Mornings are simply better with a good cup of coffee or tea. You probably also belong to these people who like to enjoy a nice cup on their way to work to start their days perfectly. With a takeaway cup from a coffee shop, beverages are often rather hot and challenging to carry. A regular tumbler is not burning your fingers, but the liquid inside does not cool down to a drinkable temperature unless you keep the lid open. Here come the electric or best travel mugs to the rescue. They keep your drink at exactly your preferred temperature, while the protective cover sits on tightly and avoid spilling and staining your clothes or bag.

Coffee Travel Mug

These travel mugs are your perfect buddies to transport your favorite drink anywhere. Many of them come with smart functions and can be controlled via specific apps. Usually, they feature convenient displays directly at the tumbler to let you set your preferred temperature. With the wide choice of options available, it is not easy to browse through all the travel mugs available these days. We have taken it upon us to find the best performing travel mugs and test these extensively to provide you our top 10 list of the most recommended travel mugs this year.

List of the Best Travel Mugs

10. Ember Heated Coffee Travel Mug, 12 oz

With the new and improved Ember Travel Mug, you will always have a warm coffee or tea with you wherever you go. A single charge of its battery will keep your beverage warm for up to three hours when you are on the go. With its charging coaster, you can place the mug on at your workplace or home to enjoy your hot drink the whole day. You can set any temperature between 120F – 145F.

The newly designed touch display lets you increase or decrease your drinking temperature conveniently. When touching the Ember logo, you will also see the temperature and battery life. You can control your travel mug also via your smartphone. The Ember app sets your temperature, receives notifications, and customizes your preset functions.

● 12 oz volume
● Up to three hours of battery life
● Convenient charging coaster
● Comes with the Ember smart app

● Hand wash only

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09. Muggo 12 oz Heated Travel Mug with Dual Charger

The Muggo travel mug features a unique dual charging station to provide you always your favorite warm beverage. You have the option to continue to heat your drink while at the same time you charge the detachable magnetic battery. The powerful battery provides you energy for up to three hours while traveling or commuting.

The leak-resistant lid keeps your hot drink and you safe from spills and droplets. You can open the 60-degree lid simply with just a click. The convenient LED touch display heats your coffee or tea to your preferred temperature in only 10 minutes or less. You can select your preferred heat from a range between 95F – 150F. The mug is made from premium BPA-free materials.

● Includes a dual charging coaster
● Up to three hours of battery life
● Convenient touch controls
● BPA-free materials

● Does not feature smart app control

08. Cauldryn Heated Travel Mug with 10 Hour Battery Life

Featuring a large volume of 16 oz and a battery life of up to ten hours makes the Cauldryn smart travel mug your perfect travel buddy on the road while commuting or traveling. Once you are stationary, you can place your mug conveniently on the desk base to keep your drinks warm. Simply select your preferred temperature with the buttons on the LCD on your cup.

The versatile large mug not only lets you keep your beverages warm but allows you to boil water, cook freeze-dried foods, or heat your soup. The mug also features a power-saving mode for an extended usage time. You can pair your smart travel mug with the dedicated app to control the temperature, battery status, or power-saving mode. You can set temperatures between 72F to 212F.

● Up to then hours battery life
● 16 oz volume
● Versatile use to heat liquid foods or boil water
● Vacuum insulated

● The lid’s slider is challenging to clean

07. EAST MOUNT Electric Portable Travel Coffee Warmer Cup

The East Mount travel mug is made of medical-grade 304 stainless steel and food-safe degree PEA material for worry-free use for your baby or children. The high-quality steel will not rust and can be cleaned by hand washing. The mug comes with a rechargeable 9600mAh battery, which can keep your drink hot for up to 6 hours. Furthermore, the battery can double as a power bank to charge your mobile phone.

The mug features a smart chip to stop it from heating automatically should the travel mug fall or have a too-small water quantity in the cup. This way, it avoids high-temperature burns by heated liquids. The leak-proof lid with a sealing ring prevents spilling and dropping while you are on the go.

● Seals liquids safely to prevent leaks and drops
● Comes with a drinking mouth
● The smart chip prevents high-temperature burns
● One year limited warranty

● Small bottle brushes are needed to clean the lid and drinking mouth

06. VSITOO S3 Pro App Travel Mug, Smart Mug Warmer

This nicely designed 12 oz travel mug in a classic coffee cup design comes with a transparent BPF-free siding lid. Your beverages will be kept safe from spilling, and the heat will not be related when you bring your coffee or tea along. You can set your desired beverage temperature between 96F – 149F, either with the APP control or by the touch button LED display. This also indicates to you the topic of battery power.

Powered by a 2500Ah high-capacity polymer lithium battery, the smart mug can keep your drinks warm between 4 – 8 hours on a single full charge. With the charging coaster, you can enjoy your warm coffee or tea all day long while at work or at your home. The mug body is made of double-layer vacuum stainless steel with double vacuum insulation.

