Waking up to a cozy warm home in winter or returning home to a nicely chilled house during hot summer days is nowadays straightforward. Since smart thermostats are available at reasonable prices, this wish can be fulfilled for everybody. The modern devices are not only programmable at the thermostat itself but can be controlled remotely by your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Some also allow you geofencing. No matter what model you decide on, you will wake up or arrive at a home with your perfect individual temperature set already.

Best Smart Thermostats
Best Smart Thermostats

In the long term, this can also help you to save energy costs, as there is no need anymore to keep your heater or air conditioner running while you are away. All you need to start is a reliable home Wi-Fi and a suitable mobile device to take advantage of these smart thermostats. We have chosen ten products to test and review ourselves. We have also collected feedback from buyers owning these thermostats already. Our following buyer’s guide will provide you helpful insights to find the most suitable smart thermostat for your home.

List of the Best Smart Thermostats

10. Emerson Touchscreen Smart Thermostats for Apartment (Model ST75)

The Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi smart thermostat is operated by a convenient touchscreen display in your home or via a free mobile app when you are outside your house. You can remotely access, change, or program your home temperatures just with a simple touch on the respective screen. The smart thermostat works with HVAC equipment in most homes (limited to the US and Canada).

The installation process is simple enough for setting up the thermostat yourself. Please note that a standard wire (c-wire) is required for all system types. With the Sensi Touch thermostat, you can let your location automatically adjust your temperature settings with geofencing. Furthermore, you have the option to use the controls provided in the free app to create your customized schedule. The smart thermostat is also compatible with Alexa, Wink, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

● Compatibility with most HVAC equipment
● Easy to install and set up
● Controlled via smart[hone, tablet or touchscreen display at the device
● Works with several home assistants

● Some users reported that the thermostat does not work when connected to both heat and AC.

09. Honeywell Home Programmable Thermostat (Model RTH6360D1002 )

With the Honeywell Home smart thermostat, you can rely on an easy to handle device to control your home temperature. The 5-2 Day programmable thermostat comes with a large backlit display, which is easy to read and also to handle in dim light. The device is easy and convenient to use, even for less tech-savvy users. You can program the settings fitting to your personal needs: separate settings for weekdays and weekends and up to four periods per day.

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Via the display, you can check the current room temperature and set your preferred point temperature simultaneously. The thermostat also includes a smart response learning function, which can “learn” your heating and cooling cycle times. Furthermore, the controller can change automatically from heat to cool. A very convenient feature is the reminders you can set for air filter changes and low batteries.

● Your set program is retained in memory.
● Automatic changes from heat to cool
● Features a filter change reminder
● Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature settings available

● Some customers report dissatisfaction with the customer service of the manufacturer.

08. 2nd Generation ecobee Smart Thermostats

The stylish looking ecobee lite smart thermostat will help you to make your life easier when it comes to temperature control in your home. The device is easy to install and features convenient controls directly on the device or remotely via the ecobee app. A unique gimmick is the illumination function when you are nearby the thermostat. It will show you the temperature, weather, and humidity.

Besides being controllable remotely via your smartphone or tablet, the thermostat integrates with several home assistants, like Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, Echo, Wink, and IFTTT. By using this smart thermostat, you can save up to 23% annually on your cooling or heating costs.

● Convenient remote control via the ecobee app
● Effortless installation
● Compatible with various home assistants
● Illuminates the panel automatically when you are close to the display

● The ecobee app allows only one user account.

07. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat (Model RTH9585WF1004)

If the design is crucial for you, then the Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Smart Color Thermostat might be precisely what you are looking for. We liked the color feature, which will let you choose the display color matching your room design. Besides this fun-function, the smart thermostat provides you flexible programming options to set your schedule.

Another useful feature is the weather screen with the daily forecast. Furthermore, you can also check the current indoor and outdoor humidity. The smart thermostat delivers you on top of that monthly reports about your heating and cooling habits and provides tips on reducing your energy use. The Wi-Fi Smart Color is compatible with various voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

● Customizable color touch screen
● Compatible with various home assistants
● Local weather forecast
● Flexible programming options

● Insufficient flexibility to change the swing temperature

06. Stainless Steel Google Nest Thermostat – Model T3007ES

The Google T3007ES Nest Learning Thermostat features a “learning function.” This means the device learns your schedule and assists you by setting specific programming, so you can save energy. With the Nest app, you can control the smart thermostat remotely from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The device is also compatible with many home assistants, like Google Assistant or Alexa.

Furthermore, the Nest app provides you an overview of your energy usage history. You can check this also via the quick view function with the thermostat’s display. Another useful feature is the leaf showing in the display when you have chosen an energy-saving setting. Another feature we liked is Farsight motion control. This function awakes the display when you walk into the room to indicate the temperature, time, or weather.

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● Remote control via smartphone, tablet, or laptop
● Comes with energy-saving features
● Compatible with many home assistants
● Works with 95% of the heating and cooling systems at your home

● Some user report issue with a software update causing malfunctions

05. Honeywell Home WIFI Smart Thermostats with Touchscreen – Model T9

Honeywell is in our houses for decades, and the company makes no exception when it comes to thermostats. The T9 model already has one of its smart rooms sensors, which detected if someone is in the room and set the temperature accordingly. You will receive monthly energy consumption reports to adjust the settings if you want to save electricity and money.

