The best surveillance DVR kits are must-haves for people who want to secure both small and large properties. This is because if you cannot have your eyes on every corner of your home at all times, you can have it all captured in crystal clear videos to watch over and over again.

Most of these surveillance kits include HD cameras to record clear videos that can be used as evidence. Surveillance kits have undergone several advancements to replace grainy images with crisp images that reveal every detail of the intruder. They are built with smart features to enable you to monitor your home remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

These surveillance kits meet the necessary certifications to ensure they are safe and secure to use. Not to mention, that some are Alexa-compatible to allow for hands-free voice commands. Well, here are some of the products that we think deserve a spot in the top 10 best surveillance DVR kits in 2021 reviews

List of the Best Surveillance DVR Kits in 2021 on

01. ANNKE 8CH Security DVR Surveillance System

Safeguard your home from intrusion by introducing the ANNKE 8CH Security DVR Surveillance System. It is a DIY security camera system that is easy to install through plug-and-play. This surveillance kit features solid housing to ensure long-lasting durability and all-season monitoring. It has passed the severing testing of UL to give you a system that is extremely safe for you to use.

Besides, this DVR surveillance system is secured by multi-level protocols and private encryptions to make video transferring and downloading almost hack-proof.
Composed of the advanced H.265+ coding, this surveillance system provides a fast and smooth live stream without latency.

It is designed to take up less storage space and bandwidth, ensuring longer recording time than the H.264 system. This model is equipped with a 2MP CMOS sensor to capture much clearer images both day and night. Better yet, it is backed by a 2-year worry-free warranty to enable you to buy with no second thoughts.

Key Features

  • Remote access with free software
  • 1080P full HD images and 100ft night vision
  • IP66 waterproof for all conditions
  • 24/7 recording even without internet connection
  • Smart motion detection alerts

02. ZOSI 1080P DVR Security Camera System

Engineered with H.265 advanced technology, the ZOSI 1080P DVR Security Camera System doubles the data compression ratio while keeping the high-quality video even with low bit-rate. Thus, it allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording. This security camera system is a 4-in-1 DVR to provide you with the flexibility to extend additional cameras.

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The DVR can be set to overwrite the oldest footage or transfer through USB to an external hard drive depending on your needs. This DVR surveillance system is IP67 waterproof, making weatherproof to be used both indoors and outdoors.

The cameras are made of aluminum metal that can effectively prevent rust for added strength and durability. This unit is equipped with built-in 24pcs IR LED to enable you to get sharp, crisp images both day and night. Also, it has up to 80ft night vision in total darkness and 130ft in ambient light for high-quality footages.

Key Features

  • Mobile view and privacy protection
  • Expandable camera system
  • Motion alert and remote access
  • 4 optional recording modes
  • Remarkable bit-rate reduction with H.265+ technology

03. Reolink 8CH 4MP PoE Video Surveillance System, RLK8-410B4

Built for plug-and-play, the Reolink 8CH 4MP PoE Video Surveillance System is simple to set up even for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. The included camera cables extend up to 330ft via a CAT6 or 270ft via a CAT5 Ethernet cable.

This surveillance system supports 8 channels recording simultaneously, allowing you to secure your home 24/It is accompanied by a free Reolink app to enable you to watch the security footage through Wi-Fi enabled smart devices. With this surveillance camera, you can add an unlimited number of Reolink cameras for live view.

It boasts vivid night vision capability to enable you to get magnificent videos and images both day and night with 1440P resolution. This unit uses NVR that automatically overwrites the oldest footage to make space for new files. Even better, it comes with built-in 2TB hard drives that can also be replaced by up to 4TB of storage for added convenience.

Key Features

  • Wide viewing angle of 80° horizontal and 58° vertical
  • 4 cameras that can playback simultaneously
  • 24/7 recording and protection
  • Reliable remote access from all smart devices
  • Smart motion alerts and customizable detection zone

04. ANNKE 8 Channel DVR Security Camera System 5-in-1

Not only is the ANNKE 8 Channel DVR Security Camera System UL-certified but also it has multi-level encryptions. Hence, you need to set up the password before configuring the device to protect the recorded footage from hackers. This system comes with an app that complies with the EU’s general data protection regulation, making it extremely safe to use.

