If you are into the towing business, then you require the best towing ball mounts. There are lots of products to choose from. You must be knowledgeable about this before you can make the correct choice. In the market today are various models, and these are available at different prices. High price does not necessarily translate to the best product. You must consider their features before you can make a choice.

If you are here because you are looking for the best, you have made the best buying decision. The best ten towing balls mounts are listed and reviewed here. Keep reading to discover more about these products and know why they are considered the best in the market.

10. TOPSKY Trailer Hitch Tri-Ball Mount

TOPSKY is the clear leader in this industry. They have introduced several products to the market in the past. This model is one of the best in the company. The product comes with a hook as well as a hitch ball. It also features a hollow shank and a black ball. Several other features stand the model out.

When it comes to strength, this is highly dependable. There are various towing capacities that you can choose from. Moreover, you can make a choice based on your needs. Besides, the product is the corrosion resistance and this makes it suitable for long time use. The black powder coating finishing makes the product durable and useful. Another important attribute is the ease of installation. It is certainly one of the best and that is why it makes the list of the best ten in the market.

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09. Reese Towpower 21794 Class III Interlock Ball Mount, Black

Reese Towpower is another great model in the market. It is another model that is not difficult to use. A great model from China, the product can boast of the towing capacity of 5000 pounds and this is the gross towing capacity.

You can just adjust to the trailer level towing if you use the product. This means that you can use the tow ball mounting on different kinds of vehicles and you are going to like the outcome. The shank length of this product is another great attribute and this makes it easier to turn without hindrance. When you are looking for the best, you can opt for this model.

08. CURT 45070 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

The model is indeed great as you can use it on heavy-duty vehicles. The towing capacity of this product is put at 7500 lbs. It comes with a 6-inch drop as well as a 1-inch hole. The model also has other fantastic features that make it great. The strength is great and that has to do with the superior quality design. It cannot disappoint the users.

Besides, the product has a versatile use. It can be used by a trailer and it is compatible with lots of industry standards of two inches’ receivers. It is suitable for different kinds of towing, including level towing. The model is always ready for use and it comes with 1-inch hole and I inch shank. It is also compatible with trailer ball but you have to buy this separately.

07. CURT 45141 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

It makes the list because of the wonderful performance. The model comes with a 2-inch trailer ball and a hitch lock. Furthermore, this can fit into a 2-inch receiver. When it comes to performance, it can take a load of 7500 lbs. The product is highly dependable. The strength is also great because it does not disappoint. Because of the strength, it can lift that huge weight capacity.

It is also highly versatile. This is possible because of the features and unique design. The model has a two-inch shank and this is great because it is compatible with all the industry-standard towers. The model is always ready, and you can put it to use when you want. It does not spoil easily and it is corrosion-resistant. Most importantly, it is very simple to install and use.

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06. MaxxHaul 70380 Black/Chrome Adjust Dual Ball Mount

MaxxHaul is a brand to beat. It is wonderfully constructed and it can take up 8000 pounds’ weight vehicle. The highest rise this can attain is 7-1/2, and the maximum drop it can attain is 6-1/2. The size is good enough as you can see from the ball diameters which ranges from 2 inches and 2 to 5/16 inches. It is highly stable and will never disappoint its users.

Talking of durability, this model is one of the best in the industry. This features a dual pin design and this makes it more stable than others out there. The model makes the list because of the wonderful design. When you are looking for the best you can always consider this product.

05. Towever 84181 Class 3/4 Trailer Hitch Tri-Ball Mount

Towever is another wonderful towing ball mounts. The model features a hook and its hollow shank and black color. This is useful for towing truck and pickup. The model also uses three-ball tow hitch and this works with 2 inches’ class 3 4 receivers. The model can use for towing different vehicles and this is because of the three towing capabilities.

The three towing capabilities in place include 2000 lbs. as well as 6000 lbs. and 10000 lbs. The hook capacity is 10,000 lbs. you can use it on the tractor, pick up, and trucks. It makes the list because of the great features.

04. Black Boar ATV/UTV Mount

The model comes with a hitch ball, as well as a Winch strap loop. To mount the product is not a problem as you can have them in your UTV and ATV hitch receiver without difficulties. The product comes with the various towing accessories and it can be used for utility trailers.

Furthermore, this model comes with a multi hitch, as well as a bridge pin, and hitch pin. You are not going to find it hard to use the product. The hitch ball can boast of two inches rise and this makes for easy clearance. It is also highly durable because of the quality construction and powder-coated steel design. Its hitch ball is rated to 2000 lbs and it can take up 5000 lbs.

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03. CURT 45056 Trailer Hitch Mount

CURT trailer hitch mount is another wonderful product you can rely on your towing services. It can tow vehicles of 7500 pounds. The model is highly effective and dependable. The capacity depends on the trailer ball. If it is removed, the capacity could also change.

It has multipurpose towing use. This is possible because of the 2 inches by 2 inches’ shank. This can fit most standard two-inch receiver in the market today. Besides the overall length is encouraging. The most interesting aspect is that it is corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, its installation is as easy as anything. The model is one of the easiest going in the market.

02. Reese 7031400 Tri-Ball Mount with Hook

Reese is a great name, and one of the best towing ball mount producers in the world today. The hitch ball size is encouraging and the size varies from 1-7/8 inches to 2 inches as well as 2 to 5/16 inches. The length of the product is also put at 8 inches. The gross towing capacity of this product is put at 2000 pounds and the hitch ball can boast of 600 pounds.

Moreover, the tongue weight is 1000 pounds while the gross towing weight is 10000 pounds. The maximum capacity varies. It can be higher or less than 10,000. You can get the correct information from the owners. One thing great with this is that it does not disappoint and that is why it is rated very high here.

01. MaxxHaul 70067 8-Position Adjustable Ball Mount

MaxxHaul features 8 positions adjustable ball mount. Furthermore, it can fit the usual 2 inches by 2 inches’ class three and class four hitch receivers. The model also features a universal 1 inch’s ball shaft hole. The model features an adjustable drop at 5 inches to 6 ½ inches and 8 inches and 9 ½ inches and so on.

The maximum pounds’ capacity that this model can carry is 5000. This system was tested and manufactured to meet the SAE standard. Moreover, it is highly durable since it can resist corrosion and rust. The model is one of the best and that is why it tops the list of the best ten.


Choosing the best towing ball mounts would no longer be an issue. These are the best you can buy with money. After checking through the features and comparing it with others, these ten products were selected.