Whether you’re trying to find the best sawhorses for home use or professional use, there are a few things to consider. It may just be a stool for you to stand or sit on, but aren’t you going to consider your or the user’s safety when using it?

What about the lifespan? Do you want to keep it for a long time? Are you going to throw it away after a single use? We hope you aren’t going to, but we’re helping you nonetheless. We hope the list and buying guide we prepared for you is going to be beneficial for you!

List of the Best Sawhorses in 2021

10. Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps by WORX

The first product on our list is a sawhorse from WORX. This product, the WX065, comes with very durable and strong. It can hold up to 1,000lb (approx. 454kg) and is made from sturdy material, which allows this product to have a long lifespan. Because of its lightweight feature, this sawhorse is portable and easy to store after use.

This product comes with two detachable bar clamps. These bar clamps can be attached to the sawhorse however you want; vertically or horizontally, have fun. It is also equipped with a mini shelf on the bottom of the stool and cord hooks for storing cords, tools, etc.

WX065 has a folded depth of 2.5in (approx. 6.35cm), clamping width of 18in (approx. 45.72cm), dimension of 35in × 28.1in × 6.4in (approx. 89cm × 71.7cm × 16.25cm) and weighs 16.3lb (approx. 7.4kg). This order comes in a parcel of 2 sawhorses.

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09. AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorses

If you’re an avid shopper, then we’re pretty sure that you know what “AmazonBasics” is. They have everything. And by “everything,” we mean everything. So are you even surprised that we have them on our list? We hope not. For this spot on our list, we have a folding sawhorse.

This product comes fully assembled; you don’t have to risk hurting yourself or worrying about setting it up if you have never set one up. It can be folded flat for convenient storage and transportation.

Furthermore, for safety reasons, this sawhorse is also equipped with locking braces to lock the stool in place, non-slip feet, and fold-out stoppers. Its dimension is 31.1in × 23.4in × 3.9in (approx. 79cm × 660cm × 10cm) and comes in a set of two.

08. Steel Folding Sawhorse by ToughBuilt

If you’re looking for something more industrial, we recommend this one (TB-C550) for you. It is made entirely from steel, with powder coating and zinc-plated surfaces; making it really durable and strong.

It can withstand up to 1,100lb each and up to 2,200lb per pair of the unit. It’s got pivoting feet and material support pegs to hold things up vertically when you want to saw them.

Furthermore, even though it is made from 100% steel construction, it is easy to store away after use and/or carry around inside your space. With is large capacity and strong material, your safety is in safe hands (or legs). This product dimension is 41.54in × 26.57in × 28.82in (approx. 105.5cm × 67.5cm × 73.2cm), when opened.

07. Portable Folding Sawhorses with Built-In Cord Hooks by Metabo HPT

This product, the Metabo HPT 115445M, is also ideal for worksite usage, as it is designed for heavy-duty works. There are built-in cord hooks and shelves for storing your tools, materials, equipment, and cords; keeping them within arm-reach while you’re working.

Per pair, this sawhorse has a full capacity of 1,200lb (approx 545kg). It can withstand heavy weights and lots of heavy-duty work.
Its dimension is 32in × 5in × 27in (approx. 81cm × 12.7cm × 69cm) and weighs 11lb (approx. 5kg).

06. Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs by WORX

And so, because of their high-quality and safe products, we have chosen WROX to be on our list. The WX051 is an ideal sawhorse for those who want to save a bit of money while also getting more than one boring function.

This sawhorse can be used as a bench as well since it is designed to be multi-functional. It comes with two quick clamps and four holding pegs to keep work safe and professional.

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Moreover, this convertible workbench is lightweight enough to be carried around, keep in one place or take on a trip with. Its dimension is 27.17in × 37.04 × 6.3in (approx. 70cm × 95cm × 16cm), with its tabletop measured to be 31in × 25in (approx. 78.74kg × 63.5cm).

05. Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

Next up, we have a sawhorse from Bora Portamate. This product comes in a pack of two when ordered. Each sawhorse can support from 1,500lb to 2,000lb (approx. 680kg to 908kg), making it one of the strongest sawhorses on the market at the moment.

