Trailers can be used for different purposes and you can get the best out of it if you use the best trailer brake controls. There are different kinds of trailer brakes and these are available in different sizes as well as various shapes. It is necessary that the vehicle comes to a stop when you apply the brake. If the brakes do not work properly, it can lead to accident and many people could be affected. When one is looking for the best trailer brake control it is important to get the best.

There are lots of models and designs in the market out there. This makes it extremely difficult to make a choice. If you want to get the best of this product, we have the best-reviewed and analyzed for you here. Continue to read to understand why these are the best and why you must always use them.

10. Reese Towpower 74377 Pod Brake Control, Black

Reese Towpower is the maker of the best trailer brake controls. The model is great because of the simple installation process. Moreover, it works smoothly. When the trailer is towed is successfully connected, the power would be turned on. Furthermore, the adjustment of the system is simple and easy. Even when it is mounted upside down, it can be easily adjusted.

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The product comes with all the mounting accessories. Because of that, you are going to achieve good results. It is one of the best and it makes the list because of the wonderful design.

09. Draw-Tite 20191 I-Stop IQ Electronic Brake Control

this model is meant for 1 to 3 axle trailers. Moreover, the product comes with a self-diagnostic features. When there is an issue, you would get wind of it through the LED readouts. The product arrives with a boost feature. In reverse, it can work very well. The model comes with everything you want and it is not surprising that it makes the list of the best ten.

Furthermore, the model uses the Plug N Play device port for its two plug adapters. This makes it easier for the product to work. Moreover, the product is very easy to use and the mounting options are easy. When you want to remove it, it is not difficult to do. You can store it anywhere you want and you can install it again when you want.

08. Hopkins 20099 Engager LED Test Break Away System with Battery Meter

Hopkins is one of the leaders when it comes to the manufacture of the best brake controls for trailers. The system is easy to activate and it is a question of separating it from the tow vehicle. Furthermore, the device is constructed based on the battery meter and it shows through the LED lights.

It is easy to tell when the battery becomes full through the LED light. From that, you can equally determine the right time to charge it. Furthermore, the model features an inbuilt battery charger, and these charges once it is plugged in. When you make an order, it comes with everything you want.

07. Reese Towpower (74642) Brakeman Timed Compact Brake Control

Reese has shown that it the clear leader in the production of trailer brake controls. It has introduced the best in the market. The system is unique because they are compatible with a braking system that uses the anti-locking method. Furthermore, slide adjustment is easy with this product.

To install this, it does require any leveling and it does not demand any moving part. Furthermore, you can easily monitor the performance through the LED light indicator. It is great and it can serve two to four brake systems. When you are looking for the best, then you can always consider this product because it comes with everything you want. It is easy and simple to use. Most importantly, the system does not disappoint.

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06. Reese Towpower 74378 Pilot Brake Controller, Black

Reese Towpower product is always the best. It is simple and easy to use. When it comes to efficiency and performance, it is ahead of other models out there. The model also comes with a smoke color lens and this is good because of the direct sunlight it facilitates.

You can also mount the system upside down and when you do that, the display is also readable. The model offers the best protection and it can protect against loss of ground and short circuit. Mounting can be done through the standard mounting system and it comes with all the important accessories that facilitate.

05. CURT 51110 Venturer Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Time-Delay

If you are interested in safety when you are looking for this kind of product, then you should opt for the CURT system because of the wonderful design. The operation is one of the safest and it is also the most dependable. The operation is simple and it can always come to a smooth stop when and where you want it.

Furthermore, the system is not only powerful, but it is also easy and simple to use. The design is more simple and highly reliable. Moreover, it is simple to set it up and it can serve versatile purposes as well. It makes the list because of the wonderful features.

04. REESE Towpower 8507111 Brakeman IV Digital Brake Control, Small Compact Design

Another outstanding product from Reese and the compact design makes it outstanding compared to other models out there. Furthermore, connection and installation are easy to do. The braking system is very effective. The display is easy to read out as it displays information digitally.

Moreover, adjustment is easy as it uses two different easy buttons which is easy to push for an adjustment to take place. These buttons are for the sync and the output. Most importantly, it is very secure and safe to use. The connection is one of the most reliable that you can think of in the industry today. Most importantly, it comes with a circuit protection feature and that prevents damage.

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03. Reese Towpower 8508211 Brake Control (Proportional BRAKE-EVN)

whenever the best of this product is considered, Reese top products would always come to mind. This model is one of the best from the company and it features the most reliable braking system you can think of in the market today.

The system is highly reliable as it comes with a reverse battery protection feature. When it comes to use and performance, it is reliable and does not involve and reverse battery protection. The readout is also not difficult to do. It is obvious from the features so far discussed this product that it is one of the best and it makes the list because it deserves it.

02. Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90160 is a good quality brake control system. The model also works through high primus IQ electronic devices. It is simple and easy to use and it is not going to disappoint you. This also uses the Plug N Play port and it uses two plug adapters. The other interesting thing about the product is the self-diagnostic features and this helps in reading the readout displays.

When the system is in reverse, it is not going to disappoint as it works proportionally in such a situation. Furthermore, it can perform very well because of a number of features such as the boost feature. It comes with everything you require for installation.

01. Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

This model also tops the list of the best ten. The model is perhaps the most user-friendly product out there as it is displayed in such a way you can easily read it out.

The diagnostic output discloses important information such as the output voltage, brake, battery condition, current output as well as output warning. You will get the information you need about the performance. It is not surprising it tops the list of the best ten.


With the information provided above, it would no longer be an issue to choose the best trailer brake controls. The best in the market are reviewed above. There is no doubt that this guide would assist you in choosing only the best in the market.