People need sleep every day and we all want to get quality sleep. One factor to get quality sleep is getting a comfortable pillow. Most people prefer their pillow soft and some prefer theirs hard, however, I bet we all like the smooth texture and no pilling. It can be challenging to find a smooth to the touch pillowcases because some look nice and fluffy when bought but will start to get all uncomfortable to lay on. To help you choose, we bring to you the top 10 best silk pillowcases in 2021.

List of the Best Silk Pillowcases in 2021

10. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Fishers Finery

Fishers Finery pillowcase was made a hundred percent from long grade 6A pure mulberry silk. It has a density of 25mm. Its density is in Japanese momme and it is notable that the higher the momme is, the more silk it is. The sideway design is one-of-a-kind and is a bit offset to make the entire pillowcase stand out. In fact, Fishers Finery pillowcase was marked as a winner and an all-star standout in the Housekeeping Magazine. Furthermore, another purpose of the style on the side is so that it can be used as either a sham or a case for pillows.

To ensure that the pillow will stay firmly in place in the pillowcase, Fishers Finery made their pillowcase outsize the actual pillows and also made an overlap that will envelop the pillow. As for cleaning, it is recommended that you either dry clean or hand wash the pillowcase. A washing machine is also an option, however, there are a number of things you must do to prevent the pillowcase from getting ruin.

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You must either turn the pillowcase inside out or put it in a mesh laundry bag, put a moderate amount of detergent, use cold water and wash slowly. Please note that fabric softeners must not be used on it. To dry, put the pillowcase in a dryer on air fluff setting for 10 minutes and lay it flat afterward to completely dry it.

09. Silk Pillowcases for Hair and Skin by Slpbaby

Slpbaby was made entirely of a premium quality lavish hotel grade 16MM mulberry silk. This silk pillowcase is soft and has a pretty flap. The natural protein fibers of this pillowcase keep your face smooth and prevent your hair from having split ends. Even dermatologists show that silk pillowcases are good for hair and facial protection. The color of the pillowcase will not fade easily.

The pillowcase features a hidden zipper that will not only make you feel comfortable, but it also adds to the design. It can be washed by hands or by a washing machine using cold water and a gentle cycle. Please hang to dry. Slpbaby recommends users to iron it all low settings and do not bleach the pillowcase.

08. Silk Pillowcases Set of 2 for Hair and Skin by Jocoku

Jocoku pillowcase was made a hundred percent from natural mulberry silk. Silk pillowcases are good for your skin and hair. For your skin, it provides nourishments as well as preventing skin wrinkles. For hair, it keeps your hair tangle-free and smooth. Furthermore, it has a natural temperature adjuster that will keep your skin nice and moist in the summer and keep your skin all warm and smooth in the winter. You can now enjoy your beauty sleep regardless of the weather and seasons. The pillowcase has a hidden zipper design to make users feel comfortable. Also, its fine craftsmanship produces a breathable and cozy pillowcase.

Each purchase, you will be receiving two packs of pillowcases in a beautifully decorated box that is perfect as a gift. Lastly, the Jocoku pillowcase is available in many sizes and colors, so consumers can choose according to their preference.

07. Silk Pillowcases Standard Size with Hidden Zipper by Ramix

Ramix was made a hundred percent from natural silk. It is scientifically shown that silk fabric consists of 18 different types of natural ingredients that will efficiently stimulate your skin cells’ metabolism and will provide sufficient nourishment for your skin.

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Furthermore, it has a hidden zipper design that will not only add to the design of the pillowcase but will also make your skin and hair feel comfortable to rest on. Lastly, the pillowcase comes in a decorated package that is perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

06. Standard Size Pillow Case Cover with Hidden Zipper by Townssilk

Townssilk pillowcase has a 16mm mulberry silk at the front, white polyester on the back, and a hidden zipper. The price is inexpensive for a high-quality product. It is beneficial for your skin and hair because it prevents fast aging and prevents hair tangles or fallen hair.

The washing machine may be used, however, please note that it is to be clean using lukewarm water and using the gentlest cycle a washing machine provides. Please hag to dry, use a cool iron to iron, and do not bleach. Dry cleaning is also an option.

05. Pure Mulberry 22 Momme Silk Pillow Case by Slip

Slip silk pillowcase helps prevent your face from fast aging by maintaining the moisture and nourishment where necessary. Furthermore, it is so smooth preventing creased skin, so you can say goodbye to sleep creases. A slip silk pillowcase is not only good for your face, but it is also good for your hair.

With the texture of the pillowcase, your hair will be tangle-free, so you would not have to worry about bed hair anymore. Besides the many benefits it has to offer, it is also comfortable to lay on, which means you can get your beauty sleep and quality sleep now.

04. Signature Box Pillowcases by Morning Glamour

Morning Glamour pillowcase was made purely from polyester thread woven in a satin weave. The charmeuse satin makes your pillow look luxurious, feel luxurious and comfortable to sleep on. It is good for both your face and your hair. Furthermore, it is machine washable, so that will certainly lessen the work you need to do.

Lastly, as part of the design and as a practical feature, it has a flap that will secure the pillow inside, especially when you are resting on it.

03. Natural Silk Pillowcases by J Jimoo

Part of J Jimoo silk pillowcase is a perfectly hidden zipper that will also help make users feel comfortable. In addition, it is adaptable to different temperatures meaning it will make you feel warm and cozy during cold days and cool and moist during hot days. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about the change in weather or change in seasons.

J Jimoo also provides many benefits for your hair and your face just like many pure silk pillowcases. Lastly, if you are planning on gifting the product to your loved ones, we also offer a dark blue classic gift box packaging along with the pillowcase.

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02. 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Zimasilk

Zimasilk was made purely from mulberry silk on both the front and the back. Both sides have 25mm 900 thread counts. Zimasilk pillowcase is in a standard size meaning it will fit the majority of the pillows available. Furthermore, it is available in many sizes and colors, so you can choose according to your preference.

This product provides many benefits for both your hair and your face. It is soft, smooth, and breathable resulting in a comfortable environment for you to fall into a deep sleep fast. It also has a hidden zipper for easy changes.

01. 100% Organic Pure Mulberry Worm Silk by Hyde Lane

Hyde Lane was made using high-quality mulberry worm silk that is 25mm. It is smooth and shiny making it comfortable to rest on as well as stylish. It does many beneficial things to your hair and face. For your hair, it will naturally defrizz your hair, eliminate bed head, tangle, and many more. Now, you can wake up with gorgeous and healthy hair.

As for your face, it is smooth to touch, so your face can slide all it wants without creating wrinkles or creases. Pillowcase helps reduce fast aging. In addition, it is machine washable and even after each cleaning, it will not trigger sneezes. It is great for people who easily sneeze to pillows after each wash.

Buying Guide for Best Silk Pillowcases

To avoid purchasing an uncomfortable silk pillowcase, we highly suggest that you take a look at all the following factors before deciding to purchase the product.


Silk products are usually measured in Japanese momme. The abbreviation for momme is mm. As an explanation, it is similar to the quality of cotton sheets measured by thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality, hence, the higher the price. Likewise, the higher the momme, the more the silk and the higher the price. So, if you are looking for a good quality silk pillowcase, please look for high momme.

Stitching Quality

Another important factor besides the silk material is stitching quality. With the high quality of stitching, the pillowcase will be comfortable as well as stylish.


After having read the review as well as the buying guide, we hope that there is one product that has caught your attention. For further information, please check using the links provided below. Please do not hesitate to purchase the product if it is to your liking. Enjoy your beauty sleep!