To boost the excitement of fishing for everyone, we have brought you ten of the best fishing cameras that are capable of going underwater and locating fish for you in an instant. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you can go to them. But even if you are not into fishing, you can still get one of these states of the art underwater fishing cameras and capture amazing footage underwater for sharing them with your friends and family.

And, you will be presented with a buying guide at the end of this review, in order to help you look for the one that is to your liking. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

List of Top 10 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras in 2021 on

#10. OKK Fishing Camera

#10. OKK Fishing Camera

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The OKK fishing camera features 30pcs LEDs, with 15pcs infrared lighting for low-light and 15pcs white LEDs for bright light, both can be adjusted and can function either separately or simultaneously. The cam is attached to a cable that has the length of 98 feet, long enough for you to go 30m deep. It has an IP68 waterproof rating. It can withstand extreme temperature, from -20 all the way up to 60 degrees, with a storage temperature that goes from -30 to 80 degrees. As for its battery life, it can operate up to 8 hours with just 4 and a half hours of charging. It has a 12.6v/4400mAh lithium battery and an AC 100-240 4500mA charger.

Along with the camera, there is a 9-inch IPS monitor with 1080*720p HD resolutions. It has touch-screen buttons and a 12v DC input voltage. Not only that, but this LCD monitor also has a sun-visor which you can attach to, in order to get a better view during hot sunny days. And to top it off, you’ll be offered a durable waterproof case for easy portability as well.

#9. Ovetour Underwater Fishing Cameras

#9. Ovetour Fishing Camera

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Start your fishing day with an Ovetour fishing camera. Built with a top-quality lens, it can function on high-definition 1080p, capturing videos in clear and sharp images. It has 24pcs lights in overall, with 12pcs IR lights, and 12pcs LED lights, allowing you to have better visuals in the dark as you go deeper underwater. You can either turn them on at the same time or independently. It is IP68 waterproof, capable of going 15mn deep with its long cable. Moreover, it has a 12v/4500mAh lithium battery, which is capable of running for a maximum of 8 hours after fully charged, allowing you to explore underwater for a longer duration.

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The monitor comes with an IPS 7-inch screen that can operate on 1280*720p high-definition. And not to mention, it will provide you with accurate measurement of the water’s depth and temperature as well. The package will include a sunshade, a power-adapter, afloat, plastic rings, metal clips, a user manual, and also a case for you to carry all of your fishing equipment conveniently and safely.

#8. GMSUNNY Underwater Fishing Cameras

#8. GMSUNNY Fishing Camera

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GMSUNNY fishing camera is capable of rotating 360o with two-speed modes offered, capturing the surrounding view in high-resolution. The rotation’s direction can also be controlled as well, to either left or right. It is attached to a 20m cable that is made out of black PU skin, able to withstand corrosion, tension, and intense temperature. As for the camera, it consists of 18pcs infrared LEDs, and 20pcs white lights, in a total of 38pcs all are able to be adjusted at your will. It is IP68 waterproof, with operation temperature that can go from -20 to 60 degrees, while its storage temperature is -30 to 80 degrees. What’s more, it has a lithium battery with a capacity of 4500mAh that can be recharged using the battery cell box provided. It can operate at a maximum duration of 8 hours.

And not to forget the monitor, it has a 9-inch color screen that can display the underwater view in 1280*720 HD resolutions. There is also a detachable sun-visor provided in case of bright environments. Added to this, it includes a free 8GB TF card for DVR function as well, which allows you to record underwater view.

#7. Anysun Underwater Fishing Cameras

#7. Anysun Fishing Camera

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Anysun fishing camera is capable of capturing wonderful sceneries underwater in 1280*720p HD images. This Underwater Fishing Camera is equipped with 30pcs LEDs, with 15 of those are infrared lights and 15 white LEDs. It is able to rotate 145o, giving you a wider viewing angle. It has an HD CMOS image sensor and a sapphire lens for damage prevention. Moreover, this IP68 waterproof cam is connected to pressure and cold-resistant cable, which comes in two selectable line lengths of 15m or 30m. It can be attached horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, it has a 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that can sustain 8 hours of operation when in full health.

The underwater view will be displayed in a 7-inch IPS LCD monitor that has a DVR function. It has a resolution of 1280*720p and 12v Dc input voltage. Moreover, a sun-visor is provided to make it easy for you to fish during sunny days. The package also includes a 16G SD card, a DC adaptor, afloat, fishing rod accessories, and an aluminum case big enough for you to store all of your fishing equipment for easy portability.

#6. Aqua-Vu Underwater Fishing Cameras

#6. Aqua-Vu Fishing Camera

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Aqua-Vu fishing camera is a great little partner for those out there who love sea fishing or ice fishing. Thanks to its small size design, you will be able to bring it along with you easily when on fishing trips. The thump-sized camera consists of infrared lighting that will illuminate in the dark, allowing you to see clearly underwater. It is connected to a strong 50 feet cable that is resistant to abrasion. It attaches the micro cam and can be wrapped around an integrated spool at the back of the monitor. The camera can move stealthily underwater without spooking the fishes away. What’s more, there’s even a trolling fin provided to put on the cam in order to blend into the environment. It runs on a lithium rechargeable battery that can go up to 6 hours of working time.

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You will be able to observe the underwater topography in a phone-sized 4.3-inch high-definition LCD monitor. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It can also be easily mounted on a stand as well.

