Who said that winter means sitting inside only? Nothing is nicer than spending time outside in the snow and play some sports or games with your family and friends. An all-time favorite is sledding. Not only children love sledding, but also adults. There is a wide choice of snow sleds for adults and children available. Sometimes it can be confusing to keep the overview between the different models. Best snow sleds for adults can be fabricated from wood and metal, plastic, or they even can be inflatable. All materials have advantages but also disadvantages. Before deciding which snow sleds fits best for you, you should take your time and check the different products.

We have tested various snow sleds models and compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide with the top ten of the best available snow sleds for adults this year. As usual, we have not only concentrated on the design but also on the quality and also the safety of the sleds and toboggans. With our following overview, we hope you will be able to select your favorite snow sled for adults to enjoy the winter days this season.

List of the Best Snow Sleds for Adults

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10. Slippery Racer Toboggan Snow Sled for Adults – 2 PACK

If you want to compete with friends in your private sled race, then the Slippery Racer Toboggan snow sled for adults is your choice. The sled is sold in a pack of two. This means it is also a perfect option for a family when you want to sled with your kids. The sled has a convenient built-in pull rope for easy carrying and pulling.

The sleds are strong and durable thanks to the heavy-duty, slick-coated plastic. The sleighs are coated with IceVex cold-resistant treatment and can be used even at the coldest temperatures. They can take 1 – 2 riders each, no matter if kids, teens, or adults. However, they cannot take a very high weight. Their dimensions are 35 L x 17.5 W x 5 H inches.

● Flexible body to last also in rough conditions
● Built-in pull rope
● IceVex cold-resistant treatment
● Comes in a pack of 2 sleds

● Not suitable for higher weight

09. Airhead Classic Snow Sled for Adults

This classic toboggan snow sled for adults from Airhead lets you race downhill at high speed. Suitable for one adult or two children, the sled will add great fun for your family in winter when playing outdoors. The toboggan is made from high impact plastic with molded runners. It measures 47in X 18in X 6 inches. The built-in rope lanyard and cut-out handles make the sled easily transportable and pullable.

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Furthermore, the molded plastic handles to assist you in steering the sled more conveniently when riding downhill. They are also great to hold for your children when you pull them through the snow while hiking. This solid and durable sled will not disappoint you and last you for many winter seasons.

● High impact plastic
● Plastic handles for easy carrying
● Built-in rope
● Molded runners

● Can take only one adult

08. Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD Steerable Snow Sled

Yukon is a brand known for its high-quality snowshoes and winter sports equipment. With the Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD snow sled for adults, they have designed a “racing machine” built for speed. You will lie down on this solid sled and steer with the leaf spring steering system. Made from stainless steel, the steering system, together with the Polycarbonate front skis, allows you to steer and turn precisely while racing down the hill.

The lightweight powder-coated 6000 aluminum multi-layer frame and the slick HDPE rear skis provide stability and guarantee you a fast ride. This sled will last you many years and never disappoint you. The Hammerhead can take one person and is built for up 230 lbs weight.

● Stainless steel leaf spring steering
● Powder-coated 6000 aluminum frame
● Detachable carry strap
● Polycarbonate front skis and HDPE rear skis

● Not suitable for young children

07. Flexible Flyer Large Snow Sled for Adults

This large toboggan from Flexible Flyer is a versatile snow sled for adults, teenagers, and kids alike. With 5.5 feet in length, it can carry one adult and two children at the same time. The sled features molded hand grips to add to the stability and safety of the passengers. The tough, one-piece snow sled is made of no-break resin. Its outer lip is reinforced and provides sidewall strength and stability.

The snow sled can be pulled effortlessly. It features molded grooves on the bottom to add strength and tracking stability on both snow and ice. The built-in rope allows you easy pulling by hand or behind skiers. Therefore the sled is also great for touring. It also doubles as a work sled, assisting you in transporting firewood or your equipment for ice fishing.

● Durable one-piece pull sled
● Made of no-break resin
● Molded handgrips
● Versatile functions

● The pulling rope might not be strong enough when pulling heavier loads

06. Guide Gear Snow Slider

A fast and flexible toboggan is the snow sled from Guide Gear. This sled is a fun racer running on tracks and skiers. You are lying on the sled while racing downhill. You will master turns and curves safely with the single front ski steering arm. Its textured grip handles with hand protection guards keep you in control all the time.

The ergonomic mesh seat provides you a comfortable position. The sled is very lightweight with only 16 lbs, despite being constructed with a sturdy and durable steel frame. One rider at a time can race down the slopes. The toboggan is suitable for adults, teenagers, and children over eight years.

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● 220 lbs capacity
● Textured grip handles
● Sturdy steel frame
● Highly maneuverable

● Can take only one passenger

05. Flexible Flyer Vintage Steel & Wood Snow Sled

Another model from Flexible Flyer is this classic vintage style steel and wood snow sled for adults. The sled is large enough for one adult and one child, or two children to ride at the same time. You can steer it easily, even while holding a child in your lap. The steering bar allows you maximum control.