It is equipped with an IR-cut filer to enable you to enjoy 1080P crystal clear image night and day. Further, the night vision can cover up to 100ft for improved footage clarity. With H.265+ technology, this DVR surveillance system delivers the most efficient and cutting-edge compression performance.

Thus, it allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording up to 7 times longer. This system is built with customizable motion zones so you are not bothered by false alerts. This is because you can mark out motion detection zones to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Multi-level encryptions and private protocols
  • Instant email alerts with snapshots
  • High-quality weatherproof cameras
  • Remote access with free software
  • Smart motion detection alerts

05. Swann Home DVR Surveillance Camera System, SWDVK-845808WL

Consider Swann Home DVR Surveillance Camera System for a wired security system that lets you see and stay connected at any time on your tablet or smartphone. The cameras have a weatherproof design to enable you to mount them either indoors or outdoors. This surveillance system is designed with true heat and motion detection.

Thus, warm objects like cars and people will trigger recording and push notification. Heat and motion activate the sensor warning lights to help you deter any intruders. Compatible with smart home devices, this surveillance system gives you hands-free security using voice commands.

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It is equipped with state-of-the-art 8CH DVR-4580 to clearly capture faces, labels on boxes, logos on clothes, and license plates. The cameras have sturdy construction to withstand everything from rain to shine. Best of all, this system is backed by a full 12-month warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Key Features

  • Alexa-enables to work with smart devices
  • Professional quality construction
  • True motion and heat detection
  • 90-degree viewing angle
  • Night vision up to 100ft in black and white

06. Swann 8 Channel DVR 4 Wired Surveillance System, SWDVK-845804WL

With a high resolution of 1080p, the Swann 8 Channel DVR 4 Wired Surveillance System, SWDVK-845804WL captures clear videos. As a result, you can see logs on clothes, labels on boxes, license plates, and even faces effortlessly. This surveillance system is professional-quality to detect warm moving objects like cars and people. The process triggers recording and push notifications so you can act immediately in the event of intrusion.

The notifications are reliable with fewer false triggers to save you time and unnecessary stress. This surveillance system is made to work with Alexa-enabled devices like your echo spot, echo show, and 4K fire, allowing you to issue voice commands.

It comes with 1 TB hard drive to enable you to store months of video footage with no additional costs. This security system comes with everything you need including cables and stickers for easy installation. What’s more, it has an expandable coverage area that lets you add up to 4 more cameras to cover all blind spots in your property.

Key Features

  • Smart Search finds movement in specific areas
  • Weatherproof and durable construction
  • Hands-free security via voice commands
  • Warm and motion objects detection
  • 90-degree viewing angle

07. ANNKE 1080P 5-in-1 DVR Surveillance System

Apart from 8pcs analog cameras, you can add 2pcs more IP cameras to make the most of the ANNKE 1080P 5-in-1 DVR Surveillance System. It is secured by multi-level encryptions and private protocols to help protect your data from hackers. With this surveillance system, you need to set up the password before configuring the device for you to attain a higher degree of privacy.

Moreover, it comes with a free app to provide you with unlimited remote live stream or playback from your tablet or smartphone. Featuring the most efficient H.265+ compression technology, this surveillance system highly improves compression without altering video quality.

Thus, it lets you increase storage space to enjoy longer recording. This system is Wi-Fi enabled to ensure you get push notifications and alerts upon motion events. Also, it has passed severe CE, UL, and HDMI certification to reassure you of safety.

Key Features

  • Motion detection alerts and remote access
  • Multi-level encryptions and private protocols
  • Extremely durable and safe construction
  • H.265+ cutting-edge compression technology
  • Waterproof design ideal for all outdoor scenarios

08. Reolink 4MP 8CH PoE NVR Video Surveillance System, RLK8-420D4

Get to record real-time live videos of your property using the Reolink 4MP 8CH NVR Video Surveillance System, RLK8-420D It has a true plug-and-play setup that makes it easy to install for everyone in just a few minutes. This surveillance system features a built-in 2TB HDD to enable you to enjoy 24/7 recording.