#5. LUCKY Underwater Fishing Cameras

#5. LUCKY Fishing Camera

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Lucky fishing camera is the little helper that will get your buckets filled with fish. This fish finder is made in a size small enough for you to easily put it in your bag when you go fishing. Its camera can capture photos, videos clearly underwater in a visible angle of 120o. It has 4pcs infrared LED lights that will provide non-spook illumination, allowing you to see the quantity, types, and movement of the fish. The cam is attached to a cable that sizes up 20m in length. It is resistant to corrosion and pulls, making it impossible to snap during operation. As for the battery, it can function for 4 hours straight after you have fully charged it.

Moving on to its monitor, it is a 4.3-inch high-definition LCD display that will allow you to see underwater in full color. It has a resolution of 300,000 pixels. And thanks to its size, you can easily hold it in your hand, mount it on a bracket, or even put it on your fishing rod. It can be placed either in a horizontal or vertical position to watch.

#4. Aqua-Vu Fishing Camera

#4. Aqua-Vu Fishing Camera

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Here is another Aqua-Vu fishing camera for all you fishing enthusiasts. This one comes at a larger size compared to the previous one. The cam has color CMOS camera optics that will capture and record the underwater view in spectacular color. It is equipped with adjustable fins for down and side viewing. Added to this, there’s adjustable infrared lighting that will provide low-light illumination, bright enough for you to observe easily while not scaring off the fish. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating as well. And attaching the cam to the monitor is an integrated cable, ranging 50-feet in length. In addition, this fish-finder runs on a 12v/7.2mAh battery which can be recharged using the charger provided.

As for the displayer, it comes with a 7-inch full-color high-definition LCD monitor. And along with it also includes a sun shield which is for protecting your screen during hot weather. It also provides a custom storage bag that can even store a 5-gallon bucket.

#3. GoFish Fishing Camera

#3. GoFish Fishing Camera

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If you don’t like the look of a monitor, then here is the perfect fishing cam for you. Created differently compared to other fish-finders, GoFish Cam comes with a free float accessory instead of a monitor. It enables you to live-stream the action below the surface via a mobile app on your smart-phone. And if you decide not to stream the action, you can still review the underwater footage. It captures videos in an amazing 1080*720p high definition, so you can share your fishing experience with your friends and family.

This fishing camera is designed to attach to the line of your fishing rod. It has a hydrodynamic shape that will record footage is a stable and steady position. It is convenient to rig and adaptable to any fishing style. Furthermore, it has night vision green LEDs that will allow you to have better vision in the dark as you go deeper underwater. And not to mention, three stabilizations fins are also included with the package. It has a predetermined weight system and can withstand 1000lbs of tension.

#2. Moocor Fishing Camera

#2. Moocor Fishing Camera

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Mooncor fishing camera is an IP68 waterproof fish-finder. It has a 1000tvl high-definition camera that can offer you a 120o viewing angle. There are infrared LED lights that can illuminate far and clear in non-spooking low light. Added to this, it also has a CMOS sensor and fins as well. The cam is connected to the monitor with the 15m long cable made from black PU skin. It is as tough as they come and is resistant to cold temperature and corrosion. It can endure a maximum bearing tension of 15kg. Moving on to its battery life, it can operate for 8 hours straight after fully charged. It has a 3.7v/3000mAh battery, powerful enough to let you fish for half of your day.

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The 4.3-inch high-definition LCD monitor has several features including water-resistance, low battery reminder, high fidelity video output, and power-saving mode as well. Along with the package will also provide highlight LED backlight and a sun-visor, to help protect your monitor screen under sunny days.

#1. Eyoyo Fishing Camera

#1. Eyoyo Fishing Camera

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The fish-finder from Eyoyo features a high-definition camera, with a 1000tvl program chip. The cam is equipped with 12pcs infrared LED lights that will light up dark areas to offer you better vision. It is IP68 waterproof. Moreover, the cable that attaches the cam comes in three different sizes, from 15m, 30m to 50m. So both deep-divers and normal fishers can use this product. As for the battery, it has a lithium rechargeable battery that can function up to 8 hours continuously when in full health.

And for the above water view, you have a 7-inch TFT color LCD monitor that will display the action underground in 800*480 pixels. Along with the monitor, you also have a sun-visor which you attach to the monitor when the weather is hot and detach it whenever you want. And to top it off, there is a mini case provided, which you can place all of your fishing accessories in when you are going fishing.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Underwater Fishing Cameras in 2021


A bad camera will be unable to capture anything underwater. That’s why you need to look for the one that doesn’t just record footage in high-resolution, but also one that either has IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating as well. And not to forget lighting as well, cams that are equipped with infrared LEDs are great choices.


A monitor is another essential aspect to look at when purchasing a fishing cam. After all, being able to see underwater is the entire purpose in the first place. As such, you want to get the one that has a monitor with high resolution and full color, in order to get a clear view so you’re able to catch the fish efficiently.


The last thing to look out for is the cable. It’s important as it is the connector between your cam and your monitor; it’s what allows the monitor to display what the cam is capturing. That’s why you don’t want to have a cable that can easily snap. Look for the one that is anti-corrosion and able to withstand cold temperatures. It’s also a good idea to purchase a fish-finder that has a long cable since it’ll allow you to explore deeper underwater.

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No matter if you are a fisherman/woman, or just a sea-animal enthusiast, owning one of these fishing cameras will surely help you see the world below the surface. So with all the information regarding the products and buying guide presented above, I hope you will find your wanted fishing partner.

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