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● Waterproof IPX7 certified
● Food grade ceramic acrylic coating
● Safe charging technology
● BPF-free siding lid

● The Bluetooth connection can have issues due to a short-range

05. EAST MOUNT Travel Mug for Car-use with LCD Digital Display

This travel mug is suitable for all those who commute long distances everyday or travel frequently. It comes with a 12V DC cigarette lighter plug, so you can charge it conveniently while driving. The travel mug’s body is made of “Tritan” material. This food safe material was originally developed for baby bottles. It contains medical grade 304 stainless steel, no weld seam, and welding slag inside. The mug’s capacity is 12 oz.

You control the mug with a convenient silicone button by simply using the “+” or “-” button to set your preferred temperature. The travel mug will automatically shut down in case the cup is tilted or dropped. The LCD indicates the temperature of the cup. This travel mug is also suitable for boiling water and preparing baby milk.

● Features an automatic shutdown function
● LCD temperature display
● Made of “Tritan” material
● Perfect for those who commute a lot by car

● Charges only by cigarette lighter plug

04. Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

The Ember temperature travel mug is a stylish tumbler to keep your beverages hot while you are on the go. With a battery life of up to two hours, you can conveniently commute to your workplace or keep your drink warm while on a short trip. Once you are stationary, you can place the mug on the charging coaster to keep your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea warm.

The mug includes seven temperature sensors and features a rapid cooling system plus a microprocessor-controlled heating system. You can select your preferred temperature settings with the LED display on your tumbler. The travel mug comes with a free app for your smartphone. You can set your preferred temperature, or customize presets. You can also track your caffeine consumption and customize the LED color on the mug.

● IPX7 rated
● Features seven temperature sensors
● Comes with a rapid cooling system
● Includes a dedicated free app

● The battery drains quite fast when continuously set to high temperatures

03. Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug

If you love retro designs, then this chic travel mug from Tech Tools will be your favorite. It is an excellent tumbler if you travel a long time by car each day and you look for a reliable heated cup to keep your beverages hot. The tumbler has a volume of 12 oz. Simply plug into your charger in your car. The 12 V power outlet is included in the box.

The travel mug has an on/off switch. The indication light and exterior temperature gauge inform you when your beverage has reached your desired temperature. The tumbler is thermally insulated to save energy while heating your drink. The travel mug can heat liquids to 160F.

● 12 oz volume
● On/off toggle switch
● Chic retro look
● Temperature indicator

● Suitable to be used in your car only

02. BURNOUT Travel Mug 12 oz by LEXO

BURNOUT praises itself that it was developed by a group of aerospace industry thermal engineers. This travel mug cools your hot coffee in minutes and helps you to enjoy your coffee or tea immediately at your preferred temperature. However, it maintains the perfect beverage temperature for hours.

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The mug is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. It features a dual chamber design, with two chambers configured from three layers of steel. Its second chamber is filled with HeatZorb, which quickly absorbs the heat from the coffee. All materials are food safe. This travel mug needs no battery to keep your drinks hot. Therefore, it is one of the few tumblers being dishwasher safe.

● Features HeatZorb technology
● Maintains the temperature for hours
● No batteries or chargers and cords needed
● Lifetime warranty provided

● The lid is challenging to maintain clean

01. PUNCIA Electric Heated Travel Mug for Cars

This car travel mug from PUNCIA comes with a trendy design. Furthermore, it is convenient to handle. All controls can be set with one hand only. Made from food-safe Tritan and 304 stainless steel, you can also heat tea or milk for your baby or children without worries.

To switch the tumbler on or off, you simply press the silicone button. With this button, you can also adjust your desired temperature. The LED display is easy to read, even in dim light. The travel mug can be disassembled for convenient and thorough cleaning to keep it free from germs, as well as dried milk or other food residues.

● LED display
● Made from Tritan food-safe material
● Convenient temperature setting at the mug
● Includes the 12V car charger

● If not screwed tight enough, the liquid can seep in between the liner and housing.


Electric or smart travel mugs are ideal if you have long commutes to your workplace or you like to travel longer distances. With these mugs, you can keep your beverage at precisely the right temperature you prefer. You will not need to deal anymore with cold and tasteless coffee or tea, which you will discard in the end. The electric tumblers keep the same temperature over hours, letting you enjoy your beverage at your speed.

Many travel mugs can also heat soup or baby milk, or just boil plain water, making them an even more ideal travel companion. Whatever model you decide on, make sure it is made from food-safe, high-quality materials to serve you safely and for a long time.

Buying Guide

As with every electric appliance, it is essential to check the travel mug’s safety you decide on before buying. This includes batteries, chargers, and cords. You deal with liquids, so you must be safe from electric shocks or even electrocution. Furthermore, the materials must be food-safe and release no harmful substances into your beverages. As you heat liquids, cheap materials cannot be trusted. Therefore, please check carefully before making a purchase. Also, take a look at the estimated battery life to ensure the tumbler is suitable for your commuting time. Charging is usually not an issue, as you can place the travel mug on the plug-in charging coaster once you are stationary.

The handling of the tumblers should be convenient and easy. This includes all models, whether they come with apps for your smartphone or display controls directly at the travel mug. As you might use the tumblers while driving, non-distracting handling with one hand is only essential. Otherwise, you need to stop each time you want to open a lid or change the temperature. Cleaning the travel mugs is necessary too. You might love Latte Macchiatos or Chai Tea Latte, and the hot milk can stick to the surfaces. Therefore, all food residues must be removable easily for hygiene reasons.