A leaking pipe, or washing machine, is the nightmare of every house owner. Not only can it cause expensive damage to your home, but also destroy valued furniture or memorabilia. This can happen both while you are at home, but also when you are away. In both situations, a quick reaction is necessary. With smart water leak detectors, you will be able to react within minutes once alerted. These sensors are available at reasonable prices and can be placed exactly where you need them to warn you about possible leakages.

The smart water leak detectors can be connected via your home Wi-Fi to communicate with dedicated apps, which will send you warnings when you are outside. At your home, audible or visual alarms will notify in addition to the push messages sent to your mobile device. The sensors are easy to install and handle, and they will serve you greatly to protect your home from water damage. Some models also come with temperature detectors to warn in winter when your water pipes are about to freeze. We tested various smart water leak detectors and put together a buyer’s guide for you with the top ten of the best available sensors. With this, you should have no difficulties to select the best option to protect your home from water damage.

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List of the Best Smart Water Leak Detectors

10. Honeywell Home RCHW3610WF1001/N Water Leak Detector

The Honeywell Home Water Leak Detector helps you to detect leaks and frozen pipes before they can cause severe damage to your home. This will save you expensive repairs and inconveniences. The compact and handy device can be installed conveniently near spots prone to damage, like water heaters, washing machines, and under sinks.

You can register each water leak detector in the Honeywell Lyric App. Connect the detector to your Wi-Fi, and you will be alarmed immediately via your smartphone if the sensor picks up any concerning situation. The device senses temperatures from 32°F – 140°F (0°C – 60°C). Its 4 ft cable sensor detects water over its entire length. You can extend the sensor length to 500 ft (extensions sold separately) to set up looping in a larger area.

● Works with the Honeywell Lyric App
● Easy to set up, operated with 3 AA alkaline batteries
● Temperature and humidity sensing every hour
● Senses temperatures from 32°F – 140°F (0°C – 60°C)

● Some buyers report issues with setting up the app on their phones

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09. YoLink 1/4 Mile Smart Water Leak Detector

These YoLink smart water leak detectors come in a handy set of 4 sensors with a hub and in a reasonable price range. They are equipped with an impressive receiving range of up to a 1/4 mile. This allows you to use the detectors in areas that are normally challenging for most residential Wi-Fi systems. These areas include not only your basement and outdoor porch but also sheds or garages.

The YoLink wireless water leak sensors are easy and effortless to install. Choose the areas you wish to supervise, like bathrooms, dishwashers, or fish tanks. In case of an event, you will receive real-time early-warning notifications to your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can activate a siren alarm. The detectors can be also connected with 3rd-party platforms like Alexa or IFTTT.

● Works with Wi-Fi, Alexa, and IFTTT
● Setup scheduled and automatic actions
● Notifications by banner alerts, SMS/text messages, and emails
● Low-battery alert

● Requires smartphones or tablets running iOS 9, or higher, or Android 4.4, or higher

08. Eve Water Guard Smart Water Leak Detector, for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch (Apple HomeKit)

The Eve Water Guard smart water detector operates with your Apple HomeKit. In case of a water leak, it alerts you acoustically with a 100 dB siren. Furthermore, there is also a visual alarm with a red flashing warning light. While you are out of your home, you will get notified via your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch if you have a home hub such as an Apple TV or a HomePod.

You need to plug in this smart water leak detector into a Type A & B socket to operate it. The device includes a 6.5 ft / 2 m sensing cable. This can be extended up to 490 ft / 150 m to serve as a full-length sensor, suitable to monitor large areas of your home. The cable is a sensor of its full length.

● Stainless steel leaf spring steering
● Powder-coated 6000 aluminum frame
● Detachable carry strap
● Polycarbonate front skis and HDPE rear skis

● Apple Home Kit required for operation

07. Moen 920-004 Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector

The smart technology of the Moen 920-004 does not only help to detect leaks, but it also measures the room temperature and humidity to guard you against frost and mold risk. Including a 6 ft leak sensing cable, the device can also cover larger areas, like in your laundry room or basement. The detector can be installed effortlessly in all corners of your home. It runs on a CR123A 3-volt lithium metal battery, which can last up to two years.

In case the detector senses water, excess humidity, or extreme temperature changes, the unit sends an alert via the Flo by Moen app to your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, it sounds an audible alarm and emits a blinking LED light. You have the option to combine the smart detector with the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff to automatically turn off the water in your home, in case the detector senses moisture (the Smart Water Shutoff is sold separately).

● Includes a 6 ft leak sensing cable
● Easy to install also in hard-to-reach areas
● Possible to connect multiple detectors in different areas
● One year limited warranty

● The detector does not communicate with the Flume system by Moen

06. Wasserstein WiFi Smart Water Leak Sensor Detector (3-Pack)

If you have locations prone to water damage shared over several spots in your home, this handy pack of three smart water leak detectors from Wasserstein will suit your needs. The sensor can be installed on a wall with little effort only. It is easy to use. You just lay out the sensor chord in the designated area, like next to your washing machine or refrigerator.

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With its compact size, the detector can be fitted conveniently even into the smallest of gaps. The bottom of the sensor contains three highly sensitive gold-plated probes. Should these come in contact with water, they will create a circuit and set off the acoustic alarm to alert you. By simply connecting the detector with your Wi-Fi and downloading the free Wstein app, you will receive alerts via push notifications when you are outside your home.

