Staring at the screen of your device is already bad enough for your eyes, and you don’t want to make matters worse by staring closer. That is why we have listed off the top 10 best screen magnifiers for your phone screen in 2021. With one of these, you’ll be able to enjoy a theatre-like experience at your comfortable home. And at the end of this product review, you’ll see a buying guide that will assist you in ordering the screen magnifier that is to your liking.

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#10. WANTU 3D Screen Magnifier

#10. WANTU 3D Screen Magnifier

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 WANTU screen magnifier comes with an anti-blue light 3D acrylic lens. This magnifier will not just offer you a much improved and larger image of your screen but enhances the audio performance as well with its sound stereo. Taking the HD zoom optical technology, it is capable of magnifying your phone’s display 4 times the size. Moreover, there is also a holder stand that can be folded after use, to hold your phone sturdily and securely, giving you a problem-free viewing experience.

And, this one can be used with all touch-screen phones, from iPhone 11 pro down to 6s, from Samsung Galaxy S9 Note to 5 edge and even other android function phones. As for the package, it contains the magnifier, a Bluetooth speaker base, a USB charging cable, and a user manual altogether.

This screen magnifier is built with two charging methods, either charging it directly from an outlet using the USB cable provided, or from a power-bank when you’re outside, and there are no outlets available. What’s more, it is constructed in a folding design, so wherever you go, you’ll be able to bring it along with you conveniently.

#9. GLORD Portable Screen Magnifier

#9. GLORD Portable Screen Magnifier

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Amplify your phone screen 4 times from its original size with the acrylic screen magnifier from GLORD. With its 3D curved design screen, combining with HD zoom visual technology, this magnifier will allow you to enjoy tons of films and videos in brilliant visuals. The package includes wireless water-proof Bluetooth earphones as well, to better the audio aspect as well, so if you were to listen to a live singing performance, it’ll make you feel as though you are watching it in person. And not to mention, the earphones are also equipped with active noise cancellation features.

Adding to this, there is a holder for your phone to keep it safe and secure while you are watching. Moving on to its compatibility, whether you are using IOS or Android, you’ll be able to use this enlarger anyway as it is suited to all smart-phones in all sizes.

If you are a parent whose children love to play games, this is a great gift for you to get for their birthdays as it will not only prevent visual fatigue, but they’ll surely be grateful for bettering their gaming experience as well.

#8. Mesuyoku Compact Screen Magnifier

#8. Mesuyoku Compact Screen Magnifier

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With HD acrylic Fresnel lens, Mesuyoku screen magnifier will enlarge your phone display 4 times the size. Adopting HD zoom optical technology, it also offers 3D visual effects, allowing you to watch your videos in high-definition images. Moreover, this magnifier is built in a unique sliding and foldable design. Simply by pulling out the round button, the amplifier will emerge. This design does not only help prevent damage to the lens but promotes convenient portability, making it easy for you to pack along when on a camping or business trip. Besides, it has UV-resistant and radiation protection to ensure the utmost safety.

To top it off, there’s also a remote control provided, so you won’t have to get up from your seat when you want to pause or start the video. And when it comes to its compatibility, it fits almost all touch-screen phones including iPhone and Android.

It is easy to set up. And you’ll be able to catch up with all the episodes of your favorite TV series all day long, as it does not run on electrical energy.

#7. Foonii Screen Magnifier with HD 3D Lens

#7. Foonii Screen Magnifier with HD 3D Lens

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If you are a fan of the old camera design back in the early 19th century, then Foonii got just the magnifier for your phone screen. Although it mimics the look of cameras in the past, this amplifier is definitely one not to overlook. Built with an HD acrylic 3D lens, it has an ABS frame to protect the edges. Added to this, it provides an adjustable bracket underneath the screen which sets it at a 45o degree angle for a better viewing position. There’s also another bracket to hold your phone securely at the back.

Besides, this screen enlarger has a curved design, which makes the display look wider, giving you a comfortable and excellent view, without having you move closer to the screen. And, no matter if you are an iPhone, Samsung, or other android devices user, this magnifier is built to fit with any smart-phones.

What’s even better about this magnifier is that it requires no battery to run on, simply just sliding your phone in and you’ll be watching in a much larger display.

#6. Ambater HD Screen Magnifier

#6. Ambater HD Screen Magnifier

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Ambater screen magnifiers are the perfect product to get in order to have the best visual effect on whatever you are watching. Designed in a curved shape, this amplifier will offer you a display 4 times the size of your ordinary phone screen. It is manufactured using premium plexiglass along with ABS material. It has a 3D projector screen, which performs on HD zoom visual technology, to give you not only larger visuals, but clear and sharp pictures as well.

Adding to this, it provides you with silicone suction cups which are made to keep the phone in place during projection. And as for its compatibility, it is suitable for all IOS and android devices, so there is no problem with whatever phone you are using.

There will be no concerns regarding visual fatigue, as this magnifier comes with anti-UV and blue-ray radiation protection. What’s more, since it is designed to be lightweight, foldable, and easy to bring along wherever you go. Plus, it needs no battery to function, making it an energy-saving and eco-friendly product to have.

