Printers for decades have been one of the essential equipment used in offices, schools, and business organizations, both small and large. They facilitate the production of crucial documents, photos, letters, and cards, among others. Thanks to the technological advancements, we are moving away from the large and bulky printers to small portable printers. They are known to serve best both in small homes, offices, and businesses.

Research shows that they are commonly used for home office printing. With this niche being on the rise, lots of small printers with different styles, designs, and functionalities have been availed, leaving the buyer with the hard task of selecting the best equipment that will satisfy their needs. We have done both extensive and intensive research and came up with the following best 10 small printers, which are convenient for your pocket and reliable to use.

List of the 10 Best Small Printers in 2021:

10. Brother HL-L3210CW Compact Digital Laser Printer

Starting our reviews is this fantastic small printer manufactured by Brother Company. This trusted brand is the best pick for busy small offices or homes in need of the best quality laser printer at an affordable cost. They ultimately add color to printings and allow you to enjoy high quality, sharp texts, or vivid photos on all of your documents.

It has a faster printing speed of nineteen pages per minute and a large paper capacity tray holding up to 250 papers. This allows a continuous printing process with no efforts required for regular refilling of paper sheets. This printer has a versatile design with multiple features that will enable you to customize your printing options.

Special features:

  • Robust and sturdy printer construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Compact design with dimensions 18.1 by 16.1 by 37.8-inches plus lightweight for exceptional portability
  • The versatile style allows for improved rates of productivity
  • Large paper holding capacity of 250 papers for reliable use
  • Flexible in operation allowing you to select and customize different printing options
  • Supports wireless mobile device printing by laptop, smartphones, or tablets and also connectible with Wi-Fi

09. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

This is a super portable printer taken after the Instax Sharpe sp-2 smartphone printer. It features a sleek and compact body equipped with a revamped app, Bluetooth compatibility, and fun social properties. This guarantees to grab your attention. Besides, the user-friendly app allows you to modify your photos by utilizing up to thirty fun, split prints, colored frames, as well as printing of favorite images from videos.

With the mini link app, you can utilize both the print and fan modes effectively. The fan mode allows up to five users to connect to this excellent device and print collage photo or party printing. It’s designed with a motion sensor that can be zoomed in or out to take pictures with the help of the mobile app by tilting the printer or reprint photos by turning it upside down.

Special features:

  • The downloadable Instax Link Mini-app allows effortless printing of photos
  • Photos can be printed form videos
  • The app enables customizable printing modes for convenience use
  • A fast printing speed of about twelve seconds or ninety seconds
  • Measures 5 by 3 by 7.1-inches with the lightweight of 9.9-ounces for exceptional portability
  • Availed in three different colors for a broader range of selection
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08. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2395DW

More advanced technology and user-friendly printer feature incorporated in this decent printer make it suitable for small businesses which need lots of printing. Its high class-leading printing speed of thirty-six pages per minute makes it the most valuable and profitable for small businesses. Also, this brand new printer comprises a reliable flatbed scanning cut-glass for speedy replication plus scanning process directly from whichever device you have.

Its wireless connectivity is adorable and faster, allowing its users to easily submit their printing tasks right from their smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. The new technology also permits users to print or scan their documents from cloud-based services like Google drives, and Dropbox. Its dominant 2.7 colors led touchscreen allows fast operation hence saving time by customizing mostly used printing features.

Special features:

  • It has the highest printing speed of 36 pages per minute hence convenient and optimized performance
  • Large paper holding tray with about 250 papers for effective use without regular refills
  • Operates optimally within the temperature range of 50 to 91F◦
  • 2.7 color touchscreen display allows easy application and customizations
  • Its flatbed glass copies, scan, and prints your documents with ease

07. Epson Workforce WF-110 Wireless Mobile Printer

Are you tired of using a slow working printer and gives you many troubles with regular refiling of papers? The Epson workforce wireless printer has the best solution for you. They are technically engineered for quick and effortless printing from anywhere you are or work from. With its sleek and extremely light design, you can move to anywhere with this printer in bags or briefcases more conveniently.