Whether you’re going to purchase to use at home or at the worksite, it is ideal for both usages. It is easy to take with you to places or just to put it in the storage. It is designed with a feature that allows the “Speedhorse” to be put up and taken down very quickly, yet safely.

Its metal top is pre-drilled and the package will come with an already assembled stool. Bora Portmate provides a 1-year guarantee and good customer services.

04. Portable Folding Sawhorse by TOMAX

Next up, we have a product from TOMAX. This sawhorse is made from strong steel and has a capacity of 550lb (approx. 250kg) together; the package comes in two units. It can be a folder for easy storage and transportation. There’s a cross brace on both sides of this sawhorse, giving it a more solid foundation.

If you’re using this at the worksite, you do not have to worry about the non-smooth floor surface, as the feet of these sawhorses are strong and sturdy enough to keep your work from slipping. No installation is required for this product, it comes fully assembled.

Its dimension is 39.8lb × 3.7in × 4.3in (approx. 100cm × 9.4cm × 11cm) and weighs 20.3lb (approx. 9.2kg).

03. Portable Folding Sawhorse by FORUP

Further down our list, we have FORUP, This sawhorse comes in a bright yellow finish, giving it a very apparent and obvious touch to your worksite.

It is designed for heavy-duty works and to give its user the best kind of work stability as possible. Furthermore, it is made from strong sturdy material, giving you the practicality that your work requires from a sawhorse.

Each sawhorse has a capacity of 275lb (approx. 125kg), has the dimension of 42.6in × 5.2in × 3.6in (approx. 108cm × 13cm × 9cm) and weighs 17.05lb (approx. 7.73kg). When ordering this product, you will receive 2 units within, as it is sold as a set of 2.

02. Adjustable Height Work Table Folding Sawhorses by Protocol Equipment

Next, we have Protocol Equipment 92784 sawhorse. This product comes in a package of Each of them is made from strong and durable steel, giving them a long life span after uses.

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Moreover, it’s got folding galvanized legs and nylon carrying handle, for more comfortable carry-transportation and storage. It also has a material supports pegs for added stability to the foundation of this stool.

This product has a total capacity of 800lb (approx. 363kg) and a dimension of 34in × 30in (approx. 86cm × 76.2cm).

01. Steel Folding Sawhorse by Portamate

And finally, we have another sawhorse from Portamate. This time, it’s the PM-3300 model. If you’re looking for something that is both functional and minimalistic, maybe this is for you.

Portamate understands that among the packing, renovating, and all that, that you’ve got enough in your hands. That’s why this tall foldable sawhorse comes fully assembled in your parcel. Its exterior has a grey finish for the top part and brown feet.

Its feet are equipped with a safe non-slip feature, that allows you to work securely and safely without hurting yourself. Over that, each product has a capacity of 500lb (approx. 226kg), a dimension of 39in × 3.5in (approx. 100cm × 9cm) for top part, with 33in (approx. 83.82cm) work height and 29in × 48in (approx. 74cm × 122cm) stance. Portamate also provides you a 1-year warranty for this product.

Buying Guides for Best Sawhorses


Some sawhorses come unassembled, which means that you would have to follow the user’s guide and assemble the items together. While some others come already assembled, allowing you immediate use.


Some of the brands, who we had mentioned in our list above, provide a 1-year warranty or 1-year free service. But most of the time, contacting the respective company’s customer service team would be more ideal for finding out about warranties and such since some products do not list down their full information regarding this.


We recommend getting a sawhorse whose material is made from steel since they are typically more durable than the ones made from ABS plastic. Moreover, they usually have a larger capacity, enabling you to do more heavy-duty works with them, unlike the ones made from ABS plastic. However, if your space is not big enough for the steel ones, please purchase a unit that is more suitable for your space, budget, and purpose.


In conclusion, although it may seem simple purchasing a stool for construction, there are many things to pond over. If you are getting a sawhorse for industrial uses, are you sure it will be okay to get one that does not have a large capacity? Or getting a too-large sawhorse for home uses, like DIY or small renovations done by yourself. Surely, neither will get too-big equipment for small space be a good idea, it will end up taking too much space and thus waste your money.