluminium rim offers great stability
  • Steel fork with powder-coated finish makes it an excellent choice for professionals and novices

07. RALEIGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle

Do you want to add a few tricks to your great riding experience? If that is the case, then the Raleigh Unistar Unicycle gives you all the opportunity to do so perfectly. It is constructed with a lightweight Chromoly steel frame, allowing easy maneuvering by the rider. This does not mean it is weak. In fact, it lasts you longer than you may think.

Coming in 24 and 26-inch sizes plus four different colors, selecting the best fit for your style is enhanced. There are alloy crank arms and a sealed bearing hub in this unicycle designed for efficient performance. The saddle is equipped with a front grab handle and rear scuff guard that ensures the safety of the rider while improving their riding experience.

Special Features:

  • Lightweight Chromoly steel frame allows easy maneuverability
  • Alloy lightweight wheels with corrosion-resistant spokes for long-lasting performance
  • Alloy crank arms and soaked bearing hubs enhance efficiency
  • Freestyle saddle with front handlebar and scuff guards gives additional comfort
  • Oversized cartridge bearing axle gives extra toughness and durability

06. Hoppley 20-Inch Unicycle

What a fantastic this unicycle brand is! It is one of the best units with a unique and fashionable design, including safety gear. This means that you can easily control the cycling speed at your convenience. It is a perfect price point for any first-timer with minimal maintenance required but tons of smiles riding it.

Its single-walled steel rim makes it easier to maneuver thus the perfect fit for any beginner cyclist who would like to learn simple hopping tricks. The blue-colored saddle gives this unicycle an elegant and amazing look. Above all, the Hoppley Unicycle is constructed with a strong steel frame that guarantees you a long-lasting performance.

Special Features:

  • Single wall rim is meant to enhance smooth cycling
  • Hoppley saddle is blue in color for elegancy and well-padded for ultimate comfort
  • UDC cotterless hub, Center bearing, and the hardened spindle gives additional rigidity and durability
  • The steel frame is made strong and durable to last seasons of use
  • Welded rectangular mounting bracket allows for easy storing

05. Sun 28-Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

This is an excellent choice for both first-time riders and those with any levels of experience. The Sun Classic Unicycle comes in a wide range of sizes right from 16 to 28-inches so that any rider can find the best fit for their desires. You will like how each size can be adjusted to specific sizes so that it always fits you perfectly.

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Its saddle has a classic design comprising a built-in scuff guard that provides ultimate security so that it never breaks whenever it falls. The seat adjustment is made pretty easier and faster thanks to the quick release design incorporated in the saddle. With the sturdy steel frame construction, the Sun Classic Unicycle is sure to last for long.

Special Features:

  • Availed in multiple sizes ranging from 16 to 28-inch to cater for a wide range of riders
  • Saddle with in-built scuff guards ensures maximum safety
  • The seat has quick-release post clamp feature for easy adjusting to fit your height needs
  • It is made with a simple and durable design to suit best first-time cyclists as well as others
  • Alloy crank, rim and UCP steel spokes are resistant to wearing, thus durable

04. Avenir Deluxe Unicycle

Elevate the stability of your body while enjoying a completely innovative practice of workout on Avenir Deluxe Unicycle. It is perfectly designed with amazing features for a more comfortable and relaxed ride. You will find this unicycle incredibly long-lasting regards to the robust chrome-plated steel frame.

Its seat is well cushioned to provide the cyclist with exceptional levels of comfort. On top of that, the Avenir Deluxe Unicycle’s seat can be adjusted as desired, allowing you to effectively customize the saddle position for optimum comfort as well as ease riding. Besides, you will find it in 2 different sizes -16 and 24-inch sizes -for you to choose the best for you.

Special Features:

  • The king-size steel frame that is chrome-plated to enhance longevity
  • Softened saddle plus the scuff guard feature offers both coziness and resilience
  • Adjustable seat to suit your demands while providing additional comfort
  • The newly upgraded wheel support plus wrapped bearings enable it to endure maximum weight

03. Fantasycart 16-Inch Unicycle Cycling Indoor and Outdoor

The Fantasycart 16-inch Unicycle takes the third spot in our reviews as top-quality equipment engineered for use by both a novice and a professional rider. It is uniquely developed conferring to the movement features and somatology. The wheel bearing enhances smooth riding while the large saddle with a special design gives additional comfort and safety.

It comes with a steel fork with powder-coated finish rim that makes it incredibly durable in performance. The cotterless crank arm is constructed by aluminum, which makes it lighter in weight; thus, flexible control is enhanced. A PVC quick-release mechanism is added to the saddle for easy adjustment of seat position, as you want.