Its inbuilt batteries are rechargeable with USB or ac adapter; thus, you never get to worry when you go to places without sufficient power supply. Besides, it gives you the same best printing volume when connected to an external battery option. The wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi direct enhances faster printing forms, contracts, invoices, including others with the convenience of your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Special features:

  • Super compact and light in weight making it extremely portable for use
  • Rechargeable batteries with USB and ac adaptors ensure continuous printing no matter where you go
  • Bright color 1.4-inch LCD screen and convenient control plan allow for comfortable setting up and operating
  • Hands-free operation with voice-activated printing modes for various documents
  • Incredibly durable with instant-dry inks that also enhances print quality

06. HP Office Jet 250 All-in-one Portable printer

Print, scan and copy your documents from anywhere you go with this small and portable as well as all-in-one printer. It highly detects and connects with android phones in the nearby and print your documents by using the Wi-Fi Direct feature. With this great printer, quality documents and photos, including other prints, are produced in large quantities.

The HP Office Jet All-in-one printer has batteries with a longer lifespan than most ordinary printers in the market. This means that it is best suitable for mobile professionals and telecommuters who are always on the move and require good quality printed documents. Besides, it’s highly portable and copies, scans, and prints multiple pages of documents effortlessly with the ten-page automation feature.

Special features:

  • A multipurpose printer that offers all-in-one services that include scan, copy, wireless connectivity, among many more
  • Compact size permits easy portability and fits in most backpacks or briefcases
  • Utilizes original HP62ink and HP 62XL cartridges for more excellent and economic performance
  • 2.65-inch color touchscreen for efficient scanning, copying and printing documents
  • Accommodates varied kinds of papers including the legal, envelopes, executive, photos among others

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05. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

The Compact Monochrome Laser printer comes as the first dual printer in our reviews. Its ability to automatically print with documents or photos on two sides at the same time makes it faster and efficient in printing a large volume of documents. The monochrome laser printer has the latest technology that accounts to its compact design.

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This printer is the best for small businesses, homes, or home offices with about thirty pages per minute. Plus, it has up to 250 paper sheet tray capacity that relieves you from regular and tiresome paper refilling. This feature makes it ideal for small businesses or small homes with busy or bulky work for printing. Legal and letter paper sizes work best with this printer

Special features:

  • Compactly sized for perfectly fitting smaller spaces as well as portability
  • Its features are fully optimized for efficiency in performance
  • A printing speed of 32 pages per minute with duplex printing sides giving you twice the volume of output at lower costs
  • Wireless connectivity allows printing from cloud-based services and mobile devices
  • Equipped with the Amazon Dash Replenish enabled for automatic determining of ink levels and order for supplies from Amazon

04. HP LaserJet Pro M15w Wireless Printer

If you are looking for a printer that will do the work faster at the same time and fit both your budget and space needs, HP Jet Pro M15w printer is eagerly awaiting you. It’s best known and rated for producing professional quality printing, scanning and copying services even right from your smartphone. This implies that it is compatible with most mobile and computer operating systems.

This is the globe’s best smallest laser printer, about 35% smaller than its predecessor’s thriving in its high class. It enhances faster printing of up to nineteen pages per minute thanks to the wireless design infused in this device. Above all, its popular HP Smart App permits you to scan documents and photos from your mobile device, and also print from the cloud-based services.

Special features:

  • 35% smaller than its predecessors measuring 13.6 by 7.5 by 6.3-inches hence more portable and space saver
  • Wireless connectivity allows easy sharing and printing documents from cloud-based services as well as from mobile devised
  • A fast printing speed of 19 pages per minute hence you can depend on it
  • High-quality prints are provided thus great value
  • The Amazon Dash Replenish enable allows time on ordering inks on time

03. HP Office Jet Pro 9015 All-in-one Wireless Printer

Get a revolutionized all in one wireless printer with mobile and automatic dual-sided printing, scanning, and copying of documents with this brand HP office 9015 printer series today! With this small printer, you will be able to increase your printing productivity thanks to the advanced scanning solutions like double pass, dual-sided automated document feeder.

This fantastic wireless printer has smart tasks and flatbed, which are simple slides off the glass, helping to improve productivity plus save your precious time. It has a unique self-healing feature that ensures continuous performance. The excellent Wi-Fi makes it the best of its class, security, reduces noise disruptions as well as maintains privacy and control settings.

