Winter is every child’s dream and having snow during the holidays makes them even more memorable – if it weren’t for clearing the snow. While the kids enjoy building a snowman, your job is to remove it snow from the front yard and the footpath. Without proper snow shovels or snow pushers, you will have a hard time clearing everything in time. These days you can use electric shovels, which will take the snow in and throw it away. But if you want to replace your daily workout, then using a traditional shovel is a good option. A third option is a snow pusher, where the snow just gets pushed out of the way. Those devices are easy to use and won’t hurt your back.

Best Snow Pushers
Snow Pusher

Since we have to clear snow in front of our house, we looked for the top 10 best snow shovels and snow pushers to share our experience with you. We checked the basics for you and looked in our review for special features and differences. Therefore, we can present you with a comprehensive selection of shovels and pushers.

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List of the Best Snow Shovels

10. Snow Joe 18-Inch Snow Shovel

Clearing your front yard from snow is hard work, and you can hurt your back doing it. The Snow Joe Shovel addresses back pain with a genius design: It has two handles. The main handle is still at the end of the shovel, but an additional spring-assist handle will support you. Your lower hand can use it to have a different angle and lift snow much more comfortable than with regular shovels. The fulcrum changes the mechanics when shoveling, and you will bend much less.

The shovel blade is made from durable material that will be resistant to impacts and icy surfaces. Plus, the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty. Another advantage is the weight; this shovel brings only 2 pounds on the scale. The width of the blade is 17’’, wide enough to get a decent amount of snow away.


  • Two handles for strain-free shoveling
  • Made from steel
  • Optimum blade with of 17’’
  • 2-year warranty


  • Be careful with overloading.

09. Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel Electric Motor

If you are busy in the morning or you need to clear an area quickly, a bit of support is appreciated. This Snow Joe shovel helps you with a powerful 400 W motor. And since it is battery powered, you don’t have to worry about tangling cables. Just press the start button and hit the snow.

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One charge should be good enough to move 1,620 lb of snow away. Two rotating blades grab the snow and throw it away to the right, up to 20 ft away. You clear a path of 16-inch width in no time. Furthermore, since it uses an electric motor, the shovel operates without noise. Your loved ones or neighbors won’t hear a thing when you are working in the front yard. The shovel is also suitable for small businesses who have to clear the footpath or a restaurant’s terrace.


  • Quiet operation
  • The electric motor does the work; you only steer
  • 1,620 lbs of snow cleared with one charge
  • 22 minutes of operating time


  • Can not be used without charge

08. 8 Amp Corded Snow Shovel by Greenworks

Another tool to make our life in winter times easier is the Greenwork shovel. This model has an 8 amp electric motor. The rotating blades take the snow inside the case and then throw it up to 20 feet away. It clears a 12-inch path, just right to walk along without stressing the motor. In one minute, you can clear 300 lbs of snow without bending and any strains on your back. You also can adjust the handle to your height and make shoveling even more comfortable.

This shovel needs a cord for the power supply, enabling it to operate without a time limit. No re-charging is needed, and since it works with an electric motor, the shovel is very quiet. It has a quick start; just press the switch; no cord pulling is needed.


  • Endless operation due to cord-power
  • Quite shoveling
  • 12-inch width
  • 300 lbs per minute


  • The cord can tangle a bit, and you need an extension.

07. Ivation Snow Pusher Shovel on Wheels with Adjustable Handle

There are three methods of shoveling: by hand, with a motorized device, or pushing the snow away. The latter is much more comfortable, and you can clear a path quickly. The Ivation Pusher comes with a bright orange blade, made from durable yet elastic Polypropylene and metal frame and handles. It weighs only 0.11 pounds.

While the blade’s dimension is 25″W x 13″H, it clears a 26’’ inch path by just pushing it forward. The 6’’ wheels profile is made to have the best grip in snow. You can adjust the pusher according to your preferred operating height, between 45’’ and 50’’. With its angled, concave design, the pusher can handle snow up to 5’’ deep. Therefore, it is ideal for clearing the footpath or front yard in the morning.


  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • Wide blade
  • Comfortable operation
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t throw snow away

06. Sunkorto Rolling Snow Pusher with Adjustable Aluminum Handle

Sunkorto offers another snow pusher wheels, and a wider shovel than hand shovels usually have. It is made for fast clearing of paths, with measurement of 13×26’’. You can adjust the handle to a height of 41 to 45’’ or 105 to 115 cm, so pushing is effortless, and you don’t need to bend much. To change the angle of attack, you can adjust it within a range of 60 degrees.

The plastic wheels have a snow profile to keep the tool straight while biting through up to 5’’ snow. The shovel’s lower part comes with an ideal angle to get the snow on the surface and lead it away. Even wet snow will not stick to the shovel. Installation is effortless; a wrench is already included, you only need a screwdriver and to read the manual.


  • Manual operation, no electric power needed.
  • Very light and still durable
  • Wide 26’’ shovel
  • Adjustable height and attack angle
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  • A plastic shovel may deteriorate over time.

05. ORIENTOOLS Snow Pusher on Wheels – Snow Removal Tool for Driveway

Pushing snow is usually less tiring than shoveling and throwing the heavy load away. When you need to clear a path or can transport the snow to the side, then a snow pusher is a comfortable solution. They also have a wider blade, like this Orientools model; with 26 inches, you can push a much higher amount of snow. Also, you can use your whole body for operation the pusher, and you don’t need to bend the back.