The central unit has a touchscreen display and collects the data from the sensors. You connect to the main unit via your smartphone. But you can also just ask Alexa or your Google Assistant about the current status in your home. It will then tell you the actual temperature in each room. It comes with an easy setup through the display menu.

● Easy to set up in your home
● Works with sensors in every room over 200 ft distance
● Auto home and auto-away mode
● Works with Alexa and other virtual assistants

● Some users complain about the accuracy of the software.

04. Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home – DIY Model ST55

One of the significant advantages of smart devices is that they understand data better than we do. Therefore, they can adjust the tools and machines much better than we can achieve. When it comes to heating and air-conditioning, the Emerson Sensi collects data, analyzes it, and accordingly to your settings adjusts the temperature. Features like schedules and geo-fencing will save you up to 23 % of your energy costs for heating and cooling.

The device works with all standard heating and air-conditioning units; for some, a c-wire may be needed. It follows the shape and size of regular thermostats, so you don’t even have to repaint the wall. Setting up the thermostat is done in less than 30 minutes. You can control it via App or Alex and other assistants.

● Reports how long our devices run a day
● Smart home ready works with virtual assistants
● Energy-star certified
● Lots of settings and schedules through the app

● You need to follow the exact commands on Alexa.

03. Wireless Thermostat with 7-day programs

What looks like a simple thermostat is a pretty sophisticated device. Honeywell understands users very well, and you can see this when operating the panel. It has a color display, and the menu is self-explaining. You can set it up in no time, connect it to Wi-Fi and to your smartphone app.

There are many programs to choose from, so you can plan the week ahead and adjust heating and cooling according to your work schedule or actual weather conditions. This way, you will be able to save energy and optimize your heaters’ lifespan and air-conditioning. The displays show you current settings, outdoor temperature and humidity, current status, and if it’s operating on a schedule or on a manual setting. You can set programs with the smartphone app, but the thermostat also understands Alexa commands.

● Hardwired to your heating system
● Wifi-enabled to connect to our smartphone
● Works with Alexa
● Color touchscreen display for comfortable use

● Professional installation by an electrician is required.

02. Schluter Programmable Wifi Thermostat (Model DHERT104/BW)

One of the nicest experiences in the wintertime is a heated floor. If you have a Schluter DITRA system in your home, this thermostat will make life even more comfortable. You will be able to take complete control over the DITRA heating cables. The thermostat has a 3.5’’ display with a touchscreen. You can set up to six different scenarios per day. The display shows you the current status, including time, temperatures, Wi-Fi connection, and operating mode.

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Furthermore, the thermostat can monitor and track your energy consumption and provide monthly reports for you. The setup is easy since Schuler provides a software wizard that leads you through the process. You can connect two heating cables to one unit, with a maximum of 15 amp in total.

● Integrates perfectly with the DITRA heating cables
● Easy to use set up wizard
● Six different modes per day
● Energy consumption reports

● Works only with the DITRA system

01. Google Nest Thermostat for Home

It is no surprise that this device works very well with the Google Assistant and voice commands. The search engine company is open to others, and that’s why you can also control the thermostat with Alexa. The design is different from the rectangular panels most suppliers have. It has a round shape; instead of touching the display to swipe your finger along the outer ring. Most settings you will do through the provided app.

You can schedule heating periods depending on your daily itinerary or switch to manual mode. The device will monitor your temperatures and energy consumption and will make suggestions on how to reduce the electricity bill. Set up is very easy; just plug the cables in and fix the panel’s back with two small screws. It’s available in different colors.

● Works well with virtual assistants
● Looks great on your wall, more like a decorative accessory
● Compatible with 85 % of HVAC devices
● One-year warranty

● Can not learn from settings


A smart thermostat can be a handy assistant to help you to control the temperature in your home even when you are away. You will wake up in the morning in a cozy warm temperature in your house during winter or return from work to a nicely pre-cooled living room during summer.

In the long term, this can even help you to make some remarkable savings on your energy bills. The thermostats are usually easy to control and program via their displays. Nowadays, most of them also come with smart applications, providing you remote controls via your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, a number of them are compatible with various home assistant systems.

While smart thermostats provide you reports about your energy usage, many have additional functions like the weather on display. With the dedicated apps, most devices are also able to “learn” about your daily routine and to deliver you tips and recommendations about other energy-saving settings for your thermostat.

Buying Guide

Smart thermostats are available from a number of brands known for high-quality home appliances. Therefore, you might want to check first if you can find the same thermostat brand as your air-conditioner or heater. As some installation work is needed, we recommended you select a product that is easy to install, also DYI. Please always check first if the thermostat chosen is compatible with the devices in your home.

Another point to pay attention to is the smart thermostat compatibility with your WiFi network. Furthermore, for the dedicated apps, please make sure that the systems of your smartphone or tablet fit with the requirements of the mobile apps. Otherwise, you risk that your thermostat will only be able to be controlled directly at the device installed at your home. Modern smart thermostats offer useful functions like weather reports, usage reports, suggestions to optimize your energy consumption, or features to show you when you select an energy-saving setting. Some also allow you geofencing for your convenience.