Special Features:

  • Comes with a slide proof 2.125-inch rubber tire for maximum safety use on even dumpy surfaces
  • Extra-large saddle with PVC quick release feature for a comfortable seat adjustment
  • Steel frame construction for incredible strength and durability
  • Effortless to assemble with no tools required

02. Fantasy cart Unicycle 20-inch In and Out Door

This great unicycle comes with a size of 20-inch is suitable enough for fast cycling anywhere you want, whether in your backyard or the neighborhoods. The black rubber tire has a width of 2.125-inches that help in preventing sliding over wet surfaces and improves traction in general.

The best part with this unicycle is that you can easily adjust the seat height up to a maximum of 40-inches. This means that even taller riders are comfortably accommodated. Besides, it is strongly designed with a robust steel frame that can comfortably support riders with a maximum weight of up to 75kg.

Special Features:

  • Slide proof tire enhances excellent traction as well as durability
  • The seat can be adjusted to a maximum height of up to 40-inches to accommodate different users
  • Strong steel frame supports a maximum weight of up to 75kg and its durable
  • It has a rim with high power dual-wall aluminium fork for additional strength and durability

01. Fun 20-Inch Wheel Unicycle

The Fun 20-Inch Unicycle is the best pick for a first time unicyclist or a casual rider who wants to elevate their riding experience. It is designed to offer the most enjoyable and creative way of carrying out an exercise. This unicycle will challenge not only your balancing but also your body coordination.

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It is beautifully availed in multiple sizes and colors to allow riders to select their most preferred one depending on their style and desires. The Fun 20-Inch Unicycle is equipped with cartridge bearings, which enhances smooth and stress-free pedaling. With the quick-release seat post clamp plus comfortable saddle, you can easily adjust the seat height, as you want. This unicycle is top-class performing equipment no wonder it takes the first spot in our reviews.

Special Features:

  • Its simple design makes it ideal for beginner or casual unicyclist
  • Comes in 16, 20, and 24-inch sizes plus multiple colors for selecting your match
  • The unit bearing offer charming cycle
  • The adjustable saddle features a quick-release clamp for comfortable use
  • It has an excellent quality Kenda tire and aluminium rim for durability and swift cycling

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best unicycles:

If you are interested in unicycling but you are wondering how you will select the right unicycle that will suit your desires, including skill levels, do not worry any more. We are here to help you. By using our rich and detailed information in this section, you will be in a vast and better position to learn about the vital things about unicycles and then our list above will help you narrow down your picks even more.

Type of unicycle

This should be the first thing to look out when purchasing a unicycle. They are much more complicated than you may think. Unicycles are of different kinds like the learner, freestyle, trails, road, and mountain unicycles. As a result, each type is designed to handle a specific role. It is a good idea to identify first what purpose the unicycle will serve. Then from that point, you can select the best for your fit.

Saddle/ Seat

An uncomfortable seat is what will always make you give up with a unicycle. It will never give you little time to hang on it easily. For you want to start the road with success, you need a good seat. A good seat/ saddle is characterized by bumpers which offer extra protection, front handles for a comfortable grip, and it’s covered by foam. Besides, an adjustable seat would be a better option.


Many unicycles are equipped with plastic pedals, which work well, but they are prone to breaking. Even though you can replace them, this will mean that you spend some extra cost. A right pedal should be made of metal-like material that can pass the test of time and save you from replacing one after another. On top of that, it should have a more comprehensive platform for comfortable resting of your foot. If you should use plastic pedals, they need to be highly reinforced for them to last a bit.


Most unicycles are made of steel or aluminium frames. Steel made frames are least expensive even though it is more substantial than aluminium. However, it is flexible and bends a little when intense force is applied and then breaks. For the case of aluminium made frames, they are lighter than steel ones yet more expensive. Besides, they are incredibly strong that they rarely break no matter how much force you apply. Depending on your desires and budget, you should select one that will best fit your budget.

As seen above, the unicycle is an exclusive brand in the cycling industry, which will not only give you an enjoyable ride but also help you improve your body balancing, coordination, strength, as well as concentration. Above all, they are a unique way of performing cardiovascular exercises. All these will be possible if you get the right unicycle. Using our buying guide above, you can comfortably pick the best one from the list of 10 best unicycles in the market today. If you are stuck choosing between great options, you can always refer to our buying guide, which helps you make informed decisions. Good luck folks in your shopping life unicycles 🙂