#5. Jteman Anti-UV Phone Screen Magnifier

#5. Jteman Anti-UV Screen Magnifier

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Start watching your favourite films through Jteman screen magnifier. With this, you’ll be sitting back with your hands-free while you are enjoying the viewing experience. This magnifier is capable of amplifying your phone screen by 4 times. And because of its curved design, this will give you an even wider display, making you feel as though you are watching from a TV. It has a 12-inch 3D high-resolution lens made out of acrylic material. A phone holder built in a suction cup design, to suck your phone stably to avoid slipping.

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And, you can even fold it when you are no longer using it, making it less space-consuming. It is made to be light enough for you to carry around easily. Moreover, it stands at a 90-degree position, but the angle can be adjusted to your liking. It is easy to use and can fit all iPhones and most Android devices.

If you are looking for a birthday or holiday gift for your elderly, this will also be the perfect choice of the present as older adults tend to have bad eyesight.

#4. Fanlory Folding Screen Magnifiers with Anti Blue Radiation

#4. Fanlory Folding Screen Magnifier with Anti Blue Radiation

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Coming in with a unique folding design, Fanlory screen magnifier is the display enlarger you want to have with you. Unlike most magnifiers that are built to stay in a fixed position, this one is created in a super slim shape, with lenses that are capable of folding and inserting or pulling out easily off the base. It looks almost like a tablet when folded and is convenient to bring along when on trips due to its lightweight. Moving on to the exterior, it has a 3D HD projector screen that is anti-blue radiation. It can enlarge your phone screen by 4 times the size in HD visual, allowing you to enjoy a cinema-like experience.

Furthermore, it has a bracket stand underneath the lens to hold the projector at a comfortable viewing position. Added to this, there are a support frame and fillet protection to prevent damages. And, it can fit all models of iPhone, Samsung, and other androids as well.

In addition, visual fatigue is caused by focusing on your phone screen either too close or too long. However, with this product, you will be able to view your screen at a safe distance and prevent radiation.

#3. GLISTON Screen Magnifiers

#3. GLISTON Screen Magnifier

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GLISTON screen magnifier includes a 3D HD curved screen amplifier constructed from acrylic and ABS material. The screen of the projector has an HD threaded lens that will display the video in a high-definition picture. And despite having a curved design, it is as pressure-resistant as it comes, and no matter how much force was put in flattening it, it will return back to its original shape.

Besides, it features radiation protection which will significantly help prevent damages to the eyes. As for the phone holder, this magnifier has come with strong suction cups that will absorb the back of your phone firmly. And the best part is, this magnifier can operate without electrical energy. It is compatible with almost every android device like Samsung, and IOS like iPhone as well.

And if you tend to get neck or shoulder pain from looking down at the screen for too long, this product also provides you with a foldable bracket for you to adjust the screen at a 45o angle, an optimal viewing position for the utmost comfort.

#2. ORETECH 12” Foldable Screen Magnifiers

#2. ORETECH 12” Foldable Screen Magnifier

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If you like the look that wooden material brings to a product, then you will certainly like this screen magnifier from ORETECH. Although the base is made out of log compression material, this magnifier is as excellent as they come. Featuring a 3D HD acrylic amplifier, it has Fresnel thread lines that will provide crispy images in size 4 times larger than your phone screen. Also, it is built with anti-UV and radiation protection as well, to make sure you’re watching with no risks.

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Moreover, you can place your phone securely during projection on the roll cover 7-fold magnetic holder, with a non-slip cloth that will make sure your phone stays still. And whether it’s iPhone or Android, this can fit all devices.

Thanks to its foldable and lightweight design, you’ll be able to pack it along with you whether you are going on abroad trips or camping. And to make it even better, this product does not require a battery to function, so it makes it easy for you to use it outdoors.

#1. Dizaul Screen Magnifiers for Smart Phone

#1. Dizaul Screen Magnifier for Smart Phone

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Dizaul screen magnifier offers HD zoom optical technology. Capable of doubling the size of your phone screen, you’ll be able to alleviate visual fatigue while also enjoying watching videos through the 3D HD projector. This magnifier is constructed from top-quality solid wood that will guarantee long-lasting durability. It has a unique folding design that will grant you easy portability.

Simply by rolling back the cover to make a phone holder, raise the projector inside, and you’ll have yourself a screen amplifier for your phone. And because of the wood pattern texture, it looks almost like a natural thin slab of wood when folded. For its compatibility, you can apply it with any models of iPhone, Samsung, or any other android devices that you may have.

With just this magnifier and a Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll be having a computer-like device that you can type away stories or writings whenever you need to. And, to top it off, this magnifier requires no recharges, making it less energy-consuming and fewer bills for you to pay.

Buying Guides


An important thing to make sure first when purchasing screen magnifiers are to check whether or not it is suitable for the device you are currently using. Some may only fit specific phone models, while others may not support old model devices. As such, it’s a good idea to read the description or comments regarding its compatibility.

Materials Used

Now that you have found the one that is compatible with your device, it’s time to look at the materials that were used in the process of making the magnifier. It’s best to purchase the one that is constructed from acrylic materials, as they have high durability, great pressure-resistance and are able to withstand high temperatures.


The final aspect for you to keep in mind is the features. Checking what it has to offer is essential because you want to get your money worth. Anti-UV and radiation protection are great features to have in a magnifier since they can prevent damages to your vision.

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You don’t need to buy a new phone with a large screen to get the best viewing experience; just one of these top-quality screen magnifiers will undoubtedly do the job. So with all the product information and buying guide provided above, I hope you will find the one that is appealing to you.