Adventures, travelers, and nomads – if you identify with in any way with these terms then you have come to the right place because we are about to show you some of the best travel blankets available on the market right now. Many of you probably already know this but a blanket is absolutely essential for any trip and finding a good one could be detrimental towards your traveling experience.

Whether it be keeping you warm during a cold hike up a trail into the mountains or providing comfort as you lay on the ground inside your tent on a campsite, it is one of the more important tools to have in your traveling gear.

As such, we have teamed up with a group of experts to research and look for the best and most suitable blankets for those of you who are always on the road. Here are the top ten Best Travel Blankets:

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List of the Best Travel Blankets

10. Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket for Camping

This great all-weather blanket is incredibly versatile as it has been engineered to provide you with comfort and protection through all sorts of weather and terrains. You will not regret purchasing this blanket.

This blanket made by Oceas is 100% waterproof and is made of high-quality plush fleece that will keep your body well insulated even in the coldest of temperatures. Despite being a fairly large blanket, 79’’ x 58’’, it remains light and compact allowing you to travel anywhere freely with it in your backpack.

For convenience, it also comes with a water-resistant portable bag with a handle that the blanket can be stored in. Whether it be the beach or a camping site in the forests, the Oceas outdoor blanket is the perfect companion to travel with.

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09. Teehome Extra Large Waterproof Travel Blanket

This is another great product made by Teehome. It uses a unique double proof technology that allows up to be water and wind-proof keeping you warm and dry through any conditions. On top of this, the blanket is extra comfy and provides you with the level of comfort that you need while traveling.

One great feature about this blanket is that it is multi-purpose. It can be used in any scenario – picnic, camping, or even sports events. To make things even more convenient for you, this is one of the few blankets that can be washed in a washing machine without facing any problems.

08. Arcturus Patterned Wool Blankets for Camping

This rugged and hefty blanket is meant to serve the most adventurous of travelers out there. Although it can be heavy to lug around your backpack all day, you will definitely be appreciative of this blanket once you used it as the thickness of this blanket allows you to stay completely warm through any cold climates.

It is made out of 80% wool which is another factor contributing to providing warmth as wool is a great insulator of heat. On top of this, even when it gets wet, this blanket can still keep you warm because of the use of wool.

It is also very large and spacious with a dimension at over 5 feet by 7 feet. This is just the right size to have with you nearly everywhere without being too bulky and cumbersome. With wool has an incredible property of being able to keep you warm, even when it’s wet. And can be used in every environment: ski trips, hunting, ice fishing, and even backyard BBQs.

07. Extra Thick Quilted Fleece Stadium Blanket by Down Under Outdoors

This unique blanket made by Down Under Outdoors has been specially crafted through a technique known as ultrasonic quilting. This prevents the two layers of the blanket from sliding one each other and solves the risk of slipping when stepping over the blanket. The blanket itself is made of a thick 300gsm fleece that will keep you warm and cozy in any situation.

06. Bluehills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

Bluehills’ travel blanket is definitely a strong contender for the best travel blanket on this list. Being made out of soft micro plush material, it is definitely one of the most comfortable blankets on this list. Its micro plus material gives it a soft and smooth texture that is absolutely pleasant to touch and cover yourself in. On top of this, it will be able to keep you extra warm throughout any adventures.

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05. Picnic and Outdoor Blanket by Laguna Beach Textile Company

Acting as a blanket for outdoor activities such as picnics and resting on the beach, this fleece blanket from Laguna Beach Textile Company is completely waterproof and sandproof allowing your time at the beach or the park to be without inconvenience. At the same time as providing such efficiency, the blanket also promises comfort as it is made from soft fleece material providing a sense of comfort and coziness.

Due to it being crafted from high-quality fleece, the blanket is lightweight and can be easily stored and carried around. Additionally, the blanket measures up to 72” by 57” – a size large enough to seat three adults or five small children. Moreover, this blanket comes in various colors and patterns of plain or plaid.

04. Horizon Hound Down Travel Blanket for Camping

Fourth on our list is the down camping blanket from Horizon Hound. As the external material of the blanket is the same material used on waterproof parkas and coats, this down blanket is 100% waterproof and weatherproof.

Additionally, its insides are stuffed with down feathers ensuring that the blanket as a whole is super lightweight as well as giving seaters a feeling of softness and comfort. Moreover, down feathers provide great heat insulation, and therefore, this down blanket can also act as a provider of heat during the cold weather.

What is even better is that the down feather allows the blanket to be folded and stuffed into a very small and compact pouch and can be easily carried around.

03. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

This CoolMax blanket from Cocoon is made from polyester but promises to be extremely lightweight and warm. This allows the blanket to be easily transported and carried around. The warmth that the blanket is able to keep within it makes it the perfect companion to bring onboard a long-haul flight.

Moreover, the blanket is crafted in such a way that it feels extremely soft to touch. This blanket can also be easily folded and stuffed into a small bag to be carried around with you wherever you go. It comes in various colors.

02. Outdoor Camping Blanket for Traveling by Rumpl

The Original Puffy by Rumpl is, as its name suggests, a puffy blanket. It is extremely light and can be easily stored due to its internal contents being made up of nothing but down feathers. Not only is the blanket itself resistant against water, but its sack which you can use to store the blanket it is also waterproof.

Furthermore, the blanket is resistant to odors, stains, and pet hair – all kinds of things which can be quite a nuisance when you bring a pet to your outdoor activities. This blanket will be of great usage for activities such as picnics at the park or rest at the beach as neither sand will be a problem nor will wine spills or a pet running rampage.

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01. Travel Blankets with Poncho and Zippered by Travelrest

The top product on our list of travel blankets is the 4-in-1 travel blanket from Travelrest. Advertised as being perfect for the home, auto, train, and air travel, this blanket truly does not disappoint. It is made from premium soft fleece which gives the user great comfort and softness when using it.

Moreover, its material is such that it can hold a good amount of heat-insulated within the blanket ensuring that you will be warm and cozy when you use it. It is lightweight, despite its cozy ingredients, and therefore, it can be carried around wherever you go.

Once stacked into its sack, this fleece blanket acts as a soft feathery internal content within the sack and allows the sack to be used as a pillow for head, neck, and lumbar support. The sack also comes up with a clip that you could attach to your luggage allowing for truly convenient travel.

Buying Guide for Best Travel Blankets

Material & Usage – Be sure to decide what you intend to use the blanket for. If you intend to use it simply to keep you warm during your travels, a fleece blanket is your best bet. However, a fleece blanket is almost surely a mistake for outdoor activities such as going on a picnic or lying on the beach. Fleece is not a great fighter against water or sand. If outdoor activities are what you intend to bring your travel blanket to, then be sure that the blanket your purchase is waterproof and sandproof.

Size – For usually big gathering activities such as picnics and the beach which often involve three to five people, the bigger the blanket the less you will worry if you will all fit. However, the bigger the blanket the heavier it might be to carry it around. Therefore, keep in mind to purchase a suitably-sized blanket for the occasion.

Extra/Special features- Some blankets may come with hidden pockets or space that allows you to store your belongings inside such as keys and wallets which provides an extra level of security and giving you peace of mind when you travel.


It can not be stressed enough how absolutely important and versatile blankets are during your travels. They are often light, easy to carry, and incredibly comfortable. They are the perfect addition to your travel gear if you do not already have one and will certainly make your next trip a whole lot easier. It helps keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable in many extreme conditions. We highly recommend that you grab yourself a good travel blanket before leaving on your next trip.