Are you starting a business and want everyone in the area to know about it? Have you considered that using the best sidewalk signs could be a good idea? Below is a guide that can help you in finding a suitable sidewalk sign.

When you are making a final purchase, decision make sure you read customer reviews to get an idea about any product. Usually, reading the product details and descriptions can help but it is just like window shopping! Actually, you are browsing several items to find the one you like the most. Read on for more information.

List the Best Sidewalk Signs

10. Changeable Message Sidewalk Sign by Excello Global Products

The 792 letters, symbols, and numbers can help you in displaying the message of your choice. The use of red and black colors for these items seems like a good choice as it can make the writing visible for the passerby. Plus, there are 4 liquid chalk markers and you can use what you like or prefer the most! Make sure you are getting the word out about your place.

All you need is ten minutes of your time to assemble this item! It is designed to be durable and it would suitable if you add sand or water to the plastic legs. It is also designed to be rustproof and weatherproof.

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09. Folding A-Frame Sidewalk Sign by T-SIGN

This sidewalk sign as you can see from the image appears interesting since it is double-sided. It can be suitable for the mall, restaurant, and can help you in advertising your business. You can use it outdoors since it is dustproof and waterproof. Hence, even if it is raining, it can help you in getting the word out for your business.

It has a portable style and you are going to find it user-friendly. There is no complexity involved in understanding the usage. Since it is double-sided, you are likely to invite more attention to the sign. Depending on how you prefer, you can directly write on it or use a poster instead of your advertisement.

08. Portable Folding Double-Sided Display by Plasticade

Available in black, this A-frame sidewalk curb sign can help you attract the attention of potential clients. It is portable and double-sided that can make it easy for you to get your message noticed. There is no need to use any adhesive for the attachment of display panels as it offers a quick-change design.

To make the sign more stable, you can add more weight by adding sand. It is portable and allows easy storage for the user. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use since it is resistant to the weather so you can easily use it in front of your shop in the mall or outside.

07. Portable Sidewalk Sign by M&T Displays

This A-frame sidewalk curb sign is double-sided allowing you to provide more exposure to the potential clients. It is composed of polyethylene that makes it water-resistant so you can easily display it outdoors!

When you open a business, it is important to reach out to the potential business and with the help of such sidewalk signs, it is possible to attract the target market otherwise, how would they know that you are right there! It is user-friendly and is designed to give your poster a professional look. It offers you a double-sided display and is easy to use. You can check the image to see how it looks!

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06. Folding Sidewalk Sign for Poster Board by YDisplay

This sidewalk sign is double-sided and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it to display the sign of your business and let the customers know you are up and running! There are two anti-glare covers that you can use. It weighs 12.2 lbs and is designed to be strong and durable.

Mostly, the users worry when the wind is blowing so when you are making a final purchase, make sure the particular sidewalk sign you select is providing resistance to outdoor weather or not. You can easily change the ads on this sidewalk sign. There is no glare lens included.

05. A-Frame Message Sidewalk Sign by SmartSign

This sidewalk sign is designed to be durable, rustproof, and weatherproof. It has a capacity of holding up to 1.5 gallons of additional weight so if you have been looking for such features, it is a good idea to take a look at this particular sidewalk sign. To add more stability and support, you can put water or sand in the built-in ballast port.

There are 314 letters, signs, and symbols included in the kit that can allow you to write a message for your potential audience. Using this sidewalk sign, you can customize your sign the way you like! Make sure you get the most of such products as these can play a vital role in the marketing of your business.

04. Folding A-Frame Sidewalk Curb Sign by SCZS

This A-frame sidewalk curb sign can be a suitable addition to your business since it is going to help you in the marketing of your business! Getting the word out that you are open and running the business is really important and despite that social media is doing the job these days, a physical sign showing the location of the business or telling what you have to offer for the day is really important. It is dustproof, waterproof, and is designed to be strong and durable.
The portable style allows you to place it anywhere you like. Advertising your business can be easier with such sidewalk signs!

03. Sturdy Advertising Double-Side Sidewalk by Tektrum

Get the word out in the market that your business is running by using this double-side sidewalk A-frame. However, before making a final purchase decision, make sure you are aware of the specific features! This sidewalk sign has plenty of space that can allow you to write the message you have in your mind.

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Storing it would be easy and since it is portable you can carry it from one place to another. The liquid chalk use would allow you to create different messages. You can clean up every time you want to write a new message and all you need to do is use a clean towel for wiping the surface. You can use it for your cafe, shop, restaurant, so much more!

02. Plastic A-Frame Sidewalk Signs by Signicade

Available in white color, this double-sided sidewalk sign is designed to be weather resistant. Using 300 letters and numbers, you can create the message you want. There is no need to use any special tools since assembling it can be so much easier for you!

Such sidewalk signs are sometimes really important for the business especially if you are in a location that is otherwise hard to spot. It lets the potential clients know that you are operating successfully! You can check customer reviews to get an idea about the performance of this or any other similar product available in the market.

01. Roadside Reader Board by Mysignboards

This sidewalk sign is available with a 4-inch letter set and is composed of high-quality material. There is no need for any kind of tools since no assembly is required you can use it right away. 255 letters, numbers, and characters would let you write your message for potential clients. It is important to create a catchy line since it can grab the attention of your target market.

It is lightweight and portable allowing you to carry it from one place to another. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use! It would be suitable even in harsh weather conditions.


The guide above can help you in finding a suitable sidewalk sign that can help your business grow since the potential clients would be able to spot you even from distance. It is important to use the right sidewalk sign that has the ability to resist harsh weather conditions.