Standard hoverboards are known to give the best means of personal transport for hiking, commuting to workplaces, or anything else in between. There have been increased instances of accidents leading to fatal injuries among riders of hoverboards, especially the self-balancing brands. That is why it was necessary to invent another type of hoverboard that will help solve the above challenges, resulting to the birth of transforming hoverboard scooters. They provide a comfortable seat to sit on; secured handlebar for excellent grip, plus it is well designed with footrest parts giving you full control for the best riding experience.

With this, riding on a hoverboard is no longer something to be afraid of. While transforming hoverboards are such pulsating equipment, finding the best one is quite challenging, especially now that there are tons of options out there in the market owing its popularity. We have, however, made your shopping life a lot easier by identifying and selecting the best transforming hoverboard scooters in 2021 for your consideration. Besides, your buying experience has been considered and solutions provided in the buyer’s guide to the far end of this page. If you think we are going to respond to your demands, then keep reading this article to reveal what we have in the store for you!

List of the 10 Best Transforming Hoverboard Scooters in 2021:

10. KAA Go Kart Hoverboard Seat Attachment Accessories Hoverboard Kart

Change your hoverboard to a kart with this excellent hoverboard accessory giving you another way of riding and enjoying it to the maximum. It is uniquely designed to provide you with the best driving experience allowing you to safely stand on this scooter and have fun while on the ride. With only fewer injury risks, the Kart Hoverboard is safe to use by both kids and adults.

The seat frame is adjustable to fit users of all ages comfortably. It has eight gear positions with which you can efficiently select and change its length to the most comfortable one depending on your desires. Its durability is not affected by the lightweight design. With this scooter, you can take control of the handles to accelerate, brake, and turn among other plenty of styles.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable seat frame accommodates all users
  • High-quality material with stronger seat attachment allows
  • Eight gear positions are available to select
  • 3600 swivel two wheels plus foot pedals enable easy changing of direction desired
  • Two hands control for smooth acceleration, brakes or turning
  • The bigger front wheel offers an excellent driving experience

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09. Hover-1 Charger Electric Hoverboard and Go-Kart Attachment Combo

Hover-1 Charger Go-Kart Combo offers a suitable, thrilling, as well as a stylish means of personal carriage. It includes an ultra-safe and reliable charger, which is stress-free to operate. Besides, this hoverboard is well armed with a secured battery enclosure with an IPX4 water resistance that keeps this Go-Kart hoverboard clean as well as safe.

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It is the most sophisticated electric hoverboard that comes with double headlights that help to illuminate your path for a safer ride at night. With this convertible hoverboard, you will have unlimited fun riding at a maximum speed of up to 7mph. It is a fantastic gift you can ever give a friend, child or relative.

Special Features:

  • Made of durable plastic and aluminium materials for a more extended riding experience
  • The hands-on operation provides ultimate control of your riding experience
  • The frame length is adjustable thanks to the adjustable straps that safely attaches the buggy to your electric scooter
  • Independent rear-wheel drive permits a fast turn and reverses driving
  • Dual shock coils help in absorption of shock while on the ride
  • It is compatible with most self-balancing electric scooters with a wheel diameter range of 6 to 10-inch

08. STK HoovyKart-Go Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards

Get the most exceptional and safe riding experience with this brand new HoovyKart-Go Kart Conversion Kit! It has been designed with users’ safety in mind. It is crafted with a stable and comfortable seat position for excellent balancing while minimizing the chances of accidents that could cause injuries to the rider.

With more control options, riding becomes more fun and comfortable. The best part is that the HoovyKart hoverboard comes when fully assembled, which means that all the hassle and challenges of setting it up are eliminated. Using the added Velcro fastenings, join it to your hoverboard and the bolt in the seat.

Special Features:

  • Modifiable wheels accommodates all users for a comfortably ride
  • Amplified lathered handlebars enhance a complete control of all styles
  • Additional straps and parts are included to stop wear or tear while riding
  • Comes when fully assembled saving you the stress and all the hard work
  • Steady seat and leg parts for a more secure and fun ride

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07. Hover-1 Ultra Electric Hoverboard and Go-Kart Attachment Combo

Yet another innovative hoverboard from Hover-1 designed to provide an exciting and stylish riding experience you ever dreamt about. Its two driver motors can be easily controlled either independently or with both feet, enhancing easy turns as well as smooth braking. When it comes to safety, Hover-1 Ultra Hoverboard is not left behind. Its shielded battery is UL-Certified for safety usage.