You can either steer with your hands while lying down or in a seated position with your feet. Another option would be with a rope (not included), which can be attached to the steering bar. The sturdy and stable sled is made from smooth birch wood with powder-coated steel runners. It can hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

● Includes a steering bar
● Classic wooden sled
● Powder-coated steel runners
● Can take one adult and one child

● The wooden parts are prone to breaking

04. Plastic Snow Slider by Flexible Flyer

This bobsled from Flexible Flyer is a fast little snow glider for one rider. Suitable for children from 4 years up it provides fun also for teenagers and adults. It can hold weights of up to 250 lbs. The lightweight sled is easy to carry back up the hill. Its wide tracks glide reliably in all snow conditions.

The bobsled is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with a super-slick hard plastic sled bottom. All parts are manufactured from recycled materials. The bobsled can be steered with the tilt of your body. It includes a pair of side handles to safely hold on. Furthermore, it comes with a pair of brakes to keep your speed controlled. The snow sled is manufactured in the USA.

● Made of recycled materials
● Side handles to hold on
● Two brakes to control your speed
● Weighs only 5 lbs

● The brakes are only suitable to be used in deep snow

03. FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Snowmobile Winter Snow Sled

A different kind of snow sled is the inflatable snowmobile from FUNBOY. These giant inflatable sleds come in a pack of two. They can be inflated or deflated within minutes with a standard electric or manual pump (not included). The sleds include high-quality rapid valves. Made from ultra-thick K80 snow Vinyl material, the snowmobiles can withstand temperatures of -25 degrees.

They come with two heavy-duty handles for downhill grip. Furthermore, they include a hand rope to pull them back up the hill conveniently. The snowmobiles can hold up to 2 riders and support a weight of max. 250 lbs. You can ride them while lying or in a sitting position. You steer the snowmobiles with your weight and the support of 2 handles, which are also supporting you when you pull the sleds uphill again.

● Can hold two riders and up to max. 250 lbs weight
● Ultra-thick K80 snow vinyl
● Inflates and deflates in minutes
● Pull rope included

● The sled can be pierced or damaged by stones or branches

02. Odoland Foldable Snow Sled Sleigh

This classic wooden sled from ODOLAND is a beautiful and versatile outdoor fun snow toy. It can host either two children as passengers, or one adult and one small child. The durable pulling rope with a convenient grip handle lets you pull your children or smaller loads conveniently uphill or on even grounds.

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The sled is foldable and portable. Storing it away when not used or transporting it in your car is very easy. The sled weighs only 13.5 lbs. It is made of thickened laminated wood. The supporting parts are composed of industrial grade nylon plastic. This makes the sled high pressure resistant and also stronger and tougher for outdoor use in cold temperatures.

● Made of thickened laminated wood
● Includes a durable pulling rope
● Max. load weight of 170 lbs
● Foldable for convenient storage

● Can take only one adult

01. Molson Runner Sleds Alpine Classic Snow Sled

This vintage classic snow sled for adults from Molson Runner is indeed not a bargain. However, it is designed and built for generations. Molson describes their sleds as heirloom quality sleds. With the quality of materials used to construct their sleds, this is justified. The Alpine Classic snow sled is crafted in a nearly indestructible design. The aircraft-grade (6061-T6) aluminum runners and frame components are low-weight but provide high strength.

With the 2.5″ wide runners, the sled can be used in terrains from hard-packed to soft powder snow. The sled has a weight limit of 500 lbs. The sled’s side tubes are 1″ in diameter for easy gripping. The hard-anodized aluminum is highly corrosion resistant. The sled deck is polyurethane coated LEED-certified Bamboo. You steer the sled by skid steering. The sled can accommodate one adult and two children or two adults.

● Beautiful classic vintage design
● 500 lbs weight limit
● Sled deck made from strong bamboo
● Includes a sturdy nylon rope for pulling

● High-priced snow sled


Snow sleds are not only big fun for children but also the whole family. Spending time outdoors on a sunny winter day and playing in the snow will be enjoyed by everybody. A snow sled adds even more fun, be it when racing down a hill or pulling your children over the snowy fields.
Snow sleds come in a large number of options. They can be manufactured from wood and metal, but also from plastic and even being inflatable. No matter what you decide on, it is guaranteed that your family, friends, and you will have a great time while playing in the snow.

Buying Guide

Snow sleds are a great toy for playing outdoors in winter when everything is covered under a beautiful blanket of white snow. As not only your children but probably also you enjoy a little race downhill, we have concentrated in our review on snow sleds for adults. This means our selected sleds are sturdy and stable and can support the weight of at least one adult person. More ideal are, of course, toboggans and sliders that can take more passengers so that a parent can ride with one or two kids.

As usual, the quality of materials and the safe operations should be focused on. You do not want the sled to break after the first use. High-quality materials, no matter if wood, metal, or fabric, are essential. Furthermore, the sleds should have handles to hold on to while riding. Most sleds are suitable for snow only, so please always check if they can also be used in sand or on the grass.