Similarly, you can install an external hard drive up to 4TB for added convenience. This surveillance system comes with 4 cameras but it can support up to 8 cameras recording simultaneously. It works with Reolink cameras, making it a perfect security camera system to manage several cameras.

The recorded evidence is uploaded to an FTP server for you to view. Even better, this surveillance delivers instant real-time alerts including push notifications to your smartphone or tablet.

Key Features

  • 4MP super HD night vision
  • True plug-and-play setup with no wiring needed
  • Powerful IR LEDs for crystal clear images up to 100ft
  • Dome weatherproof PoE IP cameras
  • 1440p high resolutions for super HD video quality
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09. ZOSI 1080p CCTV DVR Surveillance System

Composed of steady plastic housing material, the ZOSI 1080p CCTV DVR Surveillance System is extremely durable to function normally under disadvantageous weather conditions. It comes with a high weatherproof rating to reassure you that you can use it indoors and outdoors. This surveillance system uses 19080p HD cameras to capture high-quality images and videos and the cameras have 3.6mm lenses to provide a wide view of about 90 degrees.

Plus, this security system is wired to ensure it can work with or without an internet connection. Featuring the advanced high-efficiency video compression, this surveillance system can maximize storage space without compromising the video quality.

You can connect this system to a monitor for local or remote access anywhere anytime. This system is equipped with advanced motion detection technology that gives instant notifications directly to your phone. Additionally, it has 4 recording modes for you to customize each camera with a different recording mode.

Key Features

  • 2MP expandable system overview
  • H.265+ high-efficiency video compression
  • Local and remote access anywhere anytime
  • Advanced motion detection with push alerts
  • Different recording modes to choose from

10. ANNKE 8CH 1080p DVR Security Camera System

The high-quality and durable housing gives the ANNKE 8CH 1080p DVR Security Camera System a long lifespan without fading. It is rated IP67 waterproof to ensure it can sustain the harsh and unforgiving outdoors. This security surveillance system features smart motion detection alerts to ensure real-time push notification and email alerts with snapshots.

On receiving the alerts, you can access the system to see triggered the alerts so you can take action. This surveillance system is compatible with all analog security cameras including 5MP and 6MP IP cameras for utmost convenience.

Hence, you can connect the DVR to your new or old IP cameras to build up the most connected system 24/This system allows you to manage everything via tablet or smartphone for easy remote monitoring anywhere anytime. Even better, it has built-in supplement light that turns on automatically to help capture full-color night vision images.

Key Features

  • IP67 waterproof durable design
  • Easy remote monitoring wherever you are
  • Smart motion detection alerts
  • 24/7 recording even without internet
  • Plug-and-play easy setup craftsmanship

Buyer’s Guide for The Best surveillance DVR Kit

There are so many features that make the best surveillance kits, but here are a few to make your search simple and direct


No amount of security footage will help you if it’s grainy, blurry, or otherwise. That is why you should choose a surveillance system that has high-resolution cameras. Back in the day, a resolution of 720 was considered HD. However, in this day and age, most HD cameras have a resolution at least 1080p.

Motion Detection

The last thing you want is your surveillance system recording anything from winds blowing outside the window to a shift in lighting. It is for this reason that you have to consider systems that only start recording when motion is detected. This is especially important if you are monitoring your home when it’s empty.

Night Vision

Ideally, most break-ins happen after dark. So if you want to capture crystal clear images both during the day and at night then the night vision feature is very important. Hence, the best surveillance kits should have a night vision of up to 100ft or more for you to capture faces, license plates, and even logos on clothes.

With the best surveillance DVR kits, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy to use one. Actually, most of them are built for plug-and-play setup, ideal for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. These surveillance systems are durable and weatherproof to be installed both indoors and outdoors for optimum security. Therefore, make sure you read through the above reviews to take home the best surveillance DVR kits.