Nothing will stop you from cruising even after night comes since it is fitted with dual LED headlights that light your path. Besides, it is entirely driven by a powerful battery with four-hour battery life with a maximum speed of 10mph on a single charge. As a result, you get to enjoy your endless ride anywhere at any time you want.

Special Features:

  • A maximum speed of up to 10mph making riding a lot enjoyable
  • A rechargeable 4Ah lithium-ion battery lasts for four hours with low battery indicator
  • Covers an optimum distance of up to 8.4 miles
  • Supports weights up to 265lbs
  • In-build speakers are Bluetooth enabled allowing you to listen to music while on the ride
  • Compatible with a downloadable app to monitor battery life, distance coverage, plan for routes among others

06. Hishine Hover Kart Hoverboard Seat Attachment for Self-balancing Scooter Adjustable Go-Kart

Convert your hoverboard into a fantastic Go-Kart with the Hoverboard Seat Attachment. It will provide you with not only an extraordinary riding experience but also an excellent control without causing any injuries to the rider. It is designed to deliver maximum safety, making it a darling for both kids and adults.

The leg pedals of this fantastic hoverboard kart can be effectively adjusted to fit any rider whether kid or an adult. It has a light but sturdy construction guaranteeing you a more extended period of cruising all the terrain. The Hashine Hover Kart is agile and fast and gives you an exceptional acceleration, braking as well as turning around much comfortably.

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Special Features:

  • Compatible with hoverboards with wheel sizes 6.5, 8, and 10-inch
  • Adjustable leg pedal lengths to suit kids and adult
  • A light but robust design sure to last longer
  • Hover kart is attached with scooters assuring maximum safety while in use by kids
  • Easy to install within fifteen minutes with all the tools included
  • Easy to learn and maneuver with the controllable handle
  • Lumbar support makes it comfortable for all riders no matter the height

05. HoverSeat Deluxe – Seating Attachment for Hoverboard Self-balancing Scooter

If you have been looking for an innovative scooter that allows hands-free operation, then, HoverSeat Deluxe has been made for you. It is accompanied by a comfortable plastic moulded chair to lean on and a handlebar which enables the rider to hold on to it firmly. This provides the rider high levels of comfort while ensuring a safer ride.

The HoverSeat Deluxe provides its users with a hands-free mobility solution by allowing them to have full control and steer it using the feet. This makes it pretty easy and intuitive. With an aluminium frame construction plus two ball bearing wheels and a patented pending hover clamp, durability is mostly enhanced.

Special Features:

  • The light grey plastic moulded chair allows a comfortable seating position
  • Hands-free operation without the handlebar
  • Supports maximum weight limit of 220lbs
  • Aluminium frame offers optimum strength and durability
  • Two ball-bearing wheels and patented pending hover clamp
  • The detachable handlebar is designed to provide additional support

04. Hishine Hoverboard Seat Attachment, Hoverboard Cart, Health Sport

Hishine Hoverboard seat is the best friend to you and your kids. It helps users with amateur or beginner skill levels to work on their coordination and motor skills while building their confidence in riding it. It is installed on a standard hoverboard transforming it to a go-cart in a few minutes while at the same time guarantees maximum safety to all users.

Riding on this hoverboard seat makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and fun. With high-quality materials, firm seat, thicker and substantial metallic frame, Hishine Seat Attachment is built to last all the strict cruises. The front wheel can swivel around in 3600, giving you an enjoyable feeling without causing any injuries.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable length from 26 to 34.5-inch to accommodate all users
  • Sturdy and bigger seat offer incredible support and comfort
  • The front-wheel rotates at an angle of 360 offers you the most refreshing feeling
  • Soft handlebar allows easy and free control
  • It can be fixed onto hoverboards with wheel sizes 6.5, 8, and 10-inch with the help of a secure strap, adjustable nut
  • Carries maximum weight of 242lbs
  • One year warranty against defects by the manufacturer

03. Hover-1 Hoverboard Seat Attachment Turbo Light

Have you desired to convert your standard hoverboard into a drifting buggy – Go-Kart and you never found the best attachment to use? Worry no more! Hover-1 Falcon Seat Attachment is meant to meet your riding desires. With a hands-on operation, total control of riding is all in your hands.

