Taking good care of children is an important task every parent should pay close attention to. Parents have to be careful when it comes to everything they let the child use or be in touch with – whether they are food, toys, clothes, and other accessories. In today’s topic, we’re going to explore strollers; particularly travel strollers ones that are portable, and perform just as great as a regular stroller. Thus, here’s a look at the top 10 best travel strollers of the year.

List of the Best Best Travel Strollers

10. Lightweight Stroller with Aluminum Frame by Summer Infant

This number of 10th travel stroller is from the Summer Infant brand. It is the model 3Dlite which is such a convenient stroller available in black color. This stroller looks very stylish and is made with an aluminum frame. The whole stroller is very light in weight. It is only about 13 pounds, so you will find it easy to carry with you during a trip.

Moreover, this stroller can be folded as well. So, it is good for storage space. The stroller can support up to 50 pounds of children’s weight. It is the four wheels position kind of stroller which is very stable and smooth.

This stroller has also got its under-seat storage where you can also place any necessary products for your kids. It has handles; easy for you to hold and push forward. The position of this stroller also can be adjusted, too.

09. Folding Lightweight Baby Stroller by Besrey

Here is another model from the Besrey brand, and it is such a beautiful and high-quality stroller for kids. This type of stroller is designed in such a lightweight and foldable profile to offer you the utmost convenience.

You can easily bring it along on a trip by putting it in your car, and you can also carry it on a plane too. Its weight is only 14 pounds and it is designed in gray color. With this travel stroller, your baby can have such a comfortable space for sleeping or sitting.

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This stroller is suitable for babies from 0 to 36 months. For the safety of your baby, at the seat of this stroller, there are 5 harness seat belts. Moreover, you can find a handlebar that allows parents to hold and push their baby forward with it. The stroller also contains one window above for air circulation.

08. Pockit Lightweight Stroller by GB

Are you looking for a lightweight stroller for your baby that you can easily bring along on the holidays? If so, this model is also another highly recommended option for you. This is from the GB brand.

Its weight is only 9 pounds and it has the ability to carry the baby’s weight up to 55 pounds. Your baby can sleep or sit in a very comfortable space with this stroller design as it is wrapped with soft padded foam and also made with adjustable positions. It is an adjustable four-wheel position stroller that you will find it very smooth when you’re pushing it.

Moreover, you will find this stroller very durable as its frames are made from aluminum. Plus, you can also put some stuff at the under-seat storage as well.

07. Nano Stroller by Mountain Buggy

Another lovely pick is from the Mountain Buggy brand. It is a black classic stroller for your children up to 4 years old. It can handle about 44 pounds of weight. As it is a travel type of stroller, you will find this stroller very convenient to use because it can be folded to meet the requirements of the airplane’s carry on.

Moreover, this stroller comes along with its own bag that you can fold it into a small size and put it in that bag for traveling time. The seating space of this stroller is pretty cool as it is adjustable so your baby can either sit, sleep or rest their back on the stroller in any position. The stroller is also equipped with a roof umbrella as protection from the sunshine.

06. Ultralight Umbrella Stroller by Joovy

Joovy is also one of the best choices of travel strollers that you can buy for your kid. This stroller is pretty on its own; it has a simple design, good materials as well as a cozy space for your children to chill in. There are four colors available such as black, blue, red and gray. This one can be used for a newborn baby up until when they reach 44 pounds in weight.

The stroller has a four-wheel position and two wheels on its side. It offers smooth-rolling always. This stroller is also light in weight (only 14 pounds) and it can be folded for easy storage. There is a two-cup holder with this stroller as well as one zipper storage at the backside. Additionally, it is designed with roof protection for kids as well.

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05. Jogging Stroller by BOB Gear

Bob Gear also has its own brand of travel strollers for your baby. This model from Bob Gear is very unique as it has only 3 wheels. However, those 3 wheels are very strong as they are big and they support up to 75 pounds in weight. Moreover, other support materials of this stroller such as frames and handle and storage space are very durable as well.

The handlebar allows parents to hold it very conveniently. The stroller can also be adjusted and you can push the stroller forward very smoothly. This whole stroller can also be folded which makes it easy to bring along on a trip like placing it on the back of the car or carrying it on a plane.

04. Easy Fold Compact Travel Strollers by Kolcraft

Kolcraft brand is another top-rated, lightweight travel stroller. The stroller from Kolcraft will satisfy you with its abilities to offer you and your kid the ultimate convenience. This stroller is designed with a 4 wheels position; they can support up to 40 pounds of weight. You can walk your baby in the garden with this lovely stroller; you can push it with the handlebar.

This stroller also has its roof for sun protection, and the seating area is very comfortable and adjustable as your kid can sleep or sit or play in a good position inside the stroller. This product is only 11 pounds and foldable that also makes it easy to carry along.

03. Infant LX Stroller by Graco

Here is another superb 4 wheels stroller that you can buy for your kid. This is the glacier model 2015 which can put 2 children in one stroller. The stroller itself is quite big and it has 12 seat options for your two kids. You can adjust to any position as you want with its quick tools. This stroller can put up until 50 pounds in weight.

It also has a handlebar that allows parents to push their kids forward. The sitting area is very comfortable as the stroller is designed with softly padded foam. There is also one big storage under the seat as well. Moreover, if you go on a trip, you can just fold it and put it at the back of your car or carry it onto a plane.

02. Portable Folding Baby Stroller by Jovial

Let’s get to the Jovial brand, a brand many parents love. This stroller from Jovial has a very simple and safe design; you can put your kid to relax, sleep or sit with peace of mind.

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This stroller is made with 4 wheels positions. It has the ability to hold up to a 3 years old kid with a weight of 35 pounds. The whole stroller is very light in weight which is about 16 pounds and it is can also fold as well.

It has such a comfortable seat space for your kid. It also consists of one storage tray for you to put necessary kids’ items for your kid. There is also a seat belt for your kid’s safety and a roof umbrella for sun protection too.

01. Compact Folding Stroller with Travel Bag by Delta Children

Moving on to the last brand of the best-selling travel strollers, this is one model from Delta Children. Delta Children’s stroller is super simple and lightweight that makes it easier for you to use. It is only 14 pounds. It is a very good one for travel as you can fold it to a smaller size and it is super easy to fold.

This is recommended for kids up to 50 pounds. You can bring your kid anywhere even you go shopping, travel or on the plane; you can always carry your kid with this stroller. It has one storage basket and protection umbrella at the roof.

Buying Guide for best travel strollers

If you are looking for any type of stroller for your baby, you have to be careful and need to choose one that meets your needs, your baby’s needs, usage purpose, safety, etc. Hence, you won’t end up regretting and buying another one. So, below we would like to list down some guiding points that you can look at before you’re settling for any travel stroller.


First, we would like to recommend you to buy any model of stroller that has a lightweight because just so you know, lightweight strollers will allow you to carry them onto a plane or a car effortlessly, and they will be easy for you to bring along to a trip for accompanying your children.


For this part, we just want to note that if you are looking for a travel stroller, you need to look for a stroller that can be folded. Sometimes, you can also fold it and put it inside a given storage bag too.

Weight capacity:

As of weight capacity, you need to look for a stroller that has the ability to hold at least your bay’s weight. Just like we have mentioned in some models above, some strollers might be lightweight, but they can hold a baby up to 40 or 50 pounds. The materials and frames chosen do contribute to how strong and steady the stroller is as well.

Additional Storage:

Some strollers offer storage space at the back of the seat or under the seat. We all know how much stuff we need to bring along when we take a baby outside. Hence, this space can come in very useful.