Special features:

  • Faster printing speed with 22 pages per minute and automatic dual-sided copy and scanning
  • It measures 10.9 by 17.3 by 13.5-inches for compactness and easy portability
  • Engineered to arrange documents 50% faster using the Smart Task
  • HP Smart App allows easy access and printing documents remotely
  • It’s inbuilt security essentials helps in safeguarding sensitive data

02. HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-one Wireless Printer

Save your office, desk, or home office space and get the best printing experience with this DeskJet all in one wireless printer. Its powerful scanner enables you to effectively manage and tackle all kinds of scanning jobs right from plain paper to stiff media. This printer is designed with a petite size that enhances easy portability and simplicity in use.

The HP DeskJet all in one wireless printer gives you the most inexpensive way of moving and placing your small printer in your home office, business place, or desk limited spaces. Its clever use makes it exceptionally best, no wonder it comes as second best compact printers. Printing via a wireless connection on a smartphone, tablet, and cloud-based services are simplified and reliable for top printing performance.

Special features:

  • Ultra-compact design for fitting your space best
  • Compatible with mobile devices and computers for easy and fast printing services
  • Prints both legal and letter papers
  • Replenishment services offered by amazon automatically orders and refills ink toners upon completion helping you to save up to 10% and 50% with HP Insta ink

01. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-one Photo Printer

Printing quality photos for your family members has been made simpler and faster with the first photo coming out in no time once you execute the print command with HP ENVY 5055 printer. It’s highly rated and praised by many users for its best quality and efficiency in performance. Besides, it’s portable, allowing you to print photos while on the go.

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Additionally, this printer is 100% designed to ensure your family to be more productive by printing borderless, high-quality photos, and crisp texts at the comfort of your home. With the HP Smart App being embedded in its construction, super connectivity with your mobile devices, Wi-Fi direct, and the cloud-based services setting up and operating the photo printer is easy.

Special features:

  • Allows you to scan, copy and print documents with crisps and sharp texts
  • The versatile printer that does plenty of tasks
  • The HP Smart App exists as the most influential printing app that ensures secure setup and operating it efficient and fast
  • Compact design with dimensions 14.4 by 17.5 by 5-inches allowing smooth movement
  • The amazon dash replenishment enable saving 10% while HP Instant Ink saves up to 50% of the ink refilling cost

What you need to know when purchasing the Best Small Printer

Nobody can hate a small printer with the best convenience and reliability in producing excellent and quality documents and photos for your business, work, or special memorial events in life. With so many brands of small printers to choose from on the market, buyers are left with a hard task of finding their best printer that will satisfy their needs. It happens that most of them choose small printer anticipation for better results, but in the end, dissatisfaction overpowers the joy. Read this guide to the end if you want to get the best small printer with the help of our reviews above.


The best small printer should be able to fit in the space available in your working room, desk, or home offices. This implies that its size should be to match with your open space. Since small printers are commonly designed with compact dimensions, rooms with limited areas of operation would be ideal. Therefore always determine if the printer will fit perfectly in spaces offered by your place.


Various small printers are designed to serve different printing services, right from essential documents, colored photos, to cards. Some allow taking photos and printing them. Whether single-functional or multifunctional, you should select the best small printer that will meet your printing demands with high levels of efficiency. We recommend you to buy one of the above reviewed small printers which have versatile use and are more productive for your several types of prints you may want.


Check whether the small printer you intend to buy has wireless connectivity features. They include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, mobile devices connectivity, as well as if it can be connected to cloud-based services like the Google drive, Dropbox, among others. Such wireless features will enhance efficiency in operation by printing remotely from wherever you are as well as using your mobile device.


Printing speed is, of course, another thing you should consider. Small printers have different printing pages per minute. Most of the printers from our list have printing speed ranging from 19 to 36 pages per minute. Depending on your printing speed desires and type of work you intend to print, you will get the best one for you. If you want to use it for printing a lot of papers or frequent printing, we recommend you to choose one with the highest printing speed.

Quality of the prints

The best printer should give the best quality with the right tone, color, crisp, or sharp texts as intended. This will help to showcase the best and quality performance that will be praised by many. It’s crucial to select a small printer that will assure you of an excellent quality of documents and photos to be printed.

Final Thoughts 🙂
Small printers are ultimately devised with unique features that make it movable from one place to another as well as working efficiently. Its special compact design incorporates new technology that allows you varied printing options as desired. To this juncture, we believe that you are now knowledgeable and aware of the essential factors you need to look after when buying the best small printer of your choice. Our reviews give you well researched and top-rated small printers on the market you can choose.