The independent rear wheel drives faster with unusual turns, stops, and you can also operate in reverse more safely with the full control handle steering. All users have been accommodated in this seat attachment hoverboard thanks to the adjustable frame length. This attachment will give you the most incredible riding experience.

Special Features:

  • Encompass racing effects including the Fog Blaster and Turbo LED lights
  • Dual shock coils help to absorb any form of shock while riding
  • The independent rear-wheel drive permits fast turns and reverse riding
  • Adjustable frame length helps to fit all users
  • The hands-on maneuver provides the rider with total controlled riding practice
  • Compatible with most self-balancing hoverboard with wheel size ranging from 6 to 10-inch

02. Viro Rides Vega Transforming Electric Scooter and Mini Bike

Viro Rides Vega comes second as the best convertible hoverboards in our reviews. This transforming hoverboard can be the best gift you can ever give to your loved ones. It is designed to allow riders to sit or stand whenever they want comfortably.

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Amazingly, you can quickly transform between the scooter and mini-bike modes in just a click of a button while the dual kickstands will firmly keep your Vega in both modes. Besides, each of them has a durable spring-loaded fold-away mechanism that allows for secure storage while making it space-saving.

Special Features:

  • It can be transformed between the scooter and mini-bike modes
  • Features a modifiable height handlebar plus a thumb switch control
  • The lever triggered disc footbrake pedal permits maximum decelerating enactment
  • 100w motor plus chain drive to a maximum speed of 10mph

01. HOVER-1 Buggy Attachment

Feel the real sensation of excitement by riding on Hover-1 Buggy attachment that will leave you fascinated with excellent riding satisfaction. Its hands-on task provides the whole riding expertise in the rider’s hands while the autonomous swivel hindmost tire enables turning around or riding in reverse.

With its straps capability of fitting on most hoverboards with tire size ranging from 6 to 10-inches, you will never get worried about finding your match. It transforms your hoverboard quickly into a Go-Cart within no time, allowing you to enjoy your riding experience. The Buggy Attachment is designed with quality materials, style serving you the best performance you ever needed.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable frame length for use by all riders of varied sizes and height
  • Modifiable straps allow safer attaching it to the hoverboard
  • Corresponds with most hoverboards with the tire size range of 6 to 10-inches
  • The manual hand operation gives you total control of the ride
  • The rear wheel can make fast turns and also allow for a reverse riding

Buyer’s Guide and factors to consider when choosing the best transforming hoverboard scooters:

Are you in need of a transforming hoverboard but you do not know how to select the best? Have no more worries because this buying guide carries the best solutions to your problems. Most of the transforming hoverboard brands are known to have better quality and safer to use by any rider whereas others don’t, giving new riders in the market headaches. Let us dive into the simple tricks you can use to pick the best transforming hoverboards.


The way a convertible hoverboard is moulded matters a lot. A well-designed hoverboard should incorporate features like adjustable frame length, controllability, among others. Its appearance should be stylish as well as elegant. As a result, a transforming hoverboard should feature the fabulous design if you need excellent performance and riding experience.

Ease of transforming

You should be confident that the transforming hoverboard you select is compatible with the tire size of the existing hoverboard. Most of them do have modifiable straps that facilitate the natural transformation of the hoverboard to a go-cart. For effective performance, always consider transforming scooters that will take less time and effort.


Transforming hoverboards are priced differently depending on the quality of the design, safety features, among others. Those that have the best quality and incorporate unique operational features are usually priced higher. Most importantly, consider the one that you can afford. It needs to be priced reasonably at the same time, not compromise its performance.


Transforming scooters are entirely designed to enhance not only comfort but also the safety of the rider. What you need to look for in these products is to what extent the features included provide safety use. This crucial factor goes hand in hand with the certification of these products. If it operates on batteries, they must have a safety seal and be certified.

To this far end, all of the transformable hoverboard scooters reviewed above are popularly known for their best quality, comfortability, safer to use, and of worth. Besides, they have been tested, top-rated, and highly recommendable for changing your hoverboard into a go-cart. Use our detailed buying guide to select one from the above best 10 transforming hoverboard scooters, which will suit your preferences. Good luck and happy shopping!