With an adjustable handle, the snow pusher is a good choice for everyone. The shovel is made of durable plastic, able to scratch snow from the surface and with an overhanging top part. This design ensures the snow won’t get over the shovel right on your feet. The wheels are high-duty parts of the shovel and will not freeze or clog in snow and cold temperatures.


  • Lightweight
  • Good blade angle and adjustable handle
  • 26 inches width for clearing footpath
  • No cable or charging needed


  • Difficult to use with heavy snow and more than 5’’

04. Unomor Snow Shovel Kit with Ice Scraper

You clearly see it when the designers of a product are actually using in and solving a problem, they experienced themselves. This shovel set solves many issues you have with a traditional tool, and we wonder why we haven’t had those ideas ourselves. Take the D-shape handle, for example; we use it for the garden shovel, so why not snow? Or the grip, usually made from metal, which is slippery and cold. Unomor Snow Shovel just added grips with foam to it, reducing fatigue and increasing the grip on the shovel. The sponge parts are the parts where you can take the shovel apart and extend it.

Furthermore, you can get an ice scratcher for frozen parts on the surface in this set. If your car broke down in winter, the shovel not only helps you dig it out of the snow, with two reflectors in the bottom, it’s also an emergency warning sign.


  • Many functions with just one device
  • Easy to use and reduces fatigue
  • Comes with an emergence reflector
  • Made from durable and lightweight hard ABS nylon
  • Can be used as an ice scratcher as well


  • A shovel is a bit thin for heavy loads

03. Suncast Basic Snow Shovel

While there a many snow shovels and snow pushers with lots of bells and whistles, sometimes you just need a simple tool; The Suncast Snow Shovel is made for purists and those who only occasionally need to get rid of snow.

And still, it has some handy features. The shovel design combines shovel and pusher elements, giving you the choice of how to clean the surface. You can just push it without any concern of snow falling over the top of the shovel. The rim is bent and will keep the snow down. Or you shovel the white stuff away when you need to clear the whole area. The handle is a d-shape, easy to hold in thick snow. The shovel shaft is made from powder-coated, rust-resistant material; the wear-strip is extra galvanized.


  • Easy to use
  • Pushing and shoveling
  • No cable needed
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not comfortable when using it for a long time

02. Portable Snow Shovel for Car by MTB Supply

Two are better than one, they say, and when it comes to shoveling, help is always appreciated. MTB offers a set of two hand shovels, so you can ask your partner or kids to join you. MTB made the tolls from aluminum, which makes them ultra-light but also very durable. They will not rust, even when left with snow on it.

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You can adjust the height between 27.5” and 35.4” with a twisting lock. This way, you can also use them when your car got stuck in the snow. The shovel features a 10.2” x13.3” blade, and the polypropylene makes sure it’s light and can bend a bit under the now. Still, it is tough enough to scratch some frozen snow from the surface. This set of two snow shovels is affordable, and you can use on as backup in your car.


  • Two shovels
  • Wide length range
  • Durable plastic blade
  • D-shape handle
  • Twisting lock


  • Only 13″ wide

01. Fivckle 3-in-1 Snow Shovel Set with Handle & Aluminum Edge Blade

Another set with good value for money comes from Fivckle. You will receive a snow shovel, a snow rotary brush, and an ice-scraper. The shovel has a shaft made up of two pieces, so you can adjust the tool. The shovel is 10 inches wide and works well to get rid of some snow piles around your car after heavy snowfall overnight.

You can then detach the shovel and add the brush. This accessory is best for snow on the roof of your car, on your pickup, or other places where you don’t want to leave a scratch. When there are frozen snow and ice, it can easily attach the ice scraper to the shaft. Changing the tips is no problem, just press the two knobs and twist the rod slightly. The same design is used to expand the post.


  • Three devices in one
  • Great tool for use at home
  • Ideal for your car in winter
  • 12 months warranty


  • Not intended for shoveling large areas


Depending on your area, snow will likely increase during winter times as harsher weathers are predicted. This means that we can expect more heavy snowfall and have more often to shovel snow away. Without the right tools, it’s quite a hassle to get up in the morning and try to clear the yard. It depends on the amount of snow and how many times you have to use them on average what kind is best for you. In general, traditional shovels are suitable for the occasional clearing and when you have a lot of snow.

Pushers and throwers usually have a limit of 5 inches. Small shovels can also be used in your car as an emergency tool when you get stuck on the road. With a snow pusher, you don’t need much force to clear, and they have a wider blade. Just be reminded that the snow is only pushed to the side, so you need some space for it. With electric snow shovels, your life is easy, but you either have to watch battery time or the cable.

Buyers Guide

When looking for a shovel, the material is essential. Most shovels and blades are made from durable plastic, and that is totally ok. The shaft, however, should be aluminum or steel and powder-coated or stainless to ensure it will not rust. We like the D-shape grip a lot, as we use it in our garden as well. It is much more convenient when loading up a big pile of snow.

Make sure that the shovel also scratches some frozen snow from the ground. Some sellers provide extra ice scrapers, which is also a solution. If the winter is long and you have to shovel a lot, make sure the shaft is adjustable to your height. You can hurt your back when you are bending forwards too much or lifting the snow too fast. A good grip helps a lot. And for those with less physical capabilities, we recommend the electric snow pushers and shovels. There is only some steering needed, and the snow will be thrown 20 ft to the side.