● Dual alert system
● Alerts via the free Wstein app
● Quick and reliable detection
● Highly maneuverable

● Some buyers report that the hardware randomly disconnects from the network

05. SimpleSENCE Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector

The SimpleSENCE smart water leak detector comes without a chord. Instead, the device itself is placed effortlessly on the floor in the areas you wish to control for water leakages. This can be anywhere in your bathroom, next to your washing machine or fridge, or in your basement. Simply connect the sensor with your Home 2.4G Wi-Fi. With the free SimpleSENCE app, you will receive alert notifications on your smartphone or tablet. The detector also features an 80 dB audible alarm to warn you immediately.

The sensor provides you also a freeze erection to protect your water pipes from freeze damage. You can connect multiple detectors with the app to cover more than one area in your home. Furthermore, there is no limit to adding contact numbers to your alert notification list. In case of your absence, also other family members, friends, or neighbors will be alerted.

● 24 hours leak and freeze detection
● Fits into tight and hard to reach spaces
● 80 dB audible alarm
● Alert notifications by text or e-mail to your smartphone or tablet

● Some buyers reported issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity

04. Govee WiFi Water Leak Sensor 3 Pack

The Govee smart water leak detector does not feature detection cables but compact little probes. These feature two groups of backwater detector probes and one group of front probes for leaking detection. They are IP66 waterproof and suitable for use in high moisture areas. With the free Govee Home app, you can name each sensor with its exact location, i.e., washing machine or kitchen sink.

The water sensors and the gateway are paired right out of the box for immediate use and only need to be connected with your home Wi-Fi. The dual alarm system warns you via e-mail or notifications if a water leak is detected. Furthermore, an audible alarm with mute function and adjustable sound up to 100 dB alarm will notify you when you are at home.

● Features the smart Govee Home app
● IP66 waterproof
● Smart battery level display
● Adjustable audible alarm

● Does not support 5G Wi-Fi

03. Flume 2 Smart Water Leak Detector

The smart water leak detector from FLUME features a free app with versatile functions to optimize your water usage at home and save money. First of all, it provides you an around the clock alarm function for possible water leaks in your home. With the unique Flume app, you can monitor and analyze your water consumption.

You can check down to the one-hundredth of a gallon water use insight data directly within the app. This supports you in controlling your water usage and reducing wasting water by on average 10% to 20% per month. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly water use budgets. Smart alerts will notify you of potential water leaks and waste. Furthermore, you can even compare your indoor versus outdoor water use.

● Easy to install without plumbing required
● Automatically suggests water budgets
● 24/7 water leak detection
● The versatile Flume app helps you to save water

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● Higher priced than other smart water detectors

02. Flume Smart Home Water Monitor compatible with Alexa.

Another product from FLUME that will not disappoint you. This smart water leak detector is compatible with Alexa on top of alerting your smartphone or tablet with the unique Flume app. You can install the device within five minutes without any effort. The monitor straps around your home’s existing water meter without the need for a plumber or tools. The detector is compatible with 95% of US water meters.

The device runs on long-life batteries (included). Therefore, no external power is needed. With the free Flume app, you can easily monitor your water use and where you can save water. This will reduce your water bill in the long term. Flume offers a budget tool within the app to track your use daily, weekly, or monthly.

● Easy installation in minutes
● 24/7 leak protection
● The free Flume app helps to monitor your water use
● Includes a Wi-Fi bridge with power cord

● The detector is not compatible with every meter

01. Starter Kit by leakSMART, Water Leak Sensor

The water leak detection starter kit by leakSMART does not come cheap, but the price range is justified when considering its quality and functions. It offers high leak protection with a patented valve. This is an electronic motorized brass water ball valve that connects directly to your main water supply. In the event of a leak, it will automatically shut off your water.

Its sensors are wireless and waterproof and will monitor moisture and temperature throughout your home. Should they detect leakage, they will shut off your home’s water automatically within 5 seconds. Furthermore, the smart water leak detector integrates with Alexa, SmartThings, and Wink. The set includes the automatic shut-off valve, the LeakSmart system hub, and one water leak sensor. You can purchase additional leakSMART Sensors, as one hub can handle up to 32 sensors.

● Wireless and waterproof sensors
● Instant notifications in less than 5 seconds
● Works with Alexa, SmartThings, and Wink
● Includes an automatic shut-off valve

● Professional installation is recommended.


Smart water leak detectors are the most suitable early warning systems to notify you about water leaks and help you to prevent possible extensive and expensive damage to your home. Most of them feature dual warning systems by acoustic or visual warnings while you are at home, but even more important, notifying you on your smartphone or tablet while you are outside.

Some of them come with additional features like temperature warnings to prevent water pipes from freezing. Furthermore, with the special smart apps available, they can help you monitor and control your water usage and set budgets to save on the water bill.

Buying Guide

When selecting a smart water leak detector, we recommend you first determine how many spots in your house need monitoring. A number of detectors are available in packages at more attractive prices than buying single detectors. Some offer the option to pair multiple sensors with one detector base. Should you have various areas prone to water leakages in the same room, like your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, then a detector with an extendable sensor cord can be the ideal solution for you.

For setting the Wi-Fi connection, please verify that your Wi-Fi and the detector match for the connection. Handling and installation should be simple and easy. Battery operated smart water leak detectors might be preferable over plug-in models to give you greater flexibility for their placement. For the special apps the smart water leak detectors come with, please verify that your smartphone or tablet matches the system requirements to operate the app successfully and